A/N: This is set after Avengers: Endgame

When Scot Lang got out of the Quantum Realm, he felt as if he'd entered the Twilight Zone. Suddenly, it was five years later and many people, including Hope, Hank, and Janet, were gone. He was so relieved to find that Cassie was still alive, although so strange to find her older and taller.

As serious as the situation was, it really was cool to work with the Avengers to try and fix the actions committed by Thanos. A phone call from Clint Barton's wife seemed to confirm that the time heist was a success. Scoot got excited with the thought of seeing Hope again. Just when everything seemed to be going great, the Avengers Base, was suddenly attacked. Never in his wildest dreams, did he ever imagine that he would be a part of such an epic battle as the one that ensued. Scott and and a resurrected Hope shared a smile before engaging in the business at hand. Ant-Man and the Wasp were together again.

Their victory wasn't a completely happy occasion. Tony Stark sacrificed himself to prevent Thanos from destroying all humanity. If it weren't for him, the Avengers wouldn't have been able to successfully bring everyone back. As he looked at Hope, Scott felt very thankful for Tony Stark.

When they got back to San Franscisco, Cassie was very happy to see Hope. In turn, Hope was surprised to find her suddenly older. This whole situation was just so strange.

Scott invited Hope over one night while Cassie was spending time with a friend. They sat on the couch just enjoying each other's company.

"I still can't believe how big Cassie is", said Hope.

"I know right", replied Scott. "I'm just trying to figure out how to make up for the five years I missed."

"You're a good dad, Scott. You'll figure it out."

"Thanks, Hope." He turned to look at her. "What did you think of fighting alongside the Avengers?"

"I have to admit it was pretty cool."

"I'll bet you're favorite part was meeting Cap", teased Scott.

Hope couldn't help but laugh. "You're never going to stop bringing that up,are you?"

"That's what you get for making fun of me when I called him Cap."

"I guess I deserve it."

"It's to bad we lost Tony."

"My dad was sad to hear about that. Even though he doesn't think highly of the Starks, he still has enough respect that he wants to attend the funeral", said Hope. "Besides, that though, everything seems to be great. My mom is out of the Quantum Realm and back with my dad. That guy Thanos is defeated for good. my dad might have some new business opportunities."

"You forgot one thing."

"What's that?"

"You have a really great boyfriend", said Scott.

"Well, right now, he thinks a little too highly of himself." She leaned in closer. "But, I really do have an AMAZING boyfriend." Hope gave him a quick kiss.

After pulling away, Scott held her hand. "I hope that I never again have to deal with the possibility of never seeing you again."

"I right here with you, Scott. I always will be." They leaned in for another kiss. "besides the idea of using the Quantum Realm to fix everything, you're next best idea making sure Cassie wasn't here tonight." Hope pushed Scott back onto the couch and continued to kiss him.