Galinda wasn't always too keen on having Nessarose for company; the younger Thropp sister could come across as dull and naive, her obsessive (they were obsessive!) ties with religion acting as a buffer between her and the rest of the charmed circle. But behind all that religious garb and the other obvious difference between her and the rest of them—she was armless. Galinda had gotten used to it, somehow, like she had with her roomie. It made her feel noble—she was really quite normal. A little bratty, but Galinda just associated that with her role as the younger sister. She was also heavily dependent on others. Well she had to be. Even as they sat and ate lunch by the Suicide Canal, Nanny had accompanied them. Galinda watched as she cut up Nessa's food and fed it to her on a fork. It comforted her somewhat. In a way Nanny felt like a second ama.

They sat on the grass and chatted, Nessarose was in one of her better moods today, and it made for good conversation. Her sister, while boasting an impressive vocabulary and a knack for insightful questions, was never one to chat. Galinda tried, but all she'd get out of Elphaba was a low grunt or an "mmm" if she were lucky. The green girl rarely looked up from her books and sometimes it drove Galinda mad. The few times she did were to discuss the origins of evil with Galinda, and while the blonde was secretly overjoyed to hear her roommate talk, in that theatric way of hers, the material was often dark and difficult to understand. Although maybe that was the point, to not understand. But then why bother? Philosophy was so beyond her.

Her sister, however, loved to talk, about anything. Throughout their lunch date they talked about clothes and classes, their professors and futures, and most importantly to Galinda, their childhoods. As per usual, Galinda skimmed through her childhood; as an only child from Gillikin, it was predictable. Rich and barren. But the Thropp sisters' made up for that: an armless girl and her big, green sister born and raised in Munchkinland. Poor and muppety.

"We looked like the circus," Nessarose said, although she found humor in it. "We were such weird kids. Can you imagine? A green girl and her teetering sister. We were freaks." Galinda could hear the hurt in Nessarose's voice. It was faint, but it was there.

"You had each other," Galinda consoled.

"Yes. Definitely." Nessarose smiled. "We had each other. She looked after me. I like to think in a way I looked after her. I don't know how exactly."

"You calmed her down," Nanny recalled, suddenly, her warm hand placed lovingly on Nessa's back. She breathed in the salty air. "When Elphaba was but a babe, she was a terror. Biting, fussing, or worse, emotionless. It freaked us all out. She didn't know what to do with herself, until you." Nessarose blushed.

"What did I have to do with it?" She always got so embarrassed, Galinda noticed, like her sister. It was rather cute.

"You gave her a purpose. She protected you with all her might, even at three years old."

"She did not!"

"Honest. She loves you so much."

"Well I know that. She's my sister."

"It's more than that Nessa." Nanny breathed. "You were her world." Her eyes twinkled as she turned to look at the younger Thropp. Nessarose's blush deepened.

Galinda straightened her back and popped some cheese cubes into her mouth. In between chews she began to ask, "What else did the two of you do as kids?" Nessarose brightened.

"Oh, we got into some mischief," Nessarose smirked. Galinda's eyes widened, and she inched closer in anticipation.

"Oh? Like what?"

"Well..." Nessarose looked up at Nanny. Nanny sighed, remembering. Galinda sat there confused.


"They used to play pranks on me. Their old tired Nanny."

"Old and tired? Nanny you were as sharp as a whip, don't give me any of that. Trying to make us out to be monsters."

"Oh, but you were." She turned to Galinda. "They swapped my gold for rocks." Galinda snickered.

"We did that once."

"They filled my pillow with ants," Nanny continued. Galinda could hardly keep herself from smiling. Elphaba? Her Elphaba? True she could be snarky and bigmouthed, but never this juvenile. Though she had to keep in mind that they were once kids. It seemed so bizarre to Galinda.

"Speaking of my sister, it'll be her birthday soon," Nessarose mused, nudging Nanny with her shoulder so she could be fed the rest of her salad. Galinda blinked.

"Her birthday is soon?"

"Yes. I just remembered, in about a week." Galinda's heartbeat quickened, though she didn't know why.

"What should I get her?" She sounded perplexed, though excited.

"Nothing. Elphaba doesn't like gifts." Nessa bit down on her fork.

"Nothing? That's ridiculous."

"I know," Nessarose said once she was done chewing. "Try telling her that. I'm serious Galinda, don't get her anything, she'd rather you didn't. It's nothing personal, my sister's just not into the whole gift-receiving service."

Galinda's mouth opened to say something, then shut closed. She was flummoxed, her eyebrows knitted in a look of puzzlement. Nessarose couldn't help but giggle.

"You look like a statue in shock. Really, Galinda, it's alright. I'm sorry I even said anything." Nessarose nodded at Nanny to start putting things away, then sat there, rolling her eyes, as Galinda remained transfixed in her daze.

Although despite her expression, the blonde was hard at work, figuring out the perfect gift to give to Elphaba.

Galinda entered the dorm, her mind racing. The click of the door as it opened and closed behind her caused her roommate to look up from her books, though Elphaba was quick to recognize Galinda and to resume her work.

As Galinda shuffled around the room however, her purse and shawl still in tow and her shoes clacking against the wooden floor, Elphaba's eyes drifted upwards and she stole a long glance at the blonde. She seemed preoccupied with something, her gaze not really set on anything in particular and her expression squeezed into that of concentration. Elphaba's lip twitched into a small smile. She was curious.

"What ever could be on your mind that's distracted you from taking your shoes off?" Galinda nearly jumped at the voice. She blinked several times and made herself turn around, acknowledging her roomie at her desk. Elphaba had her legs crossed, the green poking through the folds of her blue dress. She was leaning forward somewhat, her chin resting atop her relaxed hands. She was smirking.

Galinda rolled her eyes, feeling more grounded.

"Oh ha ha, make fun of me will you. It's just that I've been thinking of what to..." She quickly stopped herself, remembering Nessarose's words. Elphaba wouldn't want to know about this. It would have to be a surprise.

"Come again?" Elphaba's eyebrow twitched in confusion, and impatience. Galinda took a moment to regroup herself. She bent down to take off her shoes and began to relax.

"I was eating lunch with your sister and she told me some very interesting things about you two." Galinda went to put away her shoes and shawl and peeped at Elphaba, who's expression was still and intense. Galinda's lips wormed in and out of a smile as she remembered the pranks pulled on Nanny.

"What about." Elphaba's voice was firm. Galinda couldn't wait to tell her, and to see the look on her face.

With her purse stashed away she stood with her hands on her hips and sported a knowing look that confused her roomie even more.

"Ants in Nanny's pillow, Elphaba?" The green girl's cheeks flushed.

"She told you about that?" Galinda's mouth widened, a huge grin etched onto her face.

"So it is true! Elphie the little menace! Elphie, the girl who studies in her sleep!"

Elphaba's mouth closed, her jaw worked itself and her arms crossed over her chest. She didn't look at Galinda, who was laughing so hard she was snorting.

"It isn't such a big deal. No one got hurt."

"Oh Elphie, I don't mean that, it's just so unlike you." Galinda calmed herself down for her roomie, who was clearly embarrassed.

When the laughter quieted down, Elphaba's scrunched shoulders undid themselves and her fingers danced absentmindedly against her leafy forearms. She let herself grin a little.

"I could never try any of those on my father, or mama," Elphaba muttered to herself. She pushed her glasses back up onto her nose and chuckled. "They'd have my head."

Galinda studied her roomie's mannerisms curiously, and watched as she went back to work, all hopes of conversation gone. She sighed. She was relying on Elphaba's initiative to talk, which was a mistake. She wanted to use their conversation as inspiration for her present.

Now she'd have to find another way. Though the blonde smiled; she liked a challenge.

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