It was night outside and at the 23rd precinct, Elisa and Athena are in Captain Chavez's office having a small argument.

"Come on, Captain. It's Dracon, and you know it!" Elisa argued, "Who else could it have been?"

"Look, Captain. Just give us a warrant and we'll drag that scum back here and-" Athena began.

"We've got no evidence," Captain Chavez told them, "He's bulletproof."

"Big surprise. What exactly was in that crate he stole?" Elisa asked.

Captain Chavez looks at the piece of paper on her desk, "Non-projectile weapon prototypes from Xanatos Enterprises."

"Non-projectile? You mean like lasers?"

At that moment, Owen enters the office, "Something like that detective. They are the latest design and high collimation charged particle beam technology. The laser is just for aiming, the particle beam itself is invisible."

"How many of these guns were stolen?" Captain Chavez asked Owen.

"Three-hundred and twenty-two of various styles, sizes, and power ranges," He answered.

"Great," Elisa mumbled before she and Athena headed toward the door.

"Where are you both going?" Captain Chavez asked.

"To do our job, Captain," Athena replied before she and Elisa left the office and went out to find Dracon.

Inside the Park Manor, Elisa and Athena wait for Dracon to show up. A short while later, they see him and his associates walking down the stairs. Elisa and Athena run up and confront him.

"Dracon!" Elisa shouted over the crowd.

Upon seeing Elisa and Athena, the four bodyguards went defensive but backed down after Dracon gave them a small wave. He stepped forward until he, Athena, and Elisa were almost eye to eye.

"Something on your mind, honeys?" Dracon asked, his voice dripping with malice.

"We have a few questions for you about that armed hijacking that took place earlier today," Elisa retorted, unfazed by his antics.

"Hijacking?" Dracon asked in mock confusion. "Sorry honey, but you got the wrong guy. I'm just a businessman."

The bodyguards began laughing, only angering Elisa and Athena more than they already were.

"I assume you have an alibi then?" Athena asked, slightly annoyed.

"I was with these guys, " Dracon replied, gesturing to his bodyguards. "We were out doing the town."

He walked pasts them with a smug smile on his face, followed one by one by his bodyguards, who each took turns smirking at Elisa and Athena. Elisa soon spoke up again, walking after the group.

"One of these days, you're gonna slip up Tony." She warned him. "And when you do, We'll be there."

Dracon stopped walking and turned back to them.

"Hey… I told you two, I'm not the guy." He told them, "And if I was the guy, you couldn't do a thing about it. In fact, if I were to tell one of my associates to go and sell off some merchandise to raise some operating capital, you couldn't do anything about that either. Face it, sugars. You got nothing."

With that, Dracon and his men walked off, leaving Athena and Elisa steaming with anger.

The two returned to Elisa's apartment, Elisa removes her jacket and her holstered gun and hangs both upon her coat rack. Her cat Cagney starts meowing at her and rubs lovingly against her leg.

She picks him up, "Hey, Cagney. You hungry, Cagney? Be glad you got a home Cagney the streets just got a whole lot meaner."

They went into the kitchen and after Elisa gave Cagney his food, she began cooking a meal while discussing Dracon with Athena. A while later, the two hear Broadway.

"Elisa? You home?" He called.

"Is that you Broadway?" She asked.

"I was in the neighborhood," Broadway replied as he hops in from the window," Hey, Athena, what are you doing here?"

"Me and Elisa are just discussing a case," She answered.

"Cool," He responded.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll throw in a couple of steaks," Elisa told him.


While Elisa and Athena continue discussing Dracon, Broadway looks around at Elisa's house admiring a photo of her family. Then something else catches his eye: Elisa's gun in its holster on the coat rack. Broadway gently pulled it out of the holster, holding it in his claws and looking at it with fascination.

"Cool," Broadway said as he wedged his large finger onto the trigger, then began pointing it around the room, shouting, "Watch out Pilgrim! And don't forget the horse!"

He jumps around the apartment, aiming the gun. Elisa and Athena's backs are turned to him and they don't notice what he's doing, assuming that he is just fooling around. Broadway turns toward Elisa and Athena when the gun goes off in his hand.

"Sorry!" he called out as he placed the gun back where he'd found it, "My fault! I was playing with the gun. Stupid of me. I hope I didn't break anything."

He looks over at Elisa's kitchen and sees that the meal she was preparing is still cooking on the stovetop, but Elisa and Athena, themselves, are not visible. Feeling concerned, he carefully approaches and is horrified to discover Elisa and Athena lying on the floor in a pool of blood, not moving and their eyes closed.

"No… Athena! Elisa!" He screamed.

He looks at the gun and drops it before running to their side, picking Athena up and trying to get her to wake up. Unfortunately, she was as limp as a rag doll in his grip.

"No, no, wake up Athena! Elisa!" he cried. "Wake up!"

But they didn't stir. Broadway was beginning fearing the worst and knew that there was only one way to save them, he scooped Athena and Elisa up before flying out the skylight.

Broadway glided as fast as he could towards the nearest hospital, where two empty gurneys had been left by the emergency room doors. He laid them down as gently, and when he pulled away, he was horrified to see his hands covered in their blood.

"What have I done…?" he gasped.

At that moment, he heard the sounds of footsteps approaching. He dove behind the hospital's dumpster just as two medics came walking out to take care of the gurneys. However, when they saw Elisa and Athena laying on them, they quickly ran to their side.

"What happened?" One asked.

"They've been shot! I can't get a pulse!" the other quickly replied.

They each grab a clean rag before pressing it down onto the wounds.

"Get Them inside. Stat!"

The two medics ran inside with the two gurneys carrying Elisa and Athena as Broadway watched hidden behind a dumpster. He looked up to see the sun about to rise, knowing he wouldn't make it back to the castle in time. He climbed up to the top of the hospital, still looking at his bloody hands.

"Elisa, Athena" he prayed silently "Please be alright…"

A short while later, Jason had woken up and saw that Athena was not in bed beside him. He quickly dismissed it as he assumed that she must still be with Elisa or at the castle. He continued with his morning routine and was on his way toward the door when the phone started ringing. He placed his briefcase down before picking it up.

"Hello?" Jason answered.

"Is this Jason Blood?" A woman on the other end asked.


"This is Captain Chavez of the 23rd precinct, I work with Athena. I believe we've met once or twice," Captain Chavez said.

"Ah, yes, Captain Chavez. If you are asking for Athena, I'm afraid she's not here at the moment," Jason replied.

"I know. That's actually why I'm calling you."

"What do you mean?"

"Over half an hour ago, Athena and Elisa were found on two gurneys outside a hospital. They had gunshot wounds and are currently in surgery," Captain Chavez explained.

"How?" Jason asked.

"Elisa and Athena were working a case that involved a few cases of high tech weaponry. They were very determined to get those guns off the streets. We're thinking that the crime boss, Dracon, who stole them shot Athena and Elisa"

Jason clenched his fist, "Do you know what hospital they were found?"

"Yes, it's Manhattan General," She answered," I'll let them know you're on the way and we'll keep you informed of any updates."

"Thank you, Captain," Jason hangs up the phone. He closes his eyes in anger, "Gone, gone the form of man, Rise the demon Etrigan!"

As he roared and flames erupted, he transformed into Etrigan. When the flames ceased, a ball of fire shot from his mouth and hits the wall. The flames disappeared and caused no damage to the wall as Etrigan waved his hand, "Those who harmed the hair on the maidens' heads, shall face my fury before they're dead."

Etigan soon calmed down and spoke the chant to turn back into Jason, "Gone, gone O' Etrigan! Rise again the form of man!"

Now back to his human form, Jason rushes out of the house and drives to the hospital as fast as he can.

After what seemed like an eternity to Jason, he had arrived at Manhattan General. Once he parked his car, Jason rushed into the hospital and only stopped when he was at the resignation/ admissions desk.

"I'm here for Detective Athena Wyvern. Captain Chavez called ahead to let you know that I was on my way. My name is Jason Blood," Jason informed the nurse at the desk.

"Yes, Captain Chavez did call ahead. Unfortunately, Detective Wyvern is still in surgery," The nurse informed him," But if you wait out there in the waiting room, I'll let you know when they move her out and into a room."

"Of course, thank you," Jason reluctantly said before taking a seat in the waiting room. Every passing second felt like torture to Jason as he waited to hear the Athena was in her room. He tried to keep himself busy by reading one of the magazines or watching the news on the TV in the room, but nothing helped.

After hours of waiting, the nurse told him that the surgery was over and Athena was being transferred to a room. She told him that he was going to wait a few more minutes before going in. Once that time had passed, a doctor approached Jason.

"Are you Mr. Blood?" She asked.

Jason stood up from the seat, "Yes, I am."

"I'm Doctor Elton. I operated on Athena," Dr. Elton told him.

"Is she alright?" Jason asked.

"She made it through without any complications. Luckily, the bullet didn't hit anything important and was a through and through, there was some blood loss but she's going to be fine," She explained.

"Thank you, Doctor Elton. Can you take me to her?"

"Of course, follow me," She replied.

The walk to Athena's room was not a long one but it felt as if it was to Jason. They eventually reached the room and stood outside the door before Doctor Elton opened it for Jason.

"I'll leave you two alone, but if you need anything a nurse will come in," She told him.

"Thank you, Doctor," Jason said. Doctor Elton nodded in response before leaving. Jason closed the door behind him and walked to an unconscious Athena's bedside. He kneeled down on and held her hand in his. A moment passed before Athena's eyes fluttered open.

"What brings a guy like you to a place like this?" Athena asked in a joking tone.

Jason chuckled, "There was a woman I had to see. Maybe you've seen her; hair as black as the night sky, skin almost as pale as the moon, and eyes that could be jewels. She also was raised to be a very powerful warrior. Beautiful yet deadly."

"I might have seen her around," Athena smiles at him," Jason, you know what you must do."

"Of course. I love you," Jason kissed her hand before reciting an incantation, "Forces of magic, dark and light, I command you to weaken my enemy's might. Attenuare!"

Athena's eyes fluttered for a moment before they closed and she went back to sleep. Jason kissed her forehead, but before he could leave the room something from the window in the room. When the window opened, Goliath stepped into the room and his eyes were filled with sadness when he saw Athena and walk toward her before holding her hand.

"We heard what happened to them when we visited Elisa. I promise to find the man who did this to them," Goliath vowed,"Why is she here? I thought my daughter was immortal?"

"She is it's just that it takes a certain amount of time for her to heal depending on the injury," Jason explained," We had a plan should something like this happen. One would cast a spell on the other to slow down the healing enough so no one would grow suspicious of us."

Goliath's eyes glow, "I must go now and avenge them," He moves toward the window to leave but was stopped by Jason.

"I'm coming with you. I know that Athena will heal and have no physical remnant of the injury, but I want the man who harmed her to pay," He said.

"Very well. I heard a woman named Maria say that Elisa and Athena confronted him at the Park Manor, so there must be a chance that he lives there," Goliath told Jason.

"He does," Jason confirmed," I will meet you on the roof of the building across from here before we find Dracon."

Goliath nodded before gilding out the window to the building's rooftop. Jason left the room and as he walked down the hall, Jason saw Doctor Elton and approached her.

"Alert me if anything happens," Jason told.

Doctor Elton nodded and said, "Of course."

"Thank you," He said before he continued walking out of the hospital. Once he was outside, Jason went into an ally way and made sure that no one was around before he recites the chant, "Gone, gone the form of man, Rise the demon Etrigan!"

Flames erupted as he transformed into Etrigan before he dug his claws into the wall and climbed up to the roof of the building next to the hospital. Once he was on the roof, wings sprouted from his back and he flew to the other rooftop and met Goliath.

"The fool who harm the maidens under the cover of darkness is a coward, with the flames of revenge he shall be devoured," Etrigan said before he and Goliath jumped off the roof with their eyes glowing with anger and flew across the city to the Park Manor.

When the two reached the Park Manor, they landed on the balcony of the penthouse and saw through the doors, and sure enough, there was Dracon and some of his men were there. The two listened in on the conversation taking place inside the penthouse.

"Our buyer is gonna pay top dollar for this Buck Rogers stuff, " Dracon gloated.

"We're set for midnight down at the docks," A henchmen wearing thick glasses said, "I'll meet you there."

Out on the highway, Chief Chavez and her driver were doing their best to discretely follow Dracon. However, despite their best efforts, Dracon's driver spotted them. The driver then quickly swerved, nearly cutting off a large semi. While Chavez and the driver did their best to get around the same truck, Dracon's driver managed to make a hard right. As the police continued down the street, Dracon's car speeds up for the cops to lose visual contact with him. The driver pulls into a garage and the door shuts behind the car. Once the cops drive past, the garage opens again and Dracon's car drives off in the other direction. Though the driver has successfully eluded the police, but Goliath and Etrigan watch the car drives off perched on the rooftop above, before flying after it.

Goliath and Etrigan land on the roof of a warehouse as Dracon and his men enter. They have the stolen guns and are just waiting for the buyer to arrive. Broadway glides over and joins Goliath and Etrigan on the roof.

"How did you-" Goliath began before cutting himself off. "Never mind. You're just in time to help us deal with the one who shot Elisa and Athena."

Broadway gasped, "What?"

"That's right. You don't know," Goliath remembered," Elisa and Athena were shot and the human responsible are in that building."

"Come while the high, our vengeance is nigh," Etirgan said before he and Goliath jumped off the building, with Broadway behind them.

Etrigan, Goliath, and Broadway burst through the warehouse wall.

That was when Goliath, Broadway, and Brooklyn all tore through the wall of the warehouse, running straight at the thugs. Dracon's eyes became as wide as saucers as he backed away.

"Shoot 'em!" he shouted.

Dracon's men began open firing on the gargoyles, but they quickly dodged the shots which hit Dracon's car, diving behind crates of merchandise. Goliath found the circuit breaker and destroyed it, plunging the entire warehouse into darkness. The goons huddled together, guns drawn and ready to fire. However, they didn't notice Broadway was above them. Broadway jumped from the rafters, landing behind Dracon and his goons.

"You're mine!" Broadway snarled, eyes glowing bright, "All of you!"

He tosses one of the men aside and strikes another down with his wing. Dracon backs away and tries to disappear amongst the shipping containers, but Goliath and Etrigan see him. Dracon's remaining thugs try to shoot Broadway, but he dodges until he's close enough to attack the first one and grab the other one's hand from above with his tail and fling him into a crate.

One of the goons tires to shoot Broadway, but he quickly dodges him, before snapping the gun in half and throwing the goona across the warehouse. Another was randomly shooting around before Broadway wrapped his tail around the goons's arms and throwing him into a crate.

Broadway sees Goliath and Etriagn pursuing Dracon up a scaffolding. Dracon reaches the landing and fires a few shots at Ertigan and Goliath. He loses sight of the them until Goliath's tail reaches up, grabs the gun from Dracon's hand, and tosses it away. Goliath breaks through the floor of the scaffolding and chases Dracon. Dracon nearly falls to the ground below, but he catches him by his leg.

"You are the one who shot Elisa Maza and my daughter!" Goliath stated with anger as he dangled Dracon over the edge.

"Stop!" Broadway cried as he climbed up to them, "You can't kill him!"

"You think not?" Goliath asked,"Elisa and Athena will have their revenge… through me."

"But he didn't shoot Elisa and Athena! I did," Broadway admitted.

The glow from both Goliath's and Etriagn's eyes faded and they both stared at Broadway in confusion.

"What?" Goliath asked.

"It was an accident…," Broadway explained, "I was looking at Elisa's gun… and it went off…."

Etrigan and Goliath both narrowed their eyes, and Broadway wrapped his wings around himself, effectively flinching.

"I'm sorry…" he whimpered.

Brooklyn looked at his rookery brother, then up at Dracon, still caught in his tail. Sighing, he pulled the gangster back onto the scaffolding, then ripped a piece of the guardrail off. He wrapped it around the thug, entrapping his arms.

"Come." Goliath said softly. "We have much to talk about."

Etrigan and Goliath made their way back down to the first floor, with Broadway following them like a condemned prisoner.

Goliath looks back down at Dracon dangling from his grasp. He breaks off a metal rail from the scaffolding, hauls Dracon up and twists it around him, securing his arms.

The three rounded up Dracon's thugs and the rest of the stolen weaponry was gathered up. The sound of the warehouse's main doors opening drew their attention, and Goliath couldn't help but snarl as Owen walked in.

"You were the buyer?" he asked.

"Mr. Xanatos needed to retrieve the stolen guns," Owen replied, "No matter what the cost."

"Are they all here?" Goliath asked.

Owen examined the containers and let out a small sigh, "Unfortunately, it appears that 37 of the weapons are missing. Pity.

"Today we must take a stand, weapons such as these do not belong in the hands of man," Etrigan summons a ball of fire before aiming it at the stockpile of guns. Owen's eyes widen and reached towards the demon.

"What are you-?"

Etrigan shoots the ball of fire before Owen could finish, setting the guns ablaze and thus destroying all of them, except for one.

"Mister Xanatos is not going to like this…" Owen warned them.

"I'd be more than happy to discuss the matter with him." Goliath replied.

Etriagns handed the last gun to Goliath, and he ripped it in half before placing it in Dracon's lap.

"What are you doing?" Dracon asked.

"Making sure the police link you with the stolen property," Goliath answered. He turned to Broadway, "Come we have two sick friends to visit."

"You mean… Elisa isn't dead?" Broadway asked hopefully as he perked up.

A glare from Goliath and Etrigan made his face fell and the three left the warehouse for the hospital.

At the hospital, Athena slowly began to regain consciousness. She sees a nurse checking her IVs before noticing that she is awake.

"Well, good morning or just about, sleeping beauty," The nurse greeted.

Athena tried to get up but stop when she felt pain in her shoulder and grunted in pain. The nurse gently helps her back down.

"Careful, you may have not gotten the worst of it but it will still hurt," She told Athena.

"My friend is she alright?" Athena asked.

"She's fine," The nurse replied, "I can get a wheelchair if you would like to see her?"

The nurse left the room and soon returned with a wheelchair. She helped Athena into the chair and wheeled her into Elisa's room. The nurse placed her next to Elisa before pushing the pedal down locking the wheelchair.

"I leave you two alone for a while and if you need anything just call," The nurse told Athena before she left the room.

"Hey, Athena," Elisa softly said.

"Hey, Elisa," Athena returned.

The window opens and Goliath, Ertigan, and Broadway enter.

"Hey guys…" Elisa murmured softly.

"Elisa, it was all my fault. I was playing with your gun and it went off," Broadway confessed. She reaches out a hand to him and he takes it, "I'll never touch a gun again."

"I should have been a lot more careful where I left it. We both made mistakes," Elisa told him.

"Yeah…" Broadway agreed. "But you and Athena nearly paid for those mistakes."

"Then let's not repeat them," Athena suggested.

Etrigan walked over to Athena's side and held her hand in his,"Though one's actions has caused heartache, we can only try to not repeat our mistakes. Many do not bother, but it is important to forgive each other. Gone, gone O' Etrigan! Rise again the form of man!"

Flames erupted and Jason was transformed back into his human form. He and Athena smiled at each and he kneeled beside her.

"Come, she needs her rest," Goliath told Broadway.

"Goliath…"Elisa called.

Goliath gently shushed her,"Sleep now…, " He strokes her hair gently, then heads out the window himself, "You're safe."

As dawn comes, Elisa drifted into a peaceful sleep, and outside her window, two stone gargoyles stood guard watching over her.