Right so before you guys go for the action, the person who requested this had me use an OC named Drake, so I had to create something leading up to the Lemon itself. Enjoy!

Lilly and Garth had not been having a good relationship over the last few moons. While they had been getting along well, things had started to change. The relationship between the two had begun to deteriorate. Lilly had just stormed out of the den after yet another argument.

"Errhh, Garth! Why is this happening?" Lilly fumed as she walked into the forest.

"We were doing so well, what happened?" Lilly asked herself as she walked farther into the forest. It didn't help that she had just gotten out of heat, Garth had refused to help relieve it out of fear for puppies. Lilly, on the other hand had been okay with the notion of puppies, but since she and Garth had begun to argue, she wasn't so sure now.

"Damn it Garth" Lilly said once again as she reached a clearing in the forest. Suddenly, four wolves jumped out of the brush around her. Lilly flinched in shock and mentally beat herself up for dropping her guard.

"Look what we have here boys" One wolf said, Lilly saw that there were five of them. She didn't stand a chance.

"Maybe we can have some fun with her" Another said as the five of them closed in.

"Yeah" others mumbled in agreement. Lilly was stalk still with fear since she knew what the rogues were thinking. They were going to rape her, and then maybe kill her. What she didn't know, was that another wolf was nearby.

Drake, a black lone wolf with brown paws and underbelly and silver eyes. He had been walking through the woods, trying to avoid the pack den of the Western and Eastern packs as he moved through their territory. He had smelled rogue wolves earlier, and was trying to avoid that group as well. As he walked he heard a commotion, and began to heads toward it. He reached the edge of a clearing and saw a white she-wolf surrounded by rogue wolves.

Lilly was scared, one of the wolves had already lunged at her, but she had dodged and in rage the wolf clawed her side. She knew she couldn't avoid them all, and no one was nearby to help, or so she thought. Drake jumped from the edge of the clearing, catching one of the wolves by surprise and slitting his throat before he could react. The two wolves next to him were a little more fortunate, Drake didn't kill them immediately, but he did claw their sides.

"Leave her be!" He yelled. The two wolves he clawed charged him, but he was ready for it. He ducked one and lunged up at the second, clamping his jaws around the wolf's throat. The wolf went limp in his grip, dead. Drake quickly let go and spun to face the wolf behind him. The two ran at each other, Drake slid underneath and clawed the wolf's throat. The wolf was dead before he hit the ground on the other side of Drake.

"Three down, two to go" Drake said as he turned back to Lilly, who was backed against a tree with the remaining two wolves in front of her. Who turned around and saw what had happened to their companions, before turning and fleeing, but not before giving Lilly two more wounds. As the surviving rogue wolves escaped into the forest, Drake sprinted to Lilly, catching her as she fell.

"Are you okay?" Drake asked as he set her on the ground and checked her wounds. They weren't serious, just some deep claw marks. Fortunately, Drake wasn't only skilled in fighting, but also healing.

"Who are you" Lilly asked.

"My name is Drake, and you are?" Drake replied.

"Lilly, thank you for saving me" Lilly said.

"No problem, nice name by the way" Drake said. Lilly blushed at that.

"Here, let me take you to a den I saw. I left some of my herbs there" Drake said as he helped Lilly up.

"Thank you" Lilly said again. Drake couldn't help but admire Lilly's features on the way to the den, and Lilly couldn't help but admire Drake's looks. Once they reached the den, it was almost night time, and Lilly was tired from the days events. Drake guided her into the den and helped her lay down before getting things for her wounds.

"Can I stay with you for the night?" Lilly asked as Drake began to treat her wounds.

"Sure, I was going to ask if you were okay with it anyway'' Drake said smiling. Lilly returned the smile. She winced as Drake pushed some herbs into the wound on her side. They were very strong and rare herbs, this was the worst wound but by morning it would seem as if it hadn't even been there. Lilly had curled up some and was at the back of the den. Drake moved to the other side to give her space. Lilly saw this.

"No, sleep with me. Please" She said. Drake turned to her surprised.

"Okay" He said before he walked over and curled ou around her, Lilly stretched out which forced Drake to do the same. He set his head over her neck.

"Good night" Drake whispered to Lilly.

"Good night" Lilly whispered back. And the two fell asleep, Lilly feeling safe, and Drake feeling a piece of happiness he had not felt in a long time.


Lilly woke up before Drake did, she could feel his warm body pressed against her own. It made her smile, then she started to think of the fact that Drake had saved her life, she wanted to repay him in some way. A few minutes later she felt some movement from Drake as he began to wake up. Lilly got up and stepped away, which caused Drake to shoot up wide awake before he was that Lilly was still there.

"I thought you were leaving for a second there" Drake said after a moment.

"No, is there any way I can repay you for saving me?" Lilly asked. She was feeling a heat build up between her legs, and it was focused around Drake.

"No need" Drake said with a smile as he stepped closer to Lilly.

"No seriously, those wolves would have raped me and probably killed me. There has to be something I can do" Lilly persisted.

"I don't know what you could do" Drake said.

"I have a few ideas" Lilly said slowly as she thought about something.

"What would that be?" Drake asked puzzled.

"Well. . ." Lilly started before she let her voice trail off. She turned around, lowered her front end to the ground and raised her tail. Drake fought an urge as he saw Lilly's folds. Which despite her and Garth having mated before, were still very tight.

"Lilly. . ." Drake began but she cut him off.

"No, you saved me. You deserve some sort of reward" Lilly said. At those words Drake felt a shudder run through his body and his wolfhood unsheathed itself. Lilly stood back up and turned around but kept her tail raised, she kept in a whimper as she saw the size of Drake's cock. It was a massive 14 inches long and 6 inches wide, the knot had to be at least 9 inches wide. It was a lot bigger than Garth's.

"So, how do you want to start this?" Drake asked.

"Anyway you want, I'm yours right now" Lilly said, that almost made Drake pin her and fuck her then. But he wanted to do a bit of foreplay. Drake stepped closer to Lilly, so that his face was a few inches from hers. Lilly felt extremely nervous now, Drake had noticed this. He leaned forward and kissed her, catching Lilly by surprise, after a minute she returned it and their tongues fought a battle for control. Lilly moaned as Drake forced his tongue into her mouth. After a few more moments they split apart. Drake didn't waste a second. He moved behind Lilly, who still had her tail raised. He admired her already wet folds.

"Drake, what are you doing?" Lilly asked, a hint of fear in her voice.

"Don't worry about it" Drake said as he moved into a better spot behind Lilly. He gave an experimental lick to her folds. Lilly yelped at the unexpected contact, which made Drake smile. He repeated his actions. Causing a couple moans from Lilly. Drake kept at it, licking Lilly's folds making her gasp. The Drake got an idea, he pushed his tongue into Lilly's pussy. Lilly yelped at the intrusion, she felt Drake's tongue twist in and out of her. Drake kept this action up, pushing his tongue as far into Lilly as he could. Lilly felt herself getting ready to reach an orgasm, when suddenly Drake pulled his tongue out of her, and licked at a hole Garth had never touched, her ass.

"Have you ever had anal sex?" Drake asked.

"No" Lilly said worried.

"Well then" Drake said. He returned to licking Lilly's pussy, but this time he decided to try something, he pushed his muzzle into Lilly, making her scream as Drake's tongue reached a new depth. Another sensation Lilly felt, was Drake's fangs against her walls. Lilly was quickly approaching a climax. Drake pushed even deeper into her. This action sent Lilly for a climax, Drake knew because her walls were beginning to tighten and squeeze even more than before. Suddenly, Lilly hit her climax, her walls clamped down around Drake's muzzle. Drake felt a rush of Lilly orgasmic juices reach his muzzle, and he drank them out of Lilly. Lilly could feel Drake's muzzle move as he drank her dry, she screamed at the feeling. Her orgasm lasted at least a minute, by the end Drake pulled out of her, breathing heavily, his muzzle covered in Lilly's liquids. Lilly was trying to refill her lungs with air. Once she had done so, she turned back to Drake. She licked his muzzle clean of her own liquids.

"So, what are you going to do to me next?" Lilly asked when she finished cleaning Drake's muzzle. Drake grinned with a mischievous look.

"Turn around" Drake ordered. Lilly obeyed and turned around.

"Lower your front to the ground" Drake said. Lilly did so, and Drake mounted her once she was in position.

"Where do you want this to start?" Drake asked.

"I don't care, just fuck me" Lilly said.

"As you wish" Drake said just before he lined up his massive cock with Lilly's pussy. He rubbed his tip against it but didn't push in. Lilly moaned at the teasing. Drake pushed his tip in, making Lilly moan as the massive rod began to push into her. Drake began to push in, Lilly was much tighter than he had expected. He knew she must of mated before but clearly it was never with a very large cock. Lilly yelped as Drake reached depths Garth had never reached. Soon, Drake's reached a barrier, Lilly's cervix. He pulled back slightly and thrusted forward, his knot smacked against Lilly's folds, and his cock punched into her womb. Making Lilly scream in pain and pleasure. Drake kept still, letting Lilly adjust to the new size in her. What neither of them knew, was that you could clearly see the outline of Drake's cock in Lilly's belly.

Drake pulled out all the way, and thrusted back in fully. Lilly yelped as Drake once again punctured her womb. Drake began to take deep, fast thrusts into Lilly. Lilly moaned as the pain she had felt began to fade, Drake was punching in and out of her womb on each thrust, and each one was becoming increasingly more powerful. Drake kept it up until Lilly felt she was about to reach another climax, then Drake stopped and pulled out.

"Why did you stop?" Lilly asked puzzled. Drake was lining his cock up with Lilly's virgin ass.

"This" Drake said before he thrusted the tip into Lilly's extremely tight ass. Lilly screamed at the intrusion, and to her disbelief, Drake gave her no time to adjust before pushing deeper. Drake was forcing his big rig into Lilly's small form once again, but now it was in a much smaller and tighter hole. Lilly whimpered as her ass was violated. Drake leaned down and licked the back of her neck to try and calm her.

Soon Drake's knot was against Lilly's entrance. He waited a few minutes to let Lilly adjust, before he began to take deep thrusts into her. Lilly moaned as pain turned to pleasure as Drake picked up speed. He was taking deep thrust into her, Lilly moaned as her virgin ass was destroyed and plowed by Drake's massive cock. Drake was now going almost as fast as he could. Pounding into Lilly's ass relentlessly, Lilly screamed as Drake adjusted the angle of his thrusts, and hit a bundle of nerves she didn't know she had.

"Your. . . so. . . big!" Lilly moaned out as Drake fucked her.

Drake leaned down and whispered in her ear "Your so tight" before he licked the top of her head, and spanked her ass with his paw. Making her yelp. Lilly was getting close to another climax, and Drake was reaching his first.

"I'm close" Drake warned

"Me too, cum in me. Knot my ass. Rip it in half if you must but knot me!" Lilly screamed as she neared her climax. Drake was trying to knot her now, his massive knot was smacking against Lilly's ass on each thrust. Drake forced half his knot into Lilly's ass making her scream as it pushed her to her climax, coating Drake's balls in her juices. Drake gave another thrust and he forced the rest of his knot in. He groaned as he came in Lilly's tight, warm ass. Pumping it full of cum, it was so much that due to the seal created by Drake's knot, the cum had nowhere else to go but deeper into Lilly. Lilly felt the cum force its way deeper and deeper into her, making her scream.

"So. . . much" she moaned out. Drake was still pumping cum into her ass. Lilly felt as if she might pop.

"We. . . aren't done. . . yet" Drake panted out as he came down from his climax. The two of them stayed like that, trying to recover. After a few minutes Drake gave a tug on the knot, and Lilly yelped in pain.

"Don't" She said, but Drake ignored that. He ripped his knot from Lilly's ass with a scream and a moan from her ass the rest of Drake's 14 inch cock left her ass. Drake dismounted and looked at the gaping hole of Lilly's ass that was slowly closing, he could see into Lilly, and saw his own cum begin to leak out of her.

"That, is sexy" Drake said.

"Make it sexier, and give me a big hot load in my tight pussy and womb" Lilly said. That sealed the deal for Drake, he remounted Lilly and thrusted his already rock hard cock back into her. Lilly screamed as Drake hit her g-spot. Drake groaned as Lilly's tight walls flexed around his cock. Cum was leaking out of Lilly's ass, and falling onto Drake's cock as he pounded Lilly's pussy. Lilly felt herself bulging as Drake fucked her.

They were both rapidly approaching an orgasm, which would be Lilly's third climax and Drake's second. Drake was trying to knot Lilly, his knot was smacking her folds on each thrust. Lilly was moaning and whimpering as Drake repeatedly hit her g-spot. Soon, Lilly was at her third climax, her walls clamped down around Drake's cock. This sent Drake into his, he gave another thrust, and forced half his knot into Lilly making her scream. Her walls clamped down insanely tight that Drake thought he wouldn't be able to get the rest in, but he tried anyway. He gave another thrust and forced the rest of his knot in, his tip was in Lilly's womb, along with a few inches of his cock.

Lilly was stretched almost past her limits. Drake unleashed a flood of cum into Lilly's womb, soon it was full. But since the cum had nowhere else to go, it forced her womb to expand. Some spilled out and into her passage but was stopped by Drake's knot. Her womb was expanding to hold the amount of cum Drake was pumping into her. And soon her belly was expanding. Drake was in heaven, this was one of the longest orgasms he had ever had, after a few minutes he still wasn't done, he laid the two of them on their sides as he continued to pump Lilly full of cum.

"How. . . are you. . . still cumming?" Lilly asked. Drake couldn't even answer, by the time he was done, Lilly's belly looked like she was pregnant with four or five pups ready to deliver.

"I think. . . I'm done now" Drake panted out.

"I would hope so, I don't think I could hold anymore of your cum" Lilly said. Drake chuckled.

"Maybe we will find out one day" he said.

"Maybe" Lilly agreed. She didn't want to return to Garth, and she wouldn't be able to with her belly swelled up so much.

"Maybe we can stick together for a bit?" Drake suggested.

"I think that's a good idea" Lilly said smiling, she was happy. Drake and Lilly laid there waiting for his knot to go down, talking about whatever came to their minds. The two would probably stay together for a few days if not longer, besides, Lilly wanted to stay with Drake, and Drake wanted to stay with her. As the sun rose higher into the sky, the two laid where they were, and talked.

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