A/N: Just to let you all know, I have decided not to reveal Tython to Team RWBY at all and fixed the previous chapter. I did careful thinking over it, and I think it won't work well for the story.

Chapter 12: Sequence 5: Loose Ends

"Hey, Blake, you think this game would spoil your reading material?" Ruby asks her Faunus teammate.

"Probably." Blake shrugged. "But what I do know about the difference between novelized video games is that there is much more detail written in them, so I might enjoy reading hidden content in the game."

"Oh! That's cool."

"Who's turn is to play this time?" Weiss asks.

"Can I have a turn?" Blake asks this time. Weiss nodded and handed the controller to her.

"Okay! This would be after the coup, right?" Yang asked. They all responded with a nod. "I wonder how things are after all that?"

The game now fades to white, then simulation forms into a city with Florence (and new areas to explore), showing that everything has calmed down after Francesco's death and the plan to take over the city failed, leading to the end of the one-day civil war.

'Repubblica Fiorentina

April, 1478.'

"Looks like everything is back to normal now." Blake says in relief.

"I'm amazed at how fast at how quickly it was resolved." Weiss said in agreement. "They must have skipped ahead."

The scene now shows Ezio meeting with Lorenzo de' Medici, who has recovered on the Ponte Vecchio.

Ruby gasps. "It's Lorenzo! He's okay!"

"Now that's a relief." Yang smiled along with the others.

The two looked over the city and valley beyond then Lorenzo began to tell his story to Ezio. "When I was six years old, I fell into the Arno. I soon found myself drifting down and into darkness, certain my life was at an end. Instead, I woke to the sound of my mother weeping. At her side stood a stranger, soaking and smiling at me. My mother explained that he had saved me." He placed his hand on the shoulder of the young assassin with a smile on his face. "And so began a long and prosperous relationship between two families; yours and mine."

The girls were all touched and smiled at how the two families met and made such a deep connection.

Then he sadly frowns and looks away with a small amount of shame and regret on his face. "I am sorry I could not save your father and brothers."

They all made sad frowns at that reminder.

"It's not his fault. It's the Pazzi and the Templars that are responsible for the tragedy." Ruby frowned in anger.

"You have nothing to apologize for." Ezio said reassures his new friend. "I believe Jacopo de' Pazzi played a part in their deaths. The attack on you as well. I need to find him."

"Yeah! Jacopo is going to pay!" Yang growled.

"He's the last one in the Pazzi family, right?" Weiss asked.

"That's right along with his fellow conspirators." Blake added.

"That coward fled before we could arrest him!" Lorenzo growled.

"Of course, he would." Weiss scoffed.

"Have you any leads?"

"No." Lorenzo scowled at how little he knows. "They've hidden themselves well."

"They?" The assassin raised a brow.

"Jacopo was not the only conspirator to escape."

"So, the others also escaped." Blake narrowed her eyes.

"Cowards." Weiss spat while unknowingly Blake slightly flinches at that comment but lightly shook her head as she continued to remind herself that she's now a better person when the cat Faunus left the White Fang, but that didn't change the fact that she did wrong things during her time with them.

"If they work with Jacopo, they were surely involved in the plot against my family as well." Ezio looks at Lorenzo with a determined look. "Give me their names."

"Wow… that sounded dark in that last part." Ruby shrunk when Ezio asked for his new targets' names.

"Can't say I blame him. He does want revenge for his family." Yang said. 'I'd probably do the same if something would ever happen to Ruby or any of my team and family.'

Seeing no problem with the question, Lorenzo told him what he knows. "Antonio Maffei, Archbishop Francesco Salviati, Stefano da Bagnone, and Bernardo Baroncelli."

"Bene. (Good)" Ezio nodded. "I will go and see my uncle. He has men stationed in the countryside."

"More people that have to die…" Blake sighed, not liking the idea of killing, but after what has happened, these people deserve what's coming to them.

"You think these were the same ones when Ezio eavesdropped on the Templars?" Ruby asked.

Before Ezio departed, Lorenzo stopped him. "Wait… before you go…" Lorenzo handed Ezio a Codex page.

"A Codex page!" All the girls said ins surprise.

"Who would have thought Lorenzo would have one." Weiss says in surprise.

"I wonder what secrets does this one has?" Blake wondered.

"Yay! Another trip to Leonardo's shop!" Ruby cheered excitedly and hoping that it's something she can upgrade for the Hidden Blades she will make.

"But why does he have one?" Yang wondered.

"A Codex page!" Ezio says in surprise as he took it.

"I took it from the files of Francesco de' Pazzi, seeing as he clearly no longer needs it." Lorenzo explains. "I've always had an interest of things of antiquity. As did your father."

"And a good thing too." Yang chuckled.

"I'm alarmed that the Pazzi had the Codex, but I'm happy that it's now in Assassin hands." Weiss comments.

"It is meaningful to me as well." Ezio added.

"Then consider it a gift!" Lorenzo happily said before bidding farewell to the assassin. "Che il Signore ci protegga. (God save us all)"



'The Pazzi Conspirators

Access Database'

"Okay, let's see who our targets are." Blake comments as she opens the database the notification showed.

(N/A: Not going to describe what the targets look like since they aren't that important.)

'Jacopo de' Pazzi

Date of Birth: 1421.

Profession: Banker, Noble.'

"Jacopo de' Pazzi. The money." Shaun announced from outside the Animus. "This guy was the head of the Pazzi family, and he ran their banking business. An associate of Lorenzo de' Medici, he had nothing against him personally, so he hired four Templar hitmen to take care of the situation for him:"

'Bernardo di Bandino Baroncelli

Date of Birth: 1453.

Profession: Banker.'

"Bernardo di Bandino Baroncelli." Shaun introduced. "Brought up to hate the Medici family for the exile of his cousins, Baroncelli ran the numbers in the Pazzi bank by day and murdered for the Templars at night. It was Baroncelli who delivered the first blow."

'Stefano da Bagnone

Date of Birth: 1418.

Profession: Priest, Advisor to Jacopo de' Pazzi.'

"Stefano da Bagnone." Shaun introduced. "Known for his cruelty, Bagnone was trained in Rome as a Templar butcher. It was Bagnone who stabbed Lorenzo de' Medici in the back."

'Antonio Maffei

Date of Birth: 1450.

Profession: Priest.'

"Antonio Maffei." Shaun introduced. "Witness to the sacking of Volterra by Florentine mercenaries, Maffei blamed Lorenzo. He joined the Templars to seek revenge. It was Maffei who slashed Lorenzo's neck."

'Francesco Salviati

Date of Birth: 1443.

Profession: Archbishop of Pisa.'

"Archbishop Francesco Salviati." Shaun introduced the last one. "Convinced he would be the next archbishop of Florence, Salviati was enraged when Lorenzo stood in his way. But the Templars were there to heal his wounds. It was Salviati who marched their troops into the city."

"These are the same ones from the meeting and the ones that attacked Lorenzo." Ruby narrowed her eyes at the targets and hearing their petty reason for causing such tragedies.

"I hate to admit it, but these conspirators were very organized with the resources and people for the job." Weiss begrudgingly admits but smirks in the end. "A real shame the coup failed."

"A shame indeed." Blake smirked.

"Looks like Ezio is going to have his job cut out for him." Yang comments.

"But first, I need to take him to Leonardo." Blake said as she begins to control the Assassin.

After Ezio Auditore received a Codex page from Lorenzo de' Medici, he traveled to Leonardo da Vinci's workshop to have it decoded.

"Here we are." Blake says as she makes Ezio knock at the door.

"I hope Leonardo is okay after with all the commotion." Ruby says in concern.

"That's right… we have pretty much forgotten that he lives there." Weiss realized.

"I'm sure he's fine, Rubes." Yang reassures her sister.

Ezio arrived at Leonardo's workshop. He first knocks at the door then enters.

Inside, Leonardo was sorting his books. He turns around and sees his friend and walks up to him in relief. "Ezio! Thank God you're all right! This madness with the Medici and the Pazzi… Is this why you pursued Francesco?"

"Thank goodness he's okay." Ruby sighs in relief.

Ezio took his hood off and slightly looked away. "Not exactly…"

Despite the answer, Leonardo brushes it off. "Well, whatever your reasons, the city's safe again, thanks to you! Now tell me: how may I be of service?"

"Never a moment does he misses being so optimistic." Weiss lightly smiles, seeing the similarities between him and her team leader and partner.

"His personality so contagious." Yang laughed.

Ezio handed Leonardo the Codex page in his possession without saying anything, much to the artist's joy.

"Ah! Another page!" Leonardo says in excitement as he walks up to his desk and begins to decode it. "Aha! It's a similar cipher to the last one. This won't take long…" Ezio walks up to him and looks over his shoulder, making sure not to bother him. "Interesting… oh… indeed… I see…" Leonardo then turns to Ezio after finishing what he learned. "It's another blade design – for delivering poison!"

"Oooh! A new design for the Hidden Blade!" Ruby cheered as she bounced on her seat in eager to know how it works.

"Poison, huh? I suppose it is a common use for an assassin." Weiss says the logical at that.

"An assassin's favored weapon next to the Hidden Blade." Yang joked.

"Wait. Does that mean you can add other things than the gun attachment?" Blake asked, getting a gasp from Ruby.

"I wonder if you can combine them." Ruby mutters with stars in her eyes.

"Can you build it?" Ezio asks with a bit of interest in his voice

"Sì. (Yes.)" Leonardo says as he eagerly begins to think of how to build the new upgrade. "It won't take very long. I just need to find a way to hollow out the blade without sacrificing the–"

Ruby gasps as she takes important notes. "Better need to make sure that doesn't happen to me…" She mumbles to herself.

Leonardo noticed Ezio unstrapping his Hidden Blade.

"It's alright, Leonardo." Ezio chuckles as he gives his Hidden Blade to him. "Just do what you need to do."

The screen quickly fades to white, then to Leonardo as he just finished working on his project.

"Another fast-forward." Yang comments.

"All done!" Leonardo proudly said as he gave back the newly upgraded Hidden Blade, but not without explaining the new features to him. "I've filled your blade with a bit of poison to start with. Should you run out, just visit a doctor."

"A doctor?" Weiss raised a brow. "Why would a doctor provide poison?"

"Poison?" Ezio raised a brow as he tied the blade back on his left arm. "From a doctor?"

"In high enough doses, that which cures, can kill."

"An overdose." Blake realizes. "If you give too much medicine to a person, it can be lethal to you."

"I didn't know that." Yang said, a bit scared at that thought along with her sister.

A message came from Tython for Ruby.

Ruby looks at her Scroll and widens her eyes with a smile on her face. "Additional blueprints for the Hidden Blade! Thank you, Tython!"

'No problem.' Tython texted.

"I am in your debt once more, my friend." Ezio smiled as he patted Leonardo on the shoulder.

"Anytime, Ezio! Anytime!" Leonardo smiled in return as he patted Ezio in the arm.

The scene cuts showing Ezio out of the shop now.



"Another job is done." Yang comments. "Now, where too?"

"I think it's best to head to Monteriggioni to inform Mario of the next targets." Weiss suggested.

"Got it." Blake nodded as she controlled Ezio and did instant travel to Monteriggioni from one of the shops, and in an instant, Ezio is by the gates of Monteriggioni.

When Ezio returned to Monteriggioni after obtaining the Poison Blade, he heads back to the Villa.

"Hey Blake, do you mind if you take Ezio back to the Workshop? With the amount of time playing, I'm sure we can use the amount of money Claudia gathered we could use it to renovate the city." Weiss asked.

"No problem." Blake nodded as she did what the heiress asked.

Before he heads to his uncle's study, he heads to the Workshop. He withdrew a heavy number of florins from the shops. Then he talked architect and began to make a tremendous number of renovations to Monteriggioni thanks to Ezio's earnings.

After finishing, a notification says that Monteriggioni's value increased by 65000.

"Wow! Monteriggioni is now super popular!" Ruby cheered.

"Good for the Auditores." Yang smiled.

After finishing that part, he headed to Mario's study and was greeted by his uncle.

"Ezio! Haha, Come in, come in! To what do we owe the honor?" Mario happily said, seeing his nephew.

"I've been sent from Firenze by Il Magnifico to attend to some unfinished business. I'm looking for Jacopo de' Pazzi." Ezio explains his reasons.

"I hope Mario has a lead or something." Yang comments.

"Ha… Who isn't? We've been at it for days." Mario laughs.

"Figures one of the head conspirators would be in hiding." Weiss spat.

"Then perhaps what I carry will help us both: a list of his co-conspirators. One of them WILL talk before he dies."

"So we get the information from the ones close to him." Blake hummed.

"But where to find them?" Ruby wondered.

"Excellent! These men are sure to lack Jacopo's resources, which means they will be easier to find. I will put my scouts to it at once."

"That simple, huh?" Yang hummed. Then again, the Assassins have been at this for a very long time.

"I appreciate the help, uncle. I've got something else for you as well: more Codex pages." Ezio hands the Codex to his uncle.

"Ah! Let's see what we can learn." Mario said as he begins to read what the Codex contains. "What is this…? What Prophet…?"

"Huh? What's Mario talking about? Doesn't that Codex have information about the poison addition for the Hidden Blade?" Ruby tilted her head in confusion.

"There might be more information than just that." Weiss summarized.

"What did you find, uncle?"

"Just another damn mystery! The text here roughly translates to: "Only the prophet may open it..." There's reference to two "Pieces of Eden." But these pages offer no answers, nipote (nephew). At least not on their own. You must find more." Mario said as he puts the Codex away.

"Prophet? Two "Pieces of Eden"? What does any of that mean?" Yang scratched her head in confusion.

"Maybe finding more Codex pages will provide the answers." Blake answered but was also confused.

"We'll have to save it for another day, uncle." Ezio said. "I have a mission to attend to."

"Right. Dealing with the conspirators comes first." Weiss nodded in agreement.

"As you wish." Mario said but stopped Ezio before he headed out. "Now, if you hope to defeat these bastardi (bastards), I will need to teach you a few things. Meet me on the practice field."


Meet Mario on the practice field to train.'

"Oh, more training." Yang grinned, interested in what he will learn this time. "I wonder what Ezio will do this time?"

"You do realize the screen shows "Evasive Maneuvers", right?" Weiss raised a brow.

"That could mean anything." The blond shrugs. "Besides, I doubt it's going to be about counter-attacking since Ezio already got that down."

The screen fades to white. Then the screen cuts to Ezio and Mario in the practice field.

"Alright, Ezio. You're familiar with counter-attacking - but what happens when your enemy is as well?" Mario begins as he questions his nephew.

Blake nodded at the question. "That's the kind of scenario you need to be careful when fighting against someone who can do that."

"If it were me, I would let them have the chance." Yang shrugged.

"I think you should pay attention to this, Yang." Weiss said, ignoring the mock glare from her.

"I don't usually give them the opportunity." Ezio answers.

"Tough talk offers little protection against Templar steel." Mario counters.

"Then, by all means, maestro (master) - teach me what to do!" Ezio sarcastically said but was eager to learn.

"Now dodge!" Mario started without wasting his breath.

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Dodges performed: 0/3'


HOLD (button) and PRESS (button) to DODGE an opponent's attack. USE (button) to influence the direction.'

"Dodging, huh…?" Yang muttered as her eyes soften at that particular training.

"What's wrong, Yang? Not interested?" Weiss sarcastically asked, expecting the blond to make some kind of witty remark at something as dull as dodging but to her surprise, it wasn't.

"Actually… I don't really mind that kind of training." Yang honestly said, surprising her teammates and her sister.

"Wait, what?!" Ruby shouted in surprise. Her own sister, Yang Xiao Long, who rushes straight ahead in a fight, is thinking about the idea of dodging?

"Who are you, and what have you done to my partner?" Blake raised a brow while she couldn't help but make a small joke at her question.

"Haha, hilarious, Blakey." Yang rolled her eyes with a slight grin on her face but made a thin line on her lips. "It's just that… you girls already what my Semblance is, right?" She asks them. Ruby already knows from the beginning, while Weiss and Blake, who learned after they tried to gather information about the White Fang, nodded their heads.

The blond slightly fidgets on her seat as she looked down on the ground. "It's just… after seeing what Ezio could do with his Air Assassination I…" She went silent at the end as if she was trying to say the right word.

The girls were confused at what the blond brawler was getting at until her partner widened her as at realization. "You're afraid that there might be someone strong enough to break through your Aura."

Yang silently nodded while the others widen their eyes at that realization. "I know my Semblance can take a hit, but after all lot of thinking… but what's the point of using it if I'm too badly injured? I think it's high time I start working more on my defense."

The girls look at each other then looked at Yang with a smile on their faces.

"I think that's a good idea." Blake smiled.

"Yes, you are the most rushed one out of all of us in a fight." Weiss nodded, earning a slight pout from the blond.

And Ruby had a cheerful smile on her face showing happiness and… relief? "Finally! You're finally going learn how to use defense."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Yang narrowed her eyes at her baby sister, making her go 'eep'.

"I-I mean… it's just that dad n-never got you to focus on it!" Ruby quickly said while her older sister was still looking at her sister with narrowed eyes until she cracked a smile and laughed.

"I'm just kidding, Rubes! I totally get what you're trying to say." Ruby pouted and crossed her arms with a hint of red on her face while the other chuckled.

Where Tython is…

"She's finally more careful with herself." Tython smiled, seeing that the blond was slowly maturing.

Where Taiyang is…

Taiyang Xiao Long was tending to his garden until he stopped and felt a sense of joy and fulfillment in his chest.

"I don't know why… but I feel like whatever I did wasn't wasted." The blond father smiled for some reason feeling that something good has happened.

Back to RWBY…

After that talk, they continued the game as they watched Ezio's new training.

Ezio was now in a crouching defense position while holding no weapons. His uncle used a training sword to prepare to strike him.

Mario charges and prepares a sword strike, but Ezio jumps to his left and dodges the strike.

"Bene, bene! (Good, good!) Now do it again!" Mario praised, then readied another attack.

"Much better! One last time." Mario said as he prepares one more strike. Ezio dodges by jumping to his right.

Ezio, this time jumps back, dodging another strike.

"Bravo!" Mario praised him as they finished their training, then on to the next.

'Dodges performed: 3/3'

The scene quickly fades to white then shows the two back in the middle of the practice field.

"That's simple enough to do." Ruby comments.

"It looks simple, but it's all about the timing when to dodge." Blake points out seeing she was pretty much the expert when it comes to dodging.

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Disarm performed: 0/3'


If UNARMED, HOLD (button) and PRESS (button) when hit to DISARM an enemy.'

"Disarming?" Weiss says with a hint of interest. "I don't think I was ever tight that."

"I think we should focus on this part." Blake said, then turns to Ruby. "Especially you, Ruby, since disarming mostly focus on unarmed combat."

Ruby nodded. She knows that she's very skilled with Crescent Rose, but she was utterly useless without it. She can only hope to learn something from this game to have the advantage.

Ezio and Mario quickly began their training without saying a word.

Like before, Ezio is in crouching defense while raising his hands as he prepares to disarm his uncle.

Mario tries to strike his nephew, but Ezio quickly steps forward to avoid the attack and catches his uncle's right arm holding the sword. He uses his left hand to grab the hilt of the blade, then Ezio uses his right hand to punch him in the face catching him off-guard, and without hesitation, he punches his right arm, forcing it to bend, then kicks Mario in the stomach causing him back and his sword taken from him.

The girls clapped at that disarm that Ezio did perform.

"That was cool! I should try doing that." Yang grinned, liking how Ezio took the sword from his uncle heck. With her shotgun gauntlets, it can even be more effective.

"It looked bloody but is still cool!" Ruby says she can try and train with her sister to try and replicate it.

"Let's see it another time!" Mario grunted.

They repeat the process of Ezio doing the same action again to Mario.

"Just one more time Ezio!" Mario grunted in pain but is impressed.

Ezio and Mario are at it one more time. Mario attacks Ezio, but he timely caught his uncle's right arm. Then Ezio swiftly kicks him in the back, temporarily stunning, giving Ezio the chance to snatch the sword away from thus ending the training.

'Disarm performed: 3/3'

"That last one is good for temporarily stunning the foe." Blake nodded at that last one.

"I should properly start doing some bodybuilding…" Weiss muttered to herself she does see the benefit of disarming an opponent, but her skill is mainly based on agility, not stamina or endurance. After her battle against the White Fang, she knows that she can't constantly rely much on her Semblance and lack of certain combat areas the heiress needs to improve. She should probably consider training with Yang when she has the time.

The scene now cuts to the two outside of the practice field.

"Magnifico! (Magnificent!) Once again, you exceed my expectations!" Mario praised his nephew. Before he could say anything, one of Mario's men quickly rushed in.

"What do you expect? This is Ezio Auditore de Firenze! An upcoming legend!" Ruby cheered, remembering how Tython introduced him when she and her friends witnessed his birth.

"Signore! (Sir!) We've found Jacopo's men and await your word to strike!"

"Finally!" Yang says.

"Relay the following: no man moves until they have spoken with Ezio. Intesi? (Understand?)" Mario orders his man.

"Good choice." Blake nodded at the decision. "Better to monitor from afar instead from attacking right on the spot."

"And the honor of taking them out is Ezio." Wiess added.

"It will be done!" The mercenary nodded then left to inform the others.

"Go, Ezio!" Mario turns to his nephew. "Visit with my mercenaries in the countryside. See if Jacopo's lackeys won't lead you to him. But be careful. They will be expecting you!"





"Okay, where are they?" Ruby wondered. "Why not check the map, Blake? I'm sure it can tell them where to go."

Blake nodded as she opened the map on the screen, and to their surprise, the place that Ezio needs to go in San Gimignano. The very place that Ezio killed his first Pazzi.

"San Gimignano? Of course, the conspirators would hide there." Weiss was surprised at first but narrowed her eyes at the logic in where to hide.

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked, confused by what her partner meant.

"Think about it, Ruby the Pazzi used to control San Gimignano, so it wouldn't be strange for the conspirators to hide there. It would be the last place anyone would think for them to hide." Blake explained, earning an 'oh' from her leader.

"Better used fast travel to get their Blakey." Yang said to her partner, which Blake did.

Ezio has now arrived at the front gate of San Gimignano.

"Better start with the closes targets first." Blake reasoned as she made Ezio enter the city.

After entering the city, he searches for one of his uncle's mercenaries. Finally found Gambalto, one of Mario's mercenaries waiting outside the Santa Maria Assunta.

"Wow! Look at the city! There are so many people now!" Ruby says in awe.

"It was late-night the last time Ezio came here." Weiss pointed out, making the reaper blush at the logic that people would be up that late. "But I must agree that everyone looks lively, no doubt free from Pazzi control."

"And Templar control." Yang added.

"Salute, Ezio! (Hail!)" The mercenary greeted the assassin then told him what he knows. "Antonio Maffei has sought refuge atop the city's tallest structure – spouting scripture and arrows in equal measure. The man has clearly lost his mind."

"He sounds desperate to remain in control." Ruby comments.

'I wonder if my father would do the same if in his position.' Weiss darkly mused in her head at the idea though she wasn't thinking of the concept of killing him, just watching him suffer and squirm like the parasite he is.

"Making matters worse, he's posted archers all around him. You'd do well to clear them out before approaching."

"That would be difficult…" Blake muttered.

"Better take them out first." Ruby said.

"Grazie for the information." Ezio thanked the mercenary.


Assassinate Antonio Maffei on top of a tower in San Gimignano.'

'Checkpoint reached'

"Time to head to that tower." Blake said as she guided Ezio to his first target.

Ezio proceeded to the tower and found it guarded.

"There are the archers." Yang pointed out.

"Okay… going to try and take them out one by one." Blake said while she slightly shuddered as she recalled a certain someone who would do that.

"Hey, Blake! Why not try using the poisoned attachment from the Hidden Blade? I like to see how it work." Ruby asked, and the Faunus nodded.

He carefully killed all the guards using his Hidden Blade and throwing knives in the surrounding tower until he reaches the last one.

"Okay… going to try it now." Blakes said as she equips Ezio with his newest upgrade.

Ezio snuck behind his target and stabbed the man from behind. Though it did not immediately kill the guard, he suddenly became ditsy. Then suddenly, he began to thrash his arms around wildly as he spun around while making gurgling noises until the guard drooped on the ground, still making wild movements until the guard slowed down until he was still. The guard died.

The girls watch in silent morbid fascination at how the guard died. Did they expect the man to be poisoned? Yes, they did. Did they expect him to act crazy like that? No, they did not.

"That was… words cannot describe what I just saw." Weiss muttered, disturbed by sight.

"What kind of poison can do that?" Ruby shivered at the sight of it.

"There are types of poison that can do that." Blake answers but didn't like the thought of it.

"What good could poisoning him as that do?" Yang questioned.

'It serves as a distraction that can attract a large crowd and guards making them watch the said poisoned person acting like that.' Tython explains in their Scrolls.

"That's dark." Yang muttered.

"And I can't help but see it working." Blake admitted.

After killing the last guard, Ezio advanced to where Antonio had barricaded himself.

As Ezio climbs the tower, he can hear his target shouting and making his speech to the people below.

"You think he's up there?" Ruby asked.

"Hang on. I think I hear him." Blake said.

"Citizens of San Gimignano, heed well my words! You must repent! Repent and seek forgiveness! For your wicked ways have incurred the wrath of a demon! Summoned by your sins, he now walks our world, cloaked in shadow and darkness! And everywhere he treads, DEATH FOLLOWS! Why, you ask? Because you have strayed and sacrificed your liberty to that wretch Lorenzo de' Medici.

You are puppets enslaved by purse strings! Won over by poisonous words! You have lost your virtue. You have lost your dignity. You have lost your faith! And this draws the demon in to feed. And feed they will. All whilst you wander lost in ignorance. Know that good men have died protecting you from evils. Men who sought to save these lands, to purify them!"

"He sounds desperate." Weiss deadpans.

"As inspiring as he sounds," Blake rolled her eyes. "Does he honestly think anyone would willingly follow him after what just happened?"

"If you ask me, he's just trying to live another day." Yang snarked.

As Ezio nearly reached the top, he sees three archers walking on the wooden platform of the tower and his target still making his speech, not taking the risk. Ezio hid as he held at the edge of the wooden platform while his body dangled without being noticed.

Blake clicked her tongue in annoyance. "I missed a few."

"Better hang in there in Blake." Yang punned, making the others groan in annoyance.

"Join me in prayer, my children, so that together we might stand against this darkness!

Give ear, O heaven, and I will speak; and hear, O earth, the words of my mouth. Let my teachings drop as the rain. My speech distill as the dew. As raindrops on the tender herb and as showers on the grass. For I proclaim the name of the Lord; ascribe greatness to our God. He is the rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice, a God of truth and without injustice; righteous and upright is He.

They have corrupted themselves; they are not His children because of their blemish: a perverse and crooked generation. Do you thus deal with LORD, O foolish and unwise people? Is He not your Father, who bought you? Has He not made you and established you?"

"Does he ever shut up?" Yang raised a brow, starting to get annoyed with the target.

"Wait. I think he just finished." Ruby said.

"I see it." Blake answered as she controlled Ezio.

Antonio finished his speech and climbed up to the top of the tower. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity, Ezio quickly pulls himself up and avoids the archers without catching their attention.

"Good job avoiding them." Weiss compliments her teammate.

As he climbs to the top, he sees his target but did not notice him. Taking this chance, Ezio used his Hidden Blade and stabbed him in the back, instantly killing him.

"Easy kill." Blake sighed. She wasn't one for killing, but thankfully this is just a game.

A Memory Corridor begins. The background suddenly deconstructs itself, then the screen turns white, then quickly opens again, showing Ezio holding the dying Antonio by his hand.

"Ooh! Another Memory Corridor." Ruby comments.

"Away with you, demon!" Antonio rasped out in hate

"You're the real demon here!" Weiss narrowed her eyes at the dying man.

"Have some respect for death, my friend." Ezio calmly said.

"I'll show you respect! –"

"No." Ezio cut him off and began to say his final words to him. "I will. Che tu possa alfine trovare riposo nel corpo e nella mente. (May your body and mind at last be still.) Requiescat in Pace. (Rest in peace.)" He finishes as he places the dead Antonino on the ground.

"Even when he's being mocked, Ezio still shows respect till the end." Blake smiled at Ezio's action.

"A truly good person in the end." Ruby smiled.

In the real world, Ezio quickly hopped on a wooden beam sticking out of the tower and performed a Leap of Faith escaping successfully while also obtaining a letter from Antonio.

"I still question that kind of logic." Weiss muttered while Yang just pouted at the scene, recalling her private stunt while Blake lightly smirked.



A notification showing the letter that Ezio took from Antonio appeared.

"Oh! Ezio took a letter." Ruby points out.

"Maybe this can help us where to find Jacopo." Weiss comments as Blake silently agreed then opened the notification.

'From: Antonio Maffei

Access Database'


It's with fear in my heart that I write this letter. The prophet has arrived, I feel it. The birds don't act as they should, they swirl around the location. I see them from my tower. Will not attend our meeting as asked. I can't expose myself like this, or the demon might find me. Forgive me, for I am only listening to my voice.

May the Father of Understanding guide you.

Guide me,

Brother A.'

After listening to the message, they can all tell that Antonio's voice was frantic.

"He sounds scared." Ruby points out.

"Because he knows that his life is in danger." Blake answers.

"But we do know that there will be a meeting where Jacopo will attend." Weiss answers.

"But where?" Yang questioned, hopefully, the other targets will provide the answers.

After learning from the letter, he searches for the other mercenaries for his next target in the city.

Ezio found one of his uncle's mercenaries outside a church.

"Ezio! About time you got here. We've found Bernardo Baroncelli." The mercenary informed the assassin.

"Another target in the city." Blake points out as she and the others listen to the mercenary.

"Ottima notizia! (This is good news!)" Ezio said, happy to hear this. "Tell me where he is, and I'll see that he's dealt with."

"That's the trouble." The mercenary started. "Lorenzo actually had him arrested days ago, after being returned to us from Constantinople. But he escaped! We believe him to be somewhere inside San Gimignano."

"So this guy managed to break out of prison? How was that possible." Yang questioned.

"Probably one loyal guard that worked for the Templars." Weiss guised.

"Va bene. (Okay.) I'll see if I can't pin him down." Ezio said.

"How do you expect to succeed where the rest of us have failed?" The mercenary couldn't help but ask.

"He's an Assassin, that's how!" Ruby chirped.

"I have my ways…" Ezio cryptically said.


Locate and assassinate Bernardo Baroncelli.'

'Checkpoint reached.'

Ezio searched within the city walls as he was on top of the roof of the watching the area where he uses his Eagle Vision and found Bernardo, scared and speaking to himself, in the market and a few guards.

'Target located.'

"There he is." Yang points out.

"But he's surrounded by guards." Weiss said.

"…I just need to take things one day at a time…" Bernardo stuttered as he mumbled to himself. "He'll get bored... Lost... Confused... Distracted... Killed... It'll be okay... And if he does come... If it happens... I keep moving... Never in one place for long... Only... Only how to sleep... When to sleep... Where to sleep... The guard tower, perhaps... They'll think me mad... They don't know... I'll pay them, yes... Then what will it matter... All they care about is coin... All anyone cares about is coin... Good for the brotherhood... Good for me... Safer this way... Yes... Yes…"

"Wow, he sounds terrified." Yang chuckled.

"When you're being hunted down, it wouldn't be strange to act that way." Blake points out as she made Ezio move closer.

Ezio performed a Leap of Faith and landed on a cart filled with hay. Then he silently stalked his target while using his stealth skills.

"He is moving around too much…" Blake muttered in annoyance.

"Yeah, he's– oh shoot! He's heading your way!" Yang snapped, seeing that Bernardo made a sudden turn.

"Quick! Hide in the well!" Ruby squeaked, and Blake quickly complied.

"I'll ask… And then... And then I will be protected... We'll meet when it's time... And I'll leave this place... Free… In time… In time... Wait! What is that... I saw something... Another mercenario (mercenary) come to SPY on me..." The afraid conspirator continued to mumble, not knowing that he was being stalked by his would-be killer, who decided to hide in an empty. "No... No... Just my nerves... Hard to stay calm knowing that he seeks me... I must stay focused... And soon this will be done... Soon..."

"Yeash… he is really annoying." Yang groaned in annoyance. "And I thought Antonio's speech was annoying."

"I won't deny that– is he approaching the well?" Weiss quickly said as her eyes slightly widen at the fact that the target is approaching Ezio.

"Yes. Yes, he is." Blake said, not wasting this chance to do the deed.

And by pure chance, the target walked up close to the well, and without hesitation, Ezio jumped out from the well and used his Hidden Blade and stabbed Bernardo in the chest.

A Memory Corridor begins. The background suddenly deconstructs itself, then the screen turns white, then quickly opens again, showing Ezio holding the dying Bernardo by his hand.

"Crap, that was easy." Yang muttered.

"I almost feel sorry for him." Ruby said, emphasizing the word 'sorry'. "Almost."

"I knew you would come..." Bernardo muttered.

"Where is Jacopo?" Ezio questioned.

"So you can do to him what you've done to me?" The dying man spat.

"Defiant till the end." Weiss frowned.

"There is still time for you to clear your conscience."

"We gather at the church when a meeting is called..." Bernardo breathed out as he slowly passed away.

"Or not." Weiss blinked in surprise, not expecting that.

"Mi duole dover giungere a tanto. (I am sorry that it came to this.) Requiescat in Pace. (Rest in peace.)" Ezio said as he laid the dead man on the ground.

"Ezio really is too kind despite being an assassin." Ruby says with a smile.

Back in the real world, Bernardo's guards surround Ezio to kill him.

"Right. I almost forgot about them." Blake says as she gets Ezio ready to fight them.

Ezio defends himself by using all his skills and killed the guards while a couple ran away in fear.



"Glad that's over." Weiss sighed.

"It's still impressive at how skillful Ezio is now." Blake commented when she used all of Ezio's abilities and the recent training he received.

"And we learned that Jacopo would be at a church before the meeting." Ruby points out.

"Yeah, but the question is when." Yang points out.

"Better remove Ezio's notoriety first." Blake said as she made Ezio do that.

With this information, he sets out to eliminate the remaining conspirators after removing his notoriety.

"And done!" Blake says now Ezio is free from notoriety. Then she makes Ezio go to the following remaining targets.

After finishing what he needs to do, he leaves the city, takes a horse, and rides to Monte Oliveto Maggiore. There he met with one of his uncle's mercenaries.

"Ah! There you are! Listen, we've found Stefano da Bagnone. Just follow this road, and it'll bring you to the abbey where he's taken refuge." The mercenary informed Ezio. "Wait. Before you go... Take these. You can create a distraction."

"What do you think he gave him?" Ruby wondered.

Ezio took what the mercenary handed to him. "My thanks, friend."


Infiltrate the abbey and kill Stefano da Bagnone.'

'Checkpoint reached.'


PRESS (button) to access the WEAPON WHEEL. Select your SMOKE BOMBS.

SMOKE BOMBS will STUN and BLIND your enemies.'

"Smoke bombs!" Ruby says with interest.

"Now that can be useful." Yang smirked. "You think Nora would like that?"

"Maybe?" Ruby tilts her head. "We all know that Nora likes them flashy." The girls laughed at that truth.

Ezio proceeded towards the abbey but found that many guards disguised themselves as monks and protected Stefano.

"Why are those people carrying swords?" Ruby questioned.

"Guards in disguise." Blake narrowed her eyes.

'Use your Eagle Vision to identify the guards hidden amongst the monks.

Kill your target before he takes refuge inside the abbey.'

"Good idea." Yang smiled. "Haven't used that in a while."

After infiltrating the abbey undetected, as he watches on the roofs of the church by using his Eagle Vision, he was able to pinpoint who and where his target is. Ezio noticed Stefano walking in the courtyard, talking with a fellow monk.

"Found him." Blake said.

"Let us pray brother." A monk said.

"Pray? Pray for what?" Stefano questioned

"The Lord's protection!"

"If you think the Lord has any interest in our affairs, you've another thing coming. But please, by all means, continue to delude yourself if it helps to pass the time." Stefano sarcastically scoffs.

"You speak blasphemy." The monk accuses him.

"No. I speak truth."

"What's he talking about?" Ruby questioned.

"Sounds like Stefano doesn't believe in gods." Yang points out.

"But to deny His most exalted existence..." Stefano cuts the monk's words.

"...Is the only rational response when faced with the declaration that there exists some invisible madman in the sky. And believe me, if your precious Bible is anything to go by, he's completely lost his mind."

"How can you speak as such? You wear His vestments..." The monk questions wondering how his fellow monk could say all this.

"His just in on it for the power." Weiss frowned.

"Better get in closer." Blake said.

Ezio noticed that they are in a minor position out in the courtyard. Close to a cart filled with grasses and bushes.

He performed a Leap of Faith and landed on the cart as he hid.

"Only because they afforded me the opportunity to get close to the Medici. But you're right. I should look into replacing them – AFTER the Assassin is dealt with." Stefano venomously said in the end.

"Ah! That unholy demon!" The monk scoffed in disgust.

"He is not a demon!" Ruby said as she narrowed her eyes.

"Forget it, Ruby people like these like to say what they want." Yang said to her sister.

"But it's the truth!"

"We know that, and Ezio knows that what matters is that there doing the right thing as Assassins should." Blake says, reasoning her team leader. She knows that the Assassins and the White Fang she used to know have the same dream for peace but are much different since Ezio's group kills those who deserve it even if it paints them in a bad light.

"At least on this we agree."

"They say the devil has gifted him with unnatural speed and strength."

"The devil? No." Stefano scoffs. "These are gifts he gave himself, through training. It is disturbing how unwilling you are to credit people for their circumstances. I think you'd make victims out of the entire world if you could."

"He is who he is now thanks to his family and his training with the Assassins." Weiss points out.

"I forgive your lack of faith and forked tongue." The monk continues as he tried to see reason for his fellow monk. "You are still one of His children."

"I told you... Oh, what's the use?" Stefano gave up. "Enough of this! It's like speaking to the wind."

"Then why is he even with the church?" Yang snarked.

"I will pray for you."

"As you wish." Stefano said as he separates from the monk. "But do so quietly. I must keep watch."

'Assassinate Stefano da Bognone.'

"It's really convenient for the targets just to approach you, y'know." Ruby comments.

"I know, right. It pays for you to be patient." Blake comments as she began to do the deed.

As Stefano was close enough to the cart, Ezio quickly jumped out and assassinated Stefano with his Hidden Blade.

A Memory Corridor begins. The background suddenly deconstructs itself, then the screen turns white, then quickly opens again, showing Ezio holding the dying Stefano by his hand.

"Now I will see who was right..." Stefano mutters as he recalled the recent conversation with the other monk.

"Where is Jacopo?" Ezio questions.

"Nothing to fear I suppose..." Stefano said to the young assassin but answered nonetheless. "They meet in the shadows of the Roman Gods..."

"The shadows of the Roman Gods?" Weiss questioned. "Where's that?"

'It will be explained in the end.' Tython texted in their Scrolls.

"Ora sei libero dalla paura. Requiescat in pace. (Be free of your fear now. Rest in peace.)" Ezio, now learning about the next Templar meeting, says as he lays the now dead monk to the ground.

Back in the real world, Ezio quickly dashes out of the church and runs away from the pursuing guards disguised as monks.

"Of course, the guards will come for you." Yang huffed.

"Run or fight?" Weiss asked the Faunus.

'Use a smoke bomb for an easy escape.'

The moment the notification appeared, making the cat Faunus choose the obvious. "Run." Blake says as she equips Ezio with his new smoke bomb.

Thankfully his escape was much easier by using his smoke bombs.




"Three down one to go." Yang comments.

Heading for the next target by horse, he arrives at the Villa Salviati.

"Over here, Ezio!" The mercenary calls out to the assassin, who was just outside of the villa. Ezio approaches him for information. "We've found Archbishop Salviati! He's barricaded himself inside that villa… Take some of my men. Use them to clear the fields. Then find a way over the walls so you can open the gates."

"Bringing in an army? It looks like stealth is out of the question for this one." Blake hummed.

"Hmmm... Command over my own army?" Ezio hums in interest. "A nice change of pace from the usual sneaking and stabbing. I like it."


With the help of Mario's mercenaries, subdue the villa guards and kill Francesco Salviati.'

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Infiltrate the villa.'

"Careful, Blake, the area is restricted." Ruby says, pointing out the notification that says that.

"Right." Before Blake started, another notification appears.

"Oh! It looks like we are about to learn more about the villa." Weiss says as she is curious about what Villa Salviati is.

"The villa's name is named after the targets?" Yang raised a brow.

"Isn't Villa Auditore the same?" Ruby asked.

"I suppose that is fair."

'Villa Salviati

Access Database'

'Made wealthy through his connections to the Pope, Archbishop Francesco Salviati purchased this Tuscan villa in 1475 in anticipation of becoming archbishop of Florence. He spent the next few years having it renovated in the Tuscan style, while plotting with the Pazzi family to invade Florence. Sadly, this left him very little time to enjoy it before his inevitable demise.

After the conspiracy went south, archival documents indicate that Salviati exchanged his archbishop outfit with one of the residents of Florence, who was then lynched in his place, while he escaped to his villa.'

"Fascinating and a shame that it's no longer in his hands." Yang snarked.

"Better in the hands of the people than the hands of a tyrant." Wiess replied.

"That's a good one." Blake compliments the heiress.

"Thank you."

Ezio guided them to the villa entrance with a group of mercenaries and instructed them to distract the guards. He then climbed over the walls. Salviati noticed Ezio.

"I see you there, Assassin!" Salviati shouts as Ezio approaches his target. These walls have stood for a hundred years and will stand for a hundred more! Stop wasting the lives of your men! Vattene! Vattene via! (Go away!) All that awaits you here is death! Turn back!"

"Looks like we are going to do this the hard way." Yang sighed.

'The mercenaries will search for another entrance.'

'Assassinate Francesco Salviati.'

"Men, prepare yourself. The Assassin has arrived!" Salviati shouted, alarming all his guards. Even Ezio would have a hard time against them by himself.

"There's too many of them for Ezio to fight by himself." Ruby squeaked.

"We are going to need that mercenary group." Yang said.

"Hang on… I see a lever on the gate." Blake says as she makes Ezio open the gates.

"I need to find a way to open the gates..." Ezio mutters to himself then he sees the lever to open the gates. He quickly goes to it and opens it bringing his group inside.

'The gate is open.'

The gate opened alarmed all the guards hence bringing out an all-out fight against the two groups.

"All-out battle!" Yang and Ruby cheered.

"Take them down, Blake!" Weiss cheered.

"Right!" Blake says as she readies Ezio to fight.

"I warned you to stay away, Assassin! You should have listened!" Salviati shouts in rage as he joins in the fight. "You're finished, Assassin! Do you hear me?! Finished!"

"You Templars, always singing the same song…" Ezio scoffs as he kills a few of the guards.

"You tell him Ezio!" Ruby cheered.

"Do you think a few mercenari (mercenaries) scare me? Hah!"

"They should." Ezio said

"Don't mess with mercenaries of the Assassins!" Yang cheered.

"Shall I send your remains to that ubriacone (drunkard), Mario? Hah! What's the point? There won't be anything left of you to recognize!"

"It's quite a plan you have: Spouting nonsense while you send these other men to die."

"Never mess with the Auditores." Blake smirked.

"I am a reasonable man. What say you to this: turn back now, and I'll call off my men."

"Sorry, friend. You are on my list." Ezio says as he killed another guard. "Your fate is sealed."

"Yeash… I'm starting to think Ezio knows how to hold a grudge…" Weiss muttered but understood his reasons.

"Tear him limb from limb! Let us paint the walls with his blood!"

"That is no way to treat a guest!" Ezio joked as he performed a unique assassination kill with his two Hidden Blades.

Yang and the others laughed at the quip.

"What is this?! Guards! To me!" Salviati shouted, but no one came because they are all dead, leaving him the last one standing.

"He's all by himself!" Ruby shouts. "Time to finish it!"

While letting his guard down, Ezio succeeded in killing Salviati.

A Memory Corridor begins. The background suddenly deconstructs itself, then the screen turns white, then quickly opens again, showing Ezio holding the dying Salviati by his hand.

"Where is Jacopo?" Ezio questioned.

"He knows you come for him... emerging only in darkness to meet with the others..." Salviati mutters in pain.

"That answers when... Now tell me where?" Ezio continues.

Salviati did not answer Ezio's question because he was now dead. "La fede dovrebbe dare conforto, non pena. (Faith should bring comfort, not pain.) Requiescat in Pace. (Rest in peace.) Ezio chants as he lays the dead man on the ground but obtained a letter from him.

"So he knows he's coming for him." Weiss says.

"The crucial information is when and we don't know it." Blake comments.

Back in the real world, the guards are still fighting against the mercenaries.

'Resolve the conflict to complete the mission. Either fight or flee.'



"Oh! It looks like Ezio was able to get a letter from him." Ruby says in surprise.

"This might be the information we need." Yang said. Blake nodded and opened the notification, and listened to Salviati's voice.

'From: Jacopo De' Pazzi

Access Database'


As you've no doubt heard by now, he hunts us - in search of retribution. We should never have consented, never have conspired. But what's done is done. And so I have called a meeting with Maestro three nights from now to ask for sanctuary - either in Venezia or with him or in Roma.

We will assemble at the church in San Gimignano and travel to the meeting location at the appointed hour. I urge you to attend. Remaining here would be suicide. The Assassin is relentless. We cannot hope to stop him on our own. But perhaps, aided by Maestro, we might buy ourselves the time to form a proper response.

Guard yourself well. Firenze may be lost to us, but it does not have to mean our end.

May the Father of Understanding guide you.

Your brother, Jacopo.'

"Looks like we got everything we need." Blake nodded, glad to get all the information to locate Jacopo. She takes Ezio to his target by horse.

"Time to hunt him down." Yang says as everyone readies themselves to eliminate the last Pazzi.

With almost every Pazzi conspirator dead, Ezio Auditore set out to find Jacopo de' Pazzi, hiding in San Gimignano. He climbs up on the roof in one of the buildings and watches the church.


Tail Jacopo de' Pazzi to the Templar meeting, then assassinate him.'

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Locate Jacopo de' Pazzi.'

"Where is he…?" Ruby squinted her eyes, trying to find Jacopo.

"Try using Eagle Vision, Blake." Weiss says, which Blake complies.

By using his Eagle Vision, Ezio found Jacopo leaving a church.

"Found him."

"If I can stay my blade long enough to follow him, he'll lead me to his Templar brothers. I'll have more names for my list..." Ezio mutters as he tails the last Pazzi to the meeting place.

"Not to stalk him and find that meeting place." Blake says as she made Ezio do what she said.

Ezio followed Jacopo through the streets as he used his stealth. "What's going on here? Are they late? They haven't seen me, this much I know..." Ezio mutters as he questions his enemies' motifs.

"Is he getting impatient? Jacopo is still walking." Weiss comments.

"Probably." Yang shrugged.

After a short while of stalking, Jacopo arrived at an ancient Roman theater close to the city, and Ezio hides behind the pillars watching the scene unfold. "What are you and the others planning, Jacopo? Your letter mentioned Venezia... are there Templars there as well? How many men are responsible for my father's death?"

"Wow… what is that place?" Ruby says in awe, along with the others.

'That is an ancient Roman theater in the outdoors.' Tython texted, making the girls awed even more.

"Roman theatre… so that's what the Roman Gods meet mean." Weiss muttered.

Rodrigo Borgia and Emilio Barbarigo were located there, waiting for him. Jacopo is trying to reason with Rodrigo.

The girls gasped. "Rodrigo Borgia!" Ruby snarled.

"And some other guy!" Yang added, making the other sweatdropped.

'His name is Emilio Barbarigo.' Tython texted.

"Yes! That."

"I am sorry, Maestro (Master). I did all I could, but the Assassin proved too strong."

"And for a good reason." Blake quipped.

"Clearly." Rodrigo growled. "Else, the others would be here with you. To say nothing of that fact that Firenze remains in Medici hands..."

"It's Francesco's fault!" Jacopo tried to reason. "His impatience made him reckless! I tried to be the voice of reason..."

"Pushing the blame on a relative now, huh?" Yang's eye turned red as she frowned. "Coward."

"More like the voice of cowardice." Emilio snarked.

"You're one to talk, Signor Barbarigo." Jacopo snaps at him. "Had you sent us quality weapons instead of this garbage you Venetians call ar–"

Weiss widened her eyes and recognized this familiar scene in her childhood. "Quiet… quiet! Stop talking right now!"

Ruby looks at her partner in concern. "Weiss, what's–"

"Enough!" Rodrigo shouts in rage. "We put our faith in your family, and you repay us with inaction and incompetence?! Then when asked to account for your failures, you make excuses and insult us?! How do you expect me to respond?"

Ruby shrunk in her seat and figured out why Weiss was acting that way. "Oh…"

"Yup…" Weiss muttered as she flinched at the yelling.

"I'm not going to like this part… am I?" Yang nervously said

Blake was silent, and nervously gulped as she had an idea of what is happening.

"I don't know…" Jacopo mutters as he looked away in shame.

"It's alright. I do…" Rodrigo drew a blade and stabbed Jacopo.

The girls gasped in horror.

"No…" Jacopo gasp in pain as he leans on Emilio. "Please… don't…"

Emilio chuckled. "Please don't what?" Emilio then pushed Jacopo to the ground.

"I can... fix this. Only... spare me..." Jacopo begged as he gasps in pain.

Rodrigo: "No." Rodrigo coldly said as he drew his sword and stabbed Jacopo again in the neck, nearly killing him.

"Monsters…" Ruby muttered in horror. "How could they do that to him."

"His usefulness was used up." Blake narrowed her eyes in rage.

"I know he was the bad guy, but nobody deserved that." Weiss said as she covered her mouth with her hand.

"Heartless monsters!" Yang snarled.

"What a mess." Rodrigo spoke out loudly, aiming his comment at Ezio. "So sorry to have claimed your prize, Assassin!"

Ruby gasp. "He knows!"

Ezio, watching, was caught off guard as a pair of guards grabbed Ezio and brought him forth.

"Are you kidding?! They caught him already?" Yang shouts.

"Did you honestly think I wouldn't expect you to follow? That I didn't plan for it? We've been at this a lot longer than you." The leader of the Templars said with a smug look on his face, then became neutral as he addressed his guards. "Kill him."

"Damn. Ezio should have expected that." Blake remarked at the assassin's carelessness.

"To be fair, none of us did." Weiss points.

"The next time we do a stalking mission, we make sure that we aren't being followed." Ruby announces, getting everyone to agree.

On that part, Rodrigo and Emilio then departed, leaving Ezio to the guards.

"What? Not good enough for them to watch Ezio get killed off by their guards?" Yang said, feeling offended that the top dogs are leaving than getting the job done.

"Yang!" Ruby shouts.


Ezio struggled from the two guard's grasp. "I know you're only doing as you're told, so if you release me, I will spare your lives." The young assassin said while he carefully moves his right hand under one of the guards' chins.

Guard the laughs "Ha! Listen to this– Ahhhh!" the guard suddenly screamed in pain as Ezio extended his Hidden Blade and quickly thrust his wrist outwards to stab the first guard through the throat before stabbing the other guard restraining him in the chest.

The girls cringed and slightly shrieked at the violent scene.

"Oh crude… I accidentally stabbed him in the face!" Blake widens her eyes in shock.

"As violent as it was, that's a good thing, Blake." Weiss tells her friend.

'Checkpoint reached.'

'Use your hidden blade to end Jacopo de' Pazzi's suffering.'

"Wait. Jacopo is still alive?!" Yang shouted in disbelief.

"My gods… he's in pain…" Weiss mutters in horror.

"Better take down these guards if I'm going to reach to him." Blake says as she starts killing the Templars.

The remaining guards then engaged Ezio, but he quickly dispatched them.

"That took a while…" Blake sighed now that the guards are dealt with.

"Now for Jacopo." Ruby said, making everyone nod in what they need to.

Following this, he then turned his attention towards the dying Jacopo and finished him with his Hidden Blade.

A Memory Corridor begins. The background suddenly deconstructs itself, then the screen turns white, then quickly opens again, showing Ezio holding the dying Jacopo by his hand.

"Vai, amico, libero da fardelli e paure. (Go forward, friend, unburdened and unafraid.) Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace)." The now-dead Jacopo finial died knowing that his suffering has now ended. All of the Pazzi conspirators had been killed, and Ezio added Emilio Barbarigo to his list of targets.




The sequence now ended, leaving the girls to relax a bit.

"Now that was one heck of sequence, huh, girls?" Yang breathed out.

"Yup." Ruby says with a 'p'. "That was a lot of targets for this one."

"I'm just glad that the Pazzi will never bother anyone again." Weiss said. "Jacopo may have died in the end, but even he didn't deserve to die like that by Rodrigo's hands."

"I like what Ezio did in the end. A mercy kill." Blake comments.

"Welp! On to the next sequence." Ruby chirped as the girls waited for the following sequence.

To be continued…

Next Update: RWBY Watches Ruby's Mansion.