Dance of the Sucubus
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It had been a year since King Flareics had given Hiei permision to marry Panthera. Plans were already on their way into the making they had decided that the ceramony would be done on the full moon. The ceramony would be a hand tieing ceramony instead of a wedding ceramony; and it would take place at the Temple. Everyone would be invited including the Demons with the condition that they behave and don't cause any trobule. Memebers of the Rekai would be there has well for the occasion since after all Hiei was a member of the Rekai Tentai and Panthera was the sister of their future queen. In fact things had been quite for an entire year almost has if even the fates had decided to allow the ceramony to go on without any problems.
Hiei sighed and returned to Mukuro's castle after completeing his rounds. The full moon was two months away and he couldn't wait to have Panthera with him for all time. He frowned though when a sudden thought came to him wasn't the full moon around the time of the mating season for the Koorime? His frown deepened and he wondered if his sister would know though he highly doubted it. She seemed much to naive when it came to things like that. Although she seemed to be warming up to Kuwabara more and more could this month the female Demons always seemed to feel the mating heat before the males. He wondered if his sister was starting to feel it earlier then normal.
He sighed and leapt into Mukuro's throne room where she was the most likely to be. When he arrived there he saw Murkuro was seating on her throne in deep thought. He stood before her waiting for her to come back she always seemed to be doing something like this and he often wondered why she would. He took a deep breathe and sighed he was starting to get bored; not to mention annoyed at being ignored. Finally she opened her eyes and looked at him.
"Yes Hiei what is it?!" asked Mukuro.
"I finished my rounds onna," he said curtly.
"So you have Hiei very well that will be all you may go back to your precious princess," said Mukuro.
Hiei nodded and walked out of the room heading toward the ningen he wanted to get there quickly Panthera would be there and he hadn't seen her in a month.
A woman with blood red hair and golden eyes walked the streetsof the city. She smirked and small fangs appeared above her lower lip. She looked around at all the males in the city searching for the perfect one to serve has her new bedpartner that was the one thing about Humans they were stupid to know when a woman was toying with them and they didn't last long in bed. Not with her anyways, she had drained them dry after a week. She frowned and began to wonder if she should choose a Demon instead if she could ever find one.
She saw him the perfect male speciemen he was in black pants and shirt. His black hair stuck up like a flame and a white cloth kept his bangs out of his eyes, the white star in his hair added to his appeal. She giggled slightly when she saw his red eyes, they were the color of blood.
"I never been with a Fire Demon before," she said softly. "I wonder if they are has good in bed has they are said to be."
The woman frowned when she saw a young woman with white hair and silver eyes throw herself into his arms and kiss him.
'Well,' she said to herself. 'He already has a woman well that has never stopped me before. I can easily seduce him away from her I've done it before and I can do it again."
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