Izuku Midoriya is an incredibly special person even though he thinks the complete opposite of himself and does not hesitate to voice it. If someone asks him what his opinion of himself is then he would easily reply, "I'm kind of plain, I keep busy, I like being helpful, and I have friends who are more special than I could ever be." While it is true that his friends are rather great, Izuku is more than he acknowledges. He works hard at everything he does including his college classes, his part-time job at the café on the edge of campus and checking on the well-being of the general population of the world. The kindness level of Izuku knows no boundaries. Kind people are extraordinary people because they choose to be kind, it isn't just an inborn moral or desire. Every day you must choose to be kind and go above and beyond expectations. Izuku says he goes "plus ultra every day."

Midoriya has a secret double life and to his knowledge there are only three people who know about it. His secret double life that happens on the weekend. Clark Kent by day and Superman by night. Well almost anyways. On Fridays and Saturdays, Izuku works an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop and once he gets released from his sterile work environment, he changes into his hero suit and becomes DJ Deku. DJ Deku saves people from their boring nine to five day jobs and helps people shake off the stress of their 8am classes. He gets to create and mix music that turns everyone else into superheroes, grinding and gyrating to the bass he pumps into their veins. Izuku only believes that he is extraordinary on the weekends when the sun goes down and the heroes come out.

"Welcome to Quirffee. What can I make for you today?" Izuku smiles as he greets the new customer who is still shaking off the January chill.

"I would like for you to not smile that way at 7am on a Monday morning, alright Nerd?" Katsuki Bakugou is only a morning person when it involved something that he enjoys doing like going to the gym. Clearly gym time is over because Katsuki is back to being cranky.

"It's my job, Kacchan, it can't be helped," Izuku huffs out as he sits the hot chai tea in front of his childhood best friend. He holds up his hand and says, "it's on the house."

"It is always on the house," Katsuki mumbles.

"You get the VIP treatment because you're special." Izuku smiles softly as he says it.

As Katsuki turns to leave, Izuku could swear he heard him mumble 'cute', but he pushes it out of his mind as Kacchan bids him goodbye. Izuku adores his job at Quirffee Café. The shop is very quirky itself, there is abstract art on the wall and each set of tables and chairs is different, so patrons can choose what is comfortable for them. There are a variety of mugs and disposable cups for customers to choose from as well and any drink that someone can dream up is possible to make at Quirffee. Many people are drawn in by the quirky aspect but keep coming back for the friendly service and top-notch drinks. The regulars especially like when Midoriya is working because the pictures he draws in the foam range from simple to funny to intricate and they are rarely ever the same. Being an art major does have its benefits.

An hour later brings the arrival of Ochako Uraraka who is not only his coworker but his best friend as well. They had met in high school, she is the extrovert who adopted him. Both of them dreamed of attending AM University so the excitement when they both received acceptance letters was palpable. The first semester was tough for both of them, but they soldiered through together and two weeks into their second semester they have adjusted well to the college way of life.

"Good morning, Izuku. How have the customers been?" Ochako chats cheerfully as she ties on her apron.

"Kacchan came in grumpy, as is the usual. Iida should be here in," Izuku stops to check his watch, "ten minutes. It's just been a steady flow of people, mostly half-asleep students." He laughs lightly.

Ochako gives him a small smile. "Are you laughing at their morning misery? Not everyone gets to have insomnia and still be chipper and full of energy," she chides him as she steps up to take an order.

"I promise I run on coffee and sunlight," Izuku jokes as he sets to work making a caramel latte. He hears Uraraka snort behind him and when he turns around, he sees her shoulders shaking with silent laughter. "Have an excellent day," Izuku adds as he slides the drink across the counter. "It's that time."

Ochako nods knowingly and sets up a glass of water and a glass of orange juice. To top it off, she sits out a fresh egg and sausage croissant with a side of blueberries. As the bell above the door chimes, Ochako sits on a stool across from the breakfast placement. "Good morning, Iida."

"How are you this morning, Uraraka?" He asks as he sits on a stool and sips some water.

"I'm doing well, thank you for asking," she answers, beaming at him.

"Where is Midoriya? I thought he was working too." Iida looks around the café in search of the familiar mess of green curls. As if on cue, Izuku comes sauntering over with a tub of dirty dishes.

"Hey Tenya, how was your morning run?" Izuku glances over his shoulder as he places dishes in the sudsy water.

"I miss your company on my morning jogs," he sighs before taking a bite of his sandwich.

"You know I run with you on Monday nights, so in about eight hours you won't have to jog alone." Izuku gives Tenya a bright smile and then laughs, "that's if you don't outrun me again." The bell chimes again and Ochako moves to get off of her stool but Izuku stops her. "I'll get it." He wipes the suds off of his hands as he goes to take the order.

If Izuku had looked at his good friends he would have seen them staring at him, but he is hyper fixated on the job at hand. "Iida, how on Earth can someone be so perfect and not notice it?" Uraraka whispers. "Have you seen how those jeans hug his everything?"

"Uraraka, I live with him, of course I've seen how all of his clothes hug him." Iida leans over the counter to take a peek anyways.

"Is he as ripped as I imagine he is under those clothes?" She asks, eyeing the obviously defined bicep under the long sleeve of Izuku's shirt.

"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?" Ochako finally pulls her eyes away from the man who is handing over a mug of coffee and looks quizzically at Iida.

"He doesn't change in front of me and he only wears long sleeve shirts. I spent half of the last semester trying to see him in anything but what he usually wears," he replies with a shrug and eating the rest of his sandwich. "Did he always wear long sleeves in high school?"

She thinks about it for a moment and shakes her head. "he wore t-shirts sometimes. The only thing that has really changed about him is that he bulked up." The conversation ends as Izuku returns to the sink. "I'm sorry, 'Zuku, I should have started doing the dishes, I didn't think about it."

"Don't worry about it, why don't you get the next customer?" He asks, nodding towards the door as it opens.

"Of course, Izuku," Ochako answers as she slips off her stool and gives his bicep a 'reassuring' squeeze. She shoots Iida a look that says their imaginations may be insufficient.

"I'm off to class!" Deku says happily as he removes his apron and gathers his backpack from under the counter.

"What do you have today?" Ochako asks from the register.

"Psychology of Art and Creativity with Professor Hizashi. He makes the class fun, well more fun than it already is," Izuku says as he finishes wrapping his scarf around himself.

"Sounds like an enjoyable time, don't freeze out there," Ochako says as she waves him out the door.

It is easy to forget that it is cold outside after working a shift in the toasty shop but Midoriya doesn't mind. He takes in a deep breath of chilled air, letting it flush out the rich scent of coffee from his nose. Setting a brisk pace, he strolls onto campus and to his one class for the day.

"Tenya," Midoriya pants as they reach the doors to the gym. "I am not cut out to run like you do. Can't you take it easier on me?"

"You ask me that very question every single time we run together. The answer has not changed," Iida replies as he holds the door open for Izuku.

"I didn't peg you for a sadist," Midoriya says, smirking as he walks past Iida. He misses the blush that paints Tenya's cheeks.

Inside the gym is a comfortable temperature and the two men set to work on their gym regiments after some brief stretches. It is leg day for Iida and arm day for Izuku. They rarely ever actually worked out together, it is just nice to have a friendly face around in the gym. Which is exactly what Izuku sees as it appears over the bar in his hands. The man has red, spiky hair and a hard jawline.

"Hey bro, you know you should have a spotter when you lift, right?" The man grins at him in a manner that is almost contagious.

"Normally I have one, but not today so I figured I would live dangerously today," Izuku replies, joking to ease his nerves.

The other guy laughs, and it seems to ease his nerves further. "If you want, I could spot for you." Izuku opens his mouth to protest but the man shakes his head. "I'm resting right now so it really isn't a problem for me. Bros helping bros."

"Thank you, I appreciate it. I'm Izuku Midoriya. What's your name?"

"Eijirou Kirishima."

"Does it matter which name I call you by?" Izuku asks, starting a new rep.

"That is a very unusual question," Kirishima replies with raised eyebrows.

"I'm an unusual person," Izuku smiles his shy smile and laughs.

"I prefer Kirishima, but I'll answer to either one for you," he answers almost flirtatiously. He helps Izuku get the bar into resting position.

"I answer to both as well."

"At it again are we, 'Zuku?" The familiar voice of a rough-around-the-edges blonde tickles his eardrums. He looks at Bakugou with confusion. "Being a little siren, using your sweet words to pull people in only to trap them into your friendzone. For an introvert you sure are popular." Izuku sputters indignantly at his friend. "Now you have lured in Kirishima."

"You guys know each other? Manly," Kirishima says with a nod.

"Unfortunately, I do know the nerd. Save yourself while you can," Katsuki says to Kirishima.

"That ship has sailed, man. You are too late," Kirishima says.

"Well, now you can go down with it too." His last remark lingers for a moment as Katsuki walks away.

Midoriya looks up from his seat on the bench, "I'm not that bad, Eijirou. I swear it. Kacchan and I are childhood friends, so he is biased." The 1,000 watts smile that Kirishima receives has his heart protesting beats.

Izuku's week passes by in a routine: Quirffee Café from 5am to 1pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. He has two classes on Tuesday and two classes on Thursday. Wednesdays are reserved for laundry and sleep, at least as much as an insomniac can sleep. Gym and running are slipped in during free periods. Though he enjoys his week, Izuku lives for the weekend.

After jogging and working out at the gym, Midoriya slips into the shower and then slips on his work clothes, a t-shirt and jeans, and a hoodie. He gives Iida a parting wave and leaves. Thankfully for Izuku, Tenya is not a terribly nosey person and never bothers to ask where he slips away to all day and all night. He never once complains about the late nights that Izuku returns to the dorm either.

Flipping his hood up, Midoriya slips out of the Honors Dorms building and makes his way to his second job. It's a fifteen-minute walk to One for All Tattoos and Izuku enjoys it the entire time, using the silence to think about his setlist for his third job later that night.

"Good morning, Young Midoriya!" He is greeted loudly as he walks through the door.

"Good morning, Toshinori. What does the schedule look like today?" Izuku asks as he hangs his hoodie up behind the door that leads to his work studio.

"Business as usual, eh?" Toshinori asks rhetorically, glancing at the schedule in his hand. "Your first appointment should be here any moment. Why don't you get set up and I'll get her to sign all of the necessary documents? If you don't mind, I'd like to sit in on this one with you."

"You're the boss, I have no objections." Izuku shrugs as he goes to set up his equipment. Within fifteen minutes he is working his art into the skin of an anxious girl who insists that as long as she has her earbuds in that she would be fine. Izuku thinks back to the first time he walked into Quirffee Café after having answered the hiring ad on the student lounge bulletin board. Toshinori had been the one to do his interview. He had taught Izuku how to make a latte that day and asked Izuku to draw a picture in the foam. Not one to back down from a challenge, Izuku had managed a rather decent phoenix. It took a few weeks, but Toshi had asked him if maybe he was interested in becoming his apprentice at the tattoo shop. What his boss hadn't been aware of was that Izuku had already been tattooing, even if it was just himself. He hungered for knowledge and wanted to learn every art form he could get his hands on. Being a quick study is one of Izuku's many trademark abilities. Naturally, he jumped on Toshinori's offer and it turned out to be one of his favorite things. When he asked Toshinori to keep his secret about all things tattoo and DJ related, he was more than understanding and even lists him as Deku in the artist registry. Izuku isn't the only artist at the shop, but he is one that Toshinori takes the most interest in.

"Hey Toshinori?" Izuku asks without looking up from the fine lines he is creating.


"What possessed you to open both a café and a tattoo shop?"

"Why do you draw and DJ?" Toshinori asks with a hint of a smile.

"Because art and music are two of the things I enjoy most," Izuku replies simply, looking up at Toshi briefly before dipping his needle into the ink.

"But why do you draw in latte foam and tattoo when you could easily just sketch in a book? Why DJ at a nightclub when you could easily just put in some earbuds and listen to music? Why expend the energy?"

Midoriya pouts his lips as he debates on his answer. "I like to share not only my enjoyment but my passion for the things I love and a small part of me relishes in the praise and attention I get from showing off my talents."

"Then you already know why I opened both a café and a tattoo shop," Toshinori replies simply, leaning back in his chair as if his work was done.

"I'm really debating on using some Red Hot Chili Peppers in my sets tonight. What do you think?" Izuku asks as he finishes out one of the butterfly wings.

"I think it is out of my expertise area, but if I know anything about you at all, it's that you work hard, and you know what flows so follow your gut, Midoriya."

Izuku works his way through his three appointments for the day and gets the okay to leave the shop for the night, followed by a request from Toshinori that Izuku send him a clip from his set. When he gets back to the dorm, it's empty which isn't unusual as Iida and Uraraka like to hang out with some of their other friends on Friday nights. He occasionally sees all of them at the nightclub. He gathers his things and his club backpack and travels the same route that he takes to reach One for All Tattoos, but he passes the shop and turns the corner, passing by the line of people that are slowly trickling into the building and goes around back.

"Hey Deku, how have you been? Classes going smoothly?" Camie asks as she lets him in.

"I love my classes, I've been working hard. How about you?"

"There is never any excitement back here," Camie replies with a shrug.

Izuku makes his way to the staff room where he changes into his sky-blue tank top with the All Might brand logo and black gym shorts. He slips his black AMU snapback hat on over his curly green hair and finishes off his look with a LED face mask that shows unique designs and faces throughout the night. He takes a couple of steadying breaths before he goes to the stage and hooks his equipment up next to Earphone Jack's stuff. He nods to her and she picks up the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, DJ DEKU!" She bows out and Deku raises his arms, palms up, and the biggest smile on his face as the bass drops.