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What was it like for Nightcrawler?
William Stryker walked down the hall. He turned a corner and entered a laboratory. Cabinets
lined the walls, full of chemicals and unknown objects used for experiments. Everything was
white, right down to the scientists in white lab coats. Except for one thing. Stryker walked over
to a steel table in the middle of the room. Several scientists were gathered around it, staring at
something on the table. What Stryker saw nearly scared the pants off of him. On the table was...
well, he didn't really know. It resembled a human, but it wasn't. It had blue skin that was covered
with strange symbols. Two 3-fingered hands and two 2-toed feet were struggling against the
leather straps holding it down. A blue tail lashed out at the scientists as they tried to strap it
down. Pointed ears were barely visible under black hair. Only wearing brown leather pants, it
looked like a demon. Golden eyes watched Stryker as he asked a scientist to come over.

"What are the results for the tests?" He asked.

The scientist pulled out a chart. "We've discovered some interesting...things about our friend
here. It appears that his bone structure allows him to stay in a crouched postion without
damaging his posture, his tail can support his own body weight, and he can teleport."

"Oh, so this is the mutant I've been searching for?"

"Yes sir. It took us a while to capture him. He has an incredible amount of strength, not to
mention his agility."

"Well, it looks like he'll be useful after all. Give him a shot of the mind controlling agent."

The scientist nodded and walked away. Stryker turned his attention to the mutant on the table.

"Comfortable?" The mutant growled, showing a set of white fangs."No? Well, I'm sorry."

The scientist returned, carrying a needle full of a green liquid. The mutant's eyes grew wide as
the needle pierced his blue skin. The liquid disappeared and the mutant groaned.

"Don't worry," Stryker said as he watched the mutant black out,"You're under my control now."

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