His Path

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Chapter 1: Lonely and Useless

The ice age had begun.

Darien watched the snow and wind hit earth through the mirror from the gates of time. His love, Serena, and the other sailor scouts were on earth; encased in ice. In a Millennia, Serena will break through the ice and reawaken everyone on earth with the Imperial silver crystal; She'll bring a golden age as Queen of Earth and the Universe. Together, they will rule and have their daughter, Rini. Just as Pluto predicted they would do when they had traveled in the future and had witnessed Crystal Tokyo.

What Pluto failed to mention, though, was that he would be immune to the effects because he was the guardian of earth. Apparently, when Serenity used the silver crystal to save the planet and its people, somehow his golden crystal counterattacked it and had placed a shield around his body, preventing him from being encased with ice with the other scouts. Using the time key that Pluto had given him, he stayed in the gates of time for his survival. Being in an area where time does not exist, he did not need sleep or nourishment and he was definitely not in danger of aging. However, as the years passed (four years since the last time he checked,) The loneliness was taking its toll on him.

"I'm alone again, how predictable. It seems my path in life will always be a lonely one. It's as if the gods themselves hate me. "He thought darkly for perhaps the umpteenth time. Well of course the gods hated him. What had fate ever done to him, leaving him an orphan at the age of eight with no memories, growing up with no love and almost no friends, forcing him to involuntary transform when Sailor Moon was fighting? Giving him no memory of doing any of that until later when he caught a rainbow crystal, then his powers started to regress when the scouts all came into their power?

He sat on the floor, crossing his legs and twiddled with his transformation rose between his hands. Years ago, he had given up being Tuxedo Mask. Serena and the sailor scouts no longer needed him anymore. Chaos had proven that. Serena had defeated her and gained her cosmos form without his help at all due to the fact that he had been dead for months. In fact, now that he thought about it, he had always been the weak point to the scouts in the past. First, as Beryl's brainwashed henchman; then as his best friend's, Fiore, hostage; then as a slave to Queen Nehelenia to lure Serena in for her revenge; and finally, the final insult, was when he was the first attacked by Sailor Galaxia when she first reached earth: The victim of a stolen star seed.

The scouts grew so powerful, that they all reached their eternal forms. Darien wasn't even sure he had one. He didn't grow any new powers of his own or gain any, and the only time he changes into his "Prince" form was when Beryl had him under her control or when Serena changed into Princess Serenity. Not to mention his roses didn't do squat anymore. In fact, not too long after Chaos was defeated, The Sailor scouts had all gotten rid of the residue youmas that plagued the earth. The scouts were able to wipe them off easily. But Tuxedo couldn't harm them anymore. They would either catch his roses or throw a rock at him to get him out of the hiding place. Now it was Sailor Moon saving him! But the final insult had been when he had missed a fight only to find the scouts had defeated it without him, that was when he called it quits.

"Maybe I should turn down this "king" title. This planet needs a king who can protect them from harm, and I can't do that if I'm always getting hurt, or killed, or brainwashed. If I can't protect myself, then I should just give up the golden crystal and my royal title." he muttered, halfway into a deep meditation. He probably would have gone in deeper meditation if a loud booming voice hadn't destroyed his concetration.


Darien jolted up, transformed into Tuxedo Mask and turned to the direction of the voice, with roses in his hands. He would have attacked if he hadn't gotten a good look at the intruder. He dropped his roses and dropped his jaw at who it was.

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