Bolin staggered to the door of his hotel room in Oma-Shu, to respond to the knocking. The 3am boat ride, and subsequent train ride to his destination had ensured little to no sleep for any of the mover people.

He opened the door, still rubbing his eyes, and was enthusiastically glomped by-


Suddenly awake, he shut the door with his foot, and happily gave the air-bender a kiss.

"I've missed you so much! And Pabu missed you, too."

Opal giggled as Pabu affectionately nibbled the ends of her hair. "I missed you, too."

They lay in a heap on the floor for another moment, before Opal airbent them to their feet.

"I know you're probably really tired," she said. "But I'm starving. Do you think if I bought us an early lunch you could tell me about making the mover?"

"Sure," he said. "And I want to hear all about rebuilding. But we can't spend too much time out. Tonight, we have to rehearse for the premier. Apparently, a wedding will be part of it, and I have to be the groom's chief attendant."

"Why?" Opal raised an eyebrow.

"Because the mover is a love story," Bolin spun his fingers in the "crazy" gesture.

Opal was quiet for a minute. "Do they know how it ends?"


Fire Lord Akoko, her husband, Lord Chan, and their attendants and bodyguards sat at dinner. They sat in silence for some time, since Akoko made no move to eat.

After a while, Chan coughed a few times. She ignored him.

"For Agni's sake!" He finally smacked a hand down on the table top.

"What's the matter, dear?" Akoko asked, sarcastically.

"If you're going to sit, thinking of that air-bender, stewing in your own misery, then by all means please yourself, but let the rest of us eat!"

"My thoughts and misery are none of your business," she replied.

"I'm your husband!" He started to rise but remembered the guards could interpret that as a threat, so compromised by waving one of his arms. "It isn't enough that I can't eat or sit unless you do, or bow like a servant when my own wife enters a room, but I have to endure your obsession with the Avatar! It's disgusting and unseemly! Think of your duties as Fire Lord!"

Now Akoko got to her feet. "Who are you to judge me, my loves, and hates! You're just a consort, and before that you were the son of a family unremarkable for anything but the amount of gold hoarded!"

The guards and servants exchanged nervous glances.

She wasn't done. "And you lecture me on duty? I'll give birth to an heir in a few months, and my duty is done! You've done your bit, and you'll never touch me again! Get out! You and your servants! Out!"

To make her point, she picked up a pitcher of juice and chucked it at Chan's head. He fell on his back dodging it, crab-walked for two steps, before righting himself and running full force out of the dining room. His servants had already gone.

Akoko sat back down, and took a cup of tea. "Xing. He's ruined everything. I remember when I was happy with my lot in life. And now I'll never see him again. Because of him, I can't trust my lords and generals. I'm chained to that idiot for eternity, and this," she put a hand on her stomach. "Will probably turn out just like him."

The guards exchanged another look. One of the maids approached Akoko with some water, but got it smacked out of her hands for her trouble.

"No pity!" The Fire Lord was crying now. "It's dirty! You, too. Get out! I don't want to see you."

Alone with her bodyguards, she wept harder.

"The Fire Lord," she sobbed. "And I'm sobbing like an actress over a faithless lover. I'm helpless! What a joke. I'm sure he finds it funny. Oh, Agni! I wish he was dead! Won't someone relieve me of this burden?"

She didn't notice as her guards slipped away.