"All right, all right!" Varrick bellowed into his megaphone, nearly rattling the windows. "Everyone, do the thing! I've got big news for this mover."

Bolin, the other actors, and the crew expectantly looked towards Varrick, who in turn, gestured towards Zhu-Li and a young woman with short hair, dressed all in red.

"This is Rie, you might know her from the Ember Island Players," he continued, still speaking into the megaphone, although everyone was within ten feet of him. "She wants to make it in movers and get away from the Players' lousy reputation, which means we can get started now! So do the thing!"

A round of polite applause broke out.

"I said 'do the thing!'"

Bolin and the camera operator dutifully whooped. Varrick nodded appreciatively. "Good. And now the other piece of big news. This mover is going to be dramatic, with lots of quiet character stuff. Absolutely nothing will explode in this mover! And I hate quiet! Especially flea-infested little mouse-rabbits… so Zhu-Li is going to direct!"

More enthusiastic applause and a couple of whistles. Varrick proudly handed the megaphone to his wife and gave her a kiss.

"Do the thing, my little moonflower."

She gave him a positively moony smile then addressed the group. "All right. We all want this to make money, so we should get to work."

Varrick watched as the crew went back to the shop to continue their tasks then smiled enthusiastically as the actors and Zhu-Li sat down around the rehearsal table for a read-through.

"Zhu-Li will Varrick this."


Riding mongoose-lizards and laughing, Avatar Xing and the newly-crowned Fire Lord Akoko raced across an empty beach, black sand clouding behind their mounts.

"Race you!" Xing called, nudging his mongoose-lizard to go faster.

Akoko laughed and followed suit.

They raced. Xing won. He stopped, petting his mount, as Akoko thundered past, too fast to stop. She turned around and rode back to the Avatar.

"You win again," she said.

"I know how to use the wind," he said, smugly, and used a little Air-bending to muss her hair.

"Stop that!" She laughed, riding up beside him. "We have to ride back now, and they won't like it if I look like this. I have a pack of generals and nobles to talk to, about ending hostilities with the Earth King."

Xing smiled apologetically and smoothed her hair. Then kissed her cheek. "I shall see you after then. Join me for dinner. I'll make you the airiest pastries you've ever tasted."

"Come to the meeting with me. You're the gateway to the Spirit-World; peace is a spiritual matter."

"That's good. I'll have to remember it." He kissed her other cheek.


"So, I've heard the movie's started in earnest." Opal said over the phone.

"How'd you hear that?" Bolin asked.

"News gets around. Besides, Nuktuk is very popular in the Earth Kingdom… er, Confederation."

"Well, Varrick finally found a leading lady."

"What's she like?" Opal flinched as Juicy sneezed noisily.

"Better than me," he admitted immediately.

Grimacing at Juicy's sneeze puddle just outside the building she was talking from, Opal racked her brain for something to distract her. Then she grinned. "You're playing an Air-Bending Avatar, right?"

"Yeah. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental." He scratched Pabu's ears. "Why?"

"When are you shaving your head?"

Bolin groaned. "Opal, we only have one more minute before I'll have to pay again. Let's talk about how pretty you are instead."