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Step By Step

The fog had seemed to settle from nowhere. A once clear, starry evening was now covered by a thick, dense haze.

But the one passenger sailing in his miniature ship either didn't notice, or he didn't care. He continued to sail along the breezy, chilly waters along the coast of Florida. He was pretty far out at sea. Even if the fog hadn't been there, and it was in the middle of the day, he still wouldn't have seen any land.

He was a sea's man by nature, as his father had been before him. He wasn't worried, for he knew where he was.

The only reason there was a cause for concern in him was the fog. It wasn't uncommon for fog to settle in. However, he couldn't shake the eerie feeling that settled along with the cool mist.

Suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere, he heard voices. They were barely audible, though they seemed to increase their volume with every passing second.

"Who's there?" the lone sailor called out into the dark miasma.

The only response he received were the increasing whispers around him. Straining slightly, he could barely make out what they were saying.

"We are finally free…We are finally free…"

That was all they said, as they repeated those four words several times. With the increase of volume, the ocean waters seemed to stir.

"We are finally free…We are finally free…"

The louder the mantra, the more violent the sea arose.

"We are finally freeWe are finally free…"

It took the sailor everything he had to just hold on to the boat as the seas became rougher, tossing his vessel around the ocean. Water splashed around him, drenching him, spilling into his boat.

"We are finally freeWe are finally FREE!!"

And suddenly, as the voices ceased, the waters became calm again. They settled down, and the craft swayed slowly, until reaching to a halt.

The sailor slowly opened his eyes, and as he did so, noticed the strange green glow several feet away from him. Even in the thick vapor, the jade aura shone brightly.

It suddenly shot towards him, ramming through his boat. The tiny ship began to take on water, and started to sink.

The sailor cried out, knowing that his cries will never be heard. Looking up, the green glow seemed to settle over him, slowly fading and revealing a figure.

The man's eyes widened, before succumbing to the darkness.

Batman's fingers moved swiftly as his eyes gazed through the wires and coils of the bomb he was trying to defuse. Behind him, J'onn and Flash were busy handling the robbers that had set the alarm in the Watchtower to begin with.

It was easy enough for one person in the Justice League to handle a some criminals trying to rob a bank. Depending on who the person was, maybe another person was needed for back-up. It was easy for three people to handle those same robbers with a time bomb to worry about.

It was a little more difficult when the robbers decided to have hostages.

The civilians that the robbers were keeping hostage had been carefully hidden away, just in case the Justice League had tried to stop them. When they had triggered the bomb and destroyed the control, it only gave the League 5 minutes to find them. Batman was trying everything in his power to defuse the bomb, for if something was done wrong, it would set off prematurely. That left Superman, J'onn, and Flash to dispose of the criminals and find the hostages.

Of course, it would have been easier if Superman wasn't combing the whole building to find where the hostages were being kept.

The Dark Knight heard as the last robber had been knocked out. "Well, that was fun," Flash said sarcastically.

"Batman?" J'onn asked.

He didn't need the Martian's telepathy to understand what he was asking about. "I haven't defused it yet," he replied. "There's only a minute left."

Superman suddenly flew in, carrying two unconscious men, one under his arm, and one over his shoulder. "The other hostages are already outside with the police."

Looking at the clock on the bomb, Batman turned to look at the others, surveying the number of criminals robbers there were.

"How much time do we have?" the Man of Steel asked.

"Not much." He turned back to the bomb, his fingers once again messing with the wires. "Get those people out of here."

The other three could tell by the normal tone in his voice that that was more of a command than anything.

"There's no time to stand around. Get going."

The calm in Batman's voice didn't hide the forceful tone. They knew better than to argue with him at this point.

The black masked fighter heard them as they went about what they were supposed to do, then felt his cape flutter as the wind Flash created as he ran rushed past him. He could feel J'onn and Superman fly away, exiting the large building.

He growled in frustration as he continued to tinker with the ticking bomb. He was normally very gifted when it came to things such as these. But lately, he found it very hard to concentrate on anything, though he never let the others know that.

There wasn't much time. The bomb would go off in 20 seconds.

The police watched gratefully as Superman, Flash, and the Martian Manhunter came out of the building. Superman carried the two last hostages, along with some of the robbers, while Flash and the Martian Manhunter carried the other four.

Paramedics took the two civilians from the Man of Steel, as the cops took the delinquent bank robbers.

As soon as the lawbreakers were taken away, Flash made a double back to the bank, but it was too late.

An ear-splitting detonation was heard, as part of the bank exploded, and the entire building was set on fire, and began to collapse.


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