Everyone knows I was born on another planet,

Sent rocketing down from among the stars.

They're so fixated on that, they forget that I was

Raised in the wheat fields, like Pete and Lana.

It doesn't take wisdom from the gods,

Or being the world's greatest detective

To hear the hayseed in my voice.

But I guess people don't want to believe

That the Man of Steel was forged by farmers,

That an alien allergic to glowing green gems

Has anything in common with the people he saves.

They don't know that those radioactive rocks

Come from a planet that no longer exists.

Technically, I'm a refugee

Whose own homeworld is poison to him.

The only planets I belong to now

Are the Daily and the Blue Marble.

Just because I fly over everyone's heads,

Doesn't mean I'm not one of them.

I might be super, but I'm also just a man.