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Title: Simon Got Two Aces Up His Sleeve – Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge

Fandom: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Disclaimer: All rights to the Shadowhunters show reserved to Ed Decter, the books the show is based off and its characters belong to Cassandra Clare. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: polyamory (m/m/m), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, wingfic, explicit intercourse, anal, knotting, asexuality (sex-positive!Jace & sex-repulsed!Raphael), hurt/comfort

Main Pairing: Raphael/Simon/Jace

Shadowhunters Characters: Jonathan Christopher 'Jace' Herondale, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis, Isabelle 'Izzy' Lightwood, Alexander 'Alec' Lightwood

Own Characters of the Next Generation: Liliana Herondale, Rosa Herondale, Esteban Herondale

Summary: The story of how Raphael helped Jace come to terms with his asexuality and then, inexplicably, ended up joining Jace and Simon's relationship.

Simon Got Two Aces Up His Sleeve

Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge

Part 7: Bright Future (I4)

"...And the princess saved the prince and they rode off into the sunset to live happily ever after."

Raphael carefully closed the book, aware that his audience had fallen asleep approximately five pages ago, but he also knew that the twins were very keen listeners. If Raphael stopped, they'd stir and complain and would be more awake than before, which was peculiar.

"You want me to take those off you?", offered Simon softly from the doorway.

He had been standing there for about ten pages now, arms crossed, fond look on his face and listening to Raphael reading the bedtime story. They usually alternated it, though it also depended on which one of them was at home. Occasionally, the Institute kept Jace out at evening or night, while Simon had his gigs and both Raphael and Simon had the clan-business to take care of too.

"How was your gig?", whispered Raphael as Simon took one of the twins.

"Good. I missed you and Jace. I know, I know, someone has to watch the kids... and the Institute doesn't run itself, but still", sighed Simon, kissing Rosa's head.

Rosa and Liliana Herondale. Their twins. Their beautiful, precious daughters. Liliana had the same golden-blonde hair as Jace, while Rosa had dark brown hair. Both were wearing their hair in pigtails. Sometimes, Raphael would simply sit at their bedside and marvel at them.

"Aren't they perfect?", whispered Raphael in awe as he adjusted Liliana on his arm.

Simon's face softened as he nodded. "They absolutely are. Our omega did great, mh?"

Jace had made this perfect little humans. Raphael? He had long since given up on having children of his own. Not just because of his asexuality, more so because of the vampirism. That was a thing that had hit Simon hard when he realized it, realized that as a vampire he couldn't have children of his own. He had always wanted a family with kids. Simon had only realized it when Jace had brought the issue up, four years ago. Both his vampire-boyfriends had been very subdued at that.

And it had hit Raphael as kind of ironic. After so many years, he had two lovers now, an alpha and an omega at that and both very sexually active with each other, thanks to Jace finding his own enjoyment in sex despite his asexuality. Yet their third was a vampire just like Raphael, which meant that regardless of how much sex Jace and Simon had with each other, the two would never produce any own children. The irony of that was truly biting.

They were all on the same page though. They all did want children. Raphael had considered it before, adoption. Just as Magnus had adopted him. But he hadn't trusted himself to do this all on his own, so he had never quite pulled through with it. And Simon, he had always dreamed of having kids running around, plural because as annoyed as he acted by his sister, he couldn't imagine growing up without her. Raphael had to share that sentiment. He missed Rosa so much.

Their brilliant, clever little omega however had known the perfect solution. Bartholomew Velasquez, the second in command of the wolf-pack, had after being asked volunteered to be their sperm-donor. Jace wanted children and he wanted to be pregnant, to experience that himself. He had wanted to carry his child, be what his own mother hadn't gotten to be with him.

It took some, but then Jace was pregnant. With twins, at that. Liliana and Rosa Herondale, the absolute pride and joy of Imogen Herondale, who could not love her great-granddaughters more. She had, surprisingly enough, also taken it rather well that her grandson was dating not just one but two vampires. They were strong, powerful and influential alphas, so maybe that played into it.

"You going to bring them to kindergarten tomorrow?", asked Simon. "Or should I?"

"I can do it. You take the early meeting for us then", nodded Raphael.

The greatest surprise that being mates with Jace Herondale had brought. When sealing the mate-bond and giving Jace the mate-bite, he drank from the blonde and it turned out that the golden-haired angel had very special blood. The blood that had turned Simon into a Daylighter a year before. Raphael had spent weeks just dazed, sitting in the sun and enjoying its warmth. Now that they had children, he was even more grateful for being a Daylighter, because he got to bring them to kindergarten, pick them up, play with them in the park.

"Jace is running late", noted Raphael with mild concern as they tucked the twins in.

"I'm not worried. You know since we had confirmation that it worked and he's pregnant again, he's not gone onto a single actual mission. He's being a good head of the Institute, doing desk-duty only", offered Simon with a shrug. "Maybe Alec is keeping him. You know the parabatai can get lost in each other when they hadn't gotten to spend time together in a while. Or Iz decided it's time for another check-up – you know how overly protective she is of her niece or nephew."

Raphael sighed and nodded before kissing Simon. "You're right. I just... worry."

Simon smiled at him and linked fingers with him. Together, the two made their way to their own bedroom and got changed and ready for bed. When they had sealed the mate-bond, Simon and Jace had moved into the penthouse with Raphael. For the first time, this place felt like an actual home, with Simon, Jace and the twins in it. The two vampires snuggled up to each other, Simon on his phone and Raphael taking the latest book he was reading. They always waited for their third to come home. Falling asleep with not all three of them in bed was simply not working. Even less so for the two alphas now that their omega was with child again.

"He—ey, I'm tired. I hate meetings. Meetings are stupid. I hate desk-jobs. Desk-jobs are stupid."

Raphael and Simon exchanged a fond smile as Jace came stumbling into the bedroom, collapsing face-first onto the bed right between his alphas. They adjusted to make room for him, putting the book and phone down to instead hug Jace. The omega made a soft, content purring noise.

"We agreed on this, for while you're pregnant. It was your idea, angel", noted Simon.

"I kno—ow. Doesn't make it less boring though", huffed Jace as he rolled onto his back.

Him and Alec were co-heads of the Institute, the parabatai ran it well together, but normally Jace was the more hands-on leader. He just couldn't without missions. Simon gently ran his fingers through Jace's hair, while Raphael rested a tentative hand on Jace's stomach.

"How are you two?", asked Raphael, smiling a little.

"Me? I'm great. Hating paperwork more and more with every day, but I'm great. And Helen and Izzy say that the baby is perfectly healthy too", offered Jace. "...They both insisted on a check-up. We're avoiding Catarina this week, fyi. I can't do three check-ups in one week."

"Duly noted", chuckled Raphael amused.

"How are my princesses?", asked Jace, peeking up at them. "I mean, they're asleep. I checked on them before I came to you two, obviously, but..."

"They were very well-behaved and enjoyed their day with abuelo Magnus", smirked Raphael.

"You're really determined to make them call him that", laughed Simon. "He is so pouty."

"Well, he should have considered that when he adopted me", argued Raphael casually. "My children will call him abuelo, there is no way around it, period."

Jace smiled pleased at that and nuzzled into Raphael's chest. Simon wrapped his arms around Jace from behind, spooning him and kissing his neck softly. These moments were what Raphael loved the most, when it was simply them, together, gentle and soft and calm.

"Imogen is going to come over tomorrow", yawned Jace. "She happens to be in New York, which I am totally not buying, she just wants to spoil her great-granddaughters some more."

"Mh, I'm always happy to cook for her, she really appreciates it", smiled Raphael.

"She really does. She also thinks you're the greatest gentleman ever, perfect grandson-in-law."

"And what am I? Chopped liver?", huffed Simon offended.

"I mean, you're no Raph", teased Jace and turned enough to Simon. "But you're not bad yourself."

Raphael smiled at that, looking at the two men he loved, his family, feeling overcome with warmth.

~*~ The End ~*~

Author's note: And the last prompt I picked is "Having Kids". Because they'd be great dads! So I'd get to post fluffy family!Jimonael on my birthday (it's my birthday today. Am I being subtle about it? No! xD)