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Kurt backed up against the wall as Yuriko smiled cruelly at him. Her fingers became

knife like again, making Kurt even more nervous. He was still fuzzy headed from the drug, and

he was very tired. Yuriko smirked and swiped at his head. Kurt ducked and tried to knock her

feet out from under her. Unfortunately, he forgot about his previous attempt. His tail curled in

pain as his foot connected with her steel like leg. Yuriko took this as an opportunity to strike him

on the back of his head, stunning him for the moment. He shook his head and rolled away from

the evil lady. Stryker had left the room, leaving the two mutants to battle it out. Growling

slightly, Kurt got up and stared at Yuriko. She was staring back. Before he could react, she

jumped into the air and tackled him to the ground. Kurt struggled as she put her knee on his back

and bound his wrists and elbows together. He cursed silently as his tail was bound to his left leg.

Yuriko pulled him roughly to his feet and forced him to walk out the door and into the

hallway. Two scientists were waiting for them. One nodded to them and led Kurt and Yuriko

down the hall. Kurt glanced behind him and saw the other scientist staring at the blue mutant,

terrified. Kurt knocked Yuriko away and teleported behind the man. The poor scientist jumped

three feet into the air. Yuriko and the other man ran towards Kurt. He grinned and moved closer

to the shell shocked man. "You will be my first victim when I escape." He whispered.

Kurt had to admit that it was a little mean for him to say that, but he was getting tired of

the men in lab coats. He was going to say more, but Yuriko tackled him to the floor. She

produced one of her knives and made a long cut across his chest, making him cry out. Smirking

she forced him to his feet and pulled him down the hall. They reached a black door. She

unlocked it and threw him inside, locking the door behind her. Shivering, Kurt moved towards

the blanket that was lying in the corner. He undid his bonds fairly quickly and pulled the blanket

over his shoulders. His yellow eyes slowly traveled around the room. There were no windows,

and, apart from a toilet on the other side of the room, no furniture. There wasn't even a cot.

The blue mutant looked up at the ceiling. To his disappointment, there were no openings.

Two light bulbs produced a small amount of light, but it didn't matter. Kurt could see perfectly in

the dark. Hopefully Stryker didn't know that he was almost invisible in the shadows either.

Sighing, he studied the wound on his chest. It wasn't deep, although it hurt, and it wasn't

bleeding much. Kurt leaned against the wall and pulled the blanket around himself. It was going

to be a long night.


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