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August 22 1922.

Somewhere along the old route, twenty miles from Huntsville Texas.

The view opens up on a dark storm on a lonesome road. The rain was coming down hard as lightning flashes through the sky every now and again. Typical Texan weather. Though this one is a lot bigger then most lightening storms. If anything, it makes it a bit harder to drive down the road. Old roads are being paved for the rise of the automobile, however some road are so isolated that very little improvement has been done to fix the old road. Cars driving along the road must do so carefully especially in this weather. As the rain comes crashing down a little Ford Sedan, with two passengers inside drives by the view.

In the driver's seat was a familiar half-Mexican Vaquera that was smoking a marijuana stick she picked up in the last town over. In the back, a young girl with bright white hair had her head in a book on electronics, theories of radiation, and various stock's rising and falling from a local newspaper. After reading a bit she carefully put down the book, having one hand and the other a prosthetic made it difficult to read, much less writing on a note pad. Revealing her face, to be Weiss Schnee. She had change quite a bit since Australia. She was now sporting a blue jacket over a ruffle front. Normally she prefer wearing a skirt, but seeing how most are not combat effective she has taken to wearing riding pant that tucked into her riding boots.

She has been busy since she had arrived in the states. For one, she had a better understanding of the stock market then most experts, with a few quarters she managed to sell and buy enough stock that she was able to buy the very same Ford model T sedan that Fausta was driving. Course, she noticed a trend of stock selling and money spending. With her well inform sense of economics she realized the danger and formed a predication for when the stock will tank.

"The stock market's going to crash ya know, it's only a matter of time." Weiss muttered loud to herself. Fausta overheard this and rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Uh huh, sure." Fausta replied as she takes a drag from her marijuana stick.

"Late October at the earliest, Nineteen twenty-nine. That's when it'll all is going to happen." Weiss spoke up starting the conversation.

"Si, I know." Fausta remarks before taking another drag from her marijuana stick.

"Thousands of people will lose their jobs, and that's in this country alone. The world itself will tank into a great depression." Weiss continued despite how annoying it was to Fausta.

"Dios mio, I've heard it from you several times already! You're beating the jodido caballo muerto!" Fausta growled at the former heiress. She has been constantly wining about the theoretical stock market crash since Amarillo.

"Bueno, es verdad. Y nadie me escuchará! (Well it's true. And nobody will listen to me!)" Weiss snapped in Spanish to Fausta.

"Maybe because nobody wants to think about it, or maybe because they don't want to admit that a little child knows more about stock's then them." Fausta explains as she turns to look at Weiss.

As she puffs out a cloud of marijuana into Weiss's face, a habit Weiss despised. As she wipes away the smoke she then remarks in a fit of couth's, "(Cough, Cough) Well, how else am I going to get their attention?! (Cough, Cough) Hire a model to… Monty almighty! Lookout!"

Weiss screams filled the car as Fausta quickly turned around pointed at a girl who jumped in front of the car. Fausta quickly looked in front of her and swirled her car to try and avoid her. Sadly she couldn't stop and hit her with the side of her car, as she swilled to the side all while Fausta remarks "Mierda, mierda, mierda!"

As the car comes to a stop, Fausta quickly looked out into the road. There in the road a woman in a tattered dress lays still, in the road. In mixture of panic and rage, Fausta rolls down her window and calls out to the woman. "MIERDA! What are you doing the street?! Do you want to get run over?!"

"Did you just run over someone?!" Weiss asked as she finally gets a good look at the figure in the road.

"What the hell does it look like I did, capitana obvia?!" Fausta retorts as she fishes for the marijuana stick she had dropped.

As she does the woman who'd they hit managed to roll over, before crawling towards the vehicle with her remaining strength. She whispered an odd and unheard phrase over and over again several time over as she crawled towards the car before passing out. Seeing this, Fausta quickly got out of the car before followed by Weiss. The two stood over her before Weiss remarks.

"By Oum good grace, is she alright?!" Weiss asked as she noticed the bruising on her arm. In a fit of rage, she snapped at Fausta. "Ms. Bell, were you even paying attention to the road?!"

"Hey, she ran out in front of the car! That's on her, also even then you were partial to the blame. Ms. Schnee!" Fausta retorts back.

"Hmph, whatever!" Weiss said crossing her arms as she rolled her eyes. After a few seconds the painful moans brought her attention back down to the mysterious woman. "Let's just help her, we can argue about this later."

"Ah huh, sure but we're not done." The old Vaquero said before leaning down to help the mystery girl. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that behind the blood and water, was a young brunet wearing a pink dress. Seeing her arm whimpering to the touch, she realized that it was broken, however it was looked like it took a nastier swing long before getting hit by a car.

Giving a cheeky snort, she quickly pulled out a bandana from out of her jacket pocket to make a sling. She then helped her to her feet before noticed Weiss wandering towards the woods, she quickly got her attention by calling out. "Ey, princessa de hielo! Help me get her into the back!"

"Fine." The former heiress helped lift the unconscious woman into the car. But something in the woods where the woman had come from caught her attention, she could see a colorful glow of some sort the seemed to defy explanation. Whatever that strange thing was, it made her feel sick to her stomach. Yet she couldn't look away.

Miss Bell noticed the girl staring into space and gave a high-pitched whistle. "You gonna get in the car or stand in the rain? Don't make me leave your hide out here."

"Huh? Oh right." Weiss shook her head and got into the vehicle. As the car departed from the area, leaving behind a faint glow in the dark. Several minutes on the road had passed in silence. Weiss attended to the woman and tried to get her talking; But the woman could hardly spoke, aside from short utterances of the same phrases repeatedly.

"Hello, miss? Are you alright?" Weiss said trying to coax the woman into speaking to her.

"… It took him… oh my god it took him. It was so beautiful. The light … oh that light …" The woman muttered in her zoned-out state, due to which she barely reacted to Weiss.

"Just how hard did you hit her?" Weiss shouted up to Fausta.

"HEY! I should be the one who get enfadada over something I can't control and you did distracted ME from the road!" Fausta growled back to the heiress as she kept her eyes on the road. She didn't want to make the same mistake twice.

"Don't pin this on me, you were driving under influence!" Weiss snapped as her finger at her associate.

"Porque eres molesto! (Because you are annoying!)" Fausta growled in response to her deflection.

"Yeres imposible. (And you are impossible.)" Weiss sighed.

"Ah huh." Fausta remarks as she rolled her eyes and continued to drive.

Weiss scuffs before turning back to the woman in the back seat of the car. "Ms. can you please tell me what happened. Tell me what happened, who was taken?"

"He was taken … by the light. Got to get away from the light!" The mysterious woman started to wail in terror as she recalled the memory of what had driven her to madness. Causing her to kick and scream, nearly sending Fausta off the road.

"Hey! Either Shut her up or knock the mujer loca out!" Fausta shouted as she regains control of the car. Ignoring her Weiss continued to work on calming her down.

"Ms. Please I need you to calm down. I know you're scared but please just focus on me, ok?" Weiss said as she tried to calm the woman and stop her from thrashing about in the backseat of the car. "What light? What are you talking about?"

"First in the dirt … then in the water, now it's in the air." Was the woman's terrified response to the question.

"But what is this light?" Weiss tried harder to get a clear explanation from the victim.

"It's ahehyee mgn'ghftnah, mgn'ghftnah. It's l' beautiful … ng h' fm'latgh." A garbled jumble of strange words overtook the very few she spoke that Weiss could make sense of.

Fausta looked at the injured woman for a moment before turning back to the road. As she drives on she eventually remarks "I guess I hit her pretty hard."

"She needs a hospital." Weiss said as she looked back up at Fausta

"Or a mental ward. The next place is coming up in a few miles, we'll be there soon enough to dump her out." Fausta said coldly as they passed a sign that showed a gas station and lodging was a bit further down the road.

"Ms. Bell!" Weiss narrowed her eyes at her associate in annoyance at the callous nature of her statement.

"Relax muchacha de la nieve (Ice queen), I just want to get as far away from whatever messed her up as we possibly can." Fausta replied.

"Distance won't mean a thing considering that we were the one who messed her up." Weiss retorted in a deadpan tone. Fausta rolled her eyes before spotting something not that far up ahead.

"Look, there's a rest stop up there. We'll ask around there alright?" Fausta states as she points off into the distance.

Weiss looked up to see a small lunch car and gas station. Course she knew them as diners. It was a pretty standard look. A train cart was used for the base, with some expansions added to it. A few pump stations and a maintenance shed. There were a few car's parked outside, and people moving about inside. It was good that they finally came to a stop. Even without running someone over, Weiss was getting tired for setting in the back of a car.

"Finally." Weiss remarks with some excitement as Fausta pulls the car in and turned the engine off.

"I'm going to have another smoke. I get the feeling I'm going to need one with the all shit that's happening." She said as she reached into her pocket and revealed a pack of hand wrapped tobacco smokes. "I used all my reefer sticks driving us down here."

"You do that, I'll be busy taking care of the woman that YOU hit with the car!" Weiss said retorts with some annoyance that despite her telling Fausta the dangers of smoking, she never listened. Plus she hated the smell from those death stick. As Fausta rolled her eyes, Weiss had gotten out and tried to pull the woman from the backseat into the open air.

"Whatever pendejo. But it's your fault that happened for distracting me." Fausta remarked as she takes a drag from one. She watched for a few moments as Weiss struggled to get her out. After a few moments of failing, she let out a small sigh before walking over to assist Weiss.

The two hauled the girl out of the car as gently as they can. It was a bit of a struggle to get the girl through the door, she didn't like being out in the rain. However, the moment they had reached the door, the light and warmth emulating from inside had caused her to calm down just a bit. They entered the building before the door closed. Like any dinner on a less used road, it was mostly empty. However, the warmth of the place made the three give a sigh in relief as they shook off the excess water from their clothes. As they stood there, Weiss couldn't help but notice a few people by the counter. A sheriff drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a Mexican waitress cleaning up some spillage, a portly woman with a pleasant expression on her face. She was busy wiping down the counter with a wash cloth while the radio played some old timey music. As they went about there business, Weiss decided to clear her throat to get there attention.

"Howdy there, I'll be with ya in a minute!" Said the woman behind the counter.

"Sadly, I don't think we have one." Weiss said as she and Fausta carried the woman to the counter.

"Oh, you will just have to… oh my lord, what happened to that poor thing?!" The Portly woman said upon seeing her she quickly raced around the counter towards the woman that the two had carried in.

"We … found her on the road" Weiss lied as she watch the woman put the injured woman in a nearby booth. "She was like this when we picked her up."

"Hmm, poor deer. I guess she should count her lucky star's that you saved her." The woman said looking at Weiss, before noticing that she was soaked from head to toe. "Oh where are my manners, you must be drenched to the bones."

"Eh hem, what about me? Mierda, I'm soaked too." Fausta remarks before tipping some of the water from her hat.

"What about you?" The portly woman replied coldly to the words of the vaquero. Fausta could feel the venom in her words. The two gave each other a cold stare for a few moments before the lawman got between the two.

"Easy Mrs. Miller, don't give these folks a hard time." The lawman said as he approached the four.

"Why Sheriff Graham, I don't know what you mean." The plump woman now known as Mrs. Miller replied in a clueless tone to the words of the law man.

"Uh huh. Sure, you don't." The man now known as Sheriff Graham stated with a skeptical look. He then knelt down and inspected the girl. As he does, without looking away asked the two, "Now what exactly was it that happened to y'all folks out there on the road?"

"Just what I said, my associate and I found her on the road a few miles away. She looks like she was running away from something, but I have no idea what." Weiss replied with a shrug.

"Right … so she was running from something out in that storm?" The Sheriff said as he turned to the two with a raised eyebrow.

"It's the truth Sheriff." Weiss said honestly. As she and Fausta explained what had happened with better detail, Mrs. Miller started to get a better look at the injured girl as she sat there in her seat. It took her a few moments before recalling something.

"Oh my! I know this girl, Ms. Marsh!" Mrs. Miller realizing who she is. Seeing the bruises and broken arm she then remarked. "What could have done this to her?"

"You know this woman Mrs. Miller?" Sheriff Graham asked the older woman.

"Why yes, she and her folks came down from up north. Some town in New Hampshire a little while back. I heard about her brother having some sickness, all of them seemed to be sick with something but the boy had it worst. Other than that, I can't remember much about them. Heck fire, I can't even remember what time it is right now." Mrs. Miller said in a tender tone as she looked over the girl for injuries.

"I see." Sheriff Graham noted as he pulled out a notebook and pencil. As he scribbled some notes into it for reference, he made a sly comment about something. "Hopefully it doesn't have anything to do with that news article…"

"News article? Mrs. Miller said as she cocked her head in confusion. She then remembered an article from the paper, that she hung on the wall. "Oh right there was something about a meteor someone found and brought into town."

"Was referring to the deadlights, Ms. Miller" Sherriff Graham said pointing to the article about strange lights that appeared on the edge of town. This got an 'oh' from Ms. Miller. As he scribble a few things, Weiss interrupted the conversation.

"Not to be rude here, but may I ask for your names?" Weiss asked the sheriff and the restaurant worker.

The portly woman was the first to reply. "Oh how rude of me. Hello my Sophia Miller. I'm the co owner of this here eatery. My husband Ethan is in the kitchen working right now."

"Sheriff Joseph Graham." The sheriff replies.

"Pleasure to meet you two. I'm Weiss Schnee, and my friend her is Fausta Bell." Weiss stated with some curtesy.

"Howdy, um Sheriff. Going back a step. What was that part about the deadlights?" Fausta said as she cuts the introductions short and asked about that strange comment.

"Local problem. Something about a killer light. Wouldn't know, just arrived an hour before you two." Sheriff Gram remarks.

"Wait, then where are you from Sheriff?" Weiss asked curiously.

"Whitcomb county up in Utah, I'm down here following a lead on a missing persons report." The sheriff remarked keeping his response vague. Weiss could tell from his tone that he seemed to have reason to be secreted about it.

"Well then I hope you find whoever you are looking for." Weiss said politely.

"I appreciate it, but it seems I'll be putting that on hold with this little mess." Sheriff Gram replies before pointing to Marsh.

"Can't you get any other local law enforcers to deal with this?" Weiss asked.

"I'm afraid our boys in tan are in town. Even then it would be a mess to get out here now." Ms. Miller remarks.

"Yep, so guess I'll be an above citizen in this matter till one of the deputies take over. Maybe the sheriff he has the time" Graham remarks before giving a small sighed in a tired manner.

"I should get out a call to Sheriff Robichaud to square this mess away, but he's probably fast asleep right now." Mrs. Miller remarked as she rubbed her head.

"Well, till then I'll just have to make due. This girl looks like she needs some medical attention." Graham grunted stoically.

"Honey! What's all the commotion out there?!" A loud voice called out from the kitchen, interrupting the conversation.

"Ethan! Get out here ya dumb stump, it's little Ms. Marsh! Some strangers found her out on the road with a horrible injury!" Ms. Miller shouted to her husband.

"Ms. Marsh?! I'm coming out!" Grumbled the husband of the owner. A few seconds later the door to the back area of the restaurant flapped out and a large man with big muscles and a beer gut stumbled out of the kitchen.

"Now what's going on in…" Before Mr. Miller could even start to ask what's going on, he immediately turned his attention to the presence of Ms. Bell. "Why is she here! Get the hell outta here ya damn greasy spic, before I throttle ya! Ain't got no more work your kind! One wetback is enough!"

"Qué, oh por amor a, up yours vieja mierda!" Fausta snarled at the old man as she flicked her cigarette at him.

"You damn dirty greaser!" Mr. Miller snapped as he quickly moved in to fight Fausta. However before he could Weiss intervened by getting between the two.

"Fausta, Mind your temper. Now ain't the time for fights." Weiss said as she quickly got between her and Mr. Miller. Fausta gave a small tsk in response. It wasn't that she can't kick this viejo hijo de puta butt down south, she wouldn't exactly get away with it. Weiss then turned to the old man who was armed with a rolling pin.

"Out of my way young un, that fucking spic needs a whipping! I'll whup you too if you keep protecting this beaner." Growled the cook.

Weiss glared at the older man narrowed her eyes in silent fury. After a few moments she spoke in a calm and intelligent tone. "Excuse me, Mr. Miller. While I agree she shouldn't have tossed her cigar. You started this dilemma by referring to my traveling companion in the most inappropriate manner. So to prevent this from escalate any further then where it is already. Might I suggest you take the first step and simple stop."

"Pff, started it. Sticks and stone, cripple." Mr. Miller said with a snarl causing a vein in Weiss forehead to twitch.

"Perhaps, but then again the number of nasty things I can call you can cut deeper than anything you can say to her. You overweighted, Snollygoster who sole actions are attributed to outdated and quite frankly pillock world views deeply intertwine with bigotry comparable to an ouroboros snake, that one's own skin color defines a person much less their origin. But if that principle were true then it would be fair to say that you are the spitting image of ninnyhammer inbred surf of olden days… or in mooncalf language. Go fornicate yourself." Weiss monologued in a snob tone that confounded the old man with words that he never heard about but couldn't help but enraged him.

"wha.. bwa… up… Grrrrrrrrr, how dare you. You tonk loving little whore!" Mr. Miller raised his hand to strike Weiss who was just about to side step him when a hand reached out to stop him.

"Put you hand down, sir." Sheriff Graham said as he grabbed hold of the man's forearm with his own hand. "This isn't my county, but I am still a man of the law, and I will enforce it should you choose to assault two women on the basis of words."

"You son of a bitch!" Mr. Miller gritted his teeth while he looked back at the sheriff. "Let go of me!"

"If you want me to cuff you, I will. By all means, give me a reason." Graham retorted calmly.

Mr. Miller knew he was beat if he went after a lawman, jurisdiction or not. "Fine ya scum sucking traitor."

The cook relented and the sheriff let him go in response. He then turned his attention to Weiss and Fausta before he spat gave one last disrespectfully spit. "Keep your pet spic on a short leash. Ya hear?"

"I'll keep that in mind mister Miller." Weiss raised her nose in the air. He then growled as he heads back into the kitchen. Grumbling something off as he does.

Sheriff Gram letting out a small sigh turned to Weiss before asking. "Sorry that happened, but I must ask. What is your relations with, Fausta here?"

"She and I traveling to Huston. Picking up an old friend of hers before returning to her ranch outside El Paso." Weiss explains.

"And prior to this trip?" Sheriff asked.

"Oh, well I met her in the outback… I… I wish not to detail what had happened out there. Some things are best forgotten." Weiss remarks as she clutches her prosthetic arm. Seeing how uncomfortable the subject made her Sheriff Gram backs off.

"Ah sorry for pushing." Sheriff Gram said as he held up his hands defensively. "I know what it's like to hold scars and not wanting to talk about."

As he said that last line he rubbed his neck, showing a few burn scars he received not that long ago. After a few awkward moments he soon remarks. "In any case I think we should give the doctors down in Huston a quick call."

He then turned around to Mrs. Miller who was trying to calm down her enraged husband. "Mrs. Miller, Do you have a phone we can call the local hospitable?"

"Hmm, oh yeah. Outside by the shed by the outhouse, the number for Saint Joseph medical center in Houston in the phone book beside it. for Ms. Marsh,

"Alright, I'll go make the call, do you wish for us to take her the rest of the way back?" Weiss asked.

"Nah, was about to head out after my last cup here." Sheriff Gram remarked before sitting back down and reaching for his coffee. "Make that phone call and I'll take it from here."

Weiss gave a nod before turning to Fausta. "I'll be back, don't get into any more trouble."

"Solo si el viejo comienza alguno. (Only if the old man starts any.)" Fausta replies with a smirk. Weiss rolled her eyes. Some times she reminds her of Yang. If she was an old cowgirl. Actually, she dreaded the thought that Yang grows old. Monty knows she would use it as an excuse to make old people jokes.

She quickly headed towards the ramshackle phone shack. Weiss reminiscing all the terrible jokes Yang would make. While they were annoying, she did miss them. In her own way. It wasn't her friends of course she missed. Her family, Winter, Klien, even her estrange mother and devilish brother. Still, if one thing is to be glad about being trapped on a planet; that she never knew existed or if even the great Ozpin knew either, was that her father or his influence could reach her. As she chuckled at the thought of him enraged that she has disappeared from the world, or is unable to stop her, she was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a low hissing noise. Turning around she couldn't see anything.

It sounded like a cat. A really angry one at that. Weiss tried to spot it in the brush, but couldn't see it, least till it got closer. It hid under some ferns but glowed in a strange light she had never seen before. It was a sort of sickly neon that wasn't neon. She knew every color by name, hell her entire culture since the great war had named themselves after color. Yet no words could even come close to what she is seeing in those ferns. She stared on at the strange cat before taking a step back. In response the glowing entity leapt out at her with amazing speed and agility. Weiss nearly tripped as she fell back a few steps in surprise at the disgusting glowing cat creature bore it's claws into her forearm. Most of her nerves had been removed but she still felt a great deal of pain, causing her to yelp out anguish.

"AIIIIEEEE! Get off me!" Weiss screamed in shock from the sudden and vicious attack of the creature.

She punched the mutated critter away before attempting to punt the bastard. The cat moved about her, trying to leap up at her once more. However, Weiss gave it no opening to do so. Eventually having enough, she pulled out a gift pocket knife and slashed back. An eye for an eye as the people of this planet would say. The cat was quick but eventually managed to get a good slash over its eye. Hissing in pain the creature raced away, leaving Weiss victorious. Now alone, Weiss looked at her arm the cat had scratched. It was tender to the touch, along with that it had an odd burn from the cut. She put a hand over it in response to the pain and cursed herself for letting her guard down. As her Aura slowly healed the cut, Fausta came running towards her with her gun drawn. Right behind her was sheriff Graham.

"What's going on?" Fausta asked with some concern from her voice.

"Some rabid cat-thing attacked me!" Weiss blurted out as she held her arm.

"Cat-thing?" Sheriff Graham asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It was… I can't believe I'm saying this, a glowing cat I think. But it was disgusting, like it crawled out of a cheap science fictional horror novel." Weiss explained.

"A glowing cat? Are you loco chica de nieve?" Fausta said incredulously as she puts her gun away. Weiss looked around for the creature to provide some proof of her story, however it scurried away, leaving behind a blood trail, glowing the same unknown color from before.

"See, I managed to get the wretched thing." Weiss remarks as she points to the blood trail.

The two adults looked at each other before kneeling down to get a better look at the blood trail. It glowed a disturbing color that neither had ever seen before, and gave a disturbing sense of dread. Yet despite this they couldn't help but look on at it. Almost like a cuttlefish does to there prey. As they stared on, only the sound of lightning managed to bring them out of it. They quickly looked away for noticing the ferns leading into the woods. There a small blood trail is leading into the woods, with the sound of a vengeful cat off in the distance.

"What in the hell?" Sheriff Gram remarks with an unease tone.

Before either the two could even remark on the matter the door to the dinner burst open and Marsh quickly raced out of there with Mrs. Miller voice following after her. At the edge of the doorway of the building, Mrs. Miller called out, "Ms. Marsh! Where are ya going?!"

Fausta, Weiss, and Graham looked at each other before quickly sprinting after her. She quickly got into Fausta's Ford model T sedan, before anyone could stop her she popped the keys into the engine and drove off into the night, trying hard to escape from something. She didn't get far, rather just a mile away, she came face to face with a light before swirling to the right, Crashing the car into the side of a tree.

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