I wrote this story almost 10 years ago.. had to pause 2 years in between. So do not worry about strange plot twists or no plot twists at all.. I will not revise this story, I will just try to translate it for English readers as best as possible. I do not own Knight Rider or its Franchise in any way, just to make that clear (but I wish I did).

I did some research, binge-watched KR08 too, and came to like both versions. For me, KITT had always been the star of the series, the smart one with the cool attitude. KI2T (short for the old one) appeared to me more elegant, humorous and shared a deep friendship with Michael. KI3T (whom I like to call "Junior") owns stunning technology and thus more possibilities to make the world a better place.

So.. someday a simple question occurred to me: Why does KITT has to be a car? Would it not be very fascinating to give him another shell – a human one? I tried to bring that to paper, and hopefully did a good job. But this is up to you to decide.

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The link to the music video which was my inspiration: