Requested by: Anon, "C-Can I request a MakoHaru where Makoto can't decide on what to get Haruka for his birthday? P-please?"

Makoto watched Haruka from across the table. They were both at Haru's house, trying to study. It was easier there then the alternative; Ren and Ran could be quite boisterous, and they had a pretty big exam coming up.

Still, even with the twins away, Makoto was finding it hard to keep his head in his books, and kept glancing up at his friend.

Eventually, like Makoto knew he would, Haru caught on to the feeling of being watched. The other boy's head tilted up, pencil stilling.


Makoto looked over the rim of his glasses and smiled, like he was keeping a secret. "You're birthday's next week, isn't it? Haru-chan?" Like either of them could forget. It was just that, sometimes, Makoto thought he was more excited about it then Haru was.

Haruka frowned at the honorific, but made a noise of agreement anyway, eyes falling back down to the table.

"Have you thought about what you want to do?" Makoto prompted further.

"Not really," Haru murmured, refocusing on the text before him, scribbling something down.

Makoto sighed audibly, looking up towards the ceiling, twirling his pencil.

He'd have to get Haru something. But what? Haru wasn't the type for trinkets— keychains and all that— like Nagisa would be. He didn't have a fascination for books, like Rei.

Maybe another swimsuit?

Makoto's eyebrows jumped as he stole another glance at his best friend, who didn't look up.

But no, Haru was so particular about his suits and all that. He'd probably just return what Makoto would get him and exchange it for something else.

Sketchbooks? Haru had plenty.

Maybe… mackerel?

Makoto couldn't help but chuckle.

Haru let out an almost annoyed breath through his nose, eyes flickering up. "What is it?"

"Ah, it's nothing…"

Haru frowned, and with that look, Makoto knew he was on to him. He could see it in his face.

Oh well, let him guess. It was more fun that way.

But now that he thought about it, maybe he really didn't need to get Haru anything. Maybe he could take Haru somewhere special. Somewhere he liked. Besides, if anyone were to ask him, Makoto would always say that time spent with those you care about far outweighed any store-bought gift.

And he did care about Haru.

Now, where could they go?

The beach? Aquarium?

But Haru had been there plenty of times before. Wouldn't it be boring?

"Oiy, Makoto."

He was quickly pulled out of his daydream, eyes falling to catch Haruka's gaze. The corner of Makoto's mouth quirked up. The other boy was still frowning, looking serious, but the flush to his cheeks betrayed what he was really feeling.

"Eh?" Makoto had to suppress a low noise of amusement. "What is it Haru?"

The boy looked away with an unhappy pout. "If you don't study you'll do poorly on the test."

Makoto relented, shoulders slouching. "Ah, I guess your right. I'll try and focus." But just as he picked up his workbook again, Haru spoke in a low, rushed voice.

"You shouldn't be thinking about what to buy me for my birthday."

"Huh?" Makoto sat up a bit straighter. He didn't know why he felt so… warm at being caught. Of course Haru knew what he was thinking. Still… "Why not?"

Haru tilted his head down to his work even farther, and Makoto could see that his ears were red now, too. "…spending time with friends is a much better gift."

A happy, fuzzy feeling settled into Makoto's chest as he smiled contently. "You're right Haru, of course."