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Things were pretty quiet in the dark cave, besides the beeping of the main computer. Inside, Batman sat, tending to his injured hand.

It wasn't as bad as he had thought it was. As he was bandaging his bleeding arm, he figured it would take a few weeks to heal completely.

Then again, he was stubborn, and he had a knack for rationalizing his own mind into thinking his own injuries weren't that bad. If viewed by one of the others, treatment for his arm would have been a bit more than just bandaging it.

Not that they would notice anyway. The Dark Knight was very good at hiding things, especially pain.

The mask helped a bit, but it was mostly his attitude to the things they talked about. He stood behind his stoic wall, even when he could easily relate to whatever was being said.

He didn't mind that the others didn't know much about him, though he knew they wished to find out more. Of course, he wouldn't tell them. It wasn't much of their business anyway.

Though, even he had to admit it was a bit lonely sometimes…

He shook his head, trying to clear his mind. Time to step out of dangerous territory. After all, if he got close to them, it would have made it much harder to lose them. A rather negative thought, but with their line of profession, it was bound to happen.

That point was already proven when Superman "died". Though he had been upset, Batman wasn't as upset as the others. Besides, someone needed to keep a clear head.

Yes, perhaps it was much safer to keep some distance between himself and the others, no matter how lonely a life it was.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of his computer. Tying the bandage, he slipped his glove on before reaching out to press the button that allowed communication between him and whoever was on the Javelin.

The beeping stopped, and soon was replaced by a familiar voice. "Batman? Come in."

"What is it Flash?"

"Diana picked up some strange readings from the Tower, but we can't find anything."

"Well, where are you?"

There was a pause before Flash replied, "Would you believe we're at the Bermuda Triangle?"

Batman blinked, a little surprised by that answer, but set to work anyway. Setting the coordinates, he found, based on his computer readings, that there was a strange energy frequency in the form of a triangle.

But weren't all the stories of disappearing ships in that are just legends?

"Superman, J'onn, and GL are out investigating the area," Flash said. "Some fisherman said he lost his boat and something attacked him, so there checking it out."

"Couldn't go with them?" It was a serious question, though it sounded as if he were making fun of Flash.

"No," the quickster replied in an almost pouty tone. "I can't stay still t stay above water, but they're just investigating certain areas at a time…"

Batman nodded slightly, then looked back at the computer screen. There was something strange going on…

"I'm on my way over," he said, turning off the communication line. Standing, he reached out to grab his utility belt with his injured hand when a sudden wave of pain shot out, causing him to stop. Wincing slightly, he pulled his hand back, rubbing it. Then, he reached for his belt again, ignoring the pain as he grabbed it and put it on.

Nothing has ever stopped him from doing what he had to do. Not if he could help it.

He was stubborn that way.

Flash watched from his seat on top of the Javelin as the Bat Jet descended, landing on the beach. As soon as it landed, Batman got out, making his way to the white ship.

"You're late," the quickster said with a grin. "I would've expected you earlier…"

Not replying to the comment, Batman said, "The people around here say the area seems to glow at night, and there are many strange things that happen."

"Like what?"

"People disappearing at night….many claim that at least one family member is missing……"

"What do you make of it?"

"Not sure, really…" Pulling out a scanner from his belt, Batman took a reading of the area, getting the same result as before. "I assume you know the legends of ships getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle?"

"Yeah…" Flash replied, a little unsure of where this was going.

Not answering, the Dark Knight simply put the scanner away. 'Could those be possibly be connected with this?' he asked himself.

Suddenly, the sound of voices reached his ears. Surprised, Batman looked around but saw no one.

Noticing this, Flash looked at the Dark Knight. "You okay?"

"Fine…" he replied. But the voices he heard wouldn't go away.

He's the one?

Appears so…

Is he good enough?

One way to find out…

We should take him now!

But his friend…

So we take him out first…

There was a flash of light, a beam of lightning followed and shot out at Flash, electrocuting him before he even saw it. He cried out as he fell to the ground.

"Flash!" Just as he bent down to help, the pain in Batman's arm shot through his body. He groaned, falling to his knees. The pain escalated, becoming too much for him, and he soon lost consciousness.

Groggily, he opened his eyes, only to be partially blinded by a bright light. Groaning, he found that he couldn't move. He also found that he didn't care at all.

Two shadows hovered over him, but he couldn't make out who they were because of the blinding light above him.

This one is a fine specimen indeed, said one. Much better than the other subjects we had captured before.

So it appears, said the other, looking at his comrade. But we must be certain of it first…

How should we go about it?

Let us run a test…

He barely felt as one of the shadows picked his arm up, removing the glove and bandage that covered his wound.

You plan on putting that in his body? What good will that do?

Not much…here…

You don't mean…!

I do…but only for a while…to study him…

The others won't like it…

If this is the perfect specimen, then a while won't matter…If it is not, then they will thank me for saving all the time and experiments on it. Either way, this is for the best…

With a small groan, he closed his eyes again.

"Batman?" a soft familiar voice called to him.

With a throbbing head, the Dark Knight opened his eyes. He saw J'onn looking down at him, a concerned look on his face – at least as concerned as a Martian could look like.

"Are you all right?" the Man-hunter asked.

"Fine," he replied, sitting up. "What happened?"

"We're not sure. You and Flash were unconscious when we found you…"

"Where is Flash?"

"He awoke a little earlier than you and went into the kitchen."

Batman nodded slightly.

"I was worried about you earlier, but it seems I had no reason to be."

He looked at the Martian. "What do you mean?"

"Your arm wasn't as injured as I previously thought…"

A little surprised, Batman tightened his hand into a fist, finding no pain in his arm at all.

"You should get some rest," J'onn said. With that, the Martian Man-hunter left the medical room.

Watching the other leave, Batman then pulled off his glove. He was surprised to see it not only un-bandaged, but healed.

He began thinking of a strange dream he had prior to J'onn's voice waking him up. It was just a dream……wasn't it?


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