Hello, Reader. This is Worseman, and I'm here to introduce the rework of my first Spider-man fanfiction. Within my story, some are changed but others remained the same which is hard for me to rewrite the story. This rewritten story is a lot similar to my old story because it was basically modified and not entirely rewritten but some of it in this story.

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To those who were the first time to read this, this story will be inspired by Dc New 52 and Rebirth and fan-made by me and this took place fiveyears before the avenger first assembled in public and after oneyear that daredevil's first appearance in secret.

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A raging storm pouring heavily upon New York City during the darkest night while making loud thunder to scare the children. A street was filled with many slow-moving vehicles but fortunately, the storm was slowly moving to another location.

A six-year-old boy with brown hair and hazel eyes dressed in his blue-strap pajamas, descending down the stairs to the hallway. He then began to walk slowly to the living room where his mother and father enjoying their time because he was afraid of the thunder and could not sleep peacefully. While he was slowly walking, he heard glass breaking in his father's office room and went to check it out. He twisted the doorknob and push the door to the other side. He saw a shattered glass window, letting the rain wetting the document paper on his father's desk. He began to call his father loudly, "Dad! Dad!"

"What's wrong, Peter?" His father asked while walking towards Peter.

When his father arrived at the scene, Peter pointed at the shattered window. His father became paranoid as he saw the scene and began to enter it to check his thing to see what thing had been stolen. While he was checking, his mother came into the scene while asked, "Richard, What's wrong?"

Richard began to pull out the drawer of his desk, removed a false bottom and his hand reached the files and grab it to take out. As he took out his file, he looked at Mary and asked hastily, "Mary, pack everything as you can and take Peter to Ben and May's place now."

"Was it them?"

"Not sure but I won't take the chance to ignore it."

Richard nodded, saying yes and Mary carried Peter out of the office while he erased the equation on the board as quickly as possible and when he was done, he jogged out of the room, leaving each of his important documents and research behind.

An hour later

Parker Residence,

Queen, New York City

Swinging his leg, Peter was very bored as there was nothing fun or interest to do but when his eyes caught on his parents discussing with his Uncle and Aunt, Ben and May Parker, in the kitchen, he stood up from the couch and began to walk. As he got closer, he began to eardrop their conversation.

"Are you sure about this, Richard? Leaving Peter to our care?" Ben asked Richard with a serious expression.

"I'm positive, Ben. I don't want our son to know about our life and getting involved with my research." Richard replied.

"My god, Richard. What the hell do you get involved in it?" Ben asked, feeling upset with Richard whom he does not know what kind of life Richard and Mary have.

"I know that it was my problem but it does not concern you and May."

"I'm really not sure if it entrusting me to take care of Peter because you two abandoning him and your role as his family."

"If we bring him with us, he will become a target like us, Ben." Richard sighed heavily with sadness and regret but he continued, "We don't want to lose him just like our second child."

Ben was off-guard by Richard's mention of his and Mary's second child and younger brother to Peter whose name was going to be Richard Parker Junior but he remembered the painful memories of the death of their unborn second child by the car accident. He sighed but felt his hand being touched and looked at May who was the one who touched his hand while looked at him with her sympathy expression.

Ben was again sighed but he finally decided so he said, "Alright, Richard. We going to take care of Peter."

Mary let her tears flow down her cheeks, feeling that Peter going to stay with Ben and May with the rest of his life without her and Richard but it was the only solution to protect Peter so she said, "Thank you, Ben."

After the conversation, Peter walked to his parents who were ready to leave and asked with his sad tone, "Are you leaving me behind?"

Mary bent down to her knee and gently placed her hand on Peter's cheek and smiled while replied, "No, Peter. We will come back to get you once it is over."

"Mary?" Richard called.

Mary stood up and backed away from Peter while Richard bent down and started to speak with Peter, "Peter, Promise me that you'll be good to your Uncle and Aunt and become a good person all the time."

"Ok," Peter replied.

As Richard stood up, he began to walk out of the houses with Mary while Peter watched his parents go to their transportation with his sad expression.

9 years later

"Peter! You're going to be late for school!"

Peter groaned in tiredness and annoyance that his sleep was disrupted by May's loud voice. He lifted his head up to see that he was sleeping on the desk, piled with many random paper and electrical components. He felt cold and wet at the right bottom of his face, thinking it was his salvia which was true. He then lazily used his forearm to wipe it away. He looked down to see a pile stained with his salvia but fortunately, it was not his school assignment, homework, or quiz. It was his random thought paper where he wrote what he thinks an unbelievable unrealistic event such as hoverboard or alien invasion. He stood up from his chair and walked step by step like a newborn baby.

Peter stopped at his feet and saw a mirror reflection of himself with his messy brown hair and sore hazel eyes. He chuckled that he was in a mess from sleeping. He continued to walk to his door to open to go to the bathroom to take a warm shower and brush his dirty teeth to clean himself into a neat person. He wished that he was sick to skip his school because he does not want to walk to his bad torture memories moment as a high school student. However, he does not want to disappoint his both uncle and aunt with his prejudiced attitude as he needs a good grade to get into a colleague or university for his future to become a better person in the future.

"How long does that boy get himself dressed?" May said, focusing on cooking scrabble eggs on the pan.

"Relax, May. I know that Peter always wasted his time as the other teenage does but he will get there in time," Ben replied, not looking at May but focusing on Newspaper.

A sound of the footstep getting loud in the stairs, Peter jumped down to the ground from the stairs, skipped three last steps and start walking to the kitchen. Peter was now wearing his white T-shirts with the dark green hoodie jacket outside, Blue Jeans and white Niki shoes with red detail. His brown hair was neat, there were no sore hazel eyes and he was currently wearing spectacles.

As Peter gets closer to the Kitchen with his pack bag and skateboard, he greeted Ben and May, "Morning, Uncle Ben and Aunt May."

"Morning, Peter." Ben greeted back, still focusing on the newspaper.

"Peter, You're going to be late for school." May reminded Peter, pointed at the time that he should go to school right now but Peter was, however, relaxed as he opened the fridge and took a carton of plain milk to drink.

"May, I'm not going to be late for school again," Peter replied, calming May while drank a cup of milk when he poured it into the cup.

"Like the last time where you woke up at the same time your lesson started?"

"Meh, I guess that my bad luck."

Ben chuckled at what Peter said, reminding him of himself at Peter's age who was a cool-headed person who always relaxes in the crucial time but now, his cool personality disappeared and replaced with a hard-working personality. May was worried about Peter's behavior every time and she could not understand him at all. As Peter had finished, drinking milk, He began to walk towards the door while took the plain toast bread on his way and put it into his mouth.

"Peter, stay out of trouble because I don't want any trouble for the third time," Ben warned Peter with a cautious and strict tone as Peter nodded, accepted the warning while smiled when his head turned around to Ben.

"Don't worry, Uncle Ben. I won't get into any trouble at all." Peter replied as he unlocked the door, twisted the knob, slide it to the other side and went out to the street. He then closed and locked the door.

"Do you think Peter will find out?" May asked as she switched off the gas.

"Let's find out in one way to another, May," Ben replied as he drank a cup of coffee.

Outside of Midtown High,

Queens, New York City

Skating throughout the crowd in the street, dodging the people's walking path and jumped over the object at the same time, Peter was focusing on his path, ignoring his surroundings while enjoying his skating with a happy expression because it was not his first but hundred times that he always skated in every part of the street of New York alone. He liked to skate every day because he likes to feel a gust of cold wind blowing in front of him, reminding that he definitely felt like he can do whatever he wants. Not only skating but he also liked to explore every part of New York City such as Manhattan or Brooklyn as he liked to adventure every street and building to know his routine.

As Peter was about to reach the school in perfect time, he was suddenly distracted on his way by a beautiful blonde girl walking to his school and her name was Gwendolyn Stacy. She was a new student who had transferred from her school a year ago and she now became part of his school life. Both him and she were in the photography club and they were not a friend but a stranger to each other even though they knew their names only. The way everyone in school described her with many words such as beautiful, smart or kindness. According to everyone's opinion, she was believed to be the fifth hottest student of midtown high. However, he knew two things in his school life: he was way out of her league and her father was a police captain of the New York Police Department which he encountered when he was a rebellion seven years old.

This distraction caused Peter not focusing on his surroundings and he accidentally bumped into the African American boy who was rushing to school. Both fell to the ground roughly and similarity. Peter groaned in pain for a short time and slowly picked himself to his feet as well as the person whom he bumped into.

"Ugh, watch where you are going, Parker."

"Sorry, Hobie. It will not happen again," Peter apologized as he helped Hobie by picking up the book and a couple of notes paper laying on the ground.

"When you ever learn where you're looking at but not get distracted by something caught in your eyes?"

"What about you ever learn not to do a dangerous stun prank like chemical foam incident?"

Hobie was about to counter Peter's word but he was unsuccessfully countered as he could not counter incoming word with either sarcastic or outspoken word from Peter's mouth. What Peter had said was true that Hobie was a cause of the incident. Hobie's prankster was initially rarely small but it slowly got out of his hand sometimes and this caused him to get into trouble with someone whom he angered with. He sighed in annoyance that he could not think of any word and accepted defeat because he does not want his self-esteem to be shackled.

"Damn it, Peter, you're good at this, aren't you?" Hobie asked, impressed by Peter while smiled.

"What can I say, Hobie," Peter replied, "I'm naturally good at almost everything."

As Peter finished his conversation with Hobie, they finished picking the paper up and stood up from the ground.

"Come on, Hobie, we don't want to be late in our own lesson," Peter reminded Hobie as he jogged to the door, followed by Hobie.


Peter stepped into his classroom and saw his few classmates including a brown combed haired boy with blue eyes, dressed in normal neat clothes who waving at him with his hand. He saw the sight of waving and walked towards the boy whom he was his best friend.

"Hey, Peter." A boy greeted Peter with a smile.

"Hey, Harry Osborn." Peter greeted back in tiredness tone as he sat down on the chair and rest his head on the table

"Let me guess: stay overnight?" Harry asked, noticed Peter's behavior and tiredness.


"Jeeze, Peter, what makes you stay overnight?"

"Homework, early project planning, mind thinking of possible future, drawing or video game, I think?" Peter listed everything he had done to stay awake.

"I guess that your brain didn't function with a night of proper sleep."

"Whatever, Harry, but I think I know what you're going to say about your popular statue," Peter said.

"Dude, I'm not here to talk about my popular statue but I'm here to tell you good news."

"What kind of good news?"

"Well, I eavesdrop on our science teacher about going to a science demonstration at the Empire State University, hosted by other science companies including my dad's company, Oscorp Industries," explained Harry.

Peter lifted his head up when he heard what Harry said, he turned his head to face Harry and said happily, "Wow. That's great, Harry. Thank you but…."

"I know, I had to tag along and I don't want to piss my dad off." Harry sighed with the misery which lower Peter's mood down.

All of a sudden, a crumpled paper ball hit Peter's head as he felt a slap against the backdrop of his head. He turned in the direction it came from and saw one of the groups on the other side but he knew them a long time. Harry glared at the blonde jockey boy for a short time and advised Peter, "Don't get warm up, Peter. You're going to make matters worse if you fight with Flash Thompson."

"I know and he's just a good looking guy," Peter sarcastically replied, which made Harry chuckled, and lay his head on a table to rest his eyes.

"I'm quite jealous that you're really good at a sarcastic word, Peter," Harry said, feeling jealous at Peter's capabilities of words.

Gwen entered the room out of a sudden and went to her seat where Peter and Harry were at the further distance to her behind. As she walked towards her seats, Harry greeted her with his formal greeting.

"Good morning, Miss Stacey."

"Really, Harry? Being formal can make me impress you?" Gwen asked Harry as she rolled her eyes while smiled.

"Hey, I tried to light up the mood with a funny joke," Harry replied as he smiled.

Gwen looked at Peter resting his head on the table with her puzzled face, thinking that he was sleeping. She then looked back to Harry to ask, "Umm, Is your friend, Peter, still asleep?"

"Yeah, he's asleep, Gwen, because he had a problem with his sleeping." Harry lied quickly to cover Peter's state even he does not know whether he was asleep or not.

Peter did not exactly sleep but trying to rest his eyes from last night. He overheard Harry interacting with Gwen about their basic event but he tried not to be interesting but could not help himself to hear their conversation. He wanted to know more about Gwen but he was not sure if he was a sort of stalker

"Is it because of the noise in his home or he pretended to sleep?" Gwen asked again with raised her eyebrow.

Harry laughed nervously a little but quickly changed the subject, "Anyway, you can join us to spent a fun time because we had nothing to do after school."

Gwen shook her head left and right sadly and explained, "Sorry, Harry. I got some paperwork to do and I need to go back home after school."

Harry frowned after hearing what Gwen saying but tried to approach differently, "Do you need some help because..."

"I don't need your help, Harry. I can manage on my own without anyone's help. See you later."

Hearing the conversation, Peter was not sure whether Gwen's tone to be irrational or anger but what he remembered was that he overheard Gwen talking with her phone angrily last week. He would think that she and her father were in bad blood for a moment. When Peter lifted his head up a bit, he started to cheer Harry, "Don't feel sad, Harry. We both know that Gwen is a busy person every day."

"Yeah but...I want to know more about her even though we're a friend."

"Oh yeah, you and Gwen met during the recess while trying to hit on the girl with Hobie."

"Don't remind me that, because it was freaking embarrassing moment in my life," Harry said while closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Peter laughed a bit at Harry's discomfort, but he began his little conversation, trying to ease Harry's embarrassment. "Well, I also didn't know more about Gwen too, but I knew about her father."

Harry turned his head to face Peter and his face looked surprised as he asked, "Wait, you knew her father."

Peter nodded but their conversation interrupted by the teacher coming into the room and commanded, "Everyone, go back to your own seat now!"

Harry grumbled in annoyance that he was not able to ask Peter but had gone to his own table because he does not want any trouble with the teacher while Peter completely lifted his head to face in front and to be ready for the lesson.

Oscorp Industries,

Manhattan, New York City

Norman Osborn sighed while looking out of the window to see the view of the New York to reflect what he and his industries have accomplished over ten years but later interrupted by the sound of red flashing of the telephone. He picked the headset and asked, "Yes?"

"Mister Osborn. Mister Aikman is here."

"Ah, yes. Let him come through." Norman said as he put the headset back to the telephone.

The door was suddenly opened as Norman saw a brown-haired young man with clear glasses stepped into his office and walked towards Norman while Norman greeted, "How is your progress with the employer, Aaron?"

"To be frank, it's okay but not good, Mister Osborn, including your best scientist," Aaron told Norman a truth with a bit of irrational.

"Give Doctor Conner some time because he was a busy man and does not like to be disturbed," Norman advised with cautious.

"Okay, but are you going to say how is our progress with the Cross-genetic material, Mister Osborn?" Johnathan asked Norman with curious but later kicked himself for asking Norman.

"No need, Aaron. Your head department told me about it yesterday." Norman replied with a calm tone.

"Yes, but there are a slightly…."

"I'm already aware of that, Aaron. It would be ashamed that it would waste so you need to get back to your work with Conner and the employer. You can go now."

Johnathan started to walk towards the door but suddenly stopped by Norman's voice and turned his head to face Norman. "Aaron, call me Norman. Mister Osborn is a bit overlap for me because you are one of the special people that I recruited in my life and tell my son, Harry, that I cannot come to dinner with him because I got a lot of paperwork if you saw him around."

"Yes, Norman." Aaron nodded as he went out of the room and closed the door.

Midtown High,

Queens, New York City

A camera flashed as it caught the picture of some students doing their own things in the school background. Peter started to scan around the field to catch a glimpse of the photo picture from his camera. He wanted to catch something interesting and fun for the photography club because of the request by his president who wanted a proper example of the picture. He does not know why he agreed with it but nonetheless, he had to do it for the club. While he was scanning around to take a photo, A female voice behind him started to speak, "Is your full name, Peter Parker?"

Peter jumped out of fear a bit as he quickly turned his head around to see Gwen standing in front of him while caught his camera in time. He luckily did not curse loudly right in front of her. Peter was puzzled about why Gwen asking for his full name because they knew each other as an acquaintance and classmate. He straightforward reply to her question.

"That's my name."

"It was pretty funny to ask you and you became scared," Gwen laughed.

Peter chuckled nervously while looking at the right side but not facing Gwen because he was embarrassed by what just happen but quickly faced Gwen to ask.

"Why do you ask for my full name?"

"I wanted to make sure that you're Peter because you're a lot different from what I saw and think."

"What makes you say that?" Peter asked, raising his eyebrow.

"You're sarcastic, funny, smartass, or outspoken from what I ask my friends and classmates about you," Gwen replied.

"Well, I'm neither of that," Peter mumbled sarcastically, being heard by Gwen.

"I guess I'm right."

A football flew out of nowhere and hit Peter's head. Peter groaned in pain while rubbing his back of his head softly and turned around to see Flash and his friends laughing and smiling at what they did to him. Gwen glared at them with her ferocious look for a bit and turned back to Peter. "Come on, Peter. Let's walk for a bit."

Peter nodded nervously as he and Gwen started to walk away together with them. As they were walking, Gwen asked, "So you and Harry are a best friend or normal friend?"

"Best friend. We met during elementary school and spent together all the time." Peter replied with an answer and reason, remembering the happy memories that he and Harry spending together. "By the way, what about you? What's your story?"

A football flew out of nowhere and hit Peter's head. Peter groaned in pain while rubbing his back of his head softly and turned around to see Flash and his friends laughing and smiling at what they did to him. Gwen glared at them with her ferocious look for a bit and turned back to Peter. "Come on, Peter. Let's walk for a bit."

Peter nodded nervously as he and Gwen started to walk away together with them. As they were walking, Gwen asked, "So you and Harry are a best friend or normal friend?"

"Best friend. We met during elementary school and spent together all the time." Peter replied with an answer and reason, remembering the happy memories that he and Harry spending together. "By the way, what about you? What's your story?"

Gwen thought of her answer for a second and replied, "Well, I'm living with my dad only because he is the only family I had even though my mum is still alive and well."

"Let me guess, your family are in some kind of dysfunction in a good way?" Peter asked, trying not to affect Gwen's sensitive.

"I know that you're trying not to offend me with that question, but yes," Gwen assured while replied.

"Well, I'm not going to ask for your explanation if you're uncomfortable with it."

"Thanks for understanding my answer."

As their conversation was still going on, Peter stopped at his track in front of Gwen walking and took a shot of the picture of the two students kissing each other and another student doing a basic stunt with his skateboard. Hearing a click sound of a camera, Gwen turned around to see Peter taking a picture. As he finished taking a picture, he turned around to continue their conversation but only eye to eye with Gwen. They stared at each other but only escalated into an awkward atmosphere. He snapped back to his sense after eye to eye and asked, "Anyway, umm…. did you want our conversation to be continued or ended here?"

Gwen shook her head and replied, "Ended here since I think I need to go back home to do my homework."


"By the way, it was nice to speak with you, Peter," Gwen said happily as she showed her happy smile.

Peter blushed a bit and replied sheepishly, "Yeah, it was a pretty good conversation between us."

"Except you're a little asshole but not," Gwen added Peter's reply.

Peter sighed, hearing what Gwen had added but he could not blame her because she was right about that. However, he ignored it as he took her word as her compliment of his personality. He told himself the mentality that he needs to change his personality.

"By the way, here's my phone number paper," Gwen offered, giving a paper to Peter

Peter accepted and took the paper from Gwen. Before he takes a look at her number, he saw she was already on her move which she was further away from him. Peter then farewell with a bit of loudness, "Thanks, Gwen and see you later."

Gwent turned her head around waved her hand while smiled and she continued to walk. Peter smiled for the first time to talk with her but his moment was interrupted. "Nice job, Peter."

Peter quickly turned around and saw Hobie standing while clapping slowly. Frustrated and annoyed, Peter walked past Hobie to ignore his own business but could not resist by Hobbies compliment.

"I hope that you will get a hot girlfriend like her."

"Shut up, Hobie Brown."

Extra Notes

I made this version Peter Parker to be more or less like Stiles Stilinski from Tv Series, Teen Wolf because I like his characters and personality.