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Night, Saint Row, Mission Beach

Sitting on a bench of a bus stop was a young black girl wearing a hoodie over her head with sneakers and jeans holding unto her school books, she was just done studying at her friend's house and was waiting for the bus that she needed to get on to get back to her home that was in the Shivington Projects. Her name was Gabrielle Nicolson, she was a junior up in Stilwater High and a resident in the projects, most people called her Gabby for short.

Gabby was lucky there was a glass roof over her head because it was raining heavily and she didn't want to spend anytime more time outside in the Row at night, not now since Saint Row has become a battlefield for most gangs who were shooting each other at almost every given chance. If it was over some graffiti or even looking the wrong way it always ended up with somebody in a body bag.

Looking in front of her on the opposite side of the street she saw the wall that was filled up with gang graffiti, from the Vice Kings to Los Carnales and another gang that was local here called the Third Street Saints. Mission Beach was always the stronghold territory of this local gang that used the old church as its hangout.

Not wanting to spend one more moment looking at the world she was in now, Gabby looked down at her book and opened it to see she was missing something, her geography homework!"

"Gabby!" the girl turned to her right, seeing her friend Julie running up to her withholding something beneath her raincoat.

She got underneath the bus stop and pulls out from her raincoat a few papers "Your homework," she smiled at her friend handing it over to her "I couldn't let you go without it."

"Oh July, thank you." Gabby said pulling her best friend into a hug "What did I deserve to get a friend like you?"

"Damn girl, you know it and I know it." Her friend said jokingly as the teenagers laughed.

From a good distance, a brown sedan Capshaw was turning up a corner, with three men scoping out the girls at the bus stop.

"You sure you wanna go back to the projects? You can bunk at my place, momma won't mind having you around." Julie offered to her friend "We'll have a sleepover."

"I would love to, girl, but you know I can't." Gabby said looking down saddens "Who else is gonna watch my little brother?..."

The Capshaw drove up and took a turn right towards where the bus stop was, it then roared after it sped towards them.

"Maybe if-" Julie choked on her words but noticed the car "What the-"

The car stopped right in front of them and two men came out of the car, both of them were African American. one wore a yellow hoodie young hood who had his face under the hoodie's shadow while the other wore and yellow and white basketball jersey with the jersey one wearing a yellow bandana.

"Get the girls!"

"Oh my god! Gabby RUN!" Julie yelled, the two girls ran out from the bus stop and started running as fast as they could.

"Get them you fools, don't let them get away!" The driver said, a Caucasian. The two other gang members started chasing after them while the driver reversing the car and turn around to try and cut them off.

Julie and Gabby were running as fast as they could while crossing streets, they knew that if they stopped for one moment the guys behind them will catch them.

They both reached the last street to their home and started sprinting for Julie's house, but then came the Capshaw sedan.

Just when Gabby tried to cross the street she got hit by the car and fell down in the middle of the empty street, giving the two chasing goons the chance to grab the girl.

"Her feet, grab her by the feet!" the hoodie gang member motioned as he grabbed Gabby by the legs while the other grabbed her by the arms and started dragging her to the backseat of the car.

Julie turned around and to her horror saw her best friend being dragged inside the car "Gabby!"

"NOOO! HELP!" Gabby cried for help as she was shoved in the backseat "SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!"

"Bitch shut yo ass up!" the hoodie-wearing gang member held his hand over her mouth while laying on top of her "Let's go homies! Let's get the fuck out of here!"

"Stop!" Julie ran towards the car but was pushed to the ground by the jersey-wearing gang member who aimed his Vice 9 pistol at the girl which made her freeze up in fear.

"Yeah bitch, you ain't tough now are you?" The bald gang member said muffled under his bandana "Vice Kings gonna take over Mission Row," he puts the barrel of the gun closer to her face "and once we've taken out all those punks around here, we'll come back for ya ass."

"Bro, get in the car!" the Caucasian driver yelled as suddenly three bullets hit the front window causing the driver to duck for cover.

The gunman turned around to see a man with a purple shirt shooting at them from a distance with his handgun.

"Fuck!" The Vice King holding Gabby down shouted "Ey, Malc! Get in a man before more of them are coming, nigga!"

"Fuck you!" Malc unloaded his clip at the Saint's position that forced the gang member to duck for cover behind a letterbox "Fuck Third Street, Vice Kings up this muthafucka!" the gang member shouted as he ran back to the shotgun seat. The Capshaw drove next to the grounded Julie while taking several bullet holes from other recently arrived Saints gang members.

Gabby's voice could be heard screaming for one last cry for help "Someone please!"

"GABBY!" Julie yelled her name out tearing as she saw her friend disappear, she sank to her knees and began sobbing to the ground as more lights turned on and people were coming out of their houses to see what happens.

"Honey, honey what happened," a black woman in her bathrobe went over to her child and went down her level "talk to me baby what happened." The neighbors and soon the whole neighborhood got outside and saw the girl Julie and her mother on the street and in a matter of moments almost half a dozen people standing on the street. Including a black man wearing men of which one was a black leather jacket with black pants and a purple shirt with chains and a black beret pushed his way through the crowd and to see what the commotion was about. That guy was Julius Little, a man of the streets who was the leader of the Third Street Saints.

He saw a mother trying to help her weeping daughter but then noticed another crowd of people in a street corner nearby. They distinguished themselves from the others by the colors they were wearing. He walked over to them and directly to one Caucasian lieutenant of his who had a goatee, blonde hair and a .44 Shepherd in his hands.

"Troy," Julius asked the white guy making his way through the group of gang members "what's happened over here?"

"Don't ask me," Troy pointed at down "ask him, he saw it all." He meant the Saint gang member who was laying his back against the wall, he'd just got a bullet to his shoulder and was holding the wound to stop the bleeding while next to him laid his Vice 9 piece.

Julius kneeled down to the foot soldier and asked him "What happened, son?"

The guy sucked his teeth "Pffft! I was walking down the street going to meet up with a couple of the homies at the church and then I heard this screaming. So I checked out and saw some punk-ass Vice Kings trying to snatch two girls, urgh!" The young man winced in pain as one of his friends helped him up "So I reached my piece and started blasting at them fools, but got hit before I knew it and duck for cover."

Troy turns to the gang leader "I thought Vice Kings don't do kidnappings, is Benjamin King changing tactics?"

"No, he would never do that," Julius said knowing Benjamin for a long time and once run with him the Vice Kings until he split up and did his own thing, there was however rumors that one of Benjamin's newest lieutenants Tanya was crossing lines by ordering her crew to find and kidnap girls to be turned into working girls against their will, only it were mere rumors and no evidence was brought forward so even King couldn't know if it was true but if he found out about it, no doubt in his mind that Benjamin would approve that or let it slide….not after what happened to his sister.

Sirens could be heard from afar.

"One time is coming."

"Alright let's split up." Julius ordered and pointed at the foot soldier "Drag him out of here and make sure he gets to the hospital, now!" The group Saints quickly split up except for two who helped up the wounded gang member and were bringing him to the nearest doctor they knew would help.

"Troy, follow them and try to get some information about these girls," Julius said looking at the distrusted family with a frown "I don't believe these girls were working on the corners."

"I'll get on to it." Troy said shaking his head with slight regret "Maybe if we just came earlier we could've saved that girl-"

"Troy, what I learned from my time back in the day is that once something is done, you can't reverse it. So don't start blaming yourself. Besides we were lucky saving that bystander from getting shot from a Vice King just moments ago, be glad about that." Julius said reminding him of the scene they followed the sound of gunfire and saw that bodies of Rollerz, Vice Kings and Carnales were left dead after a deadly shooting that only left one Vice King alive that was about to kill an innocent bystander who was hit by the Carnales car that was shot up. Troy had put a bullet in the Vice King's head and they brought the bystander to safety.

"I'll be back waiting at the church." Julius said with a slight frown "We've got to clean up the Row." He starts walking back to the church. Now it was the time to take back the Row. With his gang now fully prepared and a lot of followers under his wing, Julius now saw they had a chance to evict the Vice Kings, the Rollerz and the Carnales out of their part of town.

Little did he know that he'd just invited a person who would make the biggest impact on the streets.

The Capshaw was seen driving into the Red Light district, in the Bavogian Plaza neighborhood to be correct which was Vice Kings territory and not that far away from Saint Row. Bavogian Plaza was like Prawn Court and Rebadeaux a hotbed for pornography stores and also underground massage parlors which in reality were illegal brothels were working girls were forced to give sexual pleasures to customers.

The car took a turn into the back of an empty parking lot and went all the way to the back where two more Vice Kings were waiting for them.

"Took you long enough."

A door was thrown open and coming through was the girl Gabby threw in there, landing on the ground the girl didn't dare stand up.

The hoodie gang member and the jersey-wearing named Malc stood by the door and were heard talking with the others "That's today's snatch."

"Only one? Nigga, you gotta be joking."

"Fuck you I ain't joking," Malc said against the other gang member who was waiting for them "We could've taken two but those bitches from the Row spotted us."

"It doesn't matter, we can always find more. Tanya said we gotta at least find four more girls on the list. Two whites, an Asian and a black girl." The white Vice King said remembering the list he was given "we have to find girls like that in their 20's before the day after tomorrow at the brothel in Prawn Court."

"Alright will do, meanwhile Darren and Lemoy will watch out for this bitch." Malc sinisterly chuckled "We'll have fun testin' them out when they're all here." Some of the Vice Kings held their laughter as they closed the steel door behind them and left the teenager Gabby to her own.

In the room were only a few filthy matrasses, a few empty soda cans and a light bulb that was just flickering on and off. But the only sound that was present was the sniffing of the young teenager crying herself wondering what she did to deserve this.

She for the most part of her life tried to stay out of the violence, growing up she'd witnessed numerous shootings that ended up someone dying and one of her worst memories was that of when she was just eight and she saw three burglars enter her house and murder her mother because she was a gang member. Growing up without parents and as the only support figure for her blood siblings, she now feared for the worst that she might not see them ever again. She forces her bruised up hands to her face and began making a prayer.

"Please, come and save me *sniff* big brother…."


In the neighborhood not far from the Arena, a rather popular pool hall was having a full house tonight. Some people standing outside to smoke and some folks were chatting with each other.

Just across the street, a green rusted Compton car parked at an empty parking lot and coming out was a young man who started crossing the street and run across the street.

Inside the pool hall, it was very busy and everyone was occupied. The only thing was that most of the occupants inside were wearing mostly grey and black colored clothing but almost all of them wore blue.

This was a hangout for the Westside Rollerz.

The pool hall was one big room that had two floors, the ground floor and the first floor where on both had pool tables that were occupied with players. It also had a bar were a couple of Rollerz were drinking at.

Standing at the bar was an Asian woman, she was wearing track pants with blue and white stripes with a black belt, some brown boots and a black tight leather zipped up sleeveless with her impressive bust that could attract attention without asking and a hairstyle in a knot with golden pins thru it.

This girl's name was Lin and the little secret is that she was no Rollerz but instead was a Saint, but one undercover. And she just wasn't a normal one, she was a Lieutenant and the reason why she was in a place filled with enemies was that she was trying to get some information about the Rollerz' operations. Because the Rollerz were more secretive then the other gangs, Julius had asked her to infiltrate their gang and soak up as much information about them as possible and use it against them. The reason why Julius wanted her to infiltrate the Rollerz was because of two things.

One, she was a racer who with her car was the perfect fit to go into a gang that favors fast cars. And second of all, she was no Johnny Gat.

That was for later to be explained.

"Assholes." Lin cursed as she took a drag from her cigarette, she came here with two idiots who were from the Sommerset crew she'd managed to infiltrate in and now they both were passed out drunk after taking in too much liquor for themselves.

Then just when she took a drink from her glass, a member of the Rollerz walked up to the bar and ordered something.

"Hey Leo, three shots for upstairs, would ya?"

"Coming right up. For you?"

"Nah, for the boss and his sergeants upstairs." The young man in an all gray tracksuit with the blue bandana over his head asked. He was an African American member of the Rollerz, which was rather uncommon for a gang that mostly was made of white kids from the suburbs and Asians from Chinatown. At least to Lin's knowledge. But this piece of information was new to her.

"Coming right up." The bartender said turning around and grabbing a bottle of scotch.

Lin took her moment and asked "Hey kid." the guy turned to her "the boss, you mean Price is here?" in response she got some laughs and chuckles from some of the other gang members.

"What's so funny?"

"Hehehe, you must be new," the black gang member said "Sorry but that's how we call our lieutenant. He's upstairs playing a game with some of his sergeants." He explained as he introduced himself "My name is Jamal. Sorry that I'm asking you but which set you from?"

"I'm here with a couple of boys from Sommerset. But I gotta ask you," Lin curiosity sprung up "Where are you from?"

"Shivington, in the Southside."

"Isn't that Vice Kings turf?"

"Well, it was until we rolled up….." Jamal stated as he explained further to the female undercover Saint what she wanted to hear.

Meanwhile, upstairs a Hispanic Rollerz gang member in a gray sleeveless shirt and a blue hat backward and khaki pants on was looking downwards to see Jamal speaking to a woman and smirked "Hey AJ, look and see Jamal trying to talk to a chick."

AJ was a Caucasian Rollerz member and looked down to see what his friend was talking about and whistled "That's a good looking woman there, Enriquez."

"Si, wonder why she's talking to Jamal."

"Let him talk," the Hispanic member said waving it off as he turns back to the pool table "the boss is about to make his move."

In front of them they saw their boss wearing dark military-style boots, gray cargo pants with a metal belt that had a whirlpool image on it, a white t-shirt that he wore beneath a checkered gray and white striped open shirt to which was untucked. He also wore a bandana that covered his forehead and had a crystal necklace around his neck which he had ever since he was born to his knowledge.

He now was seen bending over the pool table calmly aiming the cue stick at the white ball, he now was on set and when he was focused, you better not break it off.


Enriquez looked down "Que?"

Someone stormed inside the hall and got confronted by a few gang members and was about to be surrounded until Jamal came between and spoke up "Danny, what you doing here? You got school tomorrow-"

"My sister's been kidnapped!"

"W-What,?!" Jamal asked shocked "What happened?!"

"She was waiting for the bus in the Row when she got snatched up by the Vice Kings, Julie called and told it to me through the phone." The young teenager looked sad and angry at the same time "I think they snatched her like Alita man, you know the girl from the corner? She's a working girl. My sister ain't no-"

"Calm down dawg, we know she ain't." Jamal said tapping Danny's shoulder.

Thick! The sound of a cue stick hitting a white ball became the only sound present in the whole room as two colored striped balls were hit and fell down different holes. Winning the game.

"Is he up there?" Danny said drying his tears.

Lin turned around to see why everyone turned to the second floor. That included every gang member that she noticed was of more Asians, Blacks and a few Latinos then traditionally Caucasians and Asians alone like the other Rollerz.

He dropped his cue stick on the pool table and walked over to the stairs, but before he walked down to them he quickly grabbed his hoodie jacket and puts it on with the hoodie on.

Once he stepped down the ground floor, he raises his head up and walks up through the crowd of patrons and gang members who took a step back to let him through, respect was something he was being shown and Lin saw that even though she didn't see his face. The guy stopped by Jamal and Danny and was seen speaking to them.

"Jamal, you stay at Danny and Gabby's place." He patted the teenager on the bald head "Don't worry kid, I'll take care of it." the alleged boss walked out of the door and left the pool hall with a slight chilling environment.

Lin started hearing the rumors amongst the other gang members until they heard someone shout.

"Alright everybody listen up!" AJ was heard getting everyone's attention "You all know the drill. Nobody goes off alone for a few days and no one goes without a piece. I don't think I have to repeat what happened last time. So keep yourself weary because the VK's will surely retaliate."

"Vamos amigos!" Enriquez clapped his hands ordering "Let's split up and spread the word!"

Soon all the gang members started leaving in droves for the exit and one by one they walked to the parking lot except for Lin who stayed behind with Jamal who sends Danny to the car and wait for him.

She stopped him "Hey, what the hell is going on? why's everyone leaving?"

"It's better you go back to Sommerset," he noticed she was about to give a familiar glare at him and sighed "Okay, okay chill. Follow me to Danny's place and I'll explain it to ya." They both walked out of the pool hall and this left the two sergeants, AJ and Enriquez alone to talk who were more concerned about the ramification of their lieutenant/boss actions he was going to take.

"Price's gonna be really mad…"

"Fuck him, ese." Enriquez said dropping the cue stick on the table "those putos up the suburbs don't mean shit to me. If the ese wants to do something, he fucking does it….now, I've got to go warn the homies down my hood, I suggest you do too."

"Yeah, I guess so." They both were the last to leave the pool hall, going back to their neighborhoods.

Back to the Row

Outside the Saint Row Church, Julius was watching how the newcomer was being canonized. And to be fair he was quite impressed. He didn't expect the grunt to hold it up against the others.

SMACK! A white fist had slammed across the face of an obese white Saints member who wobbled back before falling. Making him the last Saint to drop to the ground.

Surrounding by knocked out Saints was a woman who was wearing a pair of old sneakers and baggy pants that were too big for her. It was also hard to see if she was a woman because of the black hoodie she wore, the cap on her head also concealed her eyes and the only thing visible was her lips and soft white skin and small locks of brown hair that were reaching down peachy freckled cheeks.

Troy walked up to the girl and shook her hand "You earned your colors today."

"That's some impressive;" One of Julius' lieutenants named Dex approaches the girl from behind "the only other Saint who kicked ass like that was Johnny." He meant the Asian gang member with the dyed white top hair and glasses.

"Shit, took me half the time." Johnny said but added, "You did good, I give you that."

"Thanks." She said underneath her hoodie "I learned some moves."

Julius stepped towards them and offered her a fist "Welcome to the Third Street Saints."

She bumped her fist against his and started listening to the man that made sure she wasn't lying dead on the streets just a few hours ago.

"Let's get down to business," Julius said getting everyone's attention to his instructions "If we're serious about takin' back the Row, we gotta let those muthafuckas know what time it is. Now you break it down, and it's all about respect. Enough of it, they're gonna back off, and we're gonna move right in. We got some friends in town that could use some help. Give 'em a hand. 'Course, you can always drop any muthafucka flyin the wrong flag. So long as word gets out that the Saints is on the Row, I don't give a damn how you do it. You feel me?"

Everyone around the Church noted too that.

"Good, no get a move on, we got work to do." Everyone dispersed which left Troy to the girl.

"Alright, let's get you a piece," Troy said walking down the street with her while Dex and Julius watched them walk off.

"Did Troy tell you anything new about the kidnapping a few hours ago?"

Dex shook his head "Sorry, but we can't find anything on her."

"She affiliated?"

"No," Dex answered "she was a school going girl, lived in Shivington, yes, but part of a gang. Nah."

Julius sighed of frustration "I think, it's better we do not focus on it too long. It pains me to say it but if she's kidnapped for what I think it is, we're already too late."

"So what do we do now?"

"The only thing we can do." Julius said in a cold tone "Clear the streets of those Vice Kings, and I believe that Playa will help with that." Julius had a thought this Saint may be useful to help clean up the many gangs that were in the Row and help him secure it.


Rebadeaux, Tee'N'Ay

Outside one of Stilwater's thriving strip clubs where many men and some occasion women, go and have a good time drinking or admiring the dancing girls who would entertain the customers with exotic dancing.

But one who was standing outside in the parking lot was the Lieutenant of the Rollerz earlier playing Pool, with his hoodie covering his head and leaning against a Stiletto he had stolen earlier. having in his one hand a cigarette he was smoking patiently for his targets to come, while in his other arm he was carrying a cloth blanket bundle that was covering up something.

He'd been asking for intel about the kidnapping crew after one of his associates had told them that a pimp in a yellow suit and was meeting with the kidnappers in the strip club. Now he was wearing a poncho over himself and had a few bandoliers around him. Instead of wearing the colors of his gang, he now was wearing camo pants and mostly black clothing.

There the lieutenant saw a convoy of three cars driving up on the parking lot stopping right in front of the entrance of Tee'N'Ay, the first one was a yellow Compton lowrider, the one in the back was a NRG V8 van that was also yellow with two Vice Kings already jumping out from the back. And then the middle vehicle was a yellow almost gold-tinted painted Zomkah.

Coming out of the Compton and the van were all members of the Vice Kings, counting out there were about six of them in total coming out, then the doors of the Zomkah opened and coming out was the yellow dressed pimp and his driver, plus two women who were possible escorts girls expensive-looking fur coats. They were seen entering the club with enthusiasm as the gang members were about to have a good time.

The Rollerz member dropped his cigarette and stepped on it before starting to walk towards the club.

Inside Tee'N'Ay, two of the Vice Kings gang members were sitting with the pimp and his girls at the counter waiting for the waiter to bring their shots. While some of the other Vice Kings were staring at the strippers, two of the kidnappers who went to pick up their cash were talking to the pimp who was working for Tanya.

"Here's your drinks." The waiter said bringing a plate with glasses filled with vodka.

"Thanks, girl," the pimp tossed a small wad of paper to her and was getting stares from his girls "what ya'll bitches looking at," he took them under his arms "you two already getting paid, but with something else if you know what I mean…" The girls cuddled around their pimp.

"Uhm, homie." The pimp turned to the white VK member who was asking him a question "When do you think we're getting paid?"

"Soon, young cracka brotha, soon." The pimp said, "Tanya's gonna pay a visit to the house in a few days to check the merchandise you brought in and see it for herself."

The one in the hoodie took the glass "How much you think we get paid?"

"I may say you gonna get a bonus for this one, brotha." The pimp said raising his glass "We gonna get paid and laid." They all raised their glasses.

Nobody noticed that the Rollerz member now stood at the only entrance of the club and had dropped the cloth blanket and it revealed he was carrying an AR-40 Xtnd assault rifle. He looked around to see the place was filled with perhaps half a dozen patrons and few Vice Kings he saw enter earlier.

He took a deep breath and glided his hand over to the safety and said something before he went on a streak.

"Shouldn't fuck with my people."

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