Story by: "Jay Season Evanoff"

Date started: August 2, 2019

Date finished: August 20, 2019

(Most) Characters rightfully owned by: Nintendo and pthouse

Edit: added pthouse in "Characters rightfully owned by" alongside Nintendo. pthouse is the creator of Hal and Jeff, a Koopa Troopa and Goomba, respectively, from Bowser's Kingdom, a series in Newgrounds. I'm a big fan of the series, so I added them here in this story. Enjoy :D

Chapter 1

In a distant reality far from this one, there exists a planet with numerous lands ruled by kingdoms of mystical creatures.

A long time ago, there was one peaceful village in a land called Mushroom Land. The land had no ruler, however, but the villagers lived happily and peacefully without one. The land comprises of the following inhabitants: human-like, child-sized beings with no visible nose, beady eyes and stubby limbs (yet they possess considerable strength and speed) and they grow big mushroom caps (with gills inside their caps) on their heads, much like humans who grow hairs on their heads; these beings are known as Toads. They only wear vests, white pants and brown shoes.

There are other two inhabitants in Mushroom Land, such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Goombas are a race closely resembling mushrooms that possess big eyes and bushy eyebrows, a mouth with one fang on each side of their lower jaw and a pair of legs on the bottom side of their stalk.

Koopa Troopas do not resemble any of the mushroom-like creatures. Instead, they possess reptilian features and resemble human-sized dinosaurs. Their reptilian skin is naked and green in color, thin posture, stubby tail, snake-like tongues and wide, flat teeth. Koopa Troopas can either walk on all-fours or hind legs, whichever they please.

These three races in Mushroom Land lived at the village in peace, working together in harmony. The villagers' profession is usually farming, which they farm small mushrooms with a red cap and white spots for food and small mushrooms with a green cap and white spots for medicine, particularly for healing. Indeed, the lives of the Mushroom Land inhabitants lived in peace and prosperity.

The Mushroom Land resides in a continent, where there is another inhabited land beside Mushroom Land. This other land is darker than the joyful light shining in Mushroom Land. A land with so much lava pools, nearly lacking agriculture, grounds stained in dirt and devastation should be the lands of waste and desperation.


That land belongs to King Bowser Koopa, the large, ruthless, fire-breathing, green-skinned dinosaur who rules an army of his own making in a castle built in a dormant volcano, the very center of that dark land King Bowser names: The Koopa Kingdom.

King Bowser Koopa has two small horns, one on each side of his temples. He has red Mohawk-styled hair on his head and red eyebrows. He also has fiery-red eyes, carnivorous teeth and a large tail with two spikes on top of this tail. His snout is cream-colored, and that color also covers from his cheeks to his chin, to the chest of his body and to the bottom of his large tail. He wears black bands with white spikes on each of the wrists of his muscular green, reptilian arms. Each of his two hands has three fingers and one thumb; his fingers sport tough claws strong enough to break rock in one scratch. His back has a durable lump with spikes, making his own physique resemble a turtle-dinosaur hybrid, but greater.

King Bowser Koopa, or simply addressed as King Bowser or King Koopa, has conquered many lands in the continent. He is rumored to possess untold abilities powerful enough to curse his victims, but none of these abilities are seen or discovered after those who oppose King Bowser have already fallen into his hands.

King Bowser has conquered every land of the continent but one: the peaceful Mushroom Land.

In King Bowser's castle, King Bowser's advisor and commander of King Bowser's army, a Koopa Troopa with beady eyes (which he must wear a large pair of eyeglasses) wearing a blue-hooded robe walks on the red-colored carpet leading to the throne where King Bowser sits. This Koopa Troopa is called Kamek, who possesses magical abilities, nearly but not as great as King Bowser's. Koopa Troopas who possess magic abilities are called Magikoopas, a clan of yellow-skinned Koopa wizards.

Kamek approaches his king sitting on his great throne. The Magikoopa kneeled before his king and greeted him, "My king."

"My loyal advisor and commander," King Bowser acknowledges Kamek's title, "Kamek, have you made your report regarding on the Power Star?"

Kamek stood on his feet and answered, "Your expedition team has not yet possessed the Power Star, nor do the Mushroom Landers."

King Bowser gritted his carnivorous teeth, clenched his fingers on his throne's arms and his eyes turn into a fierce expression. Kamek fears his king's disappointed expression, but King Bowser softens his reaction to Kamek's report and tells him about the Power Star they were searching for, "The Power Star is the only weapon powerful enough to expel or destroy the uncontainable, powerful black magic inside the vessel of my body."

"You are truly powerful, King Bowser," Kamek complimented and praised his master.

King Bowser stood up from his throne and instructed Kamek, "If the Mushroom Landers have not possessed the Power Star, then they are as defenseless as the other six worlds we have conquered in this continent. Assemble our armies, for we will strike against the Mushroom Land."

Kamek saluted before his king and conjures a levitating broomstick, which he rides on and flies off like a witch. King Bowser Koopa obtains his chest plate in full size of the king's whole width, but the chest plate only covers his front and leaves a large space in the neck area, thus his spiky-shelled back is still exposed. The chest plate has large arm holes for King Bowser to fit in his muscular arms. The chest plate is colored yellow with a thin, cream-colored plastron running from top to bottom of his chest plate.

At the grounds in front of the volcanic castle, King Bowser's army lined up facing at the castle. The army comprises of many Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Lakitus, Hammer Bros and Magikoopas.

Lakitus are Koopas who have beady eyes and wear rounded eyeglasses and they have a lump just like King Bowser, minus the spikes. They ride on solid clouds as transports, to which Lakitus are pointed out as part of the air force of King Bowser's soldiers. Lakitus deploy curled up spiked turtles, which walk on their stubby all-fours; these spiked turtles are known as Spinies (Spiny in singular). They are small, red-skinned reptiles.

Hammer Bros are Koopa Troopas who sport green shell-like helmets on their heads, and they hurl hammers supplied through manifesting them magically. They can also jump very high to dodge attacks.

The Koopa Troopas in King Bowser's army wear smaller versions of King Bowser's chest plate, but they have a shell-like lump on the back of their chest plates. Hammer Bros do not wear their Koopa Troopa armory, however.

Magikoopas are trained with magic. They have the same appearance as Kamek, their leader, but his robe is colored darker than the lighter-colored Magikoopas. Their magic abilities are contained in a red orb fitted in a golden staff. A swing of their staff, or magic wand, can conjure a varying magic ability they will to choose. They ride on their flying broomsticks to attack from above.

King Bowser Koopa also has a fleet of massive, propeller-powered battleships fitted with blasters and cannons. Piloted by Koopa Troopas, these airships have an arsenal of spherical black bombs with mechanical legs powered by a wind-up key on the back and a fuse on top which can light up on its own or manually; these walking bombs are known as Bob-ombs. These Bob-ombs are also fitted in parachutes to become Parabombs, the Koopa soldiers' aerial bombs.

The airships' cannons shoot out missile-shaped arsenals drawn with eyes and arms known as Bullet Bills. They are known for raining down from King Bowser's airships, but they can also be shot out from blasters horizontally.

King Bowser Koopa appears on the balcony, looking at his troops fiercely. His soldiers stood up straight before their king. King Bowser gave his speech loud and clear to his troops, "My Koopa Army! Today, we will conquer the seventh land of this continent! We will wage war against the people of Mushroom Land! Raid their houses for food! Hoard their gold and worth to me! Your king, conqueror of six worlds, master of mysterious arts, the fiercest beast in the continent, Bowser Koopa commands you… to charge to the Mushroom Land!"

His soldiers cry out to start war as they charged to the direction where Mushroom Land is. King Bowser Koopa jumped from his balcony to one of his airships as the fleet fly off to the skies above the continent. The king gave out one roar loud enough to warn the Mushroom Landers that he and his army are coming.

The Mushroom Landers panicked. The Toad villagers quickly entered their homes to take their children and their supplies. They have nothing to fight back at all.

The Goombas and Koopa Troopas living in the land suddenly ran to another direction.

One of the Toads yelled out to them, "Where are you going?! We have…!"

Out in the distance, the Koopa Army and their fleet of airships are approaching the village. The Toads screamed and ran away to an opposite direction from where their fellow Goombas and Koopa Troopas ran from. Bullet Bills are fired from the blasters of King Bowser's airships, aiming at the presumed escape path of the Toads. Half of the Toad population managed to pass through the targeted area, while a part of the half has been injured by the raining Bullet Bill attack. As for the other part of the half are cornered by King Bowser's soldiers.

The Toads looked at the Goombas and Koopa Troopas, those who are part of King Bowser's army.

One of them angrily believed, "You traitors! We were raised in harmony! All of us! Now you turn against us?!"

The opposing Goombas and Koopa Troopas growled and snarled at them without a word, scaring the Toads. Kamek falls slowly, grinning at the captured Toads. His hand glows with purple light and spoke to his hand, "King Bowser, you have collected ninety-two Toads in total, both injured and alive."

"There are other ninety-two Toads I should capture," Bowser replied to his army commander, "they are heading towards a Warp Pipe."

Warp Pipes are vertical or horizontal tunnels which lead to a random place. They come in many colors and transport those who stumble upon one. A few Toads manage to fall through a vertical green-colored Warp Pipe, twenty-five of them. The rest of the Toads who attempted to escape through the Warp Pipe failed when the Lakitus surrounded the Warp Pipe with the spike-covered Spinies.

A Hammer Bro in the airship King Bowser is in counted how many Toads have successfully escaped, "My king. Twenty-five Toads have escaped. We… you have sixty-seven more Toads in your hand."

King Bowser crossed his arms in disappointment. He opened his hand as a purple light glows on his palm and he speaks to it, "That Warp Pipe should spread those Toads in eight worlds of this continent, like all Warp Pipes. Kamek, round up all those Toads I captured. It is time to expand this army, spread the empty worlds we conquered with my soldiers!"

The airship King Bowser is in lands closely to the ground of Mushroom Land. The airstair opens so that the king's soldiers can board the Toads inside. As they enter the airship, the Toads' faces turn into pale and fear as they look in horror of their conqueror.

"K-King Bowser… K-Koopa," the Toads muttered the king's name in fear.

King Bowser grinned with his carnivorous teeth and opened his hands. King Bowser's troops raided the Toad villagers' homes to steal their abandoned belongings. They could hear high-pitch screaming from the airship, but it did not concern the soldiers as they continue to collect the remains of the village.

Somewhere under the Mushroom Land is a mysterious cave no foot has ever stepped on, not even a wind or a ray of sunlight. There is one door and a Warp Pipe passageway as entrances and exits of this cave, but the door has been sealed as if this cave is locked away.

Inside the cave lies a floating star glowing in a fainting light.

Suddenly, the passageway of the Warp Pipe leading to this sacred cave glows in a faint light as a voice echoes inside the cave and it says, "Eight worlds have been conquered. Innocent souls remained to a few we could sense have spread throughout this continent. There are others we cannot anymore. It is why we called out to every reality with what is left of our power. Only you have come to this sacred place? So be it. We offer you power to cleanse this world for the good of the innocents. Save them, hear their cries to find where the conqueror sealed them in."

The passageway darkens and the floating star providing light begins to fade. From the passageway of the Warp Pipe, quiet yet casual footsteps can be heard.