Something Different

Chapter Nineteen

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Authors Notes- As per being the 31st of July this chapter is dedicated to Harry's birthday.

Harry had been flying for about an hour when he decided to take a break. It was almost pitch black and the stars were beginning to appear in the sky. Since Sirius had only gone over a tiny bit of flying knowledge, Harry was quite scared of the prospect of landing. Sirius had been there the whole time Harry was flying, so his presence was reassuring. Now Harry had to do it by himself. Harry wasn't a stranger of doing things by himself; the Dursley's usually offered him no help. Harry hovered about a foot from the ground, scared of the idea of diving down into foreign territory but then he swallowed down his fear, and dived down. Although it wasn't a prefect landing, Harry landed safely beside a tall oak tree. Propping up the broom against the tree, Harry took a seat on the grass, relieved he was on the ground again.

Harry's stomach growled, not having any food to ease that pain Harry merely ignored the warning signals that his stomach was giving him. Harry was no stranger to hunger, throughout his residence in the Durlsey home he had to. The Dursley's usually gave the majority of their large meals to their large son, Dudley. Harry was always given the smallest portion then after he was done, or before that, he was sent to his cupboard, then called out after dessert to help Petunia with the dishes while the Dursley men watched TV in the living room.

Finding a way to be preoccupied, Harry looked around, tall bushes to his right, which he noticed had thistles on them and to his left was another tree. This one wasn't as tall or old as the one that the boom was propped up next to but it still held a certain type of magic. Craved on the tree were names, some circled by hearts, some were even just initials thanks to lack of space. Harry lost his footing on a stump in which Harry went flying and his glasses went as well. Deciding that he would find them tomorrow, Harry curled up by the tree and went to sleep.


Lucius ran through the rooms of Malfoy Manor franticly, pulling clothes out of drawers and placing them into a large bag. Draco was safe and sound in the kitchen under the watch of Dobby. Lucius had told Dobby that if he felt that Draco was in danger he was allowed to use magic, a privilege that rarely was given out to house elves in fear that they would use that to get away. It was an age-old principle in many wizarding families, Lucius thought it was only paranoia but he had never said anything against it. Lucius thought that he had just made it in time to save his son from the malicious clutches of his once past friend. Being a Death Eater, Lucius had many friends, with the majority of them specializing in the Dark Arts. Some of the Death Eaters were clearly followers off their friends but Lucius had gotten into the group, as of family history. The Death Eater circle was like a gang, once he had your Dark Mark tattooed on your arm; there was no way to leave. Some had tried and were killed in the process. Lucius had tried desperately to get away from the life of strife that Death Eater's lives contained. Once Lucius had admitted that he no longer wanted to be a Death Eater, the first warning was stricken, Narcissa was dead, dead by once past friends. The second warning was of the kidnapping of Draco but the kidnapping could have been a ploy to get information on Harry.

On arrival into the basement dungeon Lucius immediately stunned Manclair and then Snape. Casting a quick sleeping charm, he floated Snape into a spare bedroom, after he was in, he took Snape's wand, and locked the door. He would deal with Snape later Lucius had decided upon floating Snape into the room. As Lucius being an expert at noticing Dark Curses especially the Unforgivable Curses, thought that Snape was under the control of one of them. Manclair he had left in the cold dungeon, he had tied him up with some iron manacles that Lucius had conjured up. Draco had been ecstatic on seeing his Father, grateful to see a helpful face. Draco listened carefully to his Father's instructions and obeyed them right away.

Now Lucius was running down the stairs with bag in hand, sometimes taking two at a time to the kitchen. The walk to the kitchen was brisk, in no time Lucius was pushing open the ornate door that led into the kitchen.

House elves were milling around the kitchen; some were cleaning, while others were making something. Lucius noticed a pot on top of the stove that was bubbling.

Draco wasn't hard to find at all, he really stood out from all the house elves, he was sitting at the recently scrubbed oak table, with his pale face directed toward a piece of parchment. In his right hand was an elegant Hawk feather quill which he was using to scribble madly onto the parchment, a bottle of opened black ink was beside that was almost on the verge of being tipped over. Draco was still writing feverishly when Lucius sat down on of the high back chairs.

After Draco hand rolled up his piece of parchment, he finally noticed Lucius sitting right next to him; it was then he noticed his Father's frown.

"What is-" Draco began.

Lucius interjected, "Draco we have to leave for awhile." Draco nodded, stood up, grabbed his rolled up parchment, and gave it to Dobby, who apparently had been filled in about what it contained and then went back to the table.

Before the two Malfoys could leave the kitchen they were stopped by Dobby carrying a paper bag, which he handed to Draco.

Noticing Lucius's look, the house elf decided to explain, "Master its chocolate chip cookies and if you don't mind, I was listening to you talk to the young Master," he bowed quickly at Draco. "I thought you would like some cookies for your trip."

"That was very thoughtful," Lucius sarcastically drawled out annoyed that they hadn't left yet. Dobby was unfazed by Lucius's tone for he skipped back merrily to the other house elves.

Motioning for Draco to follow him, the pair went outside. Half way past the path leading to the house, Lucius abruptly stopped and took out his wand, "come here Draco."

Draco sauntered over quickly, as Draco stood in front of his Father; the wand was pointed right at him, then the words "Invincibleo!" Were shouted by Lucius, a silver beam of light hit Draco, Lucius then performed the same spell on himself. The spell, a lovely creation of a great wizard, had proved to be of great help to wizards and witches around the world. It granted the wearer to be invisible for a short period of time. Although it had the same effects as an invisibility cloak but this particular spell made it possible for numerous people to be invisible at the same time.

After both spells were done, Lucius murmured to Draco, "this will probably last about twenty minutes so we have to hurry."

Draco wanted to stop and ask his Father what he wanted to achieve by being invincible. Draco merely followed his Father, as he seemed to be in a rush.

Ten minutes later they arrived at an immaculately kept yard, containing a two-story house. Lucius took out his wand whispered, "alhomora!" He opened the door swiftly and indicated for Draco to follow him.

The decor of the house had changed since Lucius had last saw it. All the pictures of the Dursley's pig like son. Dudley had been taken down.

Lucius moved into the living room, where he had once inquired to the Dursleys about 'babysitting', while the three of them went off to Hawaii. Nobody was in the room, surprisingly all the pictures of Harry's relatives were taken down as well; a couple of open cardboard boxes were strewn throughout the room. Some of them were open and Lucius could see that someone was packing. A sound came from the kitchen, which alerted Lucius, he took off the invisibility charm, to greet Vernon.

Vernon was dressed in all black carrying a glass of an amber liquid. With his glass he plopped down onto one of the ugly flowery couches.

Lucius thought that Vernon would have noticed him by now but he just stared at the wall not blinking.

Lucius stepped forward, "Mr. Dursley?"


"I was wondering if you could sign something for me?" Lucius declared, handing over a piece of parchment, with the heading on top of, 'Adoption from a Guardian.'

Vernon took it, signed it, without looking at the title, and then gave it back to Lucius. He then glanced precariously at Lucius, "are you from the real estate Company, cause they are the only ones that have a key."

Lucius was confused, so he just played along, "Yeah I am, I have a couple of people coming to look at the house this afternoon, so you get the place cleaned up."

Outside of the Dursley residence, Lucius picked up the newspaper that was on top of the welcome mat.

On the front page was a picture of the Dursley house with two pictures beneath the house, the headline read, 'Tragedy for the Dursley Family.'

Draco who had followed Lucius out of the house was now visible and trying to peer over his Father's shoulder to get a better look at the paper. "I think we'll go to the park and read this." Lucius muttered softly to Draco, who nodded in agreement.

The park was full, as it had been when Harry had met Lucius for the first time. Lucius still remembered how he was going to hesitate letting the smaller and much younger boy onto his heavily magically protected blanket. Upon seeing Harry, he knew that he wouldn't be a threat so he welcomed the small boy onto his blanket. Draco and Lucius took a seat on a bench; Lucius took out the paper, and began to read.

Last week at a resort in Hawaii, two of our residents were murdered. There is one remaining survivor of this horrific tragedy, Vernon Richard Dursley, who had been looking for a tour of volcanoes at the time of his son and wife's murders. Vernon came back to the hotel to find both Dudley Richard Dursley, eight and a half, and Petunia Gertrude Dursley being taken off the elevator by local Hawaiian hospital employees. The autopsy reports, reports that that the way of killing hasn't been identified, although it is a particular strange case. Neither of the deceased suffered a blow to any part of their body, no wounds were found, and no gunshots were found. The hotel, a popular retreat for vacationers, is under investigation, employees of the hotel have admitted that they saw a pair of men wearing black robes. "I couldn't get a good look at their face; it was all covered up." Reports a young girl who works as a maid. This mysterious death has left Vernon Dursley devastated. The Star was received information that he is trying to sell his home, located at #4 Privet Drive. His reason is simple, "that there are just too many memories here." Vernon, who is an employee at Grunnings, just got a promotion and took a holiday to celebrate his new success. The funeral was held last week, and M. Dursley was seen attending with his sister, Marge Dursley. "Another young boy used to live with them"; one of the Dursley's neighbor's reports, "his name was Harry." Apparently nobody has seen him in days. This has been a terrible death and to whomever this terrible death has hurt, I sympathize.

After Lucius had finished reading the article to Draco, Draco asked, "does that mean Harry could live with us?"

Lucius felt guilty about not remembering the adoption form that Vernon had signed for him earlier on false pretenses. The adoption form had been received when Narcissa had been trying to have another child but unfortunately Narcissa had learned that she had become infertile. Devastated, Narcissa went to St. Mungos to see what she could do; it was there in the waiting room where she saw the brochures about adoption. After Narcissa's death Lucius hadn't had the heart to throw away any of Narcissa's things.

"Possibly Draco, Possibly."

"If Harry stays with us would it be forever?" Draco asked with pleading eyes.


As Draco interrogated Lucius about Harry, Lucius thought, 'Oh Harry I hope your safe, I hope you can forgive me.'


Since the prospect of going back to the mansion was very low, Lucius took Draco to a small hotel, and rented a room for a couple of nights. The small dingy, room wouldn't of been an option to the old arrogant Lucius but now it would make do. The room was lit by a naked bulb that hung from the ceiling, a pair of twin beds was covered by ugly bright colored bedspreads. The room wasn't the greatest but it was only temporary. Lucius had checked into Draco was already dressed in his pajamas and asleep while Lucius sat on the other bed, brooding over Harry.

Lucius knew that Dumbledore and his group would be scouring through the whole world for 'The Boy Who Lived,' one of the most famous boys of the wizarding world. Harry's disappearance would defiantly be in the next edition of the Daily Prophet, if there were any sneaky journalists around searching for a story that would break their career into phenomenal success.

Lucius would hate to see that happen, Harry was such an innocent boy, that all the media attention would probably scare the little boy.

The hotel would do possibly for a couple days; Lucius had paid for two days in cash, in his Grandfather's name. Before Lucius went to sleep for the night Lucius vowed he would find Harry before Dumbledore found him.

Authors Notes- Sorry for the long wait, I'm out at my grandparents and have been quite busy. This chapter was written over an extended period of time so that is why it took awhile. I've also read the 6th book and I'm quite shocked by who died. On another note, I started this story when I was in grade nine, in computer class as I had free time, and now I'm going into grade twelve, so I guess it's been quite an accomplishment to been going on for so long. Or a lazy authoress I guess...