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Silberner Streitwagen

Chapter One: Stardust Memories

Weiss Schnee was only ten years old, and even she remembered a time when her father was a nicer man.

Growing up, she saw Jacques Schnee as a…. very business-like individual. He was grounded in facts and logic. But he wasn't unpleasant. He was just very curt, and a little smug when it came to flexing his knowledge of the economy, or how the family's Dust Company was performing leagues above all its competitors.

But he was still a decent person. He would read bedtime stories to Weiss (if she whittled him down hard enough with the puppy dog eyes), he would praise her whenever she answered a question correctly, and he would treat her to warm drinks whenever he had time off.

He was always strange around her mother, the two of them seemingly uncomfortable with one another, which Weiss always considered very weird. He also had a strained relationship with Winter, especially after her older sister decided to become a Huntress in training.

That was then though. When Weiss was five years old, Jacques Schnee was a decent father.

These days… he was different.

Stress from the White Fang constantly attacking Schnee owned buildings, mines, and assassinating board members and family had grated at her father's psyche and made him harder. Colder. He became prone to fits of anger and yelling. Never at Weiss, but certainly within her earshot.

He spent less and less time with her and the rest of the family. Spent more time in meetings with the company's board of directors, shareholders, and with General Ironwood.

He was slowly slipping and becoming someone very angry, and very hard to be around.

It didn't help that her mother was drinking alcohol far more often than she usually did, so she was no help. Not that Weiss had a very close relationship with her mother anyhow. The woman was… always seemingly off in her own little world. Not quite there in the head.

Weiss loved her family… but her love was starting to get a little strained.

Such as tonight, as she stood in her father's office, staring up at him with nervous, wide blue eyes.


"What is it Weiss, can't you see I'm busy? What time is it anyhow?" Jacques huffs, his mustache curling down with his lips as he frowns, checking his watch. "It is half past 9 PM Weiss, why are you still awake?"

"I-I.. I had a bad dream…" Weiss whimpers, her hands clasped together in front of her. "…c-can you read me a bedtime story? Klein's taken the night off..."

Her icy eyes stared up at her father's face, her expression hopeful for a brief moment before falling as he shakes his head with a scoff.

"Weiss, I am a busy man. I have a lot of work to do tonight. Off with you."

"But… you always used to read me stories when I couldn't sleep…"

There it was, the slight flinch in his frame.

Weiss had long since learned that reminding her father of what he 'used' to do was a good way to get him to ease up a little.

It was manipulative, but such methods were the Schnee way.

Jacques rubs his temples for a moment before shaking his head with a sigh. "No, Weiss. I don't have the time for this."

Hearing that, the heiress frowned sadly, before nodding as she slowly turned around.

"….but I will let you take 'one' book from my private bookshelf if you wish to read something to yourself until you get drowsy."

Weiss' eyes widen at hearing that.

His private bookshelf?

Her father's bookshelf that he kept locked at all times during the day, containing his and her mother's most priceless and expensive books? Their collection of original copies of old and battered fictions and fables?

Immediately, her mood improved as she quickly ran around the desk and wrapped her arms around her father's waist. "Thank you father!"

"Yes yes, now quickly pick a book, JUST one, and then go off to bed. If I come by and you're asleep by the time I check up on you, you can keep the book." The patriarch of the family sighs, his expression softening a little as he pets his youngest daughter on the head.

Weiss nodded before she rushed towards the large, ornate bookshelf, her eyes scanning around for something to read. Something nice and fun, one of the less damaged looking books so she can lull herself to sleep with an old fable or-

The snowy haired child pauses as she notices an odd book partially peeking out from behind the others, at the back of the lowest shelf. Odd, normally her father keeps all his books perfectly organized, why was this one just crammed at the back?

Reaching into the shelf, she gently pulls the book out from behind the others.

It was a small book. It looked like a journal. There was no name on the front, only an insignia of the Schnee family crest….

….and a rapier in the center.

"Hurry up Weiss, its late."

"A-ah, sorry father!" She yelps before tucking the book under her arm and scampering past her father. "Goodnight!"

"Yes yes, goodnight." Jacques sighs a little, his eyes locked on the documents in front of him.

Weiss settled herself comfortably under her thick sheets and blankets, before opening up the book. She didn't know why she chose this instead of the others… something just stood out to her. The Schnee family emblem on the cover especially.

Her eyes slowly fell upon the first page.

'So I'm not usually good at this kind of bullshit.'

Weiss almost choked at the first sentence having such profanity.

'Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, I decided to keep a journal to record my experiences from years ago, and my experiences today. Hopefully I won't be dead before I can finish this. I'll probably end up giving this to my dear sister Willow for safekeeping at some point too.

To start, I should probably introduce myself. This is my journal after all.

My name is Jean Pierre Polnareff. Formerly known as Jean Pierre Schnee.'

Weiss' eyes widened as she read the words written down in relatively messy cursive.

Willow… was her mother's name.

This journal belonged to.. her uncle?

She had an uncle!?

'What I am about to write down is a story. A story of the crime that befell my sister, and my quest to avenge her honor and dignity. A quest that became a very… bizarre adventure that led me to my greatest of friends, and most terrible of foes.

Hopefully whoever finds this journal and reads it… learns something from my mistakes.'

The Schnee heiress' hands were shaking a little as she slowly turned the page.

She had an uncle. An uncle her parents never talked about, not even once. An uncle she never saw at family gatherings and meetings. An uncle whose portrait she never saw in the mansion's halls.

Yet if this journal was to be believed… he existed. She had an uncle who existed, yet everybody pretended he didn't.

So, she turned the page and continued to read.

'My story starts a long, long time ago, when I was still a teenager. Well, a young adult really. I was nineteen maybe? Who cares? In any case, I was a brat and the black sheep of the Schnee family.

I wasn't particularly close to my parents, and I didn't really fit the criteria of a proper Schnee. Your usual Schnees are pompous, cold and prissy pricks.'

Weiss' brow twitched a little. She resented that.

Even if he wasn't exactly wrong.

'But not me, I was loud and expressive. Always was. I later discovered I was a literal bastard, born from some brave soul who seduced my mother in the middle of her engagement with my father and knocked her up. She didn't even know his damn name, only his surname. Polnareff.

I later took on that name to replace my Schnee surname after I cut myself off from the family, but that's a story for later.

Anyway, I wasn't the typical Schnee, and the family Semblance didn't… manifest properly within me.

I could use Glyphs, don't get me wrong, but my use in them was limited to one thing, and one thing only.


Weiss hums as she reads this, suddenly feeling a bit of excitement.

Summoning was probably the most difficult of the Schnee Semblance to master. To create a construct of pure Aura that moved and fought at its creator's behest wasn't easy. Even her sister Winter had some trouble with the art sometimes.

Yet her uncle could only exclusively use Summoning? How was that possible?

'You see, when I try and use Summoning, I can't control what I summon. No matter what I do, I summon the same thing every time.

A knight.

A knight covered in glowing silver armor, wielding a fencing rapier. It mimics my movements and also follows my commands perfectly. It's fast, ridiculously fast. Fast enough that today, I can make it cut down high caliber sniper rounds mid-air. It's almost faster than light, and can cut through even Dust attacks! And when I make it take off its armor… it gets so fast that it can make solid afterimages.'

Weiss' eyes were wide as she reads this, a spark of awe in her heart.

'Unforunately there is a side effect to the ridiculous abilities it has. I'm not sure why, but unlike other summons, when this thing gets hurt, so do I. This knight is so closely tied with my Aura that we share damage. I've also noticed that I can't properly summon it when my breathing's obstructed, which is really weird. Its range is also limited, it can't go further than a few feet away from me.

But this knight has become my trusty weapon, to the point that I abandoned the need for a physical weapon and simply use my summon. My Aura pool is apparently absurdly large compared to most Schnees, which is great because this armored bastard takes up a lot of Aura to use.

With all that in mind, I eventually decided to name my summons. It's the only thing I can conjure, so it deserved a name.

And so I named it…

Silver Chariot.'

There was something about that name that sent a chill through Weiss' spine. Silver Chariot…

It sounded cool.

Suddenly, her bedroom's doorknob started to turn, and she panicked. Oh God, how long has she been reading this? Her father's done already!?

Quickly shutting the book and hiding it under the blankets, she rolls over as quietly and quickly as possible and pretends to sleep.

She could hear the door open and presumably her father peeking in, briefly humming before the door shuts, and the sound of his footsteps turning faint as he walks away.

Waiting for a minute or two just in case, Weiss pulls the book out again and continues to read.

'This part is going to be hard to talk about. This is the start of my adventure… and my revenge.

It happened when my sister and I were on a vacation trip with our parents, visiting Mistral. It was a rainy day. We were there to see this big arena that was housing a tournament. I was interested in it, and had convinced my family to come with me there.

I was the dumbest nineteen year old in the world that day.

I lost track of my sister and… she was caught by one of the world's most disgusting bastards.

A man with two right hands had kidnapped my sister for more than an entire hour… and tortured her, before violating her.'

Weiss' eyes were wide with horror as she read this, unable to stop herself from gasping.

Her mother… was… she was…

'By the time she was found, the man had escaped and left her bleeding, and unconscious from being strangled. If it weren't for the hospital being so close, she would have died.

It was all my fault. If I hadn't convinced my family to come with me, she wouldn't have suffered like that.

She barely remembered what happened. Her mind had blocked it out. She only remembered a man with two right hands.

On that day, I swore revenge.

I told my parents I was going to hunt the man down. They tried to convince me not to. My father threatened to disown me.

So he did.

I left, and abandoned the Schnee name. On that day, I became Jean Pierre Polnareff. A man on a quest for vengeance.

I had no idea that I was about to get myself involved in something far, far greater than I expected.'

Shutting the book, Weiss wipes her eyes.

Was that why her mother was always so… absent-minded?

Why she always stared off into nothing? Why she was awkward around her father?

She.. she couldn't keep reading. She'll continue it tomorrow. For now… she needed sleep.

The next day, Weiss had trouble focusing. Thankfully, it was a Saturday, so she had a break from her homeschooling. Which meant she had nothing to do at all today.

Giving her plenty of time to continue reading.

After a lonely breakfast served by Klein, Weiss immediately retreated to her room and flipped her uncle's journal open to continue reading.

'After four years of searching, I had fallen into a rather clever trap… one set by the most despicable man ever to walk Remnant.'

Weiss raises her eyebrows at this. That was… a rather hefty claim.

He went on his quest of vengeance for more than four years as well? The amount of dedication…

'It was when my travels searching for the man with two right hands led me to the deserts of Vacuo. I ended up traveling to this quiet city close to the sea… when I encountered Evil himself.

This… man, was unearthly. He was tall and muscular, yet inhumanly beautiful as well. He had a set of moles lining one of his ears, which apparently is superstition to denote a person with devilish luck. His hair was like golden silk, and his eyes were the color of tainted honey, sickly and yellow.

This man… his mere presence made me feel as if Death itself was just waiting for me to make one wrong move before it could take my soul. It felt as if all the warmth in the world had been sucked out, leaving only bitter cold. I could barely breathe, it felt like there were claws gripping my throat.

This man… no, this monster was named Dio Brando.'

Weiss couldn't help but shiver at the description. What kind of man could bring forth such a foreboding presence?

'Dio had… unnatural abilities. I would hesitate to even call it a Semblance, for he possessed powers that no one Semblance could possibly contain in one soul. There were too many things he could do at once, without the use of Dust. He snuffed out a candle by draining the heat from it with his mere finger, freezing the wick in ice. He could manipulate his hair into forming these.. Parasitic tentacles which he used to brainwash people into obeying him.

He could stop time, briefly. Although I didn't know it at the time. It wouldn't be until much later that I discovered he was capable of stopping time for at least five seconds.

He offered to help me find the man with two right hands, but in exchange, he wanted my loyalty.

Before I could even think of refusing, he attacked me, and implanted one of those parasites in my skull… which now I can swear were Grimm in nature.

He wanted me to do one thing, and one thing only.

To kill a small group of people who were trying to reach Vacuo from Mistral.'

Weiss couldn't believe what she was reading.

Multiple abilities not tied to a single Semblance?

Stopping time?

Grimm parasites?

Being brainwashed to assassinate people?

Were this a journal by anyone else but a Schnee, albeit a disowned one, she would have scoffed and called this all rubbish… but something about the shaky penmanship in the description of this Dio Brando made her believe that at the very least… her uncle was still shaken by the memory of this person.

'Being brainwashed was an unusual experience. It felt as if my worries were gone. As if murdering a group of travelers was the obvious thing to do. Like it was natural.

Thinking back on how I felt then… it makes me sick.

Thankfully however, the "travelers" I was sent to kill were anything but ordinary. In fact… after promptly kicking my ass six ways from Sunday and freeing me from Dio's parasite… they became my greatest friends. Friends that I would die for, and nearly have died for in fact.

They were on a quest to destroy Dio, because he was the sworn enemy of the leader of the group's family. Apparently Dio was… much, MUCH older than he appeared.

More than a hundred years old in fact.'

"A hundred years old!?" Weiss almost shrieks, her eyes wide as she stares down at the journal. "H-how is that possible!?"

'It sounds impossible, doesn't it?'

"It does, very much so!"

"Miss Schnee, are you alright?"

The heiress' face turns bright red as she finds that Klein had opened the door with an amused, but also curious expression on his face.

"Y-yes, I am fine! I-I just… am really invested in this book." Weiss laughs a little nervously, tucking a stray bang of her pristine white hair behind her ear.

"Oh?" Kelin's eyes turn up a little with amusement before he blinks, and their color changes, his entire countenance switching to a cheekier one. "Must be VERY invested then young madam, to be shouting at the poor book like that! Good plot? What's it 'bout?"

"U-umm.. its about a nobleman seeking vengeance against someone who hurt his sister, only for him to get roped into an adventure with friends to fight against a hundred year old vampire!" Weiss exclaims, her mind racing for a moment.

She wasn't sure where the vampire part came from. It felt right.

Thank Oum they didn't actually exist.

Klein blinks again, briefly wiping his eyes before opening them to reveal they had changed colors again. "Oh dearie me, that does sound rather interesting, but also a little frightening. Vampires are scary aren't they? Oh dear… well, enjoy your book Miss Schnee!"

Soon after saying that, her favorite butler shut the door and left, allowing her a moment to sigh in relief, before continuing to read.

'Impossible as it sounds, Dio Brando was actually a one hundred year old vampire.'

"Oh come on, I was kidding!"

Weiss spent the entire morning reading the journal. After coming to terms with the fact that either her uncle was insane, or he actually did end up in a crusade against an ancient Valean Vampire, she continued to read the journal with great focus.

The next few pages simply talked about her uncle's allies in this adventure.

The eldest in the group, an old man named Joseph Joestar. A cunning, charming old man from Vale who was as crafty as a fox and as devious as a snake.

It was a name she actually recognized, her family had dealings with the company owned by Mister Joestar, The Speedwagon Foundation.

She… had no idea what the Speedwagon Foundation actually did. Only that her father took great strides in making sure the relationship between the SDC and the SPW was absolutely fantastic.

She also knew that Klein's cousin, Roses, worked for said foundation. Also as a butler apparently.

Then there was Joseph's grandson… Jotaro Kujo, a student from Haven Academy. He was described as being rude, standoffish, and impossibly physically strong. Some of the feats he was said to have done… made Weiss question whether or not the Huntsmen of this generation were either slacking, or if these 'Joestars' were simply a unique breed.

Then, there was Noriaki Kakyoin, who was Jotaro's classmate. A reserved, calm and collected boy with impressive tactical thinking and an odd fascination with older women. He had a unique Semblance that allowed him to transform his body into a partially liquid state, and fire out condensed pellets of his own Aura from his body. His own trademarked 'Emerald Splash'.

Then there was Mohammed Avdol, the mother hen of the group. A fortune teller from Vacuo who worked with Joseph, with an incredibly flexible pyromancy Semblance, allowing him to not just produce flames but also manipulate their shape to his desires. The way her uncle wrote about him… told her that he had a lot of respect for Mister Avdol.

Finally, there was.. a dog. Named Iggy.

Weiss wasn't unfamiliar with dogs that could fight. There were a surprising number of pets with awakened Auras which proved to be shockingly effective in combating Grimm. People mainly preferred Aura awakened pets to be just that, pets. And bodyguards for the children at home.

Because the last thing a thief would expect is a dog with its Aura unlocked.

Still, Iggy was described to be incredibly intelligent, even for a dog with its Aura awakened. He had… an odd Semblance that allowed him to turn into sand. The sand could also shapeshift into other things, which was highly impressive.

Weiss couldn't help but giggle as she read the various expletives her uncle used to describe Iggy. There was an odd mix of fondness and absolute irritation with how he described the animal.

As she read the journal.. Weiss couldn't stop herself from smiling as she read the bizarre adventures her uncle and his friends had. The highs and the lows, all of it fascinated her.

There were also some parts that... embarrassed her greatly.

Her uncle was apparently someone who greatly appreciated the opposite sex. Even being able to recount the exact appearance of almost all the women he's ever met.

And he described each and every one he remembered meeting in this journey, with extreme detail that made Weiss' cheeks flare bright red, and caused her own imagination to conjure up images of how the women would look in her mind.

'There was this one lady who looked absolutely gorgeous. She was probably a year or two younger than me, but she was fit with bronze skin and deep black eyes. She also had HUGE tit-'

Weiss almost put down the journal at that particular entry, but her curiosity egged her to keep reading every last detail.

Hours later, well after noon, Weiss found herself incredibly immersed in one particular passage, which was a bit darker in tone.

'It would be upon reaching our next destination that I finally found the bastard. The man with two right hands…

…a piece of shit by the name of J. Geil.

He had an irritating Semblance, allowing him to enter anything with a reflective surface, as if it was another world entirely. From mirrors, to plain glass, to metal, to even the reflection in people's eyes. This is how the bastard has been evading capture. He's too fast and crafty.

Or at least… he was.

Because on that day… I knew vengeance!'

Weiss couldn't help but lean her head closer to the book, as if trying to devour the words with her eyes. That was a terrifying but impressive Semblance to have… loathe as she was to admit it.

'The bastard and some punk named Holhorse managed to badly injure Avdol to the point that I thought the man was dead, but me and Kakyoin managed to chase J. Geil down! We cornered him in the outskirts of town, near a graveyard!

The man was as hideous as I imagined. Bald head, scars everywhere, sunken eyes and sharp teeth. I think he may have been a Faunus, but who gives a damn? Faunus, human, Grimm, he was going to get what was coming to him!

But an animal is most dangerous when cornered, and he managed to pull a fast one over us. He shouted at a bunch of beggars and told them that I and Kakyoin were giving out free food and alms. Obviously, they ended up swarming around us, each one eager to get some cash while J. Geil hid himself in one of their eyes.'

The heiress bit her bottom lip as she read this. How on earth could they have gotten out of this situation?

'But then Kakyoin, the clever brat, did something that will always stick in my mind. He confidently pulled out a single Lien card, and threw it into the air.

All of the beggars' eyes immediately became focused on one spot. Giving me enough time to scan over each and every one of them… until I found which one J. Geil was hiding in.

So I kicked sand in the face of his hiding spot. The moment the man shut his eyes , J. Geil was forced to eject himself from his hiding space…

….right into the path of Silver Chariot's rapier.

"Clever…" Weiss smiles, her eyes alit with joy as she continued to read, never noticing her door slowly open.

'He managed to run away despite me cutting a bloody line down the front of his face, clean through his Aura. But he hit a dead end in the form of a fence. As he pleaded for his life, I knew, that at this moment… I would have vengeance.

J. Geil was going to rot in hell. But before I sent him there...

There was something I had to do, something that I couldn't trust to the devils below.

And that was…'

"And that was…?" Weiss read, her eyes wide as she let her imagination run wild with what she read.

In a distant past, a man with towering silver hair and bright blue eyes snapped his hand forwards, as if ordering the execution of his foe, before a silver clad knight manifests beside him. "To turn you INTO A PINCOUSHIN!"

Silver Chariot's rapier snaps up at the ready, level with its chest, before the blade flies, impaling J. Geil's screaming body hundreds, if not thousands of times over and over within the span of mere seconds.

"I'VE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THIS MOMENT!" Jean Pierre Polnareff roars out, his summoned construct continued to mercilessly stab the target of his hatred again and again, before finally ending the barrage of impalement with an upwards slash, sending the scum of the earth known as J. Geil into the air, before his carcass falls back down and lands on the fence, impaling itself on the spikes.

"I'll leave the rest to The Devil." Polnareff declares, his eyes hard, but a weight lifted off of his shoulders as he turns away from the body of his nemesis and starts to march away.

"So that was the Hanged Man… what a deplorable creature." Kakyoin murmurs, following after his comrade.

Weiss couldn't move her eyes away from what she read. She felt goosebumps on her body. A thrill ran through her soul.

Her uncle had avenged her mother… and completely decimated the man who violated her. He dispensed justice and retribution.

And he did it in the most dramatic, grandiose way possible.

He was…

….so cool!


Her excitement cut short the moment she heard someone clear their throat, her head slowly turning to find her father standing near her bed, one of his eyebrows raised.

"You seem rather enraptured."

"F-f-father… u-umm… w-well.."

"I suppose you must have picked a good book from my shelf if you were so invested in it that you didn't notice me entering your room and calling your name no less than three times." Jacques shakes his head, his mustache curving upwards with his lips as he gives a little smirk. "Not just any book either, but Jean Pierre's journal at that."

Weiss nodded a little nervously, placing her bookmark between the pages she was reading as she shuts the journal. "Y-yes… I… I didn't even know I have an uncle."

"Had." Her father sighs, and Weiss' blood immediately turned to ice.

"You had an uncle."

She took a break from reading the journal, as her father told her to do some revision for Atlesian History and a few other minor subjects to study about.

But her mind would continue to wander to what her father told her.

Her uncle went missing.

That was why he was never mentioned. Why he never had a portrait made, or any photos of him.

"Jean Pierre went missing ten years ago, when he went to Vale in order to investigate something. He vanished off the face of the earth not too long after reaching Vale."

Her uncle had disappeared without a trace. Her brave, valiant uncle Jean Pierre Polnareff.

How could that happen? How could that have possibly happened?

Less than ten minutes into her studies, and she found herself unable to focus. So instead, she pulled the journal back open and continued to read. Her studies could wait.

Hours passed, and then dinnertime came and went, before she found herself in bed once more, reading the journal.

The adventure only got weirder. Despite finally getting his vengeance, her uncle decided to continue traveling with his friends to the end of their journey.

One of the most notable things being that Avdol pretended to be dead for a while.

Battles with many of Dio's henchman over the span of many days… before finally reaching near the end of the journal.

'Avdol, Iggy and Kakyoin are dead.'

That sentence caused Weiss' hands to tremble and grip the journal tighter.

'Avdol died protecting me and Iggy from the last of Dio's henchman, a bastard named Vanilla Ice who had a Semblance that let him erase space around him. Iggy died sacrificing himself to protect me from Vanilla Ice.

Kakyoin was killed by Dio. His sacrifice let us figure out that Dio could stop time.'

Those were three people she would never get to meet. Three friends of her uncle, who perished in combat.

And she felt herself grow incredibly upset, more than she expected, tears welling up in her eyes before she wiped them away. After reading about all the things her uncle and his friends did together… she felt attached to them. As if they were characters in a novel.

But they weren't. They were real people… who died.

'Jotaro, the insane brat, managed to kill Dio.

And Oum's balls, it was close. Mister Joestar almost died in the process when Dio sucked his blood… but Jotaro managed to finally unlock his Semblance in his fight with Dio.

It turns out? Karma's a bitch. Because Jotaro's Semblance allowed him to stop time as well.

He managed to completely demolish Dio, and waited until the sun rose to completely turn Dio's carcass into ashes.

I lost three good friends that day… but the evil known as Dio Brando was finally vanquished. We never figured out how he had so many strange abilities, or why he was even a vampire in the first place. But I suspect Mister Joestar had an idea.

The next day, we went our separate ways at the airport. They were heading back to Mistral, while I was returning to Atlas.

I would never forget those two brave bastards.

Nor would I ever forget the bizarre adventure we had.'

Weiss wiped more of her tears away, sniffling a little, before shutting the book.

That… was enough for now. She'll read the rest tomorrow. There wasn't much left, but she didn't have enough energy, physical and emotional, to read any of it.

Setting the journal on her nightstand, the young heiress wrapped herself up in blankets and fell asleep… dreaming of shining knights and evil vampires.

The next day, Weiss couldn't find it in her to continue reading until it was well past midday. She spent the entire morning studying by herself and trying to find it in her to open up the journal once more.

It was a few minutes after having lunch that she finally managed to pull the journal open and continued to read, hoping that what she would discover next wouldn't be depressing.

She ended up pleasantly surprised by the first sentence on the next page.

'I have a niece!

In the long time that I've been gone, my parents apparently kicked the bucket. White Fang raid apparently. Leaving my sister alone as the matriarch of the Schnee family… at least, for a while.

She married someone when I was gone. A guy named Jacques Schnee.

I don't like him. He's a bit of a prick.'

Weiss couldn't contain the snort that escaped her as she read that, imagining how badly her father and uncle must have gotten along.

'He's got a good head on his shoulders and is a scary good businessman though. A little rough around the edges.

I can tell there's no love between him and my sister. They married because of necessity. He had the connections and the cash, and she had the fancy Schnee bloodline and family connections of her own. So he ended up the patriarch, and while I was gone, they had a baby.

A girl, named Winter. She's precious. A thoroughbred Schnee if I ever saw one. I have a good feeling she'll grow up to become a scary woman. I don't know why.'

Her uncle wasn't wrong. Winter was a little scary when she was mad. And she was training to become a Huntress too.

'I wasn't sure what reaction I would get to coming home and seeing Willow again. I didn't realize how much she'd changed since I left.

She barely smiled at all. Her eyes were almost lifeless. She spoke in short and clipped sentences. She'd cut her hair short. And she'd become an alcoholic. The twin sister I remember never even once entertained the idea of drinking, but I guess she decided it was a good way to cope.

Maybe I should have stayed. But if I did… who knows how many others would suffer like she did. And my friends… who knows whether or not they would have survived the journey to fight Dio without me?

Maybe Avdol and Iggy would still be alive if they hadn't met me. If I wasn't there. I don't know.

All I know is, I can't regret the past. As much as I hate to quote my old man, rest his soul… A Schnee doesn't dwell on what became, only what can become.

I'm pretty sure most of his old proverbs were just him blowing smoke out his ass, but some of them still stick with me.

All I can do now is ensure that my sister and her family will live safely. So from now on… I'll have to ensure that nothing else like Dio comes about. If evil like Dio could exist once, then it can exist again. And that would mean other people becoming new J. Geils and Vanilla Ices.

I can't let that happen.

Hours would pass, and Weiss began to reach the end of the journal, her brow furrowed and her lips in a thin line.

The rest of the journal had been written like an actual journal instead of an autobiography. Pages of her uncle's activities, spanning across several years.

Most of which involved looking into mysterious happenings in Remnant, and communicating with Jotaro in order to try and find out how exactly something like Dio could have existed. There were no more mentions of her family, or even her mother. The rest of the journal was dedicated entirely to being an actual journal.

It was when she reached the final page that Weiss narrowed her eyes.

'This went far deeper than I imagined.

Creatures like Dio aren't born, they're MADE.

If my leads are true, then I'm coming across a conspiracy. I've already scheduled a meeting with Headmaster Ozpin from Beacon. According to Jotaro, he has information on how Dio came about. He called me out of nowhere with a new Scroll number I've written in the bottom right corner of the page just in case I forget. I'll head to Vale in a few days, after I visit Willow.

She's had another baby. Another daughter, named Weiss.

I'm going to visit and see my newest niece and see how Winter is coming along before I leave.

I have a bad feeling like I'm being watched whenever I leave the safe-house… if this feeling is true…

Then chances are this may be my last chance to see my family.

The few pages remaining in the journal were blank.

Weiss felt tears prick at her eyes as she realized this was the last thing her uncle ever wrote….

….but she had an idea now.

After making sure her father was busy in his office, her mother was catatonic and listless as usual, and Klein was busy cleaning, she walked into the lounge room of the mansion and headed immediately for the phone.

She'd memorized the number written in the journal, and prayed to whatever Gods were listening that it hadn't gone inactive.

Punching in the numbers with her finger, Weiss held the receiver with baited breath, biting her bottom lip.

She almost jumped when after a brief moment of ringing, the call came through, and someone picked up.

"Who is this?"

The voice was deep, with a hard edge to it. And just as blunt as Weiss imagined it would be.

"T-this is Weiss Schnee, heiress of the Schnee family… is this Jotaro Kujo?" The heiress squeaks out nervously.

There was a brief moment of silence.

"….Schnee huh? I guess that makes you Polnareff's niece then... Yes, this is 'Doctor' Jotaro Kujo."

"D-Doctor!?" Weiss exclaimed, her eyes wide before she gasped. "S-sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude! I-I just… uncle Jean Pierre's journal… he didn't really write you out to be… well… a man of science? He wrote that you were tactical and clever but not... the doctor type."

"Heh." There was a brief chuckle, barely audible and so fast and faint that it probably could have just been a sigh or a scoff. "Well, having a PHD in Marine Biology is more of a byproduct of my hobbies. Still, I didn't realize he had a journal. I suppose that's where you got my number."

"It is… I.. I wanted to talk to you about my uncle's.. Disappearance." Weiss bit her bottom lip, drawing in a shaky breath. "I… until I discovered his journal, I didn't even know I had and uncle. And yet from what he's written in his journal… about monsters like Dio and going to meet Headmaster Ozpin of Beacon Academy… something happened to him and I need to know what. I… was hoping you could tell me."

Weiss received no reply from the phone for a few moments. Just before she was about to ask if he was still there, Jotaro responded.

"If Polnareff wrote about Dio in that journal, then you need to realize something. You're in possession of some dangerous information. Information that only a handful of people know, including myself, my grandfather, and the headmasters of Beacon and Atlas academy. You should turn back while you can. How old are you?"

"T-ten years old." Weiss stammers out, suddenly feeling far more anxious than before.

"A ten year old who knows too much. As a Schnee, you're already at the risk of enemies like the White Fang and competing Dust companies that want an edge over your family. The knowledge you have could put you in further jeopardy. While it sounds heartless, I would prefer it if you abandoned the idea of learning what happened to Polnareff and go on with your life. Grow up and become a businesswoman or something. Because if you go down this rabbit hole, you won't be able to pull yourself out."

The heiress stood there holding the phone, her breathing a little shaky as she processed this, before smiling a little nervously. "Uncle Jean Pierre wasn't joking about you never mincing your words…"

"I prefer letting you know exactly what's at stake with this information. I don't like lying."

"Well…" Weiss takes a deep breath, before steeling her expression into one of hard determination. "I'm already this deep… and I'm already in enough danger. I've lost distant family members to the White Fang already… and I won't be here forever. I refuse to grow up in isolation like some helpless princess. One day, I'm going to go out there… and have a bizarre adventure like my uncle did. I… I want to become a Huntress, just like my sister is trying to be! And then… I want to try and solve what my uncle was trying to figure out!"

"And if I told you that Polnareff was murdered?"

Jotaro's fast and sharp reply made her freeze for a moment…

…before she narrowed her eyes, an unusual heat running through her soul.

"Then I'll turn whoever did it into a pincushion."

Jotaro didn't reply for a few seconds, before a sigh ran through the phone.

"Yare yare daze..." He murmured in what sounded like Eastern Mistralian. "You're definitely his niece. Well, the information I will share isn't something that should be talked about over the phone. It'll have to be in person."

"But.. how will we meet in person?" Weiss questions, her brow furrowing. "I don't think my father would approve of me meeting with a man more than twice my age without me telling him why..."

"Simple. I think it's time that the Speedwagon Foundation had another meeting with the Schnee Dust Company."

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