"Heh, then what are we waiting for?" Mikey chuckled. "Let's finish what needs to be done."

"Of course, this planet shall die…" Mara grinned. "Let's end this once and for all." The three mutants exited the lab along as the Kraang droids disappeared back through the portal into Dimension X.

"I heard humans roam this world," Asmodeus said, the time being that Mikey first heard him speak.

"Yeah, they're pathetic and they all deserve to die. Especially the people of this city." Mikey grinned maliciously. "Their blood shall be slaughtered….. Mmmm, if I remember correctly how I did this with Cerberus and Demogorgon, the place was consumed with flames. The flames of death that caused such bitterness."

"And I have a plan as well," Mara grinned her eyes glowing brightly yellow as she sent a beam towards a light post making it crash against the concrete onto a small puddle as sparks of electricity flew zooming into the nearest house with loud cackling until a fire was formed rising until it consumed the entire house. "Forgo I had psychic powers brother?"

"No," Mikey shook his head. "This will be perfect. All is going according to plan." The turtle pulled out his nun-chuck prodding out the blade as he noticed some people escaping the house that was erupted in flames. "Let's slaughter shall we?" He grinned evilly stalking towards the small family as he twirled his nun-chuck throwing it as a scream emitted through the smoky air.

Meanwhile… In the Lair:

"Ugh," a groan was heard as midnight blue eyes opened.


The leader blinked in confusion before realization hit him as he remembered what happened. "Master Splinter!?" He pushed himself off the couch wincing as pain flared across his cheek. There was a new bandage on his cheek and he also noticed a bandage that was wrapped around Raph's arm, but he and Donnie were still out of it laying across the couch.

"What happened my son?" Splinter asked. "And where is Michelangelo?"

"Oh," Leo instantly frowned. "Mikey he uh… he went berserk." The elderly rat blinked at his oldest son. "It's happening again, it turned out that those other malfunctioned experiments back in the lab where were first found Mikey. They're still alive… and one of them seemed to be controlling him. Mikey attacked us and then he just disappeared out from the lair saying how this world shall meet its annihilation."

"Hmm," Master Splinter pensively stroked his goatee. "It seems that you all are running out of time. You know what happened last time. You must stop this scheme, you stop Michelangelo and those other mutants you speak of."

"But, how?" Leo questioned. "How can we get Mikey back?"

"Do you remember what happened last time did you not?"

"Would it really work this time Sensei?"

"Perhaps, but I know that Michelangelo can fight this. You must try Leonardo," Splinter placed a hand onto his shoulder. "You must get Michelangelo to realize that he can choose his destiny, that he doesn't have to do this."

Leo nodded his head. "Hai Sensei." Just then both Donnie and Raph began to awaken groaning loudly.

"What the shell happened?" Raph grunted glancing at his arm to find a bandage wrapped around it.

"Mikey attacked us, he knocked us out cold," Leo explained. "Master Splinter found us."

"We have to stop Mikey," Donnie's eyes widened. "He's going to help his siblings destroy and slaughter people."

"Then what are we waiting for!?" Raph demanded.

Leo clenched his fist tightly. "Raph's right, we need to get Mikey back, no matter what." The three each nodded approvingly as Master Splinter watched them with such a regard.

"Be careful my sons."

"Don't worry Sensei, we'll get Mikey back. Come on team, let's do this," Leo nodded his head as he retrieved his one katana blade as the three headed out from the lair.

Meanwhile…. Back in the chaos of the city...

"Not bad Erebus."

Mikey chuckled glancing at the dead bodies that lad at his feet. The blade his nun-chuck was coated in blood and the red substance was all over his hands.

"What a beautiful scene it is," Mara grinned glancing around. Flames were burning everywhere along with streetlights that Mara forced down with her powers to smash against cars, people and puddles of water left behind as electricity began to spark everywhere.

Asmodeus had ripped off a car door off its hinges before he grasped the person inside biting it's neck suffocating the man as he broke his neck before being flung across the street as he immediately dead, his limp and now dead body rolling against the sidewalk.

"Heh, look at the slaughter we've done," Mikey snickered glancing around the scene that was before their very eyes. Twenty people were already killed, and blood was streaming down along the edge of the sidewalks and streets. Mikey smirked as a familiar smoke rose into the sky. It was exactly like last time and he loved it. The darkness that covered the sky, it made Mikey grin as he chuckled.

"Mikey!" A familiar voice skittered across the air through the yelling that was all around.

"Tch," he turned his head to see those three familiar turtle freaks running towards him. Both Mara and Asmodeus turned their heads as Mikey glared at the three turtles. "So, you've come to meet your demise huh?"

"Mikey," Leo glanced around in horror with such wide eyes. "You have to stop this."

"Don't you dare call me Mikey!" The said turtle hissed. "My real name is Erebus, why call me by that filthy name?"

"Do you realize what you've done? What you are doing?" Donnie questioned.

"Oh, he knows what he's doing," Mara grinned. "And he loves it."

"This isn't you Mikey!"

"Don't tell me what I am," the orange masked turtle snarled. "Who are you to tell what I am!? You don't know me!"

"Yes, we do!" Leo responded with such ferocity. "We know you, we know that this isn't you!"

Mikey growled his fingers clenching around his nun-chuck.

"Are they ticking you off dear brother?" Mara grinned slyly putting both paws on her hips. "Want me and Asmodeus to shut them up for you?"

Mikey nodded his head as he trudged towards Leo's direction. "This one is mine." He twirled his nun-chuck before lashing at Leo who gasped dodging his attacks while Asmodeus went after Raph and Mara against Donnie. Donnie was slammed against the concrete as Mara's psychic powers made him slap himself.

"So, you can make me slap myself? OW!" Donnie grunted as his own hand was forced to slap him harder as Mara stalked towards him like a cat with its prey as she flexed out her deadly black sharp claws baring her fangs as she hissed loudly. She then pounced at him her eyes glowing brightly yellow her psychic abilities still having their hold on him as he screamed as she attempted to claw him.

Meanwhile, Raph was getting beat by Asmodeus. This mutant was a giant brute and just one punch sent him slamming into the alley wall as Raph groaned staggering upon his feet as he twirled his sais. He wasn't going to give in.

"Mikey! I know you can fight this!" Leo ducked a swipe from his nun-chuck blade.

"You know nothing Leonardo!"

"Just fight it, you can do it!"

"You fool!" The youngest growled surprising Leo as he managed to kick him as he fell back as Mikey slammed his foot onto his plastron in a successful effort to pin him down. He glared down at Leo with an expression full of hatred. "You shall die." He rammed his blade into Leo's shoulder as the leader gasped in pain as Mikey ripped it straight out blood spraying into the air. Leo tried to shift under Mikey's foot, however, the orange masked turtle only sent Leo's katana spiraling away as his eyes glowed brightly red raising the blade before shoving it to Leo's throat, but it only touched the skin of his neck and didn't actually slit it.

Wait…. Why'd he stop?!

"You can always change your destiny, Mikey." The leader seemed to notice this, his gaze not wavering from Mikey's. "But…." The tone of his voice seemed to change drastically.

What exactly was he planning to say?

"You know you want to do it, so why don't you just do it?"

Mikey blinked staring down at Leo his mouth hanging open in disbelief as his red glowing eyes seemed to flicker.

"This is your destiny right? Then kill me."

Mikey could feel his hand shaking.

What was wrong with him?! Why couldn't he do it?

It would be so simple, just one slash to slit his throat and he'd be done for. However, this felt so hard and Mikey felt a twinge in his plastron that also brought pain.

He would never actually do it… He could never…

"What are you waiting for dear brother?" Mara must've noticed his hesitation. "KILL HIM!"

Mikey's shocked expression turned into that of pure malice as he pressed harder chuckling as Leo's eyes widened with fear before shutting them tightly bracing in what would be his death.

"LEO!" Both Raph and Donnie screamed at the same time. A loud sound of flesh cutting through the air evoked a shocked gasp and a gurgling sound. Leo felt no pain, instead he opened his eyes much to his shock and relief to find that Mikey was no longer in front of him, but near those other two mutants. Mara's face contorted into such hatred as she glanced down at Mikey's nun-chuck blade that embedded into her side.

Realizing what he had just done, Mikey ripped his nun-chuck out stumbling back with terror as his red glowing eyes were gone, only those familiar baby blues as he gasped in shock.

"You!" Mara hissed holding her side as it was now bleeding with a dark purple-like substance. She bared her fangs as her eyes glowed dark yellow in color. "You traitor!" She lunged at Mikey who screamed before she was knocked back by Raph who punched her.

Mikey fell back his body quivering as Asmodeus charged at him full force. Mikey's bros tried to knock him away, but they couldn't do as Mikey felt himself being slammed against the concrete stars appearing in his eyes for spare moment.

"You are useless!" Asmodeus barked into his face. "We trusted you enough to kill them and yet you turn your back on your destiny? You turn your back on your family!?"

Mikey struggled underneath his grip scowling. "No! I never turned my back on my family!"

"LIAR!" Asmodeus hissed applying more pressure as Mikey gasped sharply. The orange masked turtle then grinned up at the large mutant.

"It's true though, I'll never turn my back on my family. And you know what?" Mikey smirked. "You two are not even my family!" With that he grasped his nun-chuck with his one free hand stabbing Asmodeus' hand as he howled pulling back making an opportunity for Mikey to escape.

"Yeah Mikey!" His bros cheered as surrounded each other, mostly Mikey in such a protective manner.

"Family doesn't have to be blood," Mikey said grinning at his bros who each grinned back at him. He learned about that from them, he knew what a true family meant. "These are my brothers! And I belong with them, not with you!"

"You foolish brother," Mara hissed pushing herself up. "You will pay for this. This is your destiny!"

"No, it's not," Mikey clenched his nun-chuck ignoring the twinge of guilt in this stomach as he wiped off the remaining blood from the blade and his hands. It wasn't exactly his fault… He reminded himself. "I may have killed people tonight, but that wasn't me. I'm not letting you control me anymore! And besides, I can change my own destiny. I can determine my own destiny."

"Why you!?" Both Mara and Asmodeus charged as Mikey noticed his bros get into their fighting stances.

A sudden thought occurred to him as he glanced behind his shell towards a building that was burning in flames. Without any second thought Mikey moved away from his bros making a mad dash as he sprinted towards the building being erupted in flames. He ignored the way his brothers screamed his name as he turned his head seeing Mara and Asmodeus chasing after him into the burning building. It looked like his plan was going accordingly.

"You are being really pathetic," Mara sneered. "You've trapped yourself in this burning building dear brother."

"It's not just me who's trapped," Mikey smirked. "It's just us."

Mara's eyes widened glancing towards the open entrance only for a high beam to fall down blocking it as more flames began to spread abroad.

"Then, I guess you'll either die here, or die with us." Mara grinned as Asmodeus flexed his giant paws.

"Fine with me," Mikey twirled his nun-chuck. If this is how it would end, at least it would be finally over. The would be the end of destiny perhaps.

Asmodeus was the first one to charge at Mikey as the orange masked turtle ducked his attack as he twirled his nun-chuck diving from out underneath the giant mutant dog's legs. The dog mutant growled as Mikey felt himself being trapped. Asmodeus was in front of him and there was only fire behind his shell, and he could feel the scorching heat.

The orange masked turtle swiftly ducked at Asmodeus' giant punch as the turtle rolled off to the side his eyes widening as Asmodeus had punched the wall beam as a large cracking noise resonated from up above.

Dashing further away, Mikey was able to avoid the giant beam that fell down, but as he glanced back at the burning rubble Asmodeus had not. His body was buried underneath the rubble and the flames would've consumed his entire body by this point scorching him to death.

There was a loud hissing as Mikey turned his head just as Mara clawed his cheek as he screamed stumbling back holding his now bleeding cheek.

"How does it feel now brother?" She sneered as her eyes glowed darkly yellow. "You're no match for me." With that, her eyes glowed brighter as Mikey felt some kind of force holding him down making him immobile as he couldn't move. "Now, I've got you right where I need you." Her claws extended even longer than before as she pulled them back. "Any last words dear brother?"

"Yeah…" Mikey croaked as he could hear a soft cracking noise even without being able to move his head. "Watch out."

Mara blinked in confusion before the crackling got louder as she glanced up much to her horror just as Mikey shut his eyes as part of the roof had collapsed tumbling down onto her. He was pushed back by the force his plastron scrapping across the rusty floor as he glanced up to no longer see Mara. He could only hear screaming and a purple tail swishing underneath some heavy rubble before the flames rose higher as they sparked everywhere. The horrid retched scream finally died down as Mikey knew that she probably had died by now, but then he suddenly realized that he couldn't breathe.

There was too much smoke and he was hacking putting both hands to his throat. He needed to get out of here! Unfortunately, he was completely surrounded by fire, he couldn't see any way out of here.

"Come on!" He shoved his nun-chuck into his belt not caring if it was bloody, that was the least of his matters. "Ack!" He coughed harshly his breathing becoming ragged. "Too much smoke!" He fell onto his knees trying to shield his eyes from the intense heat and flames that he could feel barely licking his skin.


He blinked hard despite his vision now blurring as he fell onto his side hands clawing at his throat as the flames around him seemed to inch closer 'til he could feel the slightest burns licking upon his skin. Among the uproar he could hear screams before he suddenly blacked out seeing green blurry blobs reaching out towards him.

The next thing he knew someone was shaking him, and the moment he opened his eyes he was met with his three bros relieved faces. He hacked as he could feel many pairs of arms grasping him.

Wait….. he wasn't in the building anymore. He took in a deep rattled breath his lungs filling with the relief of oxygen.

"You're okay!" Donnie gasped hugging him along with Leo and Raph.

"We've got ya, Mikey."

"You're okay little brother, we got you out safely."

Mikey lifted his head from the hug seeing that burning building and he blinked noticing how it was finally collapsed with nothing left but rubble and flames that began to die down as it suddenly started to rain. Asmodeus and Mara were trapped there and there's no way they could've survived that, they were surely dead, and Mikey just had that feeling that they were. It was a good thing that it was finally raining again.

Thank goodness… He sagged in relief. At least they wouldn't have to put out all these fires.

"We're so glad you're finally back," Leo squeezed him tighter as Mikey closed his eyes enjoying the moment as rain sprinkled upon his face. It stung his cheek, but that was the least of his cares.

"I…." He croaked feeling himself tear up. Everything was his fault wasn't it? "This was all my fault."

"What?" His bros pulled back regarding him as they each helped him to sit up properly.

"Nothing was your fault Mikey."

"Yes, it was, look at this," Mikey emphasized pointing around them. "I helped Mara and Asmodeus, I helped burn the city, I even killed people."

"It's not your fault bro," Raph grasped his shoulder making baby blue eyes meet emerald green eyes.

"This wasn't you Mikey," Donnie added.

"And besides, there was nothing else you could've done," Leo grasped his other shoulder squeezing it softly. "You weren't in control of yourself. Mara was controlling you, so don't blame yourself."

The orange masked turtle sighed heavily as he nodded his head. "And I'm sorry I never told you dudes about anything sooner, I should've…"

"Yeah, you should have," Donnie reached out to place a hand onto his head. "But everything okay's now Mikey. Well, as it can be. You're fine and that's all that matters."

Mikey couldn't hold back the tears any longer. "You guys really came back for me?"

"Of course, we did Mikey, why would we not? You're our brother too." Leo smiled at him fondly rubbing his head making Mikey giggle softly.

"And just because you were meant to be dark and fulfill this dark and creepy destiny," Raph muttered as Mikey glanced at the hothead. "That doesn't matter bro, cause you can always change that."

"Raph's right," Donnie beamed at him.

"And Mikey?" The youngest glanced up at Leo who grinned at him. "Who you are isn't about where you came from. It's who you want to be. It's what you worked hard for. It's what you care about. That's what really matters."

A wide goofy grin split across Mikey's face as his bros sighed in relief.

"Man, how I missed that grin of yours," Donnie shook his head. "You really are something Mikey."

"Yeah, I am." Mikey grinned. "Who I am isn't about where I came from, it's who I want to be and that is being your baby brother." His bros grinned widely at him as Mikey reached out to wrap an arm around each of them in a one-sided hug.

"What could we do without you huh?" Leo chuckled softly.

"You would be lost without me!" Mikey jabbed a finger to his plastron. "Who would cook you dudes breakfast? And pull pranks on you all day?"

"Yeah right," Raph snorted giving Mikey a noogie as the turtle giggled.

"You do so much more than that Mikey," Leo beamed at his brother. "With you being yourself, with who you really want to be. You always carry such light and sunshine and you're always trying to cheer us up no matter what."

"We never could've asked for a better baby brother than you, Mikey."

"Aww dudes!" Mikey grinned widely. "And I could've have asked for better bros like you dudes!"

They each wrapped their arms around each other comfortingly as they chuckled.

"That's true."

"And we're ninjas!" Mikey added with such enthusiasm. "And we protect this city!"

"It's what ninjas like us do."

"Come on team, let's head back. It's been one heck of a day."

"Sure has, Leo."

The four chuckled as they each walked towards the nearest manhole cover.

"It looks like the rain will do the job to cool down the city."

"Oh, you know what we should to do dudes?"

"What's that?"

"Why don't we party?"

"Heh, sounds reasonable."

And that's exactly what the four brothers did the moment they got back to the lair after they tended to their injuries. Mikey had a bandage on his cheek, and Donnie applied some gel to help with the slight burns on his skin, although they weren't really bad actually. Master Splinter greeted them as Mikey hugged him tightly. They explained what happened to Master Splinter and Mikey made sure to not hide anything, he told them about his nightmares and how Mara would haunt him and him losing control. It felt like a load of weight was lifted off his plastron the moment he spilled out his guts and feelings. After all, he did learn a dire lesson. No keeping secrets, no hiding nor lying as it would only hurt his family and his bros. He seemed to have to learned that now the hard way. After the discussion was over with, they were each in the dojo having a dance off as music blared through the air.

Mikey spun onto his shell upon the dojo floor as he and his bros sang along with the lyrics of the song.

"Knock, knock, you about to get shell shocked
Knock, knock, you about to get shell shocked
Knock, knock, you about to get shell shocked
Knock, knock, you about to get shell shocked!"

"That's my fam, I'll hold 'em down forever," Mikey spun twirling upon his hand. "Us against the world, we can battle whoever
Together ain't no way gonna fail
You know I got your back, just like a turtle shell
Nobody do it better
All my brothers tryna get some cheddar
We all want our cut like the shredder
Me and my bros come together for the dough
Bought the orange Lamborghini, call it Michelangelo
With the nun chucks doors and I'm pullin' up slow
When we fall up in the party, they know anything goes
Check my Rolex they say I'm the man of the hour
All this green in my pockets, you can call it turtle power!"

"All for one we fight together," they each sang at the same time. "Knock, knock, you about to get shell shocked
All for we ride together
Knock, knock, you about to get shell shocked
All for one when we fight together
Knock, knock, you about to get shell shocked
Together we can bear any weather
Knock, knock, you about to get shell shocked!

Uh ain't nothing that could come in between me and my brothers
We all around if it's going down
It's just us, all for one, yeah you hear 'em right
Our business done, we disappear into the night
Came up together, so we all down for the fight
Ain't nothing wrong with that
Family, ain't nothing strong as that!"

Mikey grinned performing some robot moves as he grinned. Things couldn't be any better, he was clearly happy here with his bros. His true family and he wouldn't change things once a bit. After all, this was who he was and his destiny…. he could choose his own destiny and that would be protecting this city along his bros. They were ninjas after all, teenage mutant ninja turtles.

The rest of the evening was spent with eating much pizza which Mikey was grateful for and watching a movie with his bros. It was just such a nice bonding moment, he didn't want it to end. Apparently the day did end, but the moment did not for Mikey fell asleep upon the couch snuggled up besides his brothers. His own head resting on Raph's plastron where his heart would be, and it was the steady beating of his brother's heart that allured him to sleep as he was cuddled up next to him. They were all cuddled together, in a mass of limbs and arms like brothers just randomly falling into a tired heap.

Mikey let out a soft sigh smiling broadly as he drifted off to sleep with his bros close besides him. This was all that really mattered, his family, his bros and he wouldn't trade anything for this. Not ever…. not even his destiny, nor his well-being. He was lucky to have them, and he would stay like this forever.

No matter what, they would always be bros forever, and yet… with them being ninjas and all they still had an endless road to rediscover…. together, as brothers. For there was no such thing as the end to one's destiny.

Tada! There ya have it! It's finally over now. I just couldn't resist making such a good ending, I really fall for endings like this and I just had to also include the heart thing. I mean, who else thinks that cute? It's just sweet, bro fluff is like literally the best thing ever!

Thank you guys for reading this story and may you leave me with your final thoughts and feelings. I'd love to hear it! :)

Here's just some quotes for fun that go along with the theme of destiny.

~You choose your own destiny~

~You are the creator of your own destiny~

~What is meant to be, always finds a way~

~Difficulties prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny~

~One change in thought, leads to a change in destiny~

~Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them. But if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny~

~The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be~