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Title: Models


A new year was beginning. 5th year. What would it be like? Voldemort was rising again, gaining as much power to overtake the Ministry of Magic and to get rid of the stupid boy who lived.

Speaking of which, Harry Potter was dragging his things once again to the familiar platform. He was so accustomed with the barrier that he didn't even bother to look if somebody was watching. Fortunately, there was no one that seemed to care. His mind was thinking of what would happen to him this year. He nearly got killed last year. He wanted in someway to be prepared for what Voldemort was planning for him. The only way to get this advantage is to psyche himself to prepare. This thought ended up with him thinking of his 2 best friends.

Does Ron still fancy Hermione? Did Hermione change her mind about not coming to Victor Krum's place during the vacation? Would he see more of his uncle Sirius now? What did Dumbledore planned as a counter for the coming back of Voldemort? This were merely a few of the things that went through his mind.

So back in the story, he sped forward as fast as he can without really running when he bumped something large. That was effective enough to jolt his mind back in track.

"I'm sorry." he started to say but caught himself before he could continue since the thing that he bumped was, let's say not a thing, but Goyle's big butt.

"You really need to have your eyes checked since your glasses aren't helping. Or is it because you're scar is hurting again that you makes you want to cry?" Draco Malfoy smirked although he kicked himself with such a lame remark.

Harry was not able to hear his remark however. Something caught his eye. There was a girl wearing muggle sweater that revealed a nicely shaped body and a skirt that barely kept what it was supposed to keep. He pushed through Malfoy eager to see who the person was. He had a feeling that he had met this person.

The person heard someone behind her and turned around. She saw the guy who was going towards her and gave him a wide smile.

"Hermione?" Harry had to ask to be sure. This girl was different to the one that he talked to last school year. Her hair flowed manageably down her shoulders. She was a bit thin before but now she grew up and filled out all that was possible to be filled up with, proportionately of course.

Hermione could see the awe in Harry's eyes. She just smiled more. "Hi Harry! How was your vacation? Have you seen Ron?"

"No, why?" He asked. He could see she was happy about something. He wanted to know what is it. He started thinking about possibilities that could've make her smile. One possibility is that she stayed with Victor Krum over the summer or that Ron and her were dating. Either way he did not like both.

"Nothing really." she stopped for awhile. "It's just that I wanted you both to know that I was made Prefect!!! I couldn't believe it! Isn't that great? I mean I could finally get back with all the teasing that the Slytherins are giving us. I can finally fight back. I wouldn't be like the pushover I was last year. I could take points against them!" She smiled satisfyingly.

'Oh god when did she had that inviting smile?' He couldn't help but smile as well. She's a prefect and still free! What am I thinking? She's my best friend. Yeah, but wouldn't that make the relationship better? You were friends first before she becomes your girlfriend? His mind was debating about his feelings about this gorgeous woman that was his best friend.


Draco was at first furious at Harry for ignoring him. Then he saw what caught Potter's attention. He wondered who the girl was for a second. Then the girl turned and presented herself as the mudblood that was Granger. He could feel his mouth dangling open at the scene that he saw. Short skimpy shirt clung tightly to her wonderful ass. The sweater hardened the blow since it accentuated her full-formed breasts. 'Blast! When did a mudblood become so. damn!' He couldn't even think of word to describe her. Unfortunately, someone clung to his arms. Unfortunately? Or was it fortunately? He couldn't believe he stared at a mudblood. 'Maybe it's just the heat?'

The person that clung to him dragged him onto the train, talking about how she missed him and asked him if he would share a room with her to make up for loss time. Draco couldn't shake the image of Granger away, so he absent-mindedly agreed to whatever his companion was saying. Finally when he shook the image temporarily out of his mind he noticed that he was sitting in the same booth with the LOUD Pansy.


The Weasley's got up quite late, so they were rushing through the barrier. Ron was the first one to cross the barrier since he was anxious about meeting Hermione again. He found himself thinking about her a lot during the summer. Then something caught his eye. 'Is that Harry hugging someone aside from Cho Chang?' Then he saw it. It was Hermione. AND she's CHANGED!!! He tensed. He did not know what to do. He just stared for a while. Then he felt someone bumping into him. "Oowwww! Watch it!"

"Maybe if you'd move then we could've passed easily?" Ginny said irritably. She too was anxious about seeing someone. She noticed her brother staring at something and looked at it as well. She did not like what she saw. Hermione and Harry? She didn't wait any longer and stomped off into the train.

"Looky-looky! Little brother got his heart crushed!" Fred chided.

"Shut up!" Ron yelled.

"What happened? Ooh Hermione and Harry eh?" George joined in smiling at his little brother.

"I'm guessing it's not what it looks like. I mean they're best friends aren't they." He answered defensively.

"Sure, sure. Whatever you say bro." With that, the twins headed towards the train as well.

'Oh well, there's no place to go.' "Hey guys!" Ron cried trying to sound cheerful.

"Oh Ron!" Hermione rushed towards him and hugged him.

"Hi Ron. Seems like you're late today." Harry joined his 2 best friends.

"Yeah, well. Had a hard time with chores last time with Fred and George always busy thinking of their little business."

"Ron, guess what!" Hermione couldn't contain her happiness anymore.

"What?" Ron was starting to dread what she was gonna say. 'Please don't tell me that you and Harry are a couple. please.'

"I've been chosen as a Prefect!!! Can you believe that?"

"Oh!" He sighed as Hermione hugged him again.

"Honestly, I'm not that surprised. You've done you're best with your grades" Harry said, doing his best not to be left out.

"I agree. I mean with your academic standing, you're a shoo-in."

"Guys, you're really sweet."


The train ride was uneventful. Even if Ron and Harry would like to liven things up with Hermione, they couldn't. She is after all their best friend. Hermione enjoyed catching up with her friends. She became aware of the changes Harry and Ron have. Harry grew taller. His skin was tanned than usual. 'He may have done lots of chores with his uncle'. She thought. His once innocent face became a little mature. Actually, his small glasses isn't doing very well with his face anymore. 'Reminder, tell Harry about using contacts'. Moving downwards, one could notice that his shoulders became broader. He was wearing a jacket so she couldn't distinguish the other changes in his body. The only familiar thing that she saw in him was basically the glasses and the large bags under his eyes.

Tired of looking at Harry, or rather embarrassed at staring at Harry for a long time, she examined Ron. Ron grew taller this year. His eyes compared to Harry was softer, more like dreamy. 'I wonder why?' Although he was poorer than Harry, Ron is much richer with happy experiences, she concluded. Nothing much changed about him. There was the same old red hair and towering tallness. His body was not buffed, not that he's gone fat. He had the same body as before which made him look thin.

Finally, when the 2 guys started talking about Quidditch, Hermione started paying attention to reading her schoolbooks.

It may seem that the 3 had changed in their own ways but really, nothing did. It was like summer never came. The 3 friends were back together waiting for their new adventure in Hogwarts.