Chapter 1

Dean sat on the uncomfortable, plastic hospital chair watching the angel try, and fail, to work his magic on his brother. He told himself this had to work. Sam hadn't slept in days. Now the doctor told Dean he had stopped eating. His condition kept worsening; he was going to fade away before his eyes if Cas couldn't help.

His worst fear came true as the angel rocked back from his brother. "I'm sorry" left Cas's mouth but Dean didn't truly hear it. He had already seen what was happening, already realised the truth. This had just confirmed it to him. Sam was done for; there was nothing else. No more hope to be had. "what does that mean? You're sorry? You're sorry? You did this now fix it." Dean growled at Cas. His eye locked to the angel's eyes. Cas just shrugged and sighed as Dean pinned him against the wall "I said fix it! So just fix him now!"

"Dean I can't" yelled back Cas "I can't, I tried, but he was too damaged by hell then what I did. I'm sorry. I really am, but that's the truth."

Sam was laid back on the bed, looking worryingly although he had already accepted his fate. Dean had been too pissed to really take much notice as of yet. But now Dean's focus was firmly on his brother; who was looking to the opposite side of him and Cas. To was Lucifer stood, only visible to Sam. "looks like you're stuck with me, Sammy." smiled Lucifer.

"Sam! Sammy! Earth to Sam!" Dean's voice broke through the barrier Sam mind had formed. Sam's eyes flicked to Dean and back to the empty spot where Lucifer stood. "look I know you can hear me, Sam, there be something, something we haven't tried yet. Sam, please, don't give up yet" Dean begged Sam.

Sam shuck his head "Dean I already told you there no point, there nothing left to save." he laid back onto the bed and watched the ceiled tiles.

"sam, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. there may be other ways." Cas told Sam " Less super and more natural ways. Humans have many techniques for dealing with psychological illness, and I will try anything, everything if I thought it would help you. Angels are good, great even at healing the physical, but we are lacking in our knowledge of illnesses of the mind. Human techniques may be the answer here".

Dean spun around to face the angel, "you" Dean snarled to Cas, Dean had moved threateningly close to Cas "you did this! Get out. Just get out already".

Cas nodded "very well; I will be back through" and with that, he vanished.

Dean dropped back into the plastic chair opposite his brother. Sam somehow looked older than he did a few days ago, not as in old and wise but old, frail and vulnerable. Even his skin was changing, looking paler and thinner. Sam's eyes had sunk into his face, and the bags under his eyes were more like suitcases. Still, he had not slept and now not eating, Dean was terrified of watching Sam fade away.

"Sammy, you'll be okay, there still stuff to do. You will be okay" Dean said mostly to reassure himself. Sam's eye flicked to Dean then back to the empty space on the other side.

Two hours later, Dean was back in the motel drinking a beer on his bed, staring at the spare bed, which should be Sammy. He had a couple more beers before crashing out on the bed. He was absolutely exhausted and fell to the emotionless void of sleep in no time at all.

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