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July 15th the day after Bastille Day, at the Carron Estate

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3rd POV

The scene opens within The Carron Estate. Inside Nora was sitting beside Oliver as they hear words emulating from the next room. Oliver gives a small shudder when Nora said some kind words.

"It's ok. You're not in trouble." Nora said gently.

"Yes, I know but I'm more terrified about what will happen to you." Oliver remarks in a worried tone.

"Please, all I did was find a dead body... and maybe destroyed some property..." Nora said nonchalantly.

"I'm not talking about that, what if they believe you are the murder?" Oliver said in a concerned tone.

"There is no way they would believe I did." Nora said with confidence.

"Really? Ms. Valkri…("NORA!") …Nora, you broke 6 people's legs, most of whom go to my school. Had the son of the butcher Jean-paul eat a flashbang for lunch twice and need I remind you about last night. And that was just from this week!" Oliver listed the obvious reasons for Nora to be a suspect.

"Eh semantics." Nora said with a shrug as she leans back. "Sides despite all that did I ever kill anyone?"

"Well… no but still…" Before Oliver could finish Nora interrupts him.

"Ughp ughp, if they are alive then all is good. I mean let's face it. I'm too cute to prosecute." Nora said as she gave a cute face. This didn't help with the mask or Oliver's confidence.

"… oh merde." Oliver said as he pinches the bridge of his nose. Suddenly the doors open and the Butler looks out at them.

"Maître Oliver, ta mère veut que tu restes dans ta chambre jusqu'au départ de l'inspecteur." (Master Oliver, your mother wants you to be in your room until the Inspector leave.) Sebastian informs the pair, though Oliver shows a bit of defiance's before stopping by a gentle hand on his shoulder. The boy gives a sigh before heading to his room with one of the house hands helping him, once out of earshot Sebastian turns to Nora. "Tu sais que le garçon marque un point. Votre nature chaotique fait de vous la personne la plus idée sur laquelle blamer." (You know the boy has a point. Your chaotic nature makes you the most idea person to place the blame on.)

Nora puffs her cheeks before speaking. "Eh bien, c'est leur problème, pas le mien. Et si c'est le cas, ils peuvent manger ma chatte." (Well that's their problem, not mine. And if it is then they can eat my cunt!)" After making her claim she noticed how the room stopped what they were doing and looked at her in shock. "Qu'elle?"

Sebastian's cheeks became blushing red, before he could say a word both Jobert and the Inspectors entire the room with the grown man blushing as if they were teenage girls. It took Nora a few seconds to realize what she said before remarking. "Je veux dire me bouffer le cul. Désolé Sebby." (I mean eat my butt. Sorry Sebby."

Sebastian simply rolled his eyes before Jobert spoke up. "C'est peut-être mieux que nous ayons cette conversation en inspecteur privé. Ma pupille n'est pas connue pour sa... retenue grossière." (Maybe it's better that we have this conversation outside inspector. My ward is not known for her... restraint in crass.)

A man dressed in a police uniform looked around before giving a nod. He then mutters something to his men before he followed the four outside to the gazebo. There Jobert's wife had a China set for herself. Once sited she whispered to Sebastian to retrieve the rest of the tea for the rest. Jobert sat with his wife across from another man while Nora said between him and his wife. The Inspector looked at Nora with intrigued a lingering sense of something… off about him. Like he was up to something but she couldn't put her finger on it. He heavily reminds her of that emerald hair girl, the one with Cinder… and she didn't like that.

"Nora c'est l'inspecteur Lucien Hérisson. il enquête sur la mort du détective Barbeau." (Nora this is inspector Lucien Hérisson. He is looking into the death of detective Barbeau.) Jobert introduced as Sebastian served them their tea.

"Un plaisir de vous rencontrer." (A pleasure to meet you.") The inspector said before blowing a puff of smoke into Nora's face. He then remarks in English, "However, I have to say. When I was going to meet the monster of the Carron house I'd expect a brutish creature. However much to my disappointment, the rumors seem to be… disappointing."

"Oh thank Gods you know English." Nora said as she tried to waved off the smoke from her face. "And also nope, just a cute girl."

She makes a pose with bunny ears fingers. Hérisson looks at Nora with a distain look, before speaking again. "To agree to disagree."

He turns to Jobert. "Monsieur Carron. Avec tous mes respects. Si je reçois une plainte de plus au sujet de son comportement, je l'enfermerai personnellement moi-même." (Mister Carron. With all due respects. If I receive one more complaint about her behavior, then I'll personally lock her up myself.)"

"Je doutais que vous puissiez M. (I'd doubt you could Mr.)" Audra said as she sipped from her tea glass.

"Phss, comme si tu pouvais me garder enfermé." (Phss, as if you can keep me locked up.) Nora remarks in French before sitting down at the table. She then remarks in English, "Now what do you want to talk about?"

"… Well for starters, where were you from the hours of midnight to six?" Detective Hérisson said as he puffs another cloud of smoke.

"Sleeping. I am always exhausted after 12." Nora said to which Jobert gives an agreeing nod. The girl is a lightning bolt in a bottle, but the second it's 12:00 she collapses in exhaustion.

"Alright, but surely with someone of your reputation, must have known that the reputation of your host would have come into question if someone from the Blackwood agency accuses them of doing something wrong." Detective Hérisson continued.

"The Blackwood detectives? Never heard of them before last night. I mean I had a few friends who were junior detectives but that's all I know." Nora explains causing a twitch in Inspectors Hérisson eye.

"Mon dieu elle est épaisse." (My god she's thick.)" Inspectors Hérisson grumbles under his breath before speaking again. "Ma'am Valkyrie. I demand you cease this charade of ignorance. I have enough evidence to search your room and if I find anything connecting you to the death of Detective Barbeau I will have you and anyone else booked for obstruction of justice!"

"Quelle preuve? Tout ce que tu as c'est qu'elle a trouvé le corps." (What evidence? All you have is that she found the body.) Audra remarked with an irritated scowl.

Hérisson pulls out Jabert's glove and lays it on the table. "C'est ma prevue." (This is my evidence.)

Jobert looked down at it before realizing that the P.I must have must have stolen it last night. While he is glad that it was found, he did not found the whereabouts of it to be any bit amusing. Inspector Hérisson continued on with his deduction. "This was found on Detective Barbeau. Belonging to you Monsieur Connor. I know he was investigating the deaths of your coworkers. I know he's one of the best in the Agence de détective des BoisNoirs. And he died ripped from limb to limbs. So while this evidence alone can't prove anything, the circumstances surrounding all of this points to you and your ward. So again, do I have to have my fellow officières search your family home? Or will you drop this ignorance persona? If not, I'm sure your son would be more… cordial in my questioning."

A loud crashing noise caught everyone's attention. Looking over they see Nora had smashed the China on table. Nora stares intensely at Inspector Hérisson. She was tempted to break the man's legs before booting him into the Seine for even having the idea of talking with Oliver. After a few intense moments of staring, Jobert calmly remarks, "... I think it's best that we continue this later. I'm sure today's excitement has spooked the family."

"Perhaps Monsier Carron. I thank you for the time, and the tea." Inspector Hérisson said as he stands up. Before leaving he remarks into Nora's good ear. "Jusqu'à ce qu'on se retrouve... petit monstre." (Till we meet again... little monster.)

Upon hearing that Nora was about to stop him when Jobert grabbed her arm. Despite her having the ability to rip off his arm if she chose, she didn't. After the inspector left did she broke free of Jobert's grasp.

"What the hell Jobert. Did you hear what he said!" Nora asked with an annoyed look on her face.

"Oui, but I didn't make it any worst." Jobert said in an unusual aggressive tone. He then stands up before continuing. "I know you are not one to follow basic mannerisms. But for the love of god, would it hurt to learn when to keep your mouth shut?!"

"Hey, I did nothing wro…" Before Nora could finish, Jobert slams his fist against the table interrupting her.

"You've done plenty, Nora Valkyrie. First you caused a major scene, nearly crushing a piano on a few people! Using a dangerous weapon which took great amount of pull from some friends to retrieve. And to top it all off you are giving constant ammunition for Inspectors Hérisson to use in his investigation!" Jobert listed off in an aggressive tone before calming down after a few moments he spoke up. "Ms. Valkyrie. As much as it pains me to say, I think it's best for everyone. If you leave Paris for a while."

"… What." Nora asked with wide eyes.

"Je sais que cela peut être difficile pour vous. Malgré mes… inquiétudes que vous avez pour notre fils. Votre réputation rendra l'enquête sur cette tragédie d'autant plus difficile. Alors s'il vous plaît, pour l'amour que vous portez à notre fils, quittez simplement Paris. Prenez des vacances en Angleterre. Les choses sont plus calmes depuis la fin de cette sale affaire à Londres." (I know this may be hard for you. Despite my… concerns you have on our son. Your reputation will make the investigation into this tragedy all the more harder. So please, for the love you have for our son, just leave Paris. Take a vacation in England. Things have been quieter since that nasty business in London ended.). Audra said jumping into the conversation, though she didn't speak much english, she could recognize the look on Nora's face. She then pulls out of her purse a checkbook before writing a small sum for Nora. "Cet argent peut soutenir votre style de vie pendant un mois. Un an si vous vous retenez. Je suis désolé que tu doives traverser ça." (This money can sustain your lifestyle for a month. A year if you restrain yourself. I'm sorry you have to go through this.)

She hands Nora the check but she quickly snatches the thing before ripping it to shreds. Angrily and bitterly Nora remarks, "Non, je ne vais nulle part. Et nous n'avons rien fait de mal. Nous ne devrions pas être jugés. Qu'est-il arrivé aux innocents jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient reconnus coupables? (No, I'm not going anywhere. And we did nothing wrong. We shouldn't be on trial. Whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty?)

"Ce n'est pas à débattre. Demain, vous monterez à bord d'un train pour Calais où un bateau vous conduira à Londres. De là, vous pouvez passer un mois à faire ce que vous désirez... dans les limites des lois." (This isn't up to debate. Tomorrow you will board a train to Calais where a boat will take you to London. From there, you can spend a month doing whatever you desire... within the confine of the laws.) Jobert remarks in French stopping the conversation entirely. Nora opens her mouth to complain but couldn't find the right words. Eventually she storms off but not before muttering loudly.

"Tu n'es pas mon père, Jobert. je ne le ferai pas." (You are not my dad, Jobert. I won't do it.) She then slammed the door, nearly taking the entire thing off the hinges. She stormed up to her room before slamming the door shut. Like the outside door bellow, the force nearly took the door off the hinges. However, unlike the other door, this one caused a huge crack to form. She cursed to herself in English before seeing a mirror. In it, was a woman she could barely recognized. What was left of herself was hidden behind that doll mask.

Frustrated by her own reflection, she rips it off before she threw her mask across the room. She then went to her bed before falling on its sheets. There she screamed profanity for the better part of half an hour into her pillow. After which she remained silent as she reflects on what had happened. It took her a bit before she finally felt… stupid. She knew that none of this would help the Carron, or to find Detive Barbeau killer. But something was off about Inspector Hérisson. He just has a face that screams I'm clearly the bad guy. She laid there on her bed for hours. Screaming silently into her pillow in frustration. Hours go by as she remains inside. Eventually around midnight she decided to apologies to Jobert for her actions and agree to leave Paris. She was about to head to the cracked door, a creek by her window caught her attention. She looked over at the window, waiting for something. That's when she noticed in the corner of the window someone's hair sticking out. She waited a few moments before suddenly the figure looked up only to see Nora staring at her.

"Oh, Merde!" A voice hushed from outside. Outside a figure who's identity covered by shadow. He waited a few moments before looking back in. Suddenly he came face to face with Nora's Magnhild in grenade launcher. The two stared on for a few moments before Nora remarks.

"Vous connaissez. Je peux te casser les jambes et appeler ça carré pour ce que tu as fait plus tôt dans la journée… mais si tu penses que tu peux t'en tirer avec un pic sur une femme, alors je peux te garantir que je te casserai aussi les bras." (You know. I can break your legs and call it square for what you did earlier today… but if you think you can get away with peaking on a lady then I can guaranty that I'll break your arms as well.) Nora said in a threatening voice as she tilts her head away to hid her scared face.

"Um... please don't." The young lad struggle to say in English as he reveals his face in the moonlight. It was that Moroccan boy from earlier. With a nervous smile her remarks. "I um… give back. Dropped this."

The Moroccan boy then pulls out of his back Pocket Nora's Scroll. She was forced to give the thing up prior to the interrogation. He then carefully hands it to her before remarking further, "We… circle, er Square?"

Nora looked at him for a few moments before pulling him inside. "Pour l'instant." (For now.)

She then closed the windows behind them before making her way over to her mask. As she set's it she remarks. "Aussi, parlez français. je peux comprendre un peu." (Also, do speak French. I can understand a bit.)

"Euh, d'accord. Juste… eh bien, je ne savais pas que j'avais volé le domaine du Monstre de Carron. Je ne voulais aucune infraction. Surtout quand j'ai euh… touché vos délicats par erreur." (Um, Alright. Just… well I had no idea that I stole from the Monster of the Carron estate. I didn't mean any offense. Specially when I um… touched your delicates by mistake.) The Moroccan boy stutters as he look around the room in fear that this is where he is going to die. That's when he noticed the sketch of Ren hanging near a mirror.

"Nora. Je m'appelle Nora Valkyrie. Normalement, je plaisanterais en disant que la maison 'Monstre de la Carron' est une fille mignonne. Mais je ne suis pas d'humeur à plaisanter." (Nora. My name is Nora Valkyrie. Normally I'd make a joke that the 'Monster of the Carron' house is a cute girl. But I'm not in the mood for jokes.) Nora remarks as she puts on her mask. She then lights one of her viettaneise lamps for light before turning to the young man. She then asked. "Au fait, quel est le vôtre?" (By the way, what's yours?)

"C'est Hassan. Hassan Detemple. Un plaisir de vous rencontrer... Nora." (It's Hassan. Hassan Detemple. A pleasure to meet you... Nora.) The young man known as Hassan said as he turns to face Nora with a cheeky smile. Nora rolled her eyes before sitting down on her bed.

"D'accord, Hassan. Quel était votre plan? Je veux dire, je suppose que ma réputation a parlé d'elle-même cet après-midi, mais renvoyait-elle toute votre intention?" (Alright, Hassan. What was your plan? I mean I suppose my reputation spoke for itself this afternoon but was returning this all your intention?) Nora asked with a curious brow raised.

"Eh bien, à l'origine après qu'un ami m'ait dit qui vous étiez. Je pense que je ferais bien les choses. Au moins, tu me traques. Mais, en vous voyant sous un jour beaucoup plus éclairant, quelques idées me viennent à l'esprit." (Well, originally after a friend told me who you were. I figure I'd make things right. Least you track me down. But, seeing you in a much more, illuminating light a few ideas come to mind.) Hassan said as he eyed Nora up and down with a smile. Even with the disfigured face she was still a beauty, in a Viking sort of way.

"Hum, j'en ai un. Tu t'assois et écoute pendant que je me plains de ma journée." (Hmm, well I have one. You sit and listen while I complain about my day.) Nora said causing what would be described as a record scratch inside Hassan's head.

"Euh, eh bien, ce n'était pas une de ces idées, petite Miss gingembre." (Um, well that wasn't one of those ideas little Ms. ginger.) Hassan remarks as he had hoped his thief in the night charm would work on her.

"Eh bien, supposons que nous puissions passer à la partie où je te casse les jambes si tu es plutôt." (Well, suppose we can jump to the part where I break your legs if your rather.) Nora said as she grabs her weapon before transforming it into her war hammer. She then illustrates her point by tossing it up and down.

"Eh heh, heh, Je suppose que je peux prendre les suggestions des autres." (Eh heh, heh, I suppose I can take suggestions from others.) Hassan said with a nervous chuckle.

Nora gives a smile as she sets aside her weapon. She then talked about her life in Paris as Hasson listens closely. Not out of interest, but fear for what would happen if she questions him and he answers incorrectly. Nora then spewed forth a long and over extradited story about her life in Paris. Making up a story that she was from a rural part of Connecticut. How she was an orphan who traveled with a circus, then being captured by pirates off China. Then becoming the queen of said pirates before the authorities chased her all the way to Egypt. There she hooked up with roaming nomads before they got annoyed of her and tossed her into a pyramid. Where she first met. She gave a vague remark about how it was desert bandits who did this and the collapse of the temple. She came to a stop when she got to Paris, after noticing Hassan trying to make his way to the window to escape. Slightly irritated, she remarked on the fact that he will break more bones diving out the window then remaining behind. Still even out of fear for her, she appreciated him listening. After a few moments of silence, the young lad remarks something odd.

"… Envie de boire un verre?" (… Want to get a drink?) Hassan asked.

"Obtenir un quoi?" (Get a what?) Nora remarks with a brow raised.

"Et bien, aussi intéressante que soit cette conversation, je pense que tu as besoin d'un verre. J'ai entendu des rumeurs au sujet de l'inspecteur qui était ici plus tôt dans la journée. Donc, je pense que ce que vous voulez vraiment faire, c'est vous détendre un peu." (Well, as interesting as that conversation is, I think you need a drink. I've heard rumors about the Inspector who was here earlier today. So, I think what you really want to do is unwind for a bit.) Hassan remarks before pointing his thumb outside. "Je connais ce petit Cabaret, Le Cabaret du Ciel, dans le quartier de Montmartre. J'ai entendu dire qu'ils avaient reçu une cargaison de vin californien, avant que leur loi stupide ne soit adoptée." (I know this little Cabaret, The Cabaret of Heaven, up in the Montmarte district. Heard they got a shipment of Californian wine, before their dumb law passed.)

Nora was about to reject the offer but found that she was unable to. The young lad was right, she has been holding herself back for too long in this city. She's been killing to let loose for one night. So with a sigh she remarks, "(Sigh) Supposons que cela sonne bien. Mais précisons une chose. Rien ne va se passer entre nous. J'attends Renny, et si tu insistes, eh bien. Je suis sûr que le casting fera une conversation intéressante… si je ne te casse pas la mâchoire." ((Sigh) Suppose that sounds alright. But let's make one thing clear. Nothing is going to happen between us. I'm waiting for Renny, and if you are insistent, well. I'm sure the cast will make for interesting conversation… if I don't break your jaw.)

"Heh, d'accord, d'accord, je vous jure que ce n'est pas drôle. Je peux passer la nuit avec Rosie Palm et ses cinq soeurs." (Heh, alright, alright I swear no funny business. I can spend the night with Rosie Palm and her five sisters.) Hassan said as he held up his right hand getting an ew and a chuckle from Nora.

"D'accord, donne-moi un moment pour mettre autre chose." (Alright give me a moment to put something else on.) Nora remarks as she went over to her dresser. Before she did, she turned to Hassan. "C'est à vous de partir et de ne pas regarder en arrière. À moins que vous ne préfériez que nous annulions cette nuit." (This is your que to leave and not look back in. Unless you rather we cancel this night.)

"Hé, d'accord, d'accord. Je promets d'être un saint pour les trente prochaines minutes… alors je vais pécher toute la nuit." (Heh, alright, alright. I promise to be a saint for the next thirty minutes… then I'll be sinning all night long.) Hassan remarks with a toothy grin. Nora rolled her eyes as Hassan climbed out the window. She then proceeds to lock it before changing into something for the night.

45 minutes later, at the Cabaret du Ciel in the 18th arrondissement.

(For added effects play Coralie Clément, L'ombre et la lumière as a background music)

Nora had adorned herself in a cheap pink flapper dress with a light orange wool trench coat to go with it. She had adorned a navy-blue Beret to help keep her tin glasses mask on her face. Along with stockings and matching color shoes, she also brough along her a large carpet purse with an extravagant art deco style. Not for makeup, to hide her weapon in plain sight. The little club that Hassan brought her to was filled with many upcoming artist, play writers, and a few tourist all looking for a good time. Music of heavenly divinity played as people danced on a floor marked as the Moon. As interesting as it all was, Nora didn't came here to dance. She and Hassan were seated by a waitress dressed in a very revealing angel custom in the Jupiter Section. A part of the building that overlooked the dance floor bellow. After ordering a bowl of Boeuf bourguignon the waitress came back with two wine glasses.

"N'hésitez pas à boire autant que vous le souhaitez. (Don't hesitate to drink as much as you want.) The Waitress said as she points to two large fountains, both pouring with a rich red wine on the side of the room.

"Oh, je vais certainement incliner. Mais la gourmandise n'est-elle pas un péché?" (Oh, I sure will angle. Though isn't gluttony a sin?) Hassan flirted with a smirk.

"Oui, mais je suis sûr que vous pouvez pratiquer la vertu; Tempérance." (Yes, but I'm sure you can practice the virtue; Temperance.) The Angle waiter said before someone smacked her expose bottom.

"Ainsi que la convoitise des clients." (As well as the clients lust.) Nora remarks sarcastically as the waitress gives a small sigh.

"(Sigh) Veuillez m'excuser." ((Sigh) Would you two excuse me.) The waitress then turned around before calling for the bouncer. As a big guy dressed in a skimpy toga dragged the pervert out the door, Hassan grabs Nora's glass before making the offer.

"Voulez-vous que je nous apporte un verre de vin? (Would you like me to fetch us a glass of wine?) Hassan asked with charismatic tone.

"Hmm, Passe. Je n'aime pas le vin... ou l'alcool... Je prendrai un soda s'ils en ont." (Hmm, Pass. I don't like wine... or alcohol... I'll have a soda pop if they have it.) Nora declines.

"Vous êtes sûr de petit gingembre. Le mouvement de tempérance a été hué hors de la nation… aux côtés de ceux qui prêchent des idées socialistes." (You sure little ginger. Temperance movement has been boo'ed out of the nation… along side those who preach socialistic ideas.) Hassan once again offered.

Nora shook her head and Hassan gave up. Slightly cursing his luck as he puts down Nora's drink and made his way to the fountain. He returns with a glass full of Bergerac exported. Taking a sip the two waited around for there meal when Nora spoke up. "Alors, tu viens souvent ici?" (So, you come here often?)

"Non, je ne suis arrivé à Paris qu'il y a quelques mois. Je viens d'apprendre d'un ami que c'est l'endroit idéal pour rencontrer des gars talentueux... et peut-être emprunter quelques croquis." (Nope, I only arrived in Paris a few months ago. I just heard from a friend that this is the place to meet some talented fellows... and maybe borrow a few sketches.) Hassan remarks as he takes a sip from his wine glass.

"Oh, et d'où viens-tu à l'origine?" (Oh, and where are you from originally?) Nora asked with some interest as she got to work munching on the table bread.

"Eh bien, je viens d'un petit village au Maroc. La mère s'est remariée. Frères et sœurs, s'occupant probablement d'une ferme de chèvres et moi. Vivez pleinement la vie ici dans la ville des lumières." (Well, I'm from a small village out in Morocco. Mother remarried. Siblings, probably tending to a goat farm and me. Living the life to the fullest here in the city of lights.) Hassan answers gaining Nora's interest.

"Oh, alors pourquoi as-tu choisi Paris de tous les lieux?" (Oh, so why did you choose Paris of all places?) Nora asked.

"Et bien. Disons que j'aimerais garder quelques objets près de ma poitrine, celui-ci inclus. Mais je dirai juste que c'est pour des raisons personnelles." (Ah well. Let's say I'd like to keep a few things close to my chest, this one included. But I'll just say it's for personal reasons.) Hassan vaguely answers.

Before Nora could dig further into it, the waitress brought back their food and the two put aside the conversation as they enjoyed it. The food was delicious, and the music playing in the background was pleasant to hear. Eventually, Hassan managed to convince her to try one of house specials. Sadly, of all the cocktails she ordered the one named Temperance, which barley had a shot of bubbly. As the night carried on, the venu darkens as the stag far below lights up. On walked a woman dressed like some saint with her ass out.

"Mesdames et Messieurs. Pendant la majeure partie de la soirée, nous avons dansé sur certains des classiques, la forme de musique la plus récente et la plus lente que ces salles paradisiaques permettent. Mais maintenant, je pense qu'il est temps d'animer un peu les choses." (Ladies and gentlemen. For the better part of the evening we have been dancing to some of classics, the newest, and the slowest form of music these heavenly hall's allow for. But now, I think it's time to liven things up a bit.) The woman said before moving to the side of the stage as a group of band members made it on stage. Just before the music starts, the scantily dressed saint then remarks, "Je te donne, Dreamland." (I give you, Dreamland.)

Play Swingrowers "Dreamland"

The band begins, with a heavy saxophone presence. The melody was different from the previous songs which were slow. It was fast upbeat, and caused the group on the Moon floor to dance more sporadically.


Nous allons essayer de remonter

Devrait prendre les escaliers

(Devrait prendre les escaliers)

Nora couldn't help but tap her foot to music. She enjoyed the scenic music of Paris, but she missed good old rock and roll. This was possible the closest she got to it. As she tapped her toe to the music, Hassan quickly took noticed a small smirk appeared on his face.

je crois

Je serai tout ce dont tu as besoin

Au-delà de ton rêve le plus fou

(Au-delà de ton rêve le plus fou)

"Tu veux danser?" (Do you want to dance?) Hassan asked with a devilish smile.

"Hmm? Ah non merci." (Hmm? Oh, no thanks.) Nora begrudgingly declined. However that look of disappointment caught Hassan's attention.

"Oh, tu es sûr petit gingembre? Tu as l'air de vouloir juste sortir de ta propre peau." (Oh, you sure little ginger? You look like you just want to break out of your own skin.) Hassan continued to pressure.

"Bon, ça fait un moment que je me lâche… sur la piste de danse." (Well, it's been awhile since I let loose… on the dance floor.) Nora remarks as it begins to get harder and harder to hide her excitement for the music. "Mais non, je danse seulement avec mon Renny. Même si c'est la seule bonne chanson que j'ai entendue ces trois dernières années." (But no, I only dance with my Renny. Even if it's the only good song I heard in the past three years.)

On ne peut s'appuyer sur personne.

Ce n'est pas si amusant

(Ce n'est pas si amusant)

"Ah allez. Une seule danse. Je jure. Je ne le dirai pas à Renny. (Ah come on. Just one dance. I swear. I won't tell this Renny.) Hassan remarks with a hand over his heart.

Nora thought about it, but the music was just getting to her. She couldn't take waiting anymore. So with a small sigh she relents. "(Sigh) Que Dieu soit damné. D'accord… mais pas de tango, ou de toucher mes filles." ((Sigh) God's be damned. Alright… but no tango, or touching my girls.)

"Heh traité peu de gingembre." (Heh, deal little ginger.) Hassan said before suddenly Nora grabs him by the shirt. She jumped off the side along with a surprised Hassan, just as the music ramps up the two land on their feet and quickly begins to dance.

Mais si tu me fais confiance

Tu vivras comme par magie

Les portes s'ouvriront pour nous

(Les portes s'ouvriront pour nous)

The music began to move fast and the two begin to dance among the crowed with much excitement. Hassan got started got started with a few moves he'd had picked up from various clubs. The Black Button, the jumping jive, and the recently invented, Charleston. Nora however brought something from Remnant.

Viens avec moi

Si nous le faisons à travers la nuit

Bébé, je te veux à mes côtés

Reprenons tout ce qu'on nous a refuse

She started to kick her feet around doing the V shifting before quickly shifting to the V travel tip before hoping into the Phase shifting. This caught the attention of a lot of people, all looking on in wow and excitement as Nora gave impressive footwork.

Mon oh mon !

Vous ne pouvez pas commencer à comprendre

À quoi m'attendre dans mon pays de rêve

Pour la dernière fois regarde ton passé

Et dis

Goog bye – bye – bye – bye – bye – bye- bye – bye – bye

(Goog bye – bye – bye – bye – bye – bye- bye – bye – bye)

"Eh bien, je le serai. Le petit gingembre peut danser après tout." (Well, I'll be. The little ginger can dance after all.) Hassan said with a smirk.

"Oh s'il te plait, Renny pourrait faire mieux. Mais bon, j'ai ramassé quelques trucs de lui." (Oh please, Renny could do better. But hey, I picked up a few things from him.) Nora remarks before giving a smirk. She then slyly remarks, "Je parie que tu peux récupérer quelques trucs de moi… si tu essayais." (I'd bet you can pick up a few things from me… if you tried.)

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH C'est un défi?" (OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH, that a challenge?) Hassan asked with a brow raised. Nora didn't say anything but gave a toothy grin that just taunted him. "D'accord petit Ginger, défi excepté." (Alright little Ginger, challenge excepted.)

*Saxophone solo

He then proceeds to copy the moves that Nora did while giving some more energy to the moves. It was like watching an echo made physical by dance. First the Mr. X, followed by Hanging Man & Running Man before Nora tried to throw him off with the Crosswalk.

Amore mio

Nous devons faire nos valises et partir

Avant que le soleil ne se couche

(Avant que le soleil ne se couche)

Despite her attempts, the Moroccan could keep up with her. Unbeknownst to her, their dancing had caught the attention of the Flappers and the Clubmen who watched in amazement. It then got to the point where they begin to copy their move sets.


Pas besoin de blesser qui que ce soit

Le meilleur est à venir!

(Le meilleur est à venir!)

Courir encore et encore

Jusqu'à ce que ce soit fait!

(Jusqu'à ce que ce soit fait!)

"Allez petit gingembre. Je pensais que tu allais présenter un défi?" (Come on little ginger. I thought you were going to present a challenge?) Hassan said with a smirk as he copied the Hop walk.

"D'accord, essayez juste et continuez." (Alright, just try and keep up.) Nora said as she quickly shifted gears, falling back towards a crowed of Flappers. "Vous aussi mesdames. J'aurai besoin de votre aide pour celui-ci." (You too ladies. Going to need your help with this one.)

Et si tu me fais confiance

Tu vivras comme par magie

Le pire est passé pour nous

(Le pire est passé pour nous)

The small group of women gave a nod to Nora before joining her in the Pendulum dance before quickly reverting to the V shifting and V travel Tip. Unlike before this time it was done with more speed and fluency. Feeling challenged Hassan quickly gathered a group of guys who respond with Phase Shifting and the Crosswalk at an even faster speed.

Viens avec moi

Si nous le faisons à travers la nuit

Bébé, je te veux à mes côtés

Reprenons tout ce qu'on nous a refusé

Mon oh mon!

Now off in a dance contest between the two groups, people begin to cheer as Nora's small band of girls introduced new styles. However Hassan kept ahead by using some classics into his dance group. To keep up, Nora quickened her speed till the point one could mistake that she was levitating off the ground.

Vous ne pouvez pas commencer à comprendre

À quoi m'attendre dans mon pays de rêve

Pour la dernière fois regarde ton passé

Et dis

Goog bye - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye

(Goog bye - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye)

Disons, au revoir - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye

(bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye)

Disons, au revoir - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye

(bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye)

Disons, au revoir - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye

As impressive as it was, Nora couldn't keep it up as the crowed watches on in utter shock as she moved with amazing speed. However, after one bad move she quickly fell, but not before Hassan caught her. The two stared into each other's eyes as the music died down for a second. After a few moments of quiet, the two gave a cheeky smile before standing up. The music cued on up again as they danced together.

(Les portes š'ouvriront pour nous)

Viens avec moi

Si nous le faisons à travers la nuit

Bébé, je te veux à mes côtés

Reprenons tout ce qu'on nous a refusé

Mon oh mon !

The crowed went berserker as the two danced a combination of old and new swing techniques. Tonight, would go down as a night to remember, however as Nora was getting back into the swing of things, she noticed out the window a Stanger looking in.

Vous ne pouvez pas commencer à comprendre

À quoi m'attendre dans mon pays de rêve

Pour la dernière fois regarde ton passé

Et dis

Goog bye - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye

She couldn't see the strangers face through the window. He had a hat hanging over his face to hide his identity, along with a red cloak to hide his clothes. However she could tell he was staring at her. Normally she presumed it was because of the Mask, but she noticed something on his hand. A strange T shape with a serpent wrapping around it. She then recalled the other night, with Detective Barbeau. The mark of the Né du sang.

*Jazz solo

(Goog bye - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye)

(Goog bye - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye)

(Goog bye - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye)

(Goog bye - bye - bye - bye - bye - bye- bye - bye – bye)

As the song comes to an end, she managed to slip out when Hassan wasn't looking. The figure had left the window but she managed to catch him entering the building next door. Unlike the other building, this one had a more sinister look to it. The door's arch had a devils mouth carved into it, with the words Cabaret de l'Enfer; The Cabaret of Hell, written just above it. While the venue gave off a few suggestive ideas of the clientele inside, the stranger clearly was up to something. Thus, with a deep breath, she entered the gates of l'Enfer.

Nora made her way inside. Unlike the sibling club, this one's theme was about hell. Scantily dressed devils and succubus servers moved about the place. Multiple people drank and danced in sandless manners. Nora moved about the place trying hard not to get caught in the hoard of dancers. She eventually made her down a flight of stairs just after the stranger. In this hallway of marked as Lust, were a dozen small room's lined up from side to side. From the sound of moans and the god awful stench, she could tell what these rooms were used for. She slowly made her way through the hallway, hand tightly on her weapon. There were a number of rooms the person could have gone into, but one room that stood out. On top of the door was the word's 'Abandonné tout espoir, vous qui entrez ici.' 'Abandoned all hope Ye who enter here.' Unlike the other rooms, this one remained silent. So hesitantly, she opened the door to find it empty.

Inside was a bed with a red lamp on a nearby desk. Hanging over the bed was an oil painting of some Greek woman dressed in a scantily dress gown. She was about to leave this hellhole when she spotted something in the corner of her eye. Under the bed was a latch that was barley covered by a rug. Giving a small smirk at the cliché, she quickly pushed aside the bed before opening up the trap door. Almost instantly, she was hit with the smell of an unmistakable odor.

"Ugh, why do bad guys always have there secret hiding spots in the sewers." Nora remarks as she takes a deep breath of mostly clean air. She then dives down into the sewers.

Down in the sewers, she found a number of lights, crudely nailed into the wall. Wasting no time, she pulled her Magnhild from her purse and moved softly through the sewers. What felt like hours, she made her way to a strange part of the sewers till she came upon a massive wooden door with a number of strange runes on it.

"Huh… not sure what I was expecting in a sewer… under a demon night club… filled with imp strippers… actually I would be surprise if there wasn't a door that screamed death." Nora mused as she opens the door slightly.

Inside, she found a room with a number of interesting items. Shelfs containing notes, a rack of weapons, and a map of Paris, with various pictures hanging from it. One picture in particular, was of her. Well, the entire Caron family enjoying a nice picnic by the Eifel tower. A knife stuck out of Jobert's face, with multiple circles drawn around him.

"Monty almighty… this is perfect." Nora said nearly gleaming with excitement as she pulls out her phone. She recalled some b rated tv show that would play in Beacon common room. In it, the detective would take photo's as evidence. However after a few snap shots and selfies she soon realized something. "Wait… how am I going to print this? WiFi doesn't exist."

As she tries to come up with a solution, she suddenly hear a faint voice coming from the next room over. Curious she approached the door, and opens it. There she found a cavern that lead downwards into the sewers. A spiral stair led to a small stone island surrounded by deep sewage waters. At the center was a group of hooded figures, all in a circle chanting something. Nora was about to lean in closer when a hand reached out and covered her mouth. Quickly acting on instinct she tossed off the stranger and pushed him against the wall with her war hammer. However much to her surprise, it was Hassan.

"Whoa, whoa, petit gingembre facile." (Whoa, whoa, easy little ginger.) Hassan said before Nora shhhed him.

"Shhhhhh il y a des gens là-bas." (Shhhhhh, theres people down there.) Nora whispers before letting Hassan fall to the ground. "Aussi, pourquoi es-tu ici?" (Also, why are you down here?)

"Ugh, je peux demander la même chose." (Ugh, I can ask the same.) Hassan remarks as he rubs his bruised chest. "Bouder dans un égout sous une discothèque ombragée. Pour trouver cet endroit? C'est euh... c'est quoi ce mot?" (Sulking in a sewer under a shady nightclub. To find this place? It' um… what's that word?)

"Cliché? D'accord. Crie complètement le culte du meurtre psycho. Mais sérieusement, chut, les meurtres psychopathes sont en baisse." (Cliché? Agreed. Screams psycho murder cult completely. But seriously, shhhhh, the psycho murders are down there.) Nora said as she points down below. Hassan came on over to see the multiple group dressed in robes.

"… Huh, c'est étrangement exact. Tu n'as toujours pas répondu à mes que… SSSSSSSHHHHHHHH." (… Huh, that's oddly accurate. Still you didn't answered my ques…SSSSSSSHHHHHHHH) Before Hassan could finish, Nora once again shhhed him.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhh, Je pense qu'il va dire quelque chose d'important." (Shhhhhhhhhhhh, I think there going to say something important.) Nora said as she held a finger to Hassan's lip. Down below, the group had finished chanting something before one of the members walked forward.

"Camarades. J'ai des nouvelles malheureuses ces derniers temps. Notre petit animal de compagnie avait échoué dans sa tentative de tuer le chien de garde maudit de la Bourgeoisie. Mais l'assaut sauvage n'en a pas moins fait peur aux Parisiens. Prochainement, la Chambre des députés rencontrera Le chien protestant, Doumergue. D'ici là, nous enverrons la bête, semer la peur dans les cœurs et faire savoir à nos frères d'armes que leurs jours sont comptés. Tout comme le tsar, nous descendrons dans la rue, car la classe ouvrière se relèvera!" (Comrades. I have some unfortunate news of late. Our little pet had failed in it's attempt to kill the Bourgeoisie's accursed guard dog. But none the less the savage assault has scared the people of Paris. Soon, the Chamber of Deputies will meet with The Protestant dog, Doumergue. By then we will send the beast up, strike fear into there hearts, and spreading the word to our brothers in arms that their days are numbered. Just like the Tsar we shall take to the streets, for the working class shall rise once again!) The one in the center shouts causing for a cheer among the group. Save for one who remained quiet. Noticing this, the man responds to his silence. "Camarade Mathis, y a-t-il un problème sur lequel vous restez silencieux?) (Comrade Mathis is there a problem you remain silent upon?)

"Non, camarade, j'ai… j'ai… (Sigh) Je suis désolé. Vraiment, je le suis, mais je ne peux pas rester silencieux là-dessus. Que sommes-nous devenus?" (No Comrade I have… I have… (Sigh) I'm sorry. Truly I am, but I can't remain quiet on this. What have we become?) The man questions halfway through his remark.

"Qu'est-ce qui vous dérange camarade Mathis?" (What troubles you Comrade Mathis?) The cult leader asked.

"Je suis désolé camarade, mais c'est faux?" (I'm sorry Comrade, but this is wrong.) The man said as he points to the leader. "Je ne prétendrai pas que la bourgeoisie doit payer pour ce qu'elle a fait. Mais ce n'est pas seulement du ridicule, mais de la folie. Un crachat sur la raison elle-même." (I won't argue that the Bourgeoisie's must pay for what they have done. But this is not only ridicule, but madness. A spit on sanity itself.)

The Cult leader gave a perplex turn of his head before walking towards the outspoken member of the cult. "Je sais que cela peut être difficile camarade Mathis, mais pour que cela fonctionne, nous devons..." (I know this may be hard Comrade Mathis, but for this to work we must…)

"Non je suis désolé mais non! ça je ne peux plus faire partie de ça." (No I'm sorry but no! This I can no longer be a part of this.) The Man interrupts as he pulls out a Lebel revolver and aims it at the cult leader.

"Camarade Mathis, que faites-vous? (Comrade Mathis, What are you doing?) The Cult Leader asked calmy as the man cocks the hammer back.

"Je suis désolé. Mais j'ai besoin de mettre un terme à cette folie." (I'm sorry. But I need to put an end to this madness.) The man said as he makes sure to get as close as he can to the stairs. As he does, he doesn't notice the movement bellow the water.

"Camarade Mathis… Je t'en prie. S'il vous plaît, ne faites pas ça. Nous sommes plus forts ensemble que seuls. Pensez à ce qui arrivera à ceux que nous promettons de libérer des chaînes de la Bourgeoisie." (Comrade Mathis… I beg you. Please don't do this. We are stronger together then alone. Think about what will happen to those whom we vow to liberate from the Bourgeoisie's chains.) The Cult leader pleads before a gun shot passes by his face. Scaring his cheek.

"Et échangez-les contre un monstre! Je connais le Face Eater que vous consultez dans votre cabinet privé. Je serai damné avant que nous n'échangeions un jeu de chaînes contre un autre, et je vous damne pour ne jamais nous en avoir parlé." (And trade them off to a monster! I know about the Face Eater whom you consul in your private study. I'll be damned before we trade one set of chains for another, and damn you for ever talking us into this.) The man sharpy shouts in spite and rage as he prepares to kill the cult leader. Yet he didn't even flinch. Rather he reached under his hood and wiped away the blood from his face.

"(Sigh) J'aimerais vraiment que tu ne fasses pas ça. Dommage camarade Mathis. Je t'ai vraiment bien aimé. Mais il semble que même l'influence de la bourgeoisie puisse infecter même les esprits les plus résistants. Adieu… Camarade." ((Sigh) I really wish you didn't do that. Shame Comrade Mathis. I really did like you. But it seems even the Bourgeoisie's influence can infect even the most resilient of minds. Fare well… Comrade.) The cult leader monologued as the man was about to pull the trigger. Suddenly, he was pulled down into the water. He struggled to stay afloat in the water before something horrifying pushed against his leg.

Up above, Nora and Hassan watches in horror as something just out of vision moved under the water. Making what could be described as a Hyena giggle. Even under the water, it was clear as if it was right next to them. The man frantically looked around for his gun when suddenly he went under. A few moments later he remerge screaming and bloody. Nora had to cover her mouth to cover the gasp in horror. He struggled to escape, when he swam to the side of the little stone circle. He reach out to the other cult members. They remain quiet as the leader came over. Without any hint's of empathy, he kicked the man back into the water. The last thing that he ever did, was let out a blood curtailing scream as he was pulled under. Blood surfaced with a few limbs, but then nothing.

The cultist didn't react, nor did they even show a twinge of horror for what happen. They just stood there. After a few moments the head cultist reaches down before picking up a severed finger from the sewer. He then turned to the group of cultist as he removes the ring from the finger.

"Y a-t-il d'autres objections à faire?" (Are there any other, objections to cause?) The head Cultist asked as he throws the figer back in the water. The group of cultist shakes there head to which pleases the cult leader. Before he could speak, his head twist a bit, like a shiver went down his spine. After a few moments he remarked, "Bon, maintenant nous semblons avoir quelques rats que nous devons exterminer. N'est-ce pas, Mme Valkyrie?" (Good, now we seem to have a few rat's we must exterminate. Isn't that right, Ms. Valkorie?)

The Cult leader looks up at Nora, revealing a horrific mask. It was hard to describe, but looked like a mixture of a Bat with Egyptian scarabs and multiple hieroglyphics symbols hand scratched into it. It took a moment to realize they were spotted but by then a bullet went off, hitting her mask. Her aura stopped the bullet, but chipped her mask as she went flying back.

"Nora!" Hassan shouts out as the cultist bellow quickly scramble up the stairs. Weapons in hand.

"Je vais bien, la balle m'a effleuré." (I'm fine, the bullet grazed me.) Nora lied as she grabs her mask. She can feel the bullet by her mask and horrid scared face. Quickly and discreetly tossing the bullet aside she remarks. "Je pense que nous devons sortir d'ici." (I think we should get out of here.)

Hassan noticed the small glimpse of scaring beneath Nora's cracked mask. It was a disturbing sight, but he hadn't have the time to wonder about it. He gave a nod and the two quickly fled the room. She allowed Hassan to escape up the ladder first as she quickly turns around and opens fire. She shot a few grenades into the cult's supply room.

"Viva la Ka-Boom you commies!" Nora shout extatically as she blew apart the structures of the underground hideout.

Just as the Cult came out, the roof caved in. She wasn't sure if they were crushed or not but after what she just saw. She wouldn't lose any sleep over it. As she and Hassan quickly backtracks to where they came from, Nora couldn't help but hear some sort of familiar giggling sound in the background. It was almost like the same kind of Hyena crackle from before. Looking over, she scanned the walls and waterway of the sewers. Suddenly, something broke through the barricade. She couldn't get a decent look at the creature as it dives into the water, however with the clearing of the caved in door, the Cultist raced out. Armed with various rifles and a stolen MP 18.

"Tuez les espions de la Bourgeoisie! (Kill the spies of the bourgeoisie!) The Cult Leader shouts as the cult member's open fire on the two. Nora pushes Hassan to safety around the corner, before unleashing a Volley of gunpowder grenades from her Magnhild.

The one of the grenades went off above the cultist, sending them flying backwards and shredding one unlucky cultist. Another Volley would have hit the lead cultist, but the creature emerges from the water and took the direct shot. The creature let's out a painful gurgle but overall was fine. Nora could only get a vague shadow outline of the creature. It had a body of a deformed hunched dog. As big as a small tank, covering it were multiple slits, some filled with teeth, eyes, and noses. The creature stands on its hind Legs and lets out a horrific jackal like howl before racing towards them.

"Oh thé glacé au sucre et au miel, COUREZ!" (Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea, RUN!) Nora shouts as she quickly retreats back with Hassan taking the lead. The Creature rounds the corner and no matter how many grenades she fired off, the thing didn't slow down. The two raced down the sewer halls for a few minutes before Hassan spot's the ladder to escape back into the club.

"La sortie, vite! Je suis trop beau pour mourir dans un égout!" (The exit, quickly! I'm too handsome to die in a sewer!) Hassan shouts half mad in fright as he bolts for the door.

"Eh, un ivrogne sept sur dix… Mais allez-y! je te couvrirai!" (Eh, a drunk seven out of ten… But go! I'll cover you!) Nora banters back as she loads a few special rounds into her weapon.

She loads a few variant Dust Rounds into her weapon before launching them. Ice did nothing, Fire enraged, earth, well that hit like an egg against a wall. She was about to fire off a lightning round when the creature Pounces on her. Her aura held up as the creature gnawed on her with clashing teeth. It munched and slashed at her body as Nora flayed about trying to escape, but nothing she could do could free herself from it's grasp. She tried bashing it with her weapon, but the creature disarmed her with two of its under limbs. As the Creature was about to attack, a bolt of bright light just misses it. The bright light revealed the creature's hideous form in all it's horror, but for the briefest of moments. What happened was that Hassan saw the creature shaking Nora like a chew toy when he spotted her weapon on the ground. Acting quickly, he grabbed her weapon. He thumbed with the controls and the absurd weight before firing off a round of lighting dust. The round missed, hitting the wall beside the creature. However, it flinches in horror and drops Nora. The creature then flees by digging into the brick ground. The shockwave from firing such a weapon, dislocated the Moroccan's arm; but he persevered through the pain and quickly raced over to Nora.

"Hé, Ginger girl. Tu as raison?" (Hey, Ginger girl. You alright?) Hassan asked as he turned Nora over. The moment he did he paused in disgust and horror. Nora's face Mask flew off while she was being assaulted by the creature. The scar's and damage the acid left behind a year prior was beyond horror for the normally cheeky lad. The only words that could leave his mouth was, "Oh mon Dieu."

Nora murmured for a few moments before Hassan helped her up. Despite the fact that she was ragged doll by the horrific monstrosity, she was completely fine excluding a concussion. Hassan helped her towards the ladder before dragging her up to the Cabaret club. All while remarking, "Attends, petite rousse. Je t'ai eu." (Hold on, little ginger girl. I got you.)

Nora gives a few hmms as she battles to stay conscious. Just as Hassan made it to the trapdoor, the door opens suddenly, revealing a bright light that blinded the two. It took them a moment, but eventually, when there eyes adjusted they saw none other than Inspecteur Lucien Hérisson standing above them with a Blackjack.

"Re-bonjour, petit monstre." (Hello again, little monster.) Inspecteur Hérisson said with a faint smile before whacking Hassan over the head. Causing the two to drop down into the sewer as the scene goes black.

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