Hello everyone! Just a few notes before you read the following story: 'New Arrival' Firstly I don't own any characters from Dragon Ball z or the Legend of Zelda. Now, that the Disclaiming/claiming is over, the plot of the story: First- the story starts in Hyrule (Legend of Zelda) were its dark and Link and Ganandorf (don't own) are heading to The temple of time. Link is then forced to find help, using the sages power to send him through time to Another world (DBZ). Then he is asked to help beat Cell and then beat Ganandorf. This story doesn't have any connection to it. Well I think that all I need to tell you about this story. Now its up to you to read, if any of you are still Around to read it. By the way, this is the first story I wrote. The New Arrival

{In the Realm of Hyrule}

All was dim, the sky covered with black clouds allowing only a small amount of red sunlight through. Lighting occasionally filled the sky with flashes of light, and between thundered crashes the sound of running and a horse galloping echoed through the air. Suddenly, from a cloud of smog over Death Mountain Core came running a young man and a man riding a horse. The young man was Link and the one on the horseback was Ganondorf. Link was running as fast as he could to try and out run Ganondorf, but he is no match for a horse even if he was using all his strength to reach the temple of time.

"This is no good! I can't keep this up much longer…Argh! Damn lightning! It's too bright in this darkness-I can't see...hey, that gives me an idea!" Link murmured as he looked into the eyes of Ganondorf horse. He looked in his tunic for something and what he pulled out gave a slight glow. He then jumped into the air and threw the Deku Nut to the ground. Just as Link had thought, the horse was blinded and Ganondorf was thrown to the ground. Link knew that only for short while that horse would be unable to get it's bearings and that Ganondorf would be after him again as soon as it did, so Link ran. He was at the bridge of Castle Town and he ran on through, with Ganondorf close behind him, but not closes enough. The dark man was too late, Link had gotten inside the Temple of Time and had slammed the door shut behind him. He leaned back on the door as he caught his breath.

"Link, come out of there! If you don't then I'll blow the place apart, killing you with it! How does that sound for your death, huh?!" Ganondorf asked. Link knew Ganondorf didn't make any idle threats he would do it. Link put his hand together and he started to chant, his hands started to glow. "Alright! Have it your way Link, you will die...!" Ganondorf held out his hand to the temple and a beam of energy shot out and hit the temple with a blue flash of light… that was absorbed into a barrier surrounding the building. Ganondorf face went red with rage.

"You're lucky Link, that barrier has save you for now but soon it will come down and when it does I'll be here!" Ganondorf yelled. Link knew he couldn't hold the shield up for long, so he ran into the room where the Master Sword was embedded, and pulled it out of the stone.

"Oh sages, please help me!" He shouted as he did so. Suddenly he heard a voice-Ruto's.

"We will help you...!" She said softly. In an instant, Link disappeared form the room and appeared in a time hole. He didn't know what was happening, till he heard a voice. It told him about where-and when- he was going to and who he should look for and once he got there. Then Link was no longer in the time hole, nor was he at the temple of time. Link looked around at his surroundings, obviously shaken and somewhat unwell but the feeling similar to time travel sickness, soon disappeared, and once it was gone he walked away. After a while of walking, he heard some noise coming from nearby, so he crept up to a bush, and peered through it. He looked curiously at the rather strange things in front of him that were roads, cars and houses. The roads were crowed and he didn't want to be seen so he put on a white tunic that rendered him invisible; a special gift from Zelda, and set off down the road, hoping that it would lead him to the people he needed to find, but all he knew was where one of them lived. Later, he got tired of walking and rested for a time, and made the choice to continue in another way. Link placed the gold hover boats on his feet and flew off, all the way to the house he was told to find.

{At Master Roshi's house}

Goku was in bed, still alive and well. He had come out on top of the virus and was sound asleep. Gohan was supposedly doing homework on the beach, but was mainly training. Piccolo was elsewhere training for Cell's impending arrival. Trunks was looking after his father… or trying to keep him alive at any rate, and Krillin was at Master Roshi watching TV with Tien and Yamcha. Gohan had begun kicking and punching a non-existent opponent when he felt it, a non-familiar being of high power. Gohan ran inside to the others.

"Krillin do you sense that?" He asked. Krillin looked away from the television and toward the boy, but he shook his head. Gohan ran behind Krillin and pushed him outside.

"Hey little bro, what all this about?" Krillin asked. Gohan walked to the water's edge before replying.

"I felt a power, strong-like my dad's," He explained. Krillin put his hand on his head and walked up to stand beside his young friend.

"Gohan, you know Cell has your dad's cells in him…" Krillin reminded. Gohan shook his head.

"No Krillin, it's not cell. This thing is just the one power, not everyone's." Krillin looked at Gohan. Knowing that the boy was usually right about these things, but how could that be?

"Gohan, I don't know what this is, but I can't sense…" Krillin stopped in mid sentence and concentrated on a place out to the ocean.

"You feel it! Don't you Krillin?" the boy asked. Krillin slowly nodded, and turned to face Master Roshi, Tien and Yamcha as they ran outside, all looking in the same direction-the main land on the other side of the ocean.

"Who or what is that you guys?" Yamcha asked, not really wanting to know the answer. Tien frowned.

"Could it be…?" He began, doubtfully. Gohan shook his head.

"No, it's not Cell. The power's nature is all wrong." He spoke all of their thoughts aloud. Master Roshi looked out thoughtfully.

"I wander if Vegeta or Trunks have detected this yet?" He asked, thinking of the prospects to if they had. Everyone could clearly imagine Vegeta challenging this new power, and all stared out over the ocean, thinking.

"Father, what's wrong? Tell me!" Trunks demanded yet again. Vegeta only stood still. "What is it?" Trunks repeated himself, becoming impatient with Vegeta's lack of response.

"Don't you feel it boy?" Vegeta finally sneered. "This power, it's like nothing else. The strength of it is almost at our own level, I wouldn't be surprised if it rivaled Kakarrot's strength - as a Super Saiyan." Vegeta spoke. Trunks' anger turned to puzzlement and he now felt what had caught his father's attention.

"What? Someone with almost the same power as Goku Super Saiyan? Only another saiyan could have reached that level…but there aren't any more Saiyans. How is this possible?" The thoughts whirled in Trunks' mind. A glance at his father showed that the full saiyans thoughts had turned in a similar direction.

"I don't believe it, I won't believe it, it's not possible!" Vegeta's brows furrowed with the thought. "Only a saiyan should be able to reach this level of power, yet how did this thing get it…how? I must know how!" At that, Vegeta jumped into the air while powering up, then sped off toward this new power, Trunks a split second behind him.

Link had made it to the house, confirmed from a sign hanging from the front door, reading 'Son Family Home'. He reached to knock on the door, only to find that it swung open on it's own accord. Link only blinked into the darkness inside as he still stood with his hand raised. Feeling that something was not-quite right, he entered. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he realized what had seemed wrong, it seemed that much of the house's contents had been cleared out. Link began to search for any signs of the family, but didn't find anything on the lower floor, and all he could find up the stairs was a room missing all but major pieces of furniture that gave the impression of a child's room. Link began to wonder if he'd come to the right place after all, till he heard a vehicle pull up outside.

"Oh, they might have gone for a drive." He realized as he peered out the window and blinked. "…In a pink delivery van?" He questioned. He was new to the whole 'car' idea, but he had a fair idea that that just wasn't right in this situation. He was still pondering this when the van's doors opened and three figures emerged from it.

"Wait a sec," He thought, becoming slightly doubtful. He was looking for a guy by the name of Goku and his son Gohan, but down in front of him stood a boy who looked about his age with a scarf and long hair, a girl about the same age and a guy who looked to be around 7 feet tall. "Maybe the sages ought to have looked harder." He mumbled as he watched the three outside.

"So, this is Goku house huh?" 17 stated, looking slightly less bored than usual. He glanced at the house's entrance, then at the girl. "Someone left the door open for us, how thoughtful, hey 18?" 17 smirked. 18 nodded with a slight smile and followed 17 into the house, closely followed by the red-haired giant. Link moved quickly to the stairs, and continued to watch the three strangers.

"I wonder where everybody disappeared too?" 17 asked as he looked around the empty rooms. 18 went to move to another room, but was stopped by 16.

"We are not alone" He stated. 17 gave him a strange look.

"And what do you mean by that, 16?" He asked. 16 seemed to ignore the tone 17 carried in his voice.

"Someone is here, I can sense their power." He responded. 18 glanced quickly around.

"I can't feel anything 16. You must have a circuit loose in your sensors." 18 declared. By now Link was confused, could that tall man know that he was there?

"The person has hidden their power, but I can sense that their power level should be somewhere similar in range to that of Goku's," 16 added. Link almost jumped out of his skin, that guy could tell so much about him? 17 turned to the others and smirked again.

"About as strong as Goku, huh? Maybe defeating him will give us a preview of our battle." 17 mentioned, glancing around.

"Do not be so eager to battle." 16 said almost sharply. 17 and 18 looked at him curiously. "I sense more power hidden. If he were able to reach this power we would stand no chance." He added. 17 raised an eyebrow. "More powerful?" He said, doubtfully. "You're obviously malfunctioning, 16. No one equals us in power, not by a long shot." 17 rebutted. Link looked down at them angrily. That guy thought he couldn't be beaten? It was then that 16 looked directly at him.

"He is right up those stairs." 16 pointed. They looked up in time to see a very surprised Link throw himself toward the windows, and come to a grinding halt. 17 had broken though the floor between him and the window and stood directly in front of Link.

"So you're the guy with more power than all of us, huh?" 17 said sarcastically. Link turned to run the other way, but instead slammed into 16's chest, 18 next to him. Knowing he was trapped, Link began trying to think of a way to fight them.

"Where's Goku, little man?" 18 asked. Link didn't reply.

"What's the matter, shy are we?" 17 asked. 18 suddenly frowned.

"Something wrong, 18? 17 asked.

18 moved toward Link turned a full circle around him, then stood right in front of him, looking directly at his face.

"It seems that I don't have any files in my memory banks at all on this young man, like he was never born." She replied. Link suddenly realized that they weren't real – in the sense of flesh and blood anyway. 17 moved to Link and put a hand on his shoulder.

"So who are you then?" 17 asked, Link still refused to respond. 17 tightened his grip on Link's arm, causing him to shout out in pain.

"What is your name?" 17 asked insistently. This time Link did respond, with a well-aimed punch to 17's face, 17 let go in surprise, and Link used the moment to throw down a Deku Nut. With the flash of light, Link was gone. 17 and 18 looked around the room for some sign of him, and eventually found by the window a piece of paper by the window that hadn't been there before, reading: 'My name is Link, remember it.' 17 screw up the paper and threw it outside.

"That was rude of him, should we find him so he can apologies?" 18 asked. 17 shook his head.

"We're looking for Goku, remember?" 17 said. With that the three artificial humans flew out of the house and out of sight.

Link was flying as fast as he could while holding his shoulder. 17 had grabbed Link in very painful spot, where Ganondorf had struck him with a bolt of lighting. The pain became too much and he fell from the air to the grassy ground. Link heard something in front of him. He slowly raised his head, and saw the shadowy figures of two men, one tall, and one with strangely spiked hair. Link tried to focus on them, but couldn't, and his attempts to stand proved useless. Link tried to keep his eyes open, but soon collapsed into unconsciousness.