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Chapter 1:


The start of this story is at the end of another.

The once progressive village of Konoha was now a burning wasteland, broken buildings and ruined land everywhere. Nowhere was safe anymore. Everything was destroyed. The faces of the seven Hokage, from the village founder Hashirama Senju to the village hero Naruto Uzumaki were destroyed to the point where they were scarcely recognizable. The stormy sky was dark and menacing, gusting winds carrying the smoke from the now-destroyed homes and workplaces upwards, painting the sky in fire. Not a soul could be seen in the desolate land and the quiet that surrounded the place felt like time itself was holding its breath for what was yet to come.

On the Hokage Mountain, two figures fought head-on, their weapons clashing against each other and pushing their owners backward. On the higher ground, a young man with grey eyes and bushy black hair stood tall, his black trench coat billowing in the wind. His body was covered with black lines from his palm to his left eye.

He looked down at his opponent, another young man with spiky blond hair and two whisker marks on each of his cheeks. A large scar marred his right eye and the wind whipped his black cape behind him, just like it caught his own. The blond held a katana in both his hands as exhaustion forced him into a crouch. His sole blue eye sent a piercing yet tired look to the man before him as the wind raged around them.

"I didn't think you'd go this far, Kawaki!" Boruto shouted, the feelings of betrayal running deep within his heart.

Kawaki's face remained unchanged as he looked at Boruto from above, his hair moving slowly with the rhythm of the wind. "I'll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage, Boruto." He said with an unwavering voice, almost emotionless. Detached.

Boruto ducked his head, blonde fringe hiding the pain and sadness in his eyes. "Was this the only possible outcome?" he asked, not directing the question to anyone in particular.

"Yes, that's right." Kawaki clenched his left hand, making a screeching sound that seemed to be coming out of the now red lines that covered his body. "The age of shinobi… is over!"

Boruto's hand entered his pouch. "Even so," he told Kawaki as he tied his forehead protector around his head, revealing two intersecting slashes on it. A black line slowly made his way up to his face, to his scarred eye. "I'm still a shinobi!" He opened his wounded eye, revealing a light blue iris with a darkened sclera and a barely visible pupil. The black lines covering his right side turned blue as he made a one-handed Ram seal.

Preparing his staff, Kawaki wordlessly charged at Boruto, the latter doing the same with his sword, weapons once again clashing against each other atop of the Seventh Hokage stone face, the sound of each strike echoing throughout the destroyed village.

On the sidelines, two black-haired girls were watching as the boys fought. They had escaped the terror and horrors of the village, adrenaline rushing through their veins and their focus on the fight was all that was keeping them from breaking down.

The older between them stood rigid, her fists clenched, as her Sharingan darted all over, capturing every movement the two shinobi made. She knew Boruto wanted, no, had to fight this battle alone. But as much as she wanted to allow him that, she also knew that if something were to happen to him and she could have stopped it, she would never forgive herself. After the death of both her parents, he was the only family she had left. Her eyes glanced at the girl beside her for a brief moment before returning to the fight at hand. He was the only family they both had left.

Himawari's face was covered in dirt, her clothes dirty and ripped. Sarada was sure she didn't look much better than her, her own body littered with cuts and wounds. She was straining to see anything with how dirty her glasses were. Tear trails still stained her cheeks, but she couldn't care less. Her chakra was draining quickly with her Sharingan activated but she didn't deactivate it. She had to be prepared for anything.

Himawari tugged on her arm, momentarily pulling her attention away from the fight. "We have to help Onii-chan!" she told Sarada, tears in her eyes. "He's hurt!"

Sarada's fist clenched even more than they already were; blood starting to trickle out from where her nails dug into the palm of her hand. "We can't." She told the young girl, "It's a fight only he can fight. If we were to intervene, it could make things even worse." She hated this. And she knew the Uzumaki girl hated it just as much. But she had to think logically and rationally. Feelings couldn't be a factor in this equation.

Meanwhile, Boruto charged at Kawaki with his weapon raised, crashing against his opponent's staff and making sparks fly. He knew his sister and teammate were near, and the worry was only growing as he heard Himawari's voice progressively grow louder and louder. It meant she was nearing a breaking point, and nothing good ever came out of that when it came to his sister.

I have to finish this quickly before she does something reckless, he thought as he slashed at his former friend, only to be blocked again.

Something was tugging at his Jōgan, almost making him lose focus on the battle. He knew what this tug meant, and tried to spread out his senses to find the cause. He located a dimension barrier a mere few feet away from him, and the barrier was getting thinner and thinner by the second. Boruto knew that if he got too close to the barrier, his Jōgan would automatically break it, opening up the dimension. He couldn't let that happen, he had to stay as far away from it as possible. At least until the fight was over, assuming he won.

Too bad fate had other plans that day.

Taking advantage of Sarada's focus on the battle at hand, Himawari rushed ahead, Byakugan activated. "Himawari, Wait!" Sarada shouted, charging after her.

Hearing Himawari's name caused both boys to freeze in place and turn their heads to the girl running towards them. Everything seemed to slow down at that moment. It took Boruto less than a second to predict what will happen next; Himawari would charge at Kawaki, who would instinctively raise his staff in defense, which would catch her mid-air and send her flying from the mountain, resulting in her getting gravely wounded. He couldn't let that happen.

He launched forward, using Kawaki's momentarily distraction as an advantage, and grabbed Himawari mid-charge, using his body weight to push her back to where Sarada was, and the barrier.

Shit, was his only thought as his Jōgan sent a pulse to the barrier, activating it and generating a black vortex underneath him.

He felt himself getting sucked in together with Himawari, who was still in his arms. He heard her scream in fear, mingling with Sarada's surprised shout as she tumbled into the vortex as well. He turned his body so that Himawari will be on top of him while they fell. Closing his eyes, he awaited the collision with the bottom of wherever this dimension is.

It didn't take too long to reach it, and he crashed into what felt like a smooth marble floor, hitting the back of his head and stealing his breath away, the shock making him release Himawari from his grasp. Darkness was enveloping him, forcing him to close his eyes and slip into unconsciousnesses. He heard the sound of another body falling near him before his senses shut down and he fell into the dark.

He thought of his family. His mother and father, and wondered if he'll get to see them soon. Maybe he'll see his master and his friends as well.

Unknown to him, Fate had other plans for him, bigger than anything he had ever known.

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