Wicked Games - The Weeknd

Chapter One

Jasper Cullen

"He's not talking," Peter informs me as I arrived at the warehouse, not wanting to spare me the annoyance since clearly, he had enough of the nuisance in the other room. Based on the dried blood on his blue shirt, I could tell he got impatient, which that in of itself, spoke volumes how dangerous the situation is. I could hear loud thuds coming from the other side of the metal door, and I took my coat off, not acknowledging what I would have to do next. I threw my jacket on the chair and rolled the sleeves of my white shirt up, too bad it would get ruined, I thought. As soon as I pushed the door open, all movements stopped.

Taking in the scene before me, I kept a solemn expression on my face. Emmett, my closest friend, and most trusted men stood before the nuisance that sat on the chair, tied up with his head hanging low, bloody from the punches Emmett and Peter must have given him. The second, the man looked over at me. He immediately began trembling at the mere sight of me.

My men stepped away, including Emmett, when I approached the man tied to the chair, sensing my anger that was seething. I could almost sense everyone's fear - there was a time when I used to enjoy it, but now I felt that the only ones that didn't fear me were Emmett and Peter. At this point, I was just tired of the fear and violence that maintained its constant presence in my life.

Guess that's what happens when you're chosen as a successor to the Seattle mafia by your father.

Grabbing a chair, I drag it behind me, watching as the man trembled, practically convulsing at the chair that made a loud scraping sound the closer I got. Placing the chair in front of the man, I sat down and rested my elbows on my knees to stare at him intently.

"Look at me," he listened and immediately looked up at me, attempting to see through the blood that dripped down his forehead and eyes. I inched closer, "you're listening now that I'm here, huh? But when my men were asking you where Caius Volturi is, you told them to fuck off, right?"

He shook his head quickly, denying what Peter had told me over the phone before I came here.

"N-n-no Mr. Cullen...I swear I don't k-know wh-where he is."

I stood up suddenly, grabbing onto the top of the man's hair roughly, staring at him with a deadly venomous glare, "Then you're of no use to me then isn't that right? I suppose I can just dispose of you the same way you murdered those innocent women and children last night."

Shoving his head back, I picked up the knife of the table a few feet away from me and brought it up to his neck. It only took a second for it to touch his clammy skin before he began spewing out as much information that he knew about his boss's whereabouts. If I wasn't such a heartless monster already, I suppose I would have let him live after that - but mercy wasn't a luxury I could keep in my line of work.

Throwing the bloodied knife back on the wooden table, I turned to find Peter behind me with a towel in his hand, not even phased by what I had just done. I took it and wiped off the blood from my hands before giving him a nod.

"Clean up this mess. Find out where this safe-house is before tomorrow," Peter gives orders to our men. I heard him follow me out of the warehouse and to the Maserati parked in front of the entrance. I needed to wash off the disgusting stench of death off me.

Not that my sins would be lessened if I did that, though.

The search for Caius Volturi proved to be a difficult task for my men as the safe-house was empty when they finally found it. The Volturi have been the Cullen crime family's enemy ever since they went behind our backs on a deal, fucking us over with the police for arson - killing hundreds of innocent people trapped in one of our businesses. If it were up to me, I'd accept the fact that our family can't win them all, but what sort of boss would I be if I did that?

Besides, it wasn't just up to me.

Peter's also in charge of all negotiations and businesses under the Cullen name. Our father made sure we both had equal power - not that either of us wanted it to begin with. Peter was for all intents and purposes, my business partner, my best friend, and brother. We didn't share the same blood as we were both taken in by Carlisle Cullen. After the death of his first wife, Carlisle found out his second wife, our adoptive mother Esme, couldn't conceive and thus they adopted Peter and later on took me and my sister Rosalie off the streets. Rosalie also took partnership in the family business, the non-violent part if you will. But out of the three of us, Peter was adamant in getting our businesses back in order, even if it meant killing off every Volturi to rid ourselves of the threat.

I was in my office, overseeing our club 'Eclipse' from above just when I heard a knock at the door. Peter walked in with even more paperwork needing his immediate attention.

"Fucking cops with their warrants again," he muttered under his breath.

"Get used to it, it's going to be like this till the whole arson case mulls over. Just leave it to Jenks now."

I poured bourbon into two crystal glasses, handing one to Peter before he began brooding over the pile of paperwork on the desk. I stared out the window as the strobe lights began changing color below, flashes of red, blue, and green illuminated the dance floor where hundreds of people danced to the blaring music. My eyes continued trailing the entire club, ensuring no undercover cops or Volturi lurked around until they stopped at the bar on the other side of the room.

I swallowed the bourbon with difficulty when my attention was utterly captured by someone, feeling the warm burn in my throat caused by the alcohol as my eyes focused on a woman I've never seen in this club before. She was leaning against the bar, holding a silver tray against her waist with care, like it was a shield. My gaze remained on her, taking in her long dark hair as it flowed down her back, waves cascading around her heart-shaped face. Her eyes looked around curiously, and I did not fail to notice how innocent she honestly looked - too naive and uncorrupted to be in a place like this. Recognizing the black and red uniform she was wearing, I knew she was employed under us, and for some reason, I was never notified of this.

"Peter," I called him over to the window, "Who is that?"

Never breaking my gaze from her, Peter walked up to the window and placed his hand on the window, attempting to steady himself at the mere sight of this woman.

"I...have no idea. Must be one of Rosalie's girls. Why?"

"Find out who she is tonight," I say when the woman finally grabs the drinks that were prepared on the bar and took it out to a table filled with rowdy, intoxicated men. Recognizing the perverted looks they gave her, I felt my anger begin once again. Only this time, it was sudden, without warning, and it irritated me.

"Let's go, I need to get out of this office for a while before I suffocate."

Based on the way Peter was staring at the woman, I could tell he was feeling the same thing I was and did not question the sheer, undeniable attraction we both felt for this mysterious new employee of ours.

Pure attraction.

When we made it to the first floor, we made our way to the usual closed off area that we made sure was reserved for associates or Peter and I. Without having to say a single word, a waitress brought a bottle of scotch and glasses over to Peter and me before immediately going back to attending other guests. Shortly after I took a drink, my eyes searched the dance floor for this woman that seemed to have captured mine and Peter's attention. When they finally locked onto her, I could see she had finished serving a different table and rarely looked at the drunk men unless they called on her.

Once again, she settled for going back to the bar, standing in the same position that she had previously. I could notice the way she began swaying her hips slowly, awakening a sleeping beast I haven't brought out in a long time. Seeing her clearly now, even underneath the flashing lights illuminating her with varying hues of red and violet, I could see her skin was pale and delicate. I licked my lips in the way her full pink lips mouthed the words to the song playing, and I could feel myself go hard as my member twitched in anticipation.

Peter's voice broke my gaze from this beautiful girl as he cursed under his breath. I could see him sitting at the edge of the sofa, attempting to hide the noticeable hard-on he had currently - just by looking at her. How a single woman managed to have this effect on both of us, and we were only observing from a distance, was beyond perplexing to me. I was intrigued to find out more about this woman, and I would, by the end of tonight, I had no doubt about that.

"I guess we better find out who this girl is faster than I anticipated," I teased him and received a glare from my adoptive brother that amused me. Peter was never one to let his emotions take over his entire being which is exactly why I was both wary and curious about where this was going.

Our amusement ended abruptly when we saw one of the men waving her over crudely, I had the urge to break his hand if he addressed her in such a way again. Peter stood up and grabbed onto the metal railing, staring at the man like he wanted do the exact same thing - if not worse.

We both watched as she nervously made her way over to them and took another round of drinks to the men. It was only when she attempted to walk away that one of the men grabbed onto her arm, turning her around to face him, his disgusting face getting dangerously close to the woman. Before I could process my own emotions I stood up and walked towards the railing while Peter didn't hesitate to make his way down to the dance floor ahead of me. The closer we got to the men messing with what belonged to us -

'What belonged to us?' Where the fuck did that come from.

Pushing my possessive thoughts of my new employee I saw how scared this woman was and flinched when the piece of shit yanked on her wrist, pulling her in between all his friends. I clenched my jaw just as Peter approached the group and laid a single punch straight across the asshole's face, letting the girl go as a result. The rest of his pussy friends stood there dumbstruck for a moment before trying to help his friend up from the ground, nearly knocked out by the one punch Peter gave him.

"What the fuck?! What's your problem man?" One of the men yells at my already pissed off partner. A fight could have ensued were it not for my signal to Emmett to kick those pricks out and it only took one look at my cold glare for all five of those men to shut their mouths.

"Make sure you find out their names and blacklist them," I say to Emmett quickly before they haul those beasts away before I changed my mind on how to deal with them. Once they were gone I looked behind me to see Peter helping our brunette beauty up by offering his hand to her. I could see there was a scrape on her knee from when she had lost her balance and fallen down from the altercation that erupted suddenly. Her eyes looked up hesitantly at Peter before accepting his hand and the second she bit her bottom lip it took everything in me to control my arousal to her. Upon pulling her up to his chest, Peter seemed to visibly relax as soon as his hand came into contact with hers and I could see both of them lose themselves in the contact they shared. This entire situation was driving me crazy.

"Are you alright, darlin'?" I hear him ask her and I could she she hadn't fully realized I was standing behind her. She nodded hesitantly before thanking him, her voice too low for me to hear but it seemed to do things to Peter from the looks of it.

Before I got lost in her perfect curves that were accentuated by the black uniform she wore I tugged at my shirt, loosening the top button.

"Next time there's a group of drunks like that get one of the male waiters to attend to them." My voice came out stern which I hadn't had control over as the sight of this woman did things to me that confused me and my entire body apparently. Hearing my voice, she turns around and finally her eyes met mine - the most beautiful perfect deep pools of chocolate brown filled with worry.

I knew in that instant that I was completely, and irrevocably fucked.

Just before she could speak the live show began with dancers and performers taking over the stage, eliciting loud cheers from the crowds. Not wanting to waste any time I grabbed onto the girl's hand before I could think twice and instantly felt thousands of sparks spread around my hand. It took every bit of restraint for me to not close my eyes and lose myself in the sensation. I found myself leading her back to my office with Peter behind us. I could tell she was nervous and I couldn't bring myself to speak to her again without sounding pissed off but the sexual tension in the air was palpable once the three of us were alone in the elevator.

"T-thank you...for helping me," the sweetest, delicate voice I have ever heard said from behind me, making me finally turn around to look at her. I could see how flustered she was as her cheeks were no longer pale, instead they were a shade of crimson that sent waves of excitement over me. She kept her head down, allowing her long hair to shield the side of her face from Peter and I's gaze. I had an urged to push her hair away and make her look at me, but I didn't. There was something far more important that I wanted to address first.

Once we made it to the top floor, I walked ahead, letting Peter let our innocent angel know it was okay to enter the office without fear. I went over to my desk and grabbed the first aid kit to grab antiseptic spray and a large bandaid to clean the small cut on her knee that had started to bleed now.

"You may sit down," I motioned to the black velvet sofa behind her as I could see her hesitance and confusion at mine and Peter's unexplained attentiveness. Peter made sure to sit down next to the young woman, an attempt to provide a sense of safety for her because she honestly didn't have to be afraid of either one of us. We wouldn't hurt her or any woman for that matter.

I kneeled down in front of her, making sure I wasn't tempted by what was underneath that short skirt of hers I focused on disinfecting the cut on her knee. "What's your name, sweetheart?"

"My name? It's...Bella," she said before flinching at the sting the spray must have caused once it made contact with the cut. I placed my hand gently on her knee to keep her from moving anymore and I felt those overwhelming sparks again. Bella...it suited her and hearing her name roll off her tongue was like a sensory overload.

Don't get an erection right now you idiot! Have some self control.

"How long have you been working in our club Bella?" Peter asks her, shifting to face her on the sofa. I could feel her getting nervous as she bit her bottom lip, looking between the two of us.

"Your club? Oh my god I'm so sorry I didn't know, I'll pay for the damages made downstairs. It won't happen again," she began speaking quickly as she began spiraling into a nervous ramble. I could see Bella had been warned by her other coworkers to be wary of the strict owners of 'Eclipse', but what I couldn't explain was why she seemed so afraid of us considering no one apart from Rosalie and Emmett knew the Cullen family to be associated with the mafia. Apart from the fact that I had also seen how she had been just as scared of the pricks downstairs. If it had been Rosalie, she would have been kicking their asses the instant they addressed her with any form of disrespect. I made a note to look into this girl further after this.

I held my hand up to stop her. "You're not in trouble, Bella. It's okay, I would just like to know why a beautiful girl like you is working in such a...hectic place like this."

She relaxed at my words and held her hands on her lap, "I just really need a job. I was fired from my last one and after looking everywhere, the first person to give me a chance was Rosalie. I figured it wouldn't be so bad?"

"Have you changed your mind?" Peter asks her, his fingers lightly pushing a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

She looked down into my eyes, her brown orbs looking at me as if she could see every part of my miserable life I didn't want anyone to see. When she shook her head to answer Peter's question I released a breath I hadn't realized I kept locked in my lungs. Was I relieved she wasn't quitting after that mess went down on the dance floor?

"Well then it looks like you officially have the job then, Bella. I hope you find this little club of ours an enjoyable workplace and if you have any questions regarding anything," Peter and I exchanged amused looks before looking down at the beautiful girl that I felt would have a bigger impact on both our lives than I could have ever anticipated, "Don't hesitate to ask us, darlin'."

Once I finished placing the bandaid on her knee, I helped her stand back up and the scent of freesias and honey that surrounded her was immensely satisfying.

"May I ask...what your names are?"

Smoothing out my black suit and walking back behind my desk I waited for Peter to finish introducing himself, his sly grin making her blush once more. I sat down in the leather chair, crossing my legs I lean forward as she waits in anticipation to hear my name, "Jasper Cullen, at your service Bella."


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