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Chapter One

Hermione woke with a start, placing a hand on her large stomach. This little thing was going to be a Muggle football player if they kept it up.

Hermione swung out of bed with a sigh, stretching her arms above her head. Six months pregnant and she couldn't wait for it to be over. Although, glancing in the mirror, she did have to admit her hair and skin looked great thanks to those prenatal potions. After freshening up in the bathroom Hermione made her way to the kitchen. Crossing through the living room she noticed the couch had been haphazardly straightened up.

Ron had started sleeping on the couch now that late nights at the Ministry had become a regular thing. In fact, Hermione realized as she made breakfast, she hadn't seen Ron for more then 5 minutes all week. With Harry as the Head of the Auror Office, he had made Ron his right hand, relying on him quite a lot.

As Hermione sat to eat an owl knocked on the kitchen window. Slowly standing, as standing up had become more difficult day by day, she unlatched the window for the Ministry owl to swoop in. Dropping the letter next to Hermione's plate, it left as quickly as it came.

"Honestly, this is becoming tiresome," Hermione mumbled to herself as she closed the window and sat back down.

Noticing her name written on the envelope in that familiar scratch of Rons, she hurriedly opened the letter.

Good morning 'Mione,

I'm sorry I'm not home. I had planned to spend my day off with you, but I got an owl early this morning from Harry. We had an anonymous tip come in that had to be investigated right away. It could possibly be the break in the case we need. We'll be going on a raid to an old Death Eaters house but I should hopefully be home for dinner.

And I know, be careful.

I love you, and our little one,


Hermione sighed, sipping her tea. She really wanted to have a chat with Harry about keeping Ron late all the time, but this case was apparently very important.

'Oh well,' she thought, 'at least I can work on my house elf law proposal today.'

So, that was how she spent her day, working on her long-time house elf freedom law proposal. It had been 2 years in the making, but she wanted to make sure it was perfect. She had been recently promoted to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, overseeing the care of magical creatures. This law would be her shining achievement and one that had been close to her heart since Hogwarts and S.P.E.W. She worked until the sun started to set, pausing occasionally to eat, as she had discovered with pregnancy she was always hungry.

Glancing at the clock it was nearing five. Cleaning up her papers, Hermione decided to stop for the day and make dinner. No word from Ron yet on if he was going to be late so hopefully that meant he'd be home in time.

Flicking her wand to get all the necessary things together, she started making dinner the old-fashioned Muggle way, desperate to occupy her mind. By the time she was done it was just after 6. Waiting for a few more minutes for Ron, she decided to just eat so it wouldn't get cold.

Seven turned to eight, and eight to nine. By 10 o'clock, Hermione had really begun to worry. Normally, Ron would at least send an owl to tell her he wouldn't be home until late. Pacing their flat, she decided to go to the Owl Post in Diagon Alley to send Ron and Harry a letter. Slipping on her shoes she reached for a handful of Floo powder when a knock sounded at the door.

Turning to face it, her heart thumped hard in her chest. Hermione grabbed her wand and silently crept to the door. Peering through their peephole, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minister of Magic stood on the other side. Loosing a breath she didn't realize she had been holding, she opened the door.

"Hermione.." Kingsley looked at her with a grave face.

Hermione side-stepped to let him in, and he ducked his head and walked towards their living room. He turned to face her and her stomach flipped.

"Minister, what can I do for you?" Hermione's curiosity was eating away at her.

"Please sit," Kingsley motioned to her armchair next to him.

As Hermione sat, Kingsley sat in the armchair opposite her, taking her hand but keeping his eyes to the floor.

"Hermione...Ron's dead."

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