Ok so the first time writing this story I was in sophomore and the story was a cringe-fest lol. Now that I'm older and actually in college I decided to give this writing thing one more try. It might still be a cringe-fest since my writing could be better, but I really wanted to write this out.

We had a one-night stand, and somehow keep bumping into each other AU

It was spring break and Lucy was having the time of her life, after dealing with midterms Cana, Levy, and Lucy thought it was a well-deserved stress reliever. They decided to come to Caracole Island, a popular spring break destination for college students.

"Ugh, I don't wanna go back to school." Levy nagged. Cana set her drink down,

"Can we please not bring that up, besides it's we have two more days left in paradise!" Levy wanted to state that it was one since they were leaving in the afternoon on the second day but decided not to get technical with Cana.

"So, what's our plan for tonight?" Lucy asked. "We should go to Mango; I heard the cover charge is only 2,000 jewels AND it's an open bar!" Levy informed them. The open bar comment caught Canas' attention "It's settled then Mango it is."

They spent the rest of the day sunbathing by the hotels' pool until the sunset.

"We should eat before heading back to the room" suggested Lucy, Levy, and Cana seemed to agree and made their way to the hotels' buffet. Saying they ate would be an understatement, the girls stuffed their faces until they each had a food baby. While walking back to their room they decided on what time to head out, which would give them about two hours for them to get ready and maybe a little time to lounge around.

While getting ready they would break out into a dance party whenever a good throwback song started playing so this delayed them by an hour. Lucy ended up wearing a purple tank top, light washed jean shorts and gold strappy sandals. Canas outfit consisted of a floral print maxi skirt, a checkered blue and white bikini top, with black block heels. Levy was wearing an olive-green halter crop top, a high waisted ivory skirt, and white sandals.

"We look so good!" Cana noted. They got in front of the body mirror and took a good handful of photos before Lucy posted one to her Instagram and immediately received a ton of likes.

"I still can't believe you would be considered internet famous" Levy teased, Lucy blushed at the comment "I'm not famous, shut up!" "Yeah yeah, whatever you say Miss-I-Get-100-Likes-Within-A-Minute."

The girls made their way towards Mango, luckily the line wasn't so bad, so they only had to wait five minutes to get in. Cana went straight towards the bar leaving Levy and Lucy behind.

"She's quick" Levy commented, Lucy couldn't help but laugh at her friends' obvious comment, "Yeah she is."

Cana later came back with three giant cups "Here you go ladies!" "What is it?" Levy asked. "it's tequila and lime soda, called Paloma." Cana answered, Levy simply nodded before taking a sip, surprised by how smooth it went down. Lucy, on the other hand, was worried, the cup was McDonald's large drink huge and she was somewhat lightweight, both Levy and Cana could outdrink her. She braced herself and took a sip.

Levy and Cana were dancing with each other while Lucy was recording them when someone caught her attention. He had pink hair and walked up to the bar with one other guy, they asked for a shot of something, Lucy wasn't able to read the name of the bottle. He's cute, she thought to herself. Cana and Levy noticed her getting distracted and turned their heads to where Lucy was staring.

Cana yelled over the music "Which one?"

Lucy bit her lip "The pink-haired one."

The three friends smirked at each other, tonight would be the night that Lucy would get laid. "Go." Both Cana and Levy told her.

Before she could leave Levy grabbed her by the shoulders and leaned into Lucy, "Text us if you decide to go home with him and turn on your location with us."

Lucy made her way to the bar, not knowing what she would say when she got to him so instead, she stood next to him and ordered a shot of fireball. This happened to catch his attention.

"Never would've thought I'd hear such a pretty girl order a shot of whiskey." The pink-haired man said, Lucy smiled at him and extended her hand "I'm Lucy." He took it and introduced himself "Nice to meet you, Lucy, I'm Natsu."

Not much talking was done, but a lot of dancing and kissing was. Halfway through the night, Lucy texted the group chat letting them know she intended to go back to his room and turned on her location. After doing that she decided to finally kill her large cup of whatever Cana got her. Surprisingly it didn't black her out, but it did make her bolder because suddenly she suggested something, she was waiting for Natsu to do.

"Let's go back to your place." His eyes widened and he nodded.

He pulled out his phone and sent a text before taking Lucys' hand and left Mango.

Lucy's jaw dropped when they walked into his hotel room, which she suspected might be a presidential suite. "Holy shit." Was all she was able to say.

"Nice, right?" Natsu said, "Gray and I work a lot, so we like to splurge once in a while."

"Gray's your friend you went to the club with, right"

"Yeah, but enough about him," Natsu pulled her into one of the rooms, "let's get back to us."

Lucy woke up with Natsus' arms wrapped around her waist. Cute she thought to herself. She carefully peeled herself away from him and left him a note on his desk.

I enjoyed last night -Lucy

The walk back to her hotel was hardly a walk of shame since well, she wasn't dressed like she went clubbing the night before, not to mention it was 11 am and by this time the streets were already filled with tourists in their bikinis.

She got back to her room to find Cana and Levy still sleeping and Lucy decided she could catch some extra Z's herself. She quickly dressed into her pajamas, got into bed, and fell asleep.

It was around 1 pm when the girls woke up. They decided to stay in and have Levy go down the street to buy some snacks, although, it was their last full day they also all had massive hangovers, so they wanted to take today easy.

"So," Cana started "How was last night?"

Lucy smiled "Amazing, he gave the best head."

Canas's eyes widened and she threw a pillow at Lucy "TMI you dirty whore!"

Lucy simply laughed and shrugged knowing that when Levy got back, she would have to spill the details to them.

Levy and Cana hung on to every word Lucy said.

"He sounds like a good guy," Levy commented. This made Lucy snort, "Calm down Levy, it's just a one-night stand, not like I'm gonna marry him or anything."

"I know," Levy continued, "But the fact that he was so generous and made sure you were good before worrying about himself. That's so rare to find."

Cana nodded in agreement with Levy.

"Yeah, I guess." Lucy looked around the room. "So, what do you guys wanna do today? Besides, take it easy. It's our last full day here so we shouldn't spend it inside"

"Beach?" Cana asked.

Lucy and Levy both agreed.

The first chapter is done! This was very different compared to the first time I wrote this. I think having more life experience, in general, helped a lot lol. Anyways for those wondering yes, the cup sizes are real! I went to Cancun and me and my friend went to this club called La Vaca (The Cow) and the normal drink was that size. Don't forget to leave a comment. ALSO keep in mind that the characters are over 21 unless stated otherwise and they are in college, so their language won't be PG-13.