This story was originally two separate stories, but I have combined them both. Hope you enjoy!

Somewhere inside a Kraang Lab on Earth

Normal POV:

"Test plan five experiment," a Kraang droid buzzed as a tank was lowered onto the test subject table. Inside the tank were two normal turtles, one male and the other a female. Five eggs laid at the female's feet. A Kraang in a human suit opened the tank and took out all five eggs. Each laid into separate different tanks.

"Test the subjects Kraang."

Each tank was given a different sample from different species. One consisted of a cat's hair, dog fur, alligator scale, a piece of a lizard tail and a strip of human hair specimen. The different specimens were touched and laid onto egg, each with its DNA.

"Begin experiment." The tanks were closed up and the ones containing the turtle eggs were filled up with mutagen. The eggs glowed brightly, and each tank had an experiment number.

"Cat and turtle specimen 551." The first tank shook rattling loudly as the egg shell exploded exposing a deformed body.

"Unfunctioning test subject..." A cold robot hand pressed against the screen and the tank sent bolts of electricity through the deformed creature. A loud howl could be heard inside the Kraang lab as the creature was zapped until it became unmoving, its body crumbling into pieces as the mutagen was drained. The other subjects were tested, only a few still being intact, only three eggs left.

"The one known as ET1200 of turtle and human DNA still stable..." A Kraang spoke peering through the tank at the glowing green egg.

"Alligator and lizard specimens still stable," another droid buzzed.

"Await change in mutation..."

"Kraang use heat illumination..."

The lab suddenly burst with vivid opalescent light beams hovering above the three remaining tanks.

"Mutation... three Earth days progress..."

"Once mutation complete... carry out Kraang's plan to eliminate all species from Earth.."

"Kraang will certainly make experiment subjects carry out Kraang's plan. A duty to Kraang to fulfill. The fate bound to the superior of the Kraang... This planet known as Earth shall meet its termination, dominated by the Kraang."