'Welcome home, Hero of Time'

Link eyes shot open as a familiar voice invaded his dreams. Link's eyes quickly found their focus; everything was a blur and then just as quick, suddenly cleared.

He was met with a blinding light, shinning directly in his face as soon as his eyes were open and were in focus. Link found the light too irritating and went to cover his eyes, but his hands arose too slowly. Link knew, even with wounds his hands would not move that slowly, and he could feel nothing was weighing them down.

Eventually his hands did cover his eyes, but as he arose his hands to block the light, his hands fell very quickly on his face, it felt like he had just slapped himself.

'Urgh! What was that for? Did I just slap myself?' Link asked himself, feeling the pain from his hands surged through his face. 'That hurt! That really hurt! But what's wrong with…'

Link suddenly yawned in mid thought. His body acted in a way as if he had just awoken from a long dream. As soon as Link finished his yawn, and stretching his body out to wake them up he suddenly paused, his eyes again shooting open.

'A-a… a dream?' Link suddenly thought. Link at first, raised an eyebrow at the possibility, but the more he thought about it, the more he suddenly got realized the truth. ' …T-that was a dream! Everything I saw was a mere dream?' Link suddenly bit down on his lip and narrowed his eyes in anger. He could see Goku's and his friend's faces pass him by. 'Were the just part of the dream as well? Was I dreaming all this time?'

'WAS I dreaming all this time?' Link suddenly shouted, coming to the conclusion that he had been in deep sleep. Link quickly peered around at his surrounding, and what he saw just confirmed and angered him further.

There he was trapped behind the crystal surface that encased his body. Link was encased in a crystal shred that was used to transport from the temples to the Scared Realm. Link pressed up against the shred's surface and peered beyond the crystal surface. What he saw next had confirmed everything. He was still in the Master Sword's Chamber, where had had enlisted the help of the sages when he first entered the temple from the chase Ganondorf gave him.
'Right… so that was a dream. All this time I thought I was somewhere else, but in fact, I was floating in some dream?'

'You're instincts prove righteous…' a familiar voice spoke up. Link quickly raised his head towards the ceiling of the Temple of Time from within the crystal, 'Rauru'. Link dropped his hands from the crystal surface and waited for the crystal to be dispelled.

After dropping his hands from the shinning surface, the crystal began to fade and soon disappeared, allowing Link's feet to softly touch the stone floor. Link stood up straight, yawning and flexing his body, to shake off the long sleep he had.

'How do you feel Hero of Time?'

'How do I feel?' Link asked in annoyance, jerking his head back to look up at the ceiling. 'I just woke up from a dream, were I was helping some friends…' as soon as Link said the word 'friends' his voice became softer, and his head slowly sank into his chest. 'What friends? They were nothing but a dream' Link sighed and continued on what he was saying 'I was helping them to save their world, but I guess, what world is there to save when its all in your head, huh?'

'Do not worry about their world, Link. Their world has already been saved' another voice spoke; this time it was a much more deeper and forceful voice. Link already knew this voice; it wasn't too hard from the list of sages.

'Darunia, what are you saying?' Link asked, his voice sounding very confused after hearing the Fire Sage, Darunia. 'How can their world be saved, if it was all in my head?'
A burst of light suddenly exploded form all around Link. The Light was so quick; there was hardly any warning for Link to cover his eyes. Link lowered his head and closed his eyes; his eyelids still could not hide the bright flash that was blurring his vision. Link began to rub at his eyes harshly; the light stung at his eyes, especially as the chamber was kind of dark and the flash was extremely bright.

'Sorry to have to appear without warning Link, but we have little time to explain everything' Darunia apologised. Link was still crouched down on the step to the Pedestal of Time, the bright flash continue to irritate the Hero's eyes.

Link continue to rub at his eyes till the irritation disappeared and his vision return. He didn't have to wait long, like patches of light breaking from the darkness, his coloured world returned. Link sighed happily, rubbing the back of his head, then turned to face Darunia.

But Darunia wasn't alone. Though Darunia had been the only one speaking, the other Sages stood behind the large Goron sage, in silence. Link continued to rub the back of his head, his eyes still fixed on the group of Sages.

With a sudden impulse, Link leapt up to his feet and walked up to Darunia, standing equal height to the Fire spirit.

'All right Darunia… explain' Link ordered the Fire Spirit in a calm, yet forceful tone. Darunia nod slightly and took in a deep breath.

'When you came to us, Link, you were looking for help…'Darunia began, pacing around Link. 'The truth was Link you didn't need any help. Your body was ready and you had plenty of power to take on Ganondorf…'

'Then why did you help me if I was ready?' Link interrupted, asking Darunia as he paced around Link.

'As I said, your body and power were ready…but your mind held doubts' Darunia answered Link question with a weak smile.

'We did not think you could handle the final battle, if your heart, soul and mind were not in focus' Ruto added further, walking towards Link and sieging his left hand. Ruto smiled as she patted Link's gloved hand, though she couldn't feel the touch of Link's flesh, it was nice holding her so called husband's hand. 'That is why we helped you in focusing your mind'

'But that still doesn't explain why my friend's world is saved! They were only in my head after all' Link reminded the sages, thinking they were going off topic

'Link…' Impa said, with her arms folded took a step forward, 'we sages can't recreate a world such as what you saw in you dreams. We can only use our power to recreate events from another world, which we placed in you mind, as to train you'

'What!' Link shouted, walking up closer to Imp. 'You recreated an event from another world, and placed it in my head?'

'Yes…that events in that world, the Cell Games, were real. That planet you were on is real. And those people… are real' Rauru explained in more simpler terms.

Just like something snapping in Link's brain, everything seemed to fall into place. It felt like the knowledge was there already in Link, but it was locked behind thick steel doors, in which he didn't have the keys. But now, he understood the truth.

'So…Goku and Gohan and the others, the Z gang, they are real?' Link asked, trying to understand this fully. The group of sages nodded their heads in response. 'Then Cell was real as well…' the group of sages again nodded their heads. 'Then everything I experienced while I was asleep… was totally a hundred percent real!' The Sages didn't have to nod for this, but they smiled to see Link had accepted what they did was to help him for the up coming final battle. 'But if it was all a dream…why did it feel so real?'

'To train the mind, a warrior must not fight with his mind alone, but he must feel his entire body and heart fight along with him' the small Kokiri child, Saria explained, giving Link words of wisdoms beyond her years (in appearance).

The young Sage stood beside Link, reaching only to his waist and smiled happily. Link returned the smile, but behind the smile, he was laughing. When he was young, with Saria, she was the oldest and tallest, but now the years have passed and Link, being a Hyrulain had become the oldest and tallest. How things have changed.

'The events before and leading up to the Cell games really happened. With our power, Link, you were able to join and help defeat Cell. This was all training your very limit of your body and mind' Nabooru said, but her voice sounded sadden, Link could tell and that why he was staring at her, she had more to say. 'Link…though you made friends with those people in you dream, they were only mirror images of the real thing…do you understand?'

Link patted Saria's head, softly and then brushed passed the group of sages, heading towards the hallway of the Temple of Time, to where the alter held the three scared stones. Link soon found himself in front of the doors of the Temple of Time where Ganondorf awaited on the other side. But he wasn't thinking about Ganondorf, his mind was cast in memory of his friends in their world.

'Did I already know this truth?' Link asked himself. Link stood in front of the door to the temple in silence with his arms folded. 'I felt like I did…even when Nabooru told me just now, it felt like already knew. Is this normal? Am I meant to feel like this, even though I did make friends with Goku and the others? I guess, it was well worth the sleep anyways'

Link lowered his head but kept his arms folded. His memories began to speed through his mind, the clearest of these memories were his friends faces, plus the final phase of Link's battle with Cell. He foresaw the end of Cell in such an attack; Link probably wouldn't have done it without his powers… 'But that was just a dream…right?'

Link spun around, seeing the sages stand in a semi-circle around him. Link peered at each of the sages before he said anything.

'You all said what I went through was a dream, a recreated event from another world, right?' Link recapped, asking the Sages one more time if what Link dreamt was really a dream.

'I assure you Link, it was all a dream, nothing more than a training exercise' Rauru assured the Hero of Time, while stroking his chin.

'Then hear this…when I was in the dream I was training. I saw the battle against the Androids unfold when I wasn't even at the battle. And then later, when I was about to fight Cell, I saw the future, I saw Goku and everyone else in the future… if it was a dream, them how could I see that?' Link asked after describing his strange foresight when in the dream.

The Sages went silent and did not usher any moment. Link could see their eyes moving about behind closed eyelids. Their breaths were slow and deep and their mind could only be working a mile ahead.

In sync, all six sages opened their eyes after two minutes in deep thought. Impa stood forward, standing directly in front of Link and rested her right hand atop Link's head.

'We could not predict how your growing power would affective the dream' Impa explained, still keeping her hand of Link's head. 'Your power is growing. You power is growing so much that it was able to bypass the dream and connect to the other world's reality. You saw the outcome before it happen and even saw the future beyond what the dream allowed'

Impa fell silent and lowered her hand down to her side, moving back into her spot between Nabooru and Saria. Link took in some air and exhaled deeply, before turning around to face the temple's door.

'I guess Ganondorf is waiting for me, huh?' Link asked, sounding neither afraid nor overconfident, now that his mind, heart and soul were in focus.

'Link, are you sure you are ready for this?' Ruto asked, running to Link's side, grabbing his arms and hold it tightly. 'If you need, we can send you back to train some more' Link smiled and turned to the Sage of Water and kissed her on the cheek.

'Let me handle this now, you've done enough already' Link said walking up to the doors and grabbing at the steel handles. With a powerful tug at the handles the doors swung open. Strong gushes of wind roared passed Link, causing his hair and tunic to rustle.

Link felt a strong fire burn within him leap, as his narrowed eyes meet face to face with the dark red ember that burn in his foe. The foe that had forced Link to run and hide in a another world now stood in front of him, mounted of that black stead.
'Well-Well…the cowards finally shows himself' the dark man said, in a vile tone, out stretching his left arm from his horse's rein to form a fist. Link narrowed his eyes, further as he dropped his hands from the door handles of the temple. Mist escaped from Link almost closed mouth as he grumbled before the vile monster.

Laughter erupted from the black armoured man, Ganondorf as Link said his name, in a low raged tone. Ganondorf smacked on his armour's chest plate as his laughter die down. Ganondorf then narrowed his eyes and lend forward to get closer to Link, as Link was on the top of the temple's stairs and Ganondorf on his black stead.

'I'm so glade you decided to come out and play, Link you know what happens when you keep the King waiting…' Ganondorf taunted Link for his actions, running into the temple. Link folded his arms and sighed again, mist escaping from his mouth.

'I've grown up a bit, Ganondorf. I'm through playing around with you' Link replied calmly.

Ganondorf smirked, slowly rearing back, so he torso was upright.

'I see. You have changed. Changed so much… in so short a time' Ganondorf said slowly, staring at Link a bit more. 'You been training. You and those Sages must have put a time displacement around the temple to allow you to get stronger! I'm right ain't I?'

Link dropped his arms and slowly began to walk down the temple's stairs, then took a few more steps till he stood right in front of Ganondorf and his horse. Ganondorf's smile vanished, and his happy expression turned into a frown as Link took the guts to walk and stand in front of the King of Evil.

'That must have been some training…for Link to dare stand before me!' Ganondorf thought, staring down at the Hero of Time. 'Maybe his brain was knocked too hard…he must not remember whom I am! I am the King Of Evil…how dare he approach me that cocky bastard! I'll teach him, oh, but not here I'll lure him to my castle and finish him there…'

'I won't lie to you…I have been up to something' Link said, sounding calm but mysterious. Link stood on a slight stance, peering up at the black armoured man. 'It's help me to focus, to see through my fear. I'm not running anymore!' Ganondorf grunted and rubbed his chin. Suddenly he pointed his finger at Link, but Link did not flinch.

'If what you say is true…' Ganondorf recoiled his finger and tugged on the horse's rien. The horse quickly turned around and began to trot away from the temple. Ganondorf turned his head as a dark portal opened in front of a ruin building, his red cape flapping in the wind the vortex created, 'Come to my castle and lets us finish this there! The princess and I would really love your company…Ha-ha!'

Ganondorf's laughter echo in the air as the portal closed behind him and his stead. Then came a sudden flash and a strong gust of wind, causing Link to lose his stance, covering his face as small bits of debris began to fly.

Link lowered his arm and sighed. Link didn't sigh because he thought this was hopeless, heading to Ganondorf castle, where who know what's await him, but because he saw a likeness in Ganondorf.

'All that time I stared up at him…another dark shadow overlapped Ganondorf' Link whispered to himself, starring down at the ground. 'I was right…Cell and Ganondorf are alike. They may have looked different, but down in the core, they bared they same evil desire'

Link quickly peered back at the Temple of Time, where he found shelter the first time from Ganondorf's pursuit. The temple looked old now, aging and covered in dirt and moth. The dark cloud cover sky didn't help the Temple's appearance either. Seven years can change a lot. Link turned his face forward and began to walk towards the once Town Market.

It was a short distance, only down the stairs that lead from the Temple of Time. The life, the energy, was gone. Nothing but ruin buildings and rotten corpse. The brickwork that was once glowing was now dull and chipped, covered in dirt and moth. The fountain that sprang life in the centre of the Town's Market, slowly drip the water from the tip of the fountain into its base, its concrete design was chipped and now a dull grey instead of a beautiful white. The small garden beds lay in piles of bricks and dirt, the plants and flowers now, mere dried up weeds. And the townspeople that use to be so busy buying and discussing, were gone. They sough refuge in other places, leaving the market to fall into the hands of the Redead.

'The smell of rotten flesh…'Link mumbled, starring at the lifeless corpses that stood around the market, groaning and moaning. 'With my sword, the Master Sword I will bring the peace back to this hellish future' Link unsheathed his master sword and held the blue handle with both his hands.

Link narrowed his eyebrows and rushed his first Redead. The creature turned its head to begin it slow attack on Link, but all it saw was the Master Sword in a vertical swing, slicing through it rotten head and body. The smell of the Redead reek so much, Link almost fell down in order to vomit, but used this falling action in motion for a jump attack. Link stumbled forwards to get closer to the next Redead, next to the Bombchu alley and jumped as his body almost hit the ground. The Redead also turned it head to only be sliced down the middle. Lifting the tip from the fallen corpse, Link rushed towards the market's exit and quickly did a horizontal swing, cutting the Redead in half and then staking the Redead in the head, straight between the eyes.

Link yanked the sword from out of the brick paved floor and slowly spun around. In action to their fallen comrades, and that Link was in striking distance. The Redead on the opposite side of the market's ext and the one next to Braaza, staggered to feed on the young Hero. Link could hear their high-pitched screams, which would normally paralyse a person. Link waited and lured the two Redead until they were close range. Link smile, placing his Master Sword by his side and just a bit behind. Link didn't want too waste magic, so he built up a quick charge. The sword glowed a bright blue before Link used his body in the Spin Attack.

The Redead had tried to jump Link and suck him dry when he was charging that spin Attack but were cut short, and cut through. The blade was charged, and even only a little, the Redead's flesh seems to burn away at its touch.

'No more playing here…that was for the townspeople' Link again whispered to himself, placing the Master Sword back in its sheath. Link slowly turned around and stared up the path to the once proud Hyrule Castle, home of the good King and Queen, and of course, their daughter, Princess Zelda. Now being kept prisoner by Ganondorf, the Evil King.

'Oh, is he going to pay!' Link thought, which brought a smile to his face.

Link adjusted his tunic and belts one final time and began his walk, from the Market's exit, around the fountain and up the path to Ganondorf's castle.
'Oh my goddess…' Link gasped as his eyes set sight on the floating structure of the castle above a pool of molten lava, and the ruins that lay before it. The once beautiful green grass and neat road was all destroyed. The gate that once stood to block bypass was buried into the side of the hill. Countless bones lay scattered around the ruins. Link dreaded to think whom they might have belonged to. Link eyes meet once again with the floating castle above the molten lava, the dark castle that housed the Evil King, 'Ganondorf's Castle!'

The castle seemed to greet Link, casting a long dark shadow over him. Link could feel utter dread and fear, rise within him, but took no heed to it. Link shrugged off the unwelcome feeling and pressed on to what looked like the ruin of a bridge. Link stopped and examined the structural damage of the bridge.

'There was once a bridge here, not too long ago' Link whispered, kneeling down and picking up some rubble of the bridge. Link's finger ran over the surface to the piece of stone. 'This looked like it was destroyed. There are signs of an energy attack; burnt marks' Link figured Ganondorf had destroyed the bridge in order to keep people out of his castle. 'Why bother destroying a bridge when the castle is in the middle of a lake of lava?' Link asked himself tossing the piece of stone into the lava. 'But the question is, how the hell do I get in there? Should I try to jump?' Link asked himself again, the options available to him were very limited. Link thought on the possibility of him making the jump, he began to slowly walk over to the edge of the bridge and examined the distance from the bridge and the castle front door.

'Link can you hear me? Its me, Rauru' a voice from above spoke to Link, quickly starling the Hero, especially when he was on the edge of a worn out, broken bridge overlooking a lake of lava. 'Let the combine power of the Sages create a bridge for you to the Evil King's dwelling' as the voice of Rauru ended, bright lights began to fall down like rain. Purple, blue, red, yellow, orange and green lights fall about the Hero of Time. Link eyes darted about the ruins as the colourful lights began to radiate all around him, causing the to gather around Link and then compressing into one and then bursting, a blinding flash followed by a shower of smaller, similar lights.

'Wow…thank you' Link whispered in astonishment. A multi coloured light bridge, and all for him. Link like the colours and how each shimmered and the blended into another colour, the bridge was differently uplifting instead of staring at the dark castle that stood before him. Link took one glimpse at the castle and that uplifting feeling soon faded. 'Oh, okay…I can't be afraid now, I have to go on' Link began to walk up the bridge, there was a quick fear of falling through the Sage's bridge but it proved solid and Link made it to the entrance of Ganondorf's Castle.

Link stared into the darkness and for some reason smiled wickedly.

'I won't use this new power acquired all at once. But when I'm ready, I'll unleash my full force!' Link said before descending to the entrance, being swallow completely in darkness as he passed through the door. 'I will see the tomorrow sun, but Ganondorf will not!'

The End…

…. Or is it?

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