"Is that it, Uncle Deku?" Eri asks, lifting her head up from the tattoo table. Kouta pays her no mind as he continues his work on her back.

Deku nods slowly, "the rest of it you already know about."

Eri looks thoughtful for a moment before saying, "you should write your life into a book, it's that interesting."

"Leave out all the sex though. That is highly unnecessary," Kouta adds in.

Deku snorts in amusement at the comment. "I'll think about it. Maybe."

"If grandpa and grandma Yagi heard you telling their sweet grandchildren all of those nasty things they would be heading to early graves," Kouta says matter-of-factly.

"Then don't tell them," Deku replies, standing to hover over his apprentice for a moment. "That sword is coming along well."

Kouta rolls his eyes, "of course it is, it's me."

Before Izuku can reply, the bell at the front of the shop chimes. "That will be for me." Walking out, he sees Shouto and Inasa standing by the counter. "Welcome back." They exchange hugs and Deku beckons for them to follow him to his room. "Are you ready for this one, Shou?"

A small smile curves Todoroki's lips upwards. "I've been coming here to get work done by you for how many years now?"

"Hush, you're making me feel old," Izuku chides playfully, letting Shouto remove his shirt and lay on his stomach. He cleanses the whole upper back before him with green soap before pulling up his reference picture. Inasa makes himself comfortable in the guest chair as the tattoo artist sets to work.

They all make occasional small talk and Izuku checks on Todoroki's well-being often enough as the twin dragons start to take life on his shoulder blades.

The bell at the front of the shop rings again and Eri calls out, "we'll be with you in a moment!"

A low, gruff voice replies, "thanks but I know my way around here."

There is a pause and then another voice calls out, "Izu, someone left the ink out for the babies to play with." Both Eri and Kouta protest half-heartedly.

"Husbands?" Inasa asks.

"Husbands," Deku confirms. One of them knocks on the doorframe to his room. Shouto and his husband both agree to see their new visitors. "Come in."

Kacchan enters first with Ei close behind him. "We brought you lunch, Izu."

"We'll wait," Katsuki says, observing the work being done. "We are going to go see your minions in the meantime."

"Have fun with that," Deku answers, returning to his task at hand, but he is still listening in to the conversation going on outside of his door.

"Uncle Kacchan," Eri starts in, "Uncle Deku was just telling us about his time at AMU and he just left it at becoming a successful adult, but there is more to it, I know it! I can feel it in my jellies! Will you tell us more?"

There is a snort. "You can feel it in your jellies, huh? What exactly do you want to know?"

"How did you propose to Uncle Deku and Uncle Ei?" She asks firmly.

Kirishima laughs and then lets out a quiet 'oof' and Izuku knows that Katsuki has elbowed him in the stomach. "I did it in the most romantic way possible because go big or go home," Katsuki starts in seriously. It makes Deku shake his head as he wears an amused smile. "There we all three were, laying in bed after quite the," he clears his throat and continues, "fun time together."

"Oh god, not you too," Kouta complains loudly. "We know what you three do for a fun time. Deku wasn't short on the details."

"Anyways," Katsuki growls and Izuku can just imagine the glower he is giving the two younger artists, "we were laying there together when I just thought, 'now is the time to ask them the question. I love them both and it's a no brainer for me really'. And I did ask, I pulled out both of their rings from my pants pockets, because I will never be ill prepared, and then asked them both at the same time."

"Its true!" Kiri crows out with more laughter, "he opened both of those little boxes up and showed them to us at the same time and said, 'listen here, I love both of you and I want to marry both of you so marry me damnit.' Ever the romantic you are, Katsuki."

"I couldn't tell you who was more of groomzilla between Eijirou and Deku. They were both rather demanding," Katsuki says quietly, almost conspiratorially.

"That's a lie," Izuku yells from his room. "We all know you were the Godzilla of wedding planning!"

"Kiri don't agree with him," Katsuki huffs out, amusement lacing his tone of voice.

"You are a psychologist, Uncle Kacchan, you should have been the chill one," Eri remarks with a snort.

The banter goes back and forth between the four of them for a while before Izuku finishes his work on Shouto. The three of them exit into the lobby area where Katsuki, Kirishima, Eri, and Kouta have taken up residence to talk. "Deku was the best DJ from AMU. I mean, don't get me wrong, Jirou is awesome and all, but Deku could really pump up a crowded dance floor in ways no one else could," Kirishima brags.

"It's true," Todoroki chimes in, "I watched him work many nights over the years and the club goers were always excited to see him take the stage."

"Too bad he's all old and washed up now," Kouta states with a smirk. Eri elbows him gently in the ribs for his snark.

"I could still remix you under the table," Izuku remarks offhandedly as he does the business transaction with Todoroki.

Kouta quirks an eyebrow up at him, "you really think so? We should put it to the test over at Sound Bytes later."

"No, you guys should put it to the test at Fire and Ice in a couple of weeks and let the crowd decide," Todoroki adds in, waggling his eyebrows.

"I want in on the action," Eri whines.

"If we can get Jirou in on this, maybe it could be a 2v2 battle," Inasa chimes in excitedly.

Izuku can say for sure that his life is always full of excitement. Between owning Quirffee and One for All full time as well as part ownership of Sound Bytes with Kyouka, he is constantly on his toes. Add in his two husbands and his apprentices followed by his art and there never seems to be enough time in the day. Staying busy is something he's always done so its not really out of the ordinary for him. Both Kacchan and Eijirou love and support him in all of the things that he does so he can count himself lucky for having such wonderful husbands.

Now, on top of everything else he has going on, he and Kyouka have to go back to old times and work together to create music for Fire and Ice. He'd be a liar if he said being behind a mixer for a crowd of people didn't absolutely send a thrill through him. He will blame it on nostalgia if he gets too worked up.

"I haven't seen him this motivated in a while," Kirishima comments as Izuku walks by, one earbud planted in his ear as he scrolls through music on one of his old iPods that he unearthed from a box in the back of their closet.

"He isn't one to half ass anything," Katsuki comments nonchalantly. "Give 'em hell, 'Zuku," he encourages as he goes back to drinking his coffee.

"Of course, Kacchan, I can't let my students surpass me," Izuku replies, glancing up at the other two with a genuine smile. "You're going to be there though, right?"

"You never have to wonder," Kirishima answers with a thumbs up.


Two weeks flies by and Friday night arrives with Izuku shutting down One for All early. He meets up with Jirou at the back entrance of Fire and Ice where they show their badges to the security guard. Camie has long since moved on to bigger and better things.

"Hey Deku, it's nice to see you here again," Camie says from behind the bar. "Its just like old times."

"Sure is," Izuku agrees, "its only about to get more nostalgic."

EJ and Deku set up on the bottom platform as Eri and Kouta make their way to the top one. There had been flyers printed and placed all over the campus as well as posted on all of the Fire and Ice social media. It advertised the DJ battle as "old school vs. new school" and featured a picture of a T-Rex skeleton and a UFO. Above the T-Rex was "DJ Deku & DJ Earphone Jack" and beneath the UFO was "DJ H₂.0 & DJ Rewind". Izuku is sure that Camie is the one who created the flyer and he has to say that it is attention grabbing at the least.

"Are you ready for this?" Deku asks EJ as they plug up their equipment and sync up with each other.

"I always have your back," she reassures him with a familiar smile. "I'll get the crowd heated up and you keep them hot, yeah?"

"My success here was always because of you and a little bit of showiness. I'm glad to be working with you again, it feels like coming home after an awfully long day."

Kyouka snorts and says, "you make it seem like we are going to war together and that we'll never see each other again after this."

"We will see each other again, but isn't this war that we are going into?" Deku asks with raised eyebrows.

She looks thoughtful for a moment before nodding. "I guess it is. Now is the time to decide if the students surpass the teachers. Man, I feel so old right now."

"The good news is that no matter how old you get, Momo will still love you just as you are," Deku remarks brightly with a joking lilt to his voice. "Water?" Kyouka takes the bottle with a thank you and they wander away from their positions to find Todoroki at the bar on the second floor.

"We are doing a coin toss to see who starts the party," Todoroki calls over to them. "Kouta chose tails." Deku just nods and smiles and watches the quarter go up in the air. It lands with heads showing and the two younger DJs groan. "Looks like our fossils are up first."

"You're one to talk," Kyouka huffs at him and rolls her eyes, "you're the same age as us."

"Whatever you say," Shouto replies as he waves his hand around, "we're letting people in now so let's get started." Everyone returns to their spots and Shouto picks up the microphone from Deku's platform and stands in a small spotlight. "Welcome," he addresses the crowd of people and those who are still filing into the club. "Tonight, is a special night. It's Old School vs. New School. DJs Deku and Earphone Jack are good friends of mine and were the DJs of Fire and Ice back when we were in college many moons ago. H₂.0 and Rewind are the DJs you all know and love now." There are cheers across the floor and when they die out Shouto continues. "Here is how this will work. Every 30 minutes the DJs will switch out and take turns rocking your world. Your job is to visit the website that is posted all over the club on these neon green notecards and vote for who you like the best because that will decide which pair plays here tomorrow night as well." More cheering. "Deku and EJ won the coin toss and will be starting this party. Drink, dance, and be merry."

Both Deku and EJ look out at the crowd and find their friend group from college taking up two tables that are laden with drinks. Iida appears somewhat uncomfortable, but Uraraka seems downright ecstatic as she clings to his arm. They had gotten married not long before he, Ei, and Kacchan did. Their two kids just started school at AMU this year. Mina, Hagakure, and Sero are already on the dance floor with looks of anticipation on their faces. They never bothered to get married like Deku and his husbands but the three of them have been together since graduating college. Tsuyu is sitting next to Kaminari and both are throwing back shot after shot. Tsuyu never settled down with anyone, opting to enjoy her life the way she wants with no strings attached. Shinsou sits on the other side of Kaminari with an impassive expression but his eyes are calculating all his surroundings. Hitoshi and Kaminari didn't start dating until later in their twenties and got married shortly afterwards. Despite their vastly different personalities they complement each other well. Its kind of strange to see them all together again at the club and makes Izuku's heart swell.

Deku puts on a bright orange AMU hat and straightens his neon yellow shirt that reads "Boss DJ" and EJ doesn't even give Shouto time to put the microphone down before she goes into her first song. Lack of recognition for the music shows in the hesitation of club goers as they try to figure out what the song is about and how to fall into a good step with it. Mina, Hagakure, and Sero pave the way for the younger generation as they immediately begin dancing since they are familiar with it. Its entertaining to watch as the people around them observe and then join in. Soon enough there is a dance floor full of grinding bodies and Tsuyu, Ochako, and Kaminari even add themselves into the mix. The dancing doesn't stop as EJ slides into her next remix.

Slowly the feeling of DJing settles into Deku's bones as he feels the bass flow through his red high-top sneakers and witnesses the college students as well as his friends shake away the stresses of life. "Deku, get ready," EJ says to him over the music. He nods and steps up to his laptop, queuing up the first track. They fade the music in and out flawlessly and Deku takes over to become the superhero the club goers need. Everything stays hot as the club fills with more and more people. Both transition back and forth between one another every couple of songs and Deku finishes out the first half hour for them.

The younger DJs take over and its obvious the first remix is from Kouta. It has the relatively chill vibe that his music tends to have hence the name DJ H(ipster)₂.0. More of the people on the dance floor recognize the music though and still move along with it. The next track is clearly from Eri since it has a more Deku-esque style to it. DJ Rewind keeps the party alive as she moves into another song and though Deku has heard plenty of music from Eri, even coming to Fire and Ice to watch her, he feels an odd sense of pride rising in his chest as she puts on entertainment for the crowd. Kouta finishes out their first half hour with another chill remix and the job is tossed back over to Deku and EJ.

The entirety of the night goes back and forth that way between the duos and neither of them lose any momentum. They send the dance floor through the highs of party rocking and chills of being humble. All of them lead through the climbs and drops, claps and stomps just to be heroes for another night. And as everything is about to wind down, Shouto climbs up to the bottom platform and scoops up the microphone while he has his phone in his other hand.

"The votes are in," he announces, pausing dramatically, "and you have chosen New School! Tomorrow night here at Fire and Ice, Rewind and H₂.o will be your DJs. Until then, have a great night and stay safe. Deku, if you would, please." He takes the liberty of playing Closing Time as the last stragglers exit through the door. The only remaining people aside from the employees is the nerd gang. Once everything is packed up, the DJs and Shouto meet with them at the tables they still occupy.

"That was so cool," Ochako squeaks happily as she hugs them. "Its so nice to see you guys."

Everyone exchanges the usual pleasantries and Shouto treats them all to a round of water or soda as they catch up on life. The group toasts to the win for Kouta and Eri with Kyouka and Deku joining in too. "Lately I've been poking around and asking questions about Deku's life during and after AMU," Eri says to the group once the chatter dies down a little. "Does anyone have anything to add?"

"During our first semester," Iida starts, pulling everyone's attention to him, "Izuku was coming back to the dorm from Fire and Ice, but he forgot his key to get in."

Izuku groans and buries his face. "No, anything but this one," he whines into his arms.

"He was also way too respectful because instead of knocking on the door and waking me up to let him in, he slept on the floor in front of our door."

"And he stepped on me when he left for his morning run," Izuku finishes, looking up and squinting at Iida. "That was supposed to be our secret."

"Its been over ten years, its fair game," Ochako chimes in. "Every morning at Quirffee, Deku and I used to check out Tenya's butt together when he came in for breakfast." Everyone giggles as Iida's cheeks turn pink and Izuku quietly apologizes.

"He turned me bisexual by rubbing up on me with that bubble butt of his," Kaminari adds.

"Was that at the frat party?" Eri asks curiously.

"Sure was," Kaminari confirms. "He told you about the frat party?"

"He told us a lot of things," Kouta says with a shudder. "Way too much sex talk."

"You didn't!" Mina screeches, whipping her head around to stare at him.

"Enough of talking about me," Izuku declares as he attempts to move the conversation on to something else.

"No way," Shinsou states plainly. "The first time he ever watched me put a needle through someone, he passed out. Just hit the tile in a heap of Izuku." Everyone chortles with laughter as Shinsou flashes him a small smile.

"I told Uncle Deku he should write a book about his life," Eri says proudly.

"What would he call it?" Katsuki asks, amusement lacing his voice.

"DJ Deku, of course," Tsuyu replies as if it's the most obvious answer.

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