Chapter 19

It was early evening the next day when Charlie finally tracked down all the medication Sam had been on, or at least drugs close enough to hopefully worth. Dean waited until they were sure they could get everything before telling Sam, not wanting to disappoint him. But now, it was almost certain and he couldn't go out without telling Sam where he would be. So, went into the lounge where Garth and Sam were sat watching TV. "Hi," said Garth smiling up yet Sam sat silently.

Dean sighed "hi Garth, Sam" as he sat onto the armchair. "Sam I'm sorry about last night. I was wrong" Dean told his brother "but I need to talk to you."

Sam kept his eyes fixed on the TV, his brother's voice no more than a blur and he was scared of what could happen if he lost control over the literal devil on his shoulder. Lucifer laughed "well little brother, what shall we tell him? big game night and can't make it? I mean I hate to break his heart but he's kind of hashing my mellow. Come on Sammy, talk to me! isn't this our date night? or you could try cutting again if you really want to "

Meanwhile, Dean was still trying to talk to his brother but nothing was getting through to Sam. "enough" dean snapped, moving across to Sam and punching his shoulder. "Can you hear me Sammy?!" he asked, trying his best not to yell.

"what?" asked Sam breaking out of the trance with Lucifer. "what?" Dean answered, now he was yelling "you were either ignoring me or in conversation with Lucifer, neither is good!"

"Look" Sam yelled back "yeah I'm a bit mad and not really wanting to talk to you. Lucifer's here and I don't really want to listen to him but it's a bit hard not too. Given I'm crazy but can't go back to the hospital. All you can do is follow me around and hope I don't get in your way too much. At least until the leviathans are gone, assuming I live that long! Admit it, your life would be better without me!"

Dean rubbed his face, hurt by his brother's words "well" Dean began "I need to talk to you. Charlie has been working hard since last night. She's managed to get on your records. She's got some notes for stuff from your records so hopefully, we can help you, even just a little. And she managed to find some people, selling the meds you were on. Should help you, Sam, to get rid of Lucifer again." Dean told him with a slight smile of hope on his face. Sam smiled back with real hope filling him, maybe he could be part of the fight rather than a burden in his brother's battle.

"well that's just rude," said Lucifer shrugging.

It was decided Garth would stay with Sam while Dean, Charlie, and Cas went to collect the drugs. Back up is always useful when going drug dealing and a hunter angel combo is pretty much the top level of back up, thought Charlie. And so, her and Dean stood waiting for the dealer to arrive, Cas watching cautiously from the car. There was no reason to worry, it wasn't anything Charlie hadn't done as a rebellious teen and the hunters had killed 1000's of monsters, a small drug deal was nothing on that. But the pressure was building, an apologist was coming and therefore, a fight which they may not survive which added pressure to a simple drug deal.

It took them two stops to get the combination of drugs Sam had been taking plus a stop at a book store to find some workbooks on the therapy Sam had been taking.

The first drug dealer was a young boy, probably still in school with a cap on backward and a hoodie. He clearly thought of himself highly, as a thug or gangster of some sort but to Charlie and Dean, he looked like a sad kid without any stable in life.

Both of them saw a bit of themselves, both of them wanted to intervene and get him onto the straight and narrow yet both knew it wouldn't help. The boy would have to make his own way. instead, they paid over the asking price for his nan's stolen medications and moved on. They hoped the large tip would help him onto the straight and narrow.

The second was a shitty doctor with terrible reviews. Hell, he just used his medical license to deal, mainly weed but other prescriptions too. He didn't care who took what or what they did after. He wasn't evil like a monster but he was as bad. His failure to act had led to as many deaths as any monsters Dean had taken down. Worst still, he generally didn't care for the harm he caused. Both Charlie and Dean hated to use him but they couldn't find a second option.

Sitting back in the car Dean stared forward, his hands baby's wheel. Charlie sat next to him on the passenger seat staring at the drugs in her hands. "so that's every?" asks Charlie despite knowing it was. Dean sighed under the pressure, he couldn't help but feel this was his last chance to save Sam. "almost" he smiled slightly. "what we miss" Charlie responds surprised. Dean just chuckled and began to drive.

Three blocks later, Dean pulls up outside a mini-market and smiles at the confused Charlie. "we need more beer" he smiled and climbed out "Maybe a scotch" he called back as he walked in. The two enjoyed chatting in the store together, surprised to find they had a lot in common despite their differences.

"I was thinking," said Charlie as they turned the trolley onto the drinks aisle, "yeah" Dean replied. "well, probably wait till after this whole apocalypse is over but, I found more than enough on that doctor to have him put away for a long time. Without even looking! Imagine if I put some work in then handed it to the right cops? Stop him hurting anyone else?" she suggested, "I'll be able to pull a lot together that wouldn't be by the average officer".