This fanfic collection is based on my headcanons that Douxie is Mordred, Archie is King Arthur, and the Pink Haired Girl is the Lady of the Lake. I have a very loose grasp on the Arthurian mythos in general, and I am very much picking and choosing for my headcanons. Ratings will vary per chapter.

This particular chapter more-or-less has major character death.

Camlann was usually quite beautiful this time of year. It would probably have been beautiful, if not for the war with the Gumm-Gumms. Mordred wasn't sure if he wanted to be here, but according to his father and Merlin he needed to be here. It made sense; he was the crown prince. One day, he would rule Camelot, and he would have to protect it in times of war. With how long trolls lived, this war may go on into the time of Mordred's own children.

Of course, that didn't mean Mordred sat on many of the war councils. He mostly watched the knights spar and helped with the pages and squires. It was nice, being able to interact with boys his age, ones too young to know that none of the older knights trusted him. Most of the time Mordred was busy with his lessons in statecraft and especially magic. When he was much younger, he had learned some spells from his Aunt Morgan. Now, he only learned from Merlin.

Mordred pulled out the necklace Aunt Morgana had given him a month ago from under his tunic. It was gold, with a diamond-shaped green gem in the center and trollish runes around the edge.

She had been wearing gloves, which was odd since that could inhibit her ability to cast spells. She had said that Merlin and his father had had an argument with her, but that didn't mean that she couldn't still help her favorite nephew. He had said he was her only nephew, and she had laughed and tousled his hair. She had then given him the necklace, telling him it would help increase his magic, but not to tell his parents or Merlin.

He had secretly worn it every day, and some of his magic had improved. In the past month he had felt more tired, but everyone did. There was a war going on, after all. Besides, it was cold.

"Mordred, are you busy?" his father asked, walking towards him.

"No, Father!" And it was true, he had finished watering the horses. He was about to go try and befriend the nearby black tomcat that kept the mice out of the horses' feed, but

"Then are you up for a spar?" He did not unsheathe Excalibur, but rather wielded it sheathed. Mordred pulled out his wooden practice sword and bent his knees for balance like he had been told to in the past. He was small, and he had to use that to his advantage.

He advanced, and immediately went for his father's knees. Unfortunately, Father was expecting it and knocked away

"Now is that very honorable?" he asked, but Father's voice was jovial.

"No…" Mordred was proud that he didn't start giggling.

"Then maybe you should try a different tactic?" Mordred once again raised his practice sword and lunged.

Excalibur stuck against the amulet Aunt Morgana had given him. It glowed, hot, and Mordred staggered back before collapsing to his knees.

Mordred saw the back of his own head. He saw his father rush over to him.

What was going on? He felt cold and numb. Mordred wrapped his arms around him

"Mordred, are you alright?" his father asked. "I didn't mean to hit you so hard."

Mordred wasn't alright. His chest didn't hurt from the blow, but he was scared. What was happening to him?

"Oh, really, brother?" Mordred looked around to see where his Aunt Morgana's voice came from. He didn't see her anywhere.

His father gasped and backed away slightly. Mordred walked around his body to see what was wrong.

Mordred saw that the whites of his eyes had turned black, and he bore no pupils. The gold of them glowed.

"You didn't want to hurt me?" Aunt Morgana's voice sprang from Mordred's mouth. Mordred looked down at his own hands; he was see-through, like a ghost.

"You have a funny way of showing it, siding with Merlin instead of me," Aunt Morgana said.

"Morgana, get out of my son. He is a child and innocent; I knew you were a coward but this? Why not face me from your own body?"

Aunt Morgana rolled her eyes. "He helped with the amulet, he has enough of my blood on his hands."

She stood up and transformed Mordred's wooden practice sword into one of gold and iron, with an emerald in the pommel. She then rushed at Father. Mordred ran to her and tried to tug on her arm. He passed through his own body, but he almost took hold of something gold and glowing. His aunt moved far too fast.

"And how much blood is on your hands?" Father did not unsheathe Excalibur, he fought like it was a practice spar. "With what madness you've created, siding with Orglak? Making your hand into an amulet is nothing compared to what you've done."

Wait, what? Aunt Morgana had sided with the Gumm-Gumms? But the Gumm-Gumms were bad, they wanted to eat people!

Mordred frowned as much as his spectral body would allow it. Why had no one told him? They had kept it a better secret than the fact that his destiny was to kill his father. Mordred did not want to kill his father, he loved his father. He didn't want his destiny.

Then again, possession was also bad, maybe not as bad as the Gumm-Gumm army, but it was dark magic. That was what was happening to him. Aunt Morgana was possessing his body, trying to fulfill his fate for him.

Aunt Morgana jumped up, bursts of gold light streaming from Mordred's body. Her sword struck Father down. She landed delicately, smirking and triumphant.

Mordred shoved her out of his body and fell to his knees. He yanked the necklace off, tossing it aside.

He scooted to his father's body. "Father? I'm not possessed by Aunt Morgana anymore."

His father did not open his eyes. Mordred placed two fingers to the side of his father's neck. The pulse was faint and fading rapidly.

No, no, no! This was all Mordred's fault, if he hadn't taken Aunt Morgana's necklace, he wouldn't have been used by her.

He would not fulfill his destiny.

Mordred placed one hand on his father's chest, and he stretched out his other arm.

A cat gave a shocked yowl.

Mordred felt cracks grow on his face; saw them grow on his hands. He knew that this was bad and that he should stop. This was not any sort of healing that he knew of, this was dark magic. Dark magic was bad but letting Father die was worse.

Mordred glanced at the cat that he had wanted to befriend. "I'm sorry," he said before placing his now-dead father's soul into the cat.

A white symbol appeared in the cat's fur. It rose onto two legs before collapsing.

"Sire?" Sir Bedviere called. Mordred looked up, and saw the knight reaching for his sword.

This looked very bad. The deuce of a son finally went and used dark magic to kill his father. No one would believe Mordred, not without proof.

Mordred scooped up the cat containing his father's soul and ran. He just needed to protect his father until he awoke; then Father could tell everyone that Aunt Morgana had tried to kill him and that Mordred had tried to help even though he used dark magic. Until then, however, he couldn't go home.

He never returned to Camelot.

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