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Title: Simon Got Two Aces Up His Sleeve – Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge

Fandom: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Disclaimer: All rights to the Shadowhunters show reserved to Ed Decter, the books the show is based off and its characters belong to Cassandra Clare. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: polyamory (m/m/m), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, wingfic, explicit intercourse, anal, knotting, asexuality (sex-positive!Jace & sex-repulsed!Raphael), hurt/comfort

Main Pairing: Raphael/Simon/Jace

Shadowhunters Characters: Jonathan Christopher 'Jace' Herondale, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis, Isabelle 'Izzy' Lightwood, Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood

Summary: The story of how Raphael helped Jace come to terms with his asexuality and then, inexplicably, ended up joining Jace and Simon's relationship.

Simon Got Two Aces Up His Sleeve

Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge

Part 1: Sex-Positive But Clueless (B5 + N3)

Jace moaned and threw his head back. When he had started going out with Simon, he had never expected the alpha to be like this in bed. Simon was this cute, goofy nerd who rambled too much. But in bed? When it was just them? Boyfriends, alpha and omega? Simon was bossy, but also caring and he knew exactly how to make Jace feel amazing.

"Gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking omega", growled Simon, peppering Jace's face with kisses.

He had Jace pinned by the wrists, cock buried balls-deep inside the blonde. Jace loved sex. He had always loved sex. It was a great way of blowing off steam, get rid of extra energy. It had also, for the longest time, been Jace's only way of getting physical comfort, of being close to someone.

His father had always beaten physical affection out of him. It was a sign of weakness. And when he had become a teenager, formally presented as an omega, he had those urges. He craved physical affection. It was an omega thing, people kept saying. But no. He couldn't do that. His father's teachings had still rung too close. But as a teen, he saw what others did. Saw Isabelle sneak out and make out with a guy. That kind of stuff was normal. So Jace started seeking that. And sex? Sex was amazing, orgasms were mindblowing, having someone this close to him, falling asleep with someone else in his arms, everything about that was perfect. Jace loved that.

Now he had Simon and with Simon, he could have everything. Not just the mindblowing sex that helped him get rid of the adrenaline from the hunt the day before. With Simon, he got to fall asleep in the alpha's arms even on the nights they didn't have sex. And when a mission left him not with adrenaline but completely drained, Simon would welcome him with open arms and Jace got to curl together on his alpha's lap, cuddling with him just like that.

Simon was perfect. Simon was amazing in bed, Simon was understanding, he was gentle, sweet, kind, patient. When Jace was blocking him, because of something that Valentine had beaten into him as a kid, Simon knew that Jace wasn't being defensive because of Simon, he knew to take a step back and let Jace come to terms with whatever it was on his own time while always making sure Jace knew Simon was there for him. They watched stupid movies together, talked about the comic-books that Simon had made him read, Jace cooked for them (and even had gotten used to adding blood on Simon's portions), they trusted each other. Jace opened up to Simon, told him about the abuse he had suffered at Valentine's hands, talked to Simon about his feelings. Simon opened up about the death of his father, about his mother's alcoholism and how much it had hurt him all those years ago. They both talked about how dying had felt and how coming back had changed them – in fact, that was the first thing they had shared with each other. That was how their bonding had started, in the Hunter's Moon when Jace was getting drunk trying to forget the possession and that he had died and Simon had approached him, asked him to talk and Jace had blocked, said that Simon didn't understand. And then Simon had told him, told him about how dying had been for him. It had made things easier, had made Jace more willing to open up about his experience. From thereon out, the two met regularly and talked, more and more, the conversations became less painful and more about fun things and intimate things too, until they exchanged their first kiss and then started to call them dates, officially. And now here they were, happy, together.

"Sto—op talking so much, get to the knotting", growled Jace impatiently.

"But you know how much I love telling my omega how perfect he is", whispered Simon.

And he did. Simon often did that, especially during sex. Telling Jace about all the things he loved about Jace, the things he desired about Jace, how hot he was, the kind of things that Jace's body inspired in Simon's mind. It was flattering, but also kind of... weird.

Jace groaned pleased when Simon finally thrust in fully, his knot catching. The swelling alone was enough to make Jace come all over his stomach. Being knotted by his alpha was Jace's favorite thing; it tied them physically together. It secured half an hour of having Simon just stay inside of him and pressed up against him like that, safe and content.

"You're so beautiful when you come", whispered Simon gently, kissing Jace's face. "That o that you make with your lips, mh... it makes me want those lips around my cock... oh, we could do that later? And the way you arch your body, it really flexes your six-pack. Damn, I love that..."

He ran his fingers over Jace's six-pack in a greedy way. Jace smiled amused. He knew he was good looking. Simon was also good looking. But the way Simon talked about him, with so much specific hunger. It was weird to Jace. Flattering, but also weird. Carefully, Simon adjusted them both without dislodging his knot, so he could lay behind Jace and wrap his arms around him.

"Perfect, amazing omega", murmured Simon, kissing the back of Jace's neck.

"You're embarrassing, Si", chuckled Jace, nuzzling against Simon's back.

"I'm not. I'm just telling you all the things that are perfect about you", hummed Simon with a grin. "I mean, come on. I've had a crush on you pretty much from the moment Clary introduced us. I don't think I've ever seen a hotter human being in my life. And while there was plenty of physical attraction there – like, so much, damn you're hot, the first time I saw you spar shirtless I nearly came in my pants like a damn teen – you were also a huge asshole."

"Thank you, you know how to make your omega feel loved", drawled Jace dryly.

Simon huffed and swatted Jace's chest. "You know what I mean. You were being an arrogant prick who kept everyone but Alec and Izzy at arm's length. Only slowly did you start to open up and... urgh, you're so cute. You can be so soft and sweet and you're actually a very considerate and romantic boyfriend, which I am super in love with."

Simon grinned pleased and kissed Jace's cheek. Jace flushed and ducked his head. Simon was right. Jace was trying really hard to be a good boyfriend and he loved planning romantic things between them. Cuddling and such were apparently also considered being romantic and soft. Simon was silly though, because he kept saying things like those.

"I love you", whispered Simon gently, kissing Jace properly. "I just... can't believe it. Like, any of this. That you're my boyfriend, my omega, that we live together like this, that you love me. When we met, I really did think all that would come from this was a crush and lots of drooling over you for being way too hot to be actually real. I thought it'd stay purely physical, because I never... I never thought you'd let me close enough to give me the chance to fall in love with you. But... But then you had to go and show me how soft you are, how selfless, how caring, how beautiful on the inside and urgh, how dare you make me fall in love with you like that."

Jace smiled softly to himself as he snuggled more against Simon. "How dare you. How dare you make me fall in love with such a total nerd. A fumbling vampire newbie. I always thought I'd end up in an arranged marriage with a good match from a respectable Shadowhunter family and now I mated into a mundie family, with this kind, sweet nerd, who worries way too much."

"But my family totally loves you", chimed Simon proudly, kissing Jace's shoulder.

Which was absolutely true. Rebecca told Jace the most embarrassing childhood stories, Elaine had practically adopted Jace especially after she heard the orphan sob-story, while Helen had made quite some jibes about how Simon had gotten someone looking like Jace to date him. Jace, he... really loved them all. He loved how much they had accepted him into the family. Though Elaine had asked a billion questions at first – sure, she had not taken the reveal well when Heidi had forced it onto the Lewis family. But Isabelle had helped explain it patiently and quietly, that she had lost her son, that Simon had died and that he would be gone for good if not for this, that he was no monster, wasn't killing people. It had taken some time for Elaine to adjust to it and to embrace it, but in the end, her motherly instincts had won over any superstitions – because this was her son and she could not imagine losing him forever. If she rejected him now, she would though.


"You're distracted. It makes sparring with you less fun."

Isabelle glared as she attacked Jace, who only barely managed to dodge her. Admittedly, he was a bit distracted. There was just something about Simon's rambling last night that he couldn't shake. Both of them touched down on the ground again. Aerial training was important for Shadowhunters – after all, their angelic heritage had gifted them not just with rune-powers but also with wings. Normally, Jace was the swiftest of them all, but today he wasn't bringing his A game.

"Just... thinking about something Simon said yesterday", sighed Jace.

"Okay, so we're going to your room, have a drink and talk", suggested Isabelle.

She nudged Jace with one wing. Peacock wings, from Maryse's side of the family. Both Alec and Max took after their father with snow-owl wings. It was what had made Jace always feel a tiny bit more like he fit in, because he too had owl wings. Not snow-owl though, he was a barn-owl.

"Talk to me", prompted Isabelle as they entered Isabelle's room.

Jace didn't have a room at the Institute anymore. He used to have the fanciest room in there, the former bell-tower. Only the best of the best for the parabatai of the head of the Institute. Alec was silly like that, but Jace appreciated it. The high tower allowed him to fly a bit even in his room, build a nest up in the tower. Well, he had also been the only omega living in the Institute prior to Aline moving back in for good, so it figured he was getting the room with the best spot to build a nest for heats and such. Which was why Jace had gladly given it up for Aline after the war, when Jace had spent six out of seven nights at Simon's apartment anyway. Now, he was living with Simon for good, had a home with his alpha, while Aline had an appropriate room to nest in and share with her own alpha, Helen, who had also decided to stick around at the New York Institute.

"Simon was rambling again yesterday", sighed Jace, sitting down on Isabelle's bed.

"It's Simon. He always rambles. That's like saying 'Alec was brooding again yesterday', or 'Clary was stabbing something again yesterday'. You have to be more specific", stated Isabelle.

"Fair point", nodded Jace and ran his fingers through his hair. "About how he fell in love with me."

"Aw, that's cute", cooed Isabelle softly.

Jace rolled his eyes at that, pulling his legs up and wrapping his wings around himself a little. "He talked about how he had a crush on me since the day we met, but figured it was all just physical attraction anyway and that he never thought he'd actually fall in love with me, but then we... got to know each other and he... did fall in love with me."

"Not exactly a surprise. You were kind of a dick to him at first", laughed Isabelle.

"Yeah, no. That's not the part giving me a hard time", huffed Jace. "It's the... physical attraction part that I don't get. What does that... mean? I felt stupid asking him that, but..."

"What do you mean what does that mean?", asked Isabelle with a small laugh still. "You know. When you see Si, I assume, you just... wanna rip his clothes off and have sex?"

"When it's been a stressful day, yeah", sighed Jace with a small smile. "Sex is a great relief."

"Relief?", snorted Isabelle with one raised eyebrow before furrowing them. "So... When you look at Simon, all sweaty, shrugging out of his shirt when the two of you spar, you don't get the intense urge to just pin him down and ride him, just because of how he looks, because it's him...?"

Jace stared blankly at her. "I mean, he usually get worked up and kisses me and that usually leads to sex, which, you know, always nice."

"You really never just... look at Simon and think 'damn, that's hot, all of that, and I want to ride him right now', or you know, something along those lines", asked Isabelle tentatively.

"I now have a far better understanding of what's going on when you and Lydia spar, but no", snorted Jace amused. "Priorities. Sex is nice and all, but training is training, why would I..."

Isabelle's eyes softened, though Jace couldn't fully place it, but then she kissed his cheek. "It's okay. I promise you, it's okay. But I don't think I'm the right person to talk to for you. Give me a bit time. I'll send you an absolute expert by tomorrow, okay? Just don't stress about it."

"Expert on what? My boyfriend not making sense?", asked Jace confused.

"Actually, yes", confirmed Isabelle with a soft smile.


"Isabelle, my favorite Shadowhunter. What can I do for you?"

Raphael offered his ex-girlfriend a charming smile as he pulled her into a hug. She was a rare guest at Hotel Dumort ever since their break-up and that had been for the best at first. Now, their history was exactly that; history. Raphael missed her, but as a friend. He hoped they could rekindle a kind of friendship, because there had been a genuine connection with her. Ever since he had returned form his short-term exile and taken over the clan, he had been rather busy though.

"I... admit I came to ask you for a favor", sighed Isabelle softly.

Raphael raised one eyebrow and led her to his penthouse. He admitted he wasn't overly surprised; interacting with Downworlders was still relatively new to the Shadowhunters and be that Luke, Magnus, Meliorn or Raphael, they tended to mostly seek them out for favors. Raphael had seen that gradually, very slowly, change for Magnus and he hoped to change it for himself too.

"What kind of favor? A mission?", inquired Raphael curiously while pouring them both wine.

"No. It's... something personal. Very personal", replied Isabelle, accepting the wine.

"Please don't ask me for relationship advise. It's already exhausting enough to have Simon whine all the time about what to best do to suppress his hunger when he is being... intimate with Jace."

"Actually, it is about Simon and Jace... and them being intimate."

Raphael raised one suspicious eyebrow at her and motioned for her to continue. "I... think Jace may be asexual. I don't know. It's a hunch. Maybe I'm reading too much into what he said, but after you told me you're asexual and explained it to me, it... I don't think Jace even knows what sexual attraction is. But all I know, I know from you. So I had hoped, perhaps you could... talk to him."

Furrowing his brows, Raphael took a long drink from his wine. Jace? Well, he was spending more time with Jace and Simon these days. After another moment, he nodded in agreement.

Author's note: So fucking many challenges in October. I decided to partake in one. The Asexual Awareness Bingo over on tumblr (come visit me at takaraphoenix). There'll be seven parts to this story, each one checking another bingo square, one chapter posted each day of this week. Also, heh, I never actually wrote Jimonael with established!Jimon before.

The first two squares I'm checking off with this one are "A Canon Asexual Character" (Raph, duh) and "An Asexual Headcanon" (my headcanon that Jace is a sex-positive ace)! ;)