Author's Note: I do not own and I did not write the song below, "Let Me Let Go". It is by Faith Hill.

Chapter 16: Who's Losing It Now!

John felt helpless as he watched Jessie storm out of the Karaoke Bar. As the door slammed shut, John began to tell himself that perhaps Trixie was in love with Jessie and that she'd be willing to marry him as soon as possible. Needing to know for sure however, he began to look for a tape that a member in Jessie's band had given him of the one song Trixie had written. She had made it clear to that member in the band that she didn't want Jessie to hear the song. The only reason the band member had known about the song in the first place was because he had caught Trixie singing it and had convinced her to let him play his keyboard along with her beautiful voice. She had no idea that he had recorded it and that it was now John's property. John quickly found the tape and put it in his stereo to hear her sing the words straight from her heart.

I thought it was over, Baby

We said our good-byes

Still I can't go a day

Without your face going through my mind

In fact not a single minute

Passes without you in it

Your voice, your touch

Memories of your love are with me all of the time

Let me let go, Baby. Let me let go

If this is for the best

Why are you still in my hard, Baby still in my soul

Let me let go

"She's still in love with that Speed Racer guy," John said turning the tape off. "I can't let Jessie force her to marry him. It wouldn't be right." With that, John left in search for a certain racer.


Speed was just about to leap into the Mach 5 to find Trixie since Racer X had given him the go ahead to follow his heart.

"Speed! Speed Racer!" a breathless male voice called making Speed turn to see a short, stocky man with an athletic build.

"I'm kind of in a rush," Speed said not meaning to be rude, but all he wanted to do was find Trixie and tell her that he refused to let her go.

Still breathless after running around the track in all the wrong places while looking for Speed, John stepped over to him and said with alarm in his voice, "You need to stop Jessie!"

"What?" Speed asked, his eyes narrowing in on John. "What are you talking about?"

John bent over putting his hands on his knees. Catching his breath, he then stood up straight again and said, "Jessie is going to Trixie's apartment right now to force her to marry!"

"What!!" Speed exclaimed wondering how this guy even knew. "Who are you?"

"I'm a good friend of Jessie's and I hate to admit this, but I think that Jessie's going off the deep end."

"What do you mean?" Speed asked seeing that John looked a bit nervous. "Is he going to hurt Trixie?" Speed started to feel as if he was going to lose it himself.

"What I mean," John said very seriously, "is that if she refuses to marry him today, I really don't know what will happen."

"I gotta go," Speed cried out knowing there wasn't time to waste as he leaped into the Mach 5.

"Wait!" John pleaded. "I've got to come with you for Jessie."

"Then get in and hold on," Speed said starting the powerful engine.

"No problem," John said just before climbing over the passenger door. He thought that the door wouldn't open since Speed hadn't opened his, but rather just jumped in.

If not for the seriousness in the situation, Speed would have laughed at John, but instead he waited for him to get in so he could take off. The Mach 5 soon took off like a rocket, and Speed was quiet with determination all over his face as they moved down the highway.

John held on to the seat of the powerful car as he was thrown back by the speed they were traveling. "The police are going to be after you!" John yelled knowing that Speed was going way above the speed limit.

"I usually obey the law, but in this case, I wish the police would stop me so they could escort me to Trixie's apartment," Speed said seriously.

"Are you kidding?" John asked turning to Speed. "The police could never catch up to you in this car."

Speed ignored the comment and asked, "Why does Jessie have to marry Trixie today?"

"I was trying to convince him not to marry Trixie at all since they just met. I hinted around that she still has feelings for you. That's when he lost it and said that he was going to marry Trixie today even against her will."

"What a jerk!" Speed exclaimed remembering how upset Trixie looked when she said she had to marry Jessie. "Are you saying that he threatened her?"

Letting out a deep breath, John said, "Actually, he told her that he'd kill himself if she didn't marry him."

"What!" Speed yelled even louder. He now knew for sure why Trixie said she had to marry Jessie. She wouldn't be able to handle the guilt if he took his own life because of her not wanting to marry him. "We have to stop them!" Speed bellowed as they approached an intersection.

"Watch out!" John screamed attempting to cover his eyes. "The light is red!"

"Just hold on," Speed said pushing down further on the gas.

"You're nuts!" John screamed in a panic.

Speed hit the auto jack button of the Mach 5 and the car jumped clear over the intersection.

After landing safely on the other side, John turned to Speed and said, "That was cool!"

"I can do that with my eyes closed," Speed said glad that they were getting closer to Trixie's apartment.

Seeing how Speed's mind was set on getting to Trixie, John said, "You do love her, right?"

"More than anything," Speed said seriously as he kept his eyes straight ahead.

"Even more than this car?" John asked, quite frankly falling in love with the Mach 5 himself.

Speed looked at John through the corner of his eye as he said, "I'd give up the Mach 5 to get her back."

"Sorry," John said thinking that maybe he had offended Speed. He didn't need another crazy person on his hands.

Once at Trixie's apartment, they saw Jessie's limo still out front.

"We made it," Speed said relieved as he abruptly stopped the car.

"How could we not?" John asked impressed with the power of the Mach 5.

Speed ran to Trixie's front door and forced it open. "Trixie!" he screamed but didn't see her or Jessie anywhere inside.

"Look at the TV," John said wondering if Jessie had seen the late breaking entertainment news.

Though not interested at all in what might be on TV, Speed looked and saw Trixie and himself on the screen. It seemed that the press had caught their day together. In a trance like state, Speed moved over to the TV and watched the small movie the press had made out of their day. It had started with the two of them leaving the hospital together.

"When did you and she do all of this?" John asked watching bits and pieces from the events of Speed and Trixie's day together.

Speed didn't answer as he continued to watch. The last clip the press had was of the two of them getting ready to enter Trixie's apartment that evening. Speed had been all but on top of Trixie before they both disappeared inside the apartment.

John let out a low, mischievous laugh and said, "Looks like things must have gotten pretty hot and heavy between you two."

Speed didn't even look at John as he asked, "You said Jessie seems like he's about to go off the deep end?"

"Yeah, and I'm sure if he sees this it won't help," John said almost sounding fearful.

"He better not hurt her," Speed said with anger as he imagined Jessie becoming furious at seeing Speed and Trixie's day together.

"No. He loves her," John said, but not looking convinced.

"Then why is he forcing her to marry him?"

"I don't know. Obsession? All I do know is since that fight with you, he's been determined to keep her for himself."

Speed only grunted and looked out the window to confirm that the limo was still there. "Where are they?"

"They left," a man's voice said. Both Speed and John turned to see the chauffer standing by the front door. "I'm waiting for them to come back. Jessie and the girl left in her car instead of the limo to hide that they are getting married from the press."

"Jessie always did hate the press," John said understanding. "He rarely goes out because of the lack of privacy he gets. The press always seem to stop him in his tracks when he attempts to do anything."

"That's it!" Speed exclaimed as if he had come up with a plan. "The press! We have to get the press!"

"What?" John asked surprised. "You like the attention you get from the press?"

"No," Speed said walking to Trixie's phone. "I can't stand them sometimes." He then used the phone to call a news station and told them to meet him at the justice of the peace.

"What did you do that for?" John asked as if Speed was crazier than Jessie.

"Because," Speed said walking out of the apartment. "I have a plan."

John hoped it was something that would keep Jessie from wanting to hurt himself. "Where are we going?" he asked following Speed out of the apartment.

"We?" Speed asked leaping into the Mach 5.

"Yes. I know Jessie's a bit unstable right now, but I'm still his friend."

"Alright. Jump in," Speed said as John clumsily climbed over the door of the Mach 5 once again.

As they drove to their destination, Speed noticed that the bridge over the lake was up. "We can't wait for this!" Speed yelled aggravated with the traffic.

"What do you suggest we do?" John asked hoping Speed didn't attempt to jump over the bridge with the auto jacks.

Suddenly with a push of a button, Speed made the cockpit close, and then he started to drive toward the lake.

John's eyes got as huge as saucers as he began to say, "What the..."

Into and then down to the bottom of the lake the Mach 5 moved along.

"This is unreal," John said in awe as he looked at the fish, which were swimming by. He was clearly amazed as they drove and still amazed when they drove out of the lake.

Hoping it wasn't too late, Speed said, "I hope you're right about the press usually stopping Jessie's plans short."

"Oh," John said catching on. "You're hoping the press gets him too upset to get married."

"I've seen Jessie on TV being interviewed before. He might not like the press, but he sure kisses their butts."

"He has an image to keep," John said sticking up for his friend. "He's normally a nice guy."

"Well forcing someone to marry you is not nice," Speed said like Jessie was crazy. "If he's a real man, he'll realize what's really important is that Trixie is happy."

"You know he's a little unstable at the moment," John said aggravated with Speed for not giving Jessie a break.

"Again, that's why I want the press there. I highly doubt he'd hurt himself or Trixie in front of them. But after today, you just might have to get him some serious help," Speed said feeling a tad bit sorry for Jessie.

Once at the justice of the peace, Speed saw Trixie's car and the press gathered all around. "Perfect," Speed said pulling up. He then jumped out and began to run through the crowd.

"Speed Racer!" A reporter called out to him. "What do you think about your ex-girlfriend getting married right now as we speak?"

Uncomfortably, Speed thought, Damn. The press showing up hasn't made Jessie shy away from wanting to marry Trixie. Speed soon found the doors of the building locked, and could only hope that Jessie and Trixie weren't saying their I do's at that second.

"Stay there," John yelled catching Speed's attention. John was about twenty feet away on the side of the building.

Speed was surprised that John had managed to make it through the crowd and even more surprised as he watched John climb through a window. Within seconds, from the inside of the building, John opened the doors and Speed ran in with the press right behind him. There in a room off to the side was where Jessie and Trixie were and Jessie just said his 'I do'.

The male judge marrying them went on to say, "Trixie. Do you take Jessie to be your..."

Before the question could be finished, Speed flung open the door and exclaimed, "Trixie! Don't!"

Trixie turned to see those blue eyes that always had a hold on her, and ignored all the other eyes from the press. "Speed," she said softly as if not believing her own eyes.

Jessie would have yelled at Speed to get out, but the press made him instead as motionless as a statue.

It was on the tip of Speed's tongue to demand that Trixie not marry Jessie, but to not upset Jessie further or to tell Trixie what to do, Speed calmly said, "Trixie. Please don't marry him. I have something to say to you."

Trixie's heart began to pound as Speed started to speak to her in front of everyone.

"Don't give up on us because of the stupid mistake I made. That mistake caused me the most important thing in my life. Even racing means nothing to me without you."

Trixie couldn't take her eyes off Speed, surprised that he was bringing up the break up in front of the press. She feared what Jessie would do not knowing that Speed was being very careful of what he said in front of Jessie.

"I totally understand why Jessie is in love with you. It's just that I'm still in love with you too," Speed said softly. "I had told myself that I could let you marry Jessie because I wanted you to be happy, but I have to tell you something."

Besides Trixie, the press was all ears waiting to hear what Speed had to tell her.

Jessie didn't know what to do with the press watching and hoped that Speed wouldn't embarrass him.

As Trixie waited to hear what Speed had to say, she wished she could run into his arms, but the thought of what Jessie might do to himself stopped her. "Oh, Speed," she just barely whispered feeling helpless.

Speed could see that she still felt trapped so he moved on with his next plan. "Trixie. If you marry Jessie, there's no telling what harm I'll do to myself."

"What?" Trixie whispered thinking that she had to have heard Speed wrong. It was bad enough that she was worried about Jessie taking his own life, but now she had to worry about Speed doing the same thing?

The press gasped as Speed threw himself very dramatically down on his knees and began to plead with Trixie. "You should be with me! I drive better than Jessie!"

Shocked, Trixie watched as Speed started to crawl over to her and then attached himself to her leg making her and Jessie release their hands from each other. "I'll do anything you want me to," Speed said looking up at her as he held onto her leg.

John smiled quite amused because this was the last thing he had expected Speed to do.

Jessie would have tried to pry Speed off Trixie's leg, but he too was shocked and rather embarrassed for Speed as some of the press began to laugh. Never would he have thought that Speed would actual beg for Trixie. Plus, Jessie couldn't believe that Speed had threatened to hurt himself too. Speed really seemed off his rocker, and he looked rather pathetic.

"Speed. What are you doing?" Trixie whispered looking down at him, her eyes wide and full of confusion.

"I've got to have you!" Speed exclaimed giving her leg a small kiss through her pants. "Tell me you still love me," he said sounding and looking like a crazed maniac.

The crowd gasped again as Trixie automatically said, "You know I'll always love...I'll always care for you Speed." Hearing the gasp from the press, Trixie was quickly reminded of Jessie who was still standing next to her.

"You can't marry him," Speed pleaded on.

Trixie put her hands on Speed's shoulders and looked down at him. "Speed. You have got to get it together. You're starting to scare me."

Speed looked into her eyes and winked as if to assure her that he knew just what he was doing.

It then dawned on Trixie that Speed had somehow found out the real reason she had felt she had to marry Jessie. Speed in turn must have decided to act unstable as well to get her back. She couldn't help but love him even more for the fool he was making of himself all because he loved her.

Speed thought to himself, Come on, Jessie. I'm making it easy for you to let her come back to me. The press won't think you're crazy, but that we are. Besides, you don't love her the way I do. Needing to look and sound even more unstable, Speed hugged Trixie's other leg as well and said, "Trixie. I love both of your legs."

Trixie forced herself not to laugh and then looked up at Jessie.

Jessie smiled a smile that said he felt sorry for her, and then he said, "Good luck to you both. I think he needs you more than I do."

So glad that Jessie had given up, Speed released Trixie's legs. He then stood up, picked Trixie up, and then threw her over his shoulder and headed to the door he had spotted across the room from the press.

"Speed!" Trixie cried out holding on to him. "Where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere we can be alone," Speed exclaimed as he ran through that other door and then locked it before the press could follow behind.

"I can't believe that Jessie let me go to be with you," Trixie said in disbelief as she continued to hold on to Speed.

"I wasn't going to give up on getting you back," Speed said as he ran down the hall still carrying her over his shoulder. Suddenly footsteps could be heard coming towards them.

"They're going to find us!" Trixie exclaimed while imagining the press clobbering them.

"No they're not," Speed said and opened a door and entered a small room. As he put Trixie down, she realized that they were in a bathroom. Speed locked the door and when he turned back to Trixie they both laughed at the insanity of the situation.

Calming down and listening to the footsteps running through the hall, they both stared and smiled at each other. "This is crazy," Trixie finally said.

"Yeah," Speed said moving closer to her and then taking her hands.

"How did you know about Jessie threatening to...hurt himself?" Trixie asked wanting to know.

"His friend John," Speed said so glad to have Trixie back. "Jessie let you go because the press would think that he was crazy if he didn't. He only likes to please them."

"You acted so pitiful that I think he actually felt sorry for you," Trixie said with a laugh.

Speed smiled and said, "I'd do it again to get you back."

Trixie smiled back as they closed the space between them to hold each other. Thinking of how crazy Speed acted to get her back, she said seriously, "Speed. Thanks for not giving up on me."

"Thanks for taking me back after I so stupidly let you go."

"Don't worry. I feel it in my heart that you really want to be with me,"she said smiling as she ran her hand through his hair.

"More than anything," he whispered holding on to her tightly.

Moving to look into his eyes,Trixie said, "I think that sometimes a person can really get over someone. What I mean is I know Jessie will get over me because we weren't meant to be together, but I don't think I would have ever really gotten over you."

"I wouldn't have gotten over you either," Speed said moving his lips very close to hers. "We're meant for each other," he whispered just before their lips touched and locked in a passionate kiss making fireworks erupt.

Outside of that bathroom door, the press continued to run down the hall looking for Speed and Trixie not knowing that they were not about to come out of their hiding place anytime soon.

The End

Author's Note: 1st. - Again, the song "Let Me Let Go" does not belong to me, but is by Faith Hill. 2nd.- I hope you enjoyed this story. I know it ended a bit crazy. 3rd. - Like always, please feel free to let me know what you think no matter how long this story has been finished. Thanks, Jen.