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''All men are not created equal…''

A simple phrase to most, but for young Izuku, these words carry much more weight than what others think. You see, he is not like most people in the society he lives in.

''Why?'' You may ask?

Well, you see, while all his peers developed their quirks, the young boy was the only who has yet to develop a quirk of his own for quite some time now, despite his age being the point where most quirks would manifest.

Unfortunately, this also led to a heated argument between his mother and father, which resulted in his father leaving them behind. A topic that his mother would never want to discuss and quite frankly, neither did her son.

And yet, at the risk of the possible discrimination and treatment he'd receive, he never planned on giving in. Despite knowing full well that being a hero would be difficult without having a quirk. He still firmly believed that he can make a difference in this world and regardless of what others may think, he would always help those in need.

Which brings us to our current situation.

A scared, but determined, four-year-old Izuku stood in front of an injured boy to protect him from a group of bullies. ''I get that you have a powerful quirk, but that doesn't give you the right to be mean to others Kacchan!'' He said with a determined face despite the traces of fear in his body.

''Who do you think you are by telling me what to do huh!?'' The lead bully of the group grinned. ''Last I checked, a quirkless nobody like you couldn't even stand a chance against me.'' He smacked his right fist onto his left palm, creating a small explosion while the two cronies with him began laughing maliciously, causing the boy behind our young hero to whimper.

Meanwhile, Izuku could only stare in disbelief at his former friend turned bully. Now granted, Katsuki Bakugou was never known as a very nice kid, but even he never went out of his way to actually inflict harm and belittle others.

But after his quirk manifested, he changed for the worse and eventually began bullying everyone with what he deemed a ''weaker quirk''. And if anyone were to appear to steal his spotlight, he'd make it his mission to make them miserable.

Although Izuku had no quirk to defend himself, he wasn't going to just stand there and do nothing when someone needed help. And as far as he's concerned, quirks should be used to help people and should never be used to prey on the weak.

Now, he knew that he didn't stand a chance against Bakugou's firepower. But, his heart and determination prevented him from running away and leaving the injured boy behind.

Izuku stood his ground and stared at the three bullies who were still making their way towards them. He steeled himself to say something but was interrupted by one of the cronies. ''What chance do you have against us? Your basically worthless!'' He sneered.

''Actually he's quirkless, but then again, there isn't much of a difference right?'' The other bully on the left cackled to himself.

Izuku grit his teeth from the comments but remained firm. ''It's true that I have no quirk….'' He looked down for a bit before looking back at them with determination. ''But I won't just stand there and let someone get hurt." He breathed. "You three have quirks, but if you use your powers to only hurt others, then you don't deserve them!'' The young boy behind him looked at him in awe despite the tears in his eyes.

But this statement, though brave, resulted in the three boys glaring at him and would undoubtedly hurt him more because of his outburst.

Izuku realized all of this and knowing that there's no possibility of escape, he glanced at the downed boy with a shaky smile. ''They'll be focused on me, so you better leave while you still can.'' He urged with a slight tremble in his voice.

The young boy looked like he wanted to protest for a split second. But quickly changed his mind and gave a shaky nod as he stood. "T-Thank y-you." He whimpered before running as fast as he could away from them.

Izuku smiled sadly before turning around to see the three charging towards him. "At least I saved him." He raised his fists with a shaky grin, vaguely remembering how people would block punches in the hero videos he had watched.


Izuku woke up facing the sky, it was clear that during the beatdown he passed out from all the pain he received. "Well that wasn't so bad." He sighed before immediately wincing. "Ugh, nevermind." He groaned and was sure he didn't need to look at his body to know that it's probably covered with scrapes and bruises.

He wasn't sure when he passed out, but he was somewhat glad that he didn't have to remember every detail of the experience. "Geez, I feel more beat up than an egg." He chuckled only to wince again. "Ok, bad idea to laugh, got it." He decided to wait for the pain to subside.

Turning his head a bit, he noticed that the sun began setting. "Crud, mom's gonna be worried sick if I don't get home soon." He muttered before taking a breath and sat up with a painful grunt.

Thankfully the injuries he had sustained weren't severe, allowing him to stand with a huff before checking himself. "Definitely better than it looks." He muttered while dusting himself off, thanking himself for having watched heroes fist fight in videos.

Once sure that he can walk, he began walking home with a slight limp. "I hope mom doesn't freak out."

As he made his way home in silence, he began thinking of possible excuses to tell his mother why he's in a pretty bad shape. He hated lying, but like many things, there are reasons why he wanted to avoid telling his mother the truth.

For one he didn't want her to have a panic attack. She's already been through enough heartbreak as it is…

On the day that he was examined as quirkless, he can still vividly remember his mother's face as the doctor delivered the examination. A face of pure heartbreak, as if her entire world was falling apart around her. No doubt dreading the thought of her son facing the inevitable discrimination and being preyed upon by other people with quirks.

Sure he was equally heartbroken, but he doubted his grief could be compared to hers at that moment. And even though he had cried in his room that day, he was certain that he wasn't the only one.

After that night, Izuku had made an honest effort to try and relieve his mother's sadness or at least try and not make it worse. And from what he's seen, it was clear that his mother was doing the same thing and put up a brave face for him but both knew that life was going to be hard from that point on.


Startled by the sudden sound, Izuku halted in his tracks and immediately looked to the source in bewilderment.

Only for his eyes to immediately widen.

Crossing the street is a small kitten and heading towards it is a speeding truck showing no signs of stopping as it kept honking at the small animal.

"Oh no!" Izuku gasped before his mind raced as it tried and failed to find a way to rescue the animal. But every scenario resulted in the kitten or both of them getting killed. He considered yelling at the animal to move but immediately scrapped the idea, considering that it might cause the kitten to stop and be distracted by him.

Running out there is out of the question, since he isn't the fastest runner. Plus there's the fact that his legs still hurt a bit from being beaten, which would only result in both of them being in a compromising position.

His thoughts halted as he noticed the truck getting closer, causing his composure to evaporate and instinctively tried to reach out for the kitten before closing his eyes as he didn't want to see the inevitable death happen. "I-I'm sorry!" He whimpered as he braced himself for the impact.




He flinched as he felt and heard the truck zoom pass the area but curiously...

"No hit?" His eyes remained closed as his face formed into one of confusion. "Did it run away in time?" Afterall, it wouldn't be the first time for him to witness a cat use their speed and reflexes to their advantage. "But it was still a kitten though." He added with doubt as he firmly kept his eyes closed, not willing to see anything gruesome.

But after a few more moments of silence, his curiosity overpowered him and dared him to open his eyes, only for them to quickly widen as he let out a gasp of shock.

The kitten was completely fine but that wasn't the only thing.

It was completely covered by a green glow while floating right in front of him. Which could only lead him to one conclusion as his eyes watered.

He has a quirk! And it was similar to his mother's too, only noticeably stronger and easier to control. How long can he use it? What else can he do with it? Is it completely like his mother's quirk or is it an upgraded version-


Stopping his muttering, he looked up with tear stained eyes and saw the cat looking at him with a curious expression. Apparently content with just floating there in peace.

Izuku couldn't help but smile and reach out to rub the kitten's head with his free hand. Causing the animal to lean into his touch, purring as it did this. And it was then he noticed that the feline is a female.

After a few more moments of petting, he gently placed the kitten back on the ground and then sat against a nearby wall to process what just happened. While beside him, the small feline sat close and stared at him.

And amongst his thoughts, he concluded that the path to becoming a hero seemed a bit easier now with his newfound power. "I can do it." He looked up to the sky with a relieved grin. "Plus, mom wouldn't have to worry as much." He thanked everything for being blessed with this opportunity.

With newfound vigor, he quickly recomposed himself and stood up, the pain in his body long since forgotten. "I gotta go tell her!" He cheered before eagerly walking home despite the light limp in his step.

But unbeknownst to him, the kitten began following him.


Upon reaching the apartment complex, Izuku finally noticed something painfully obvious.

Turning around, his suspicions were confirmed when he spotted the kitten following him. The latter stopping to look at him. "What are you doing here?" The child inquired before stepping closer to the kitten who had decided to take a seat and continue to cutely stare at him. "Shouldn't you be home with your family?" He prodded again.

The kitten merely mewled in response, causing him to chuckle before crouching to pet the feline. And as the animal purred and leaned into his touch, he noted she sported white fur and blue eyes. "Hmm, well what do I do now?" He muttered as he ceased petting the kitten and wore a thoughtful expression.

Missing his touch, the kitten mewled and got closer to rub her body against his legs, causing him to let out a giggle from the ticklish sensation. "H-Hey, cut it out." He gently picked up the feline and leveled her to his face. "You're tickling my funny bones." He jokingly chastised with a grin.

His grin however was wiped off when the kitten used the chance to lick his nose, causing him to lean back in shock. It was clear to Izuku that he had gained the complete trust of this kitten. If he abandoned her now, it would mean subjecting her to a world of loneliness and pain.

With that in mind, his hero instincts kicked in and became clear on what must be done.

Ever so gently, he brought the kitten in a gentle embrace with no complaints from her. ''I think I'll name you Temmie, or Tem for short.'' He stated with a warm smile.

The little snowball appeared to love the name as it let out a mewl and snuggled in his embrace. "Let's go home." He giggled to himself before heading home.


Seated on the couch with a cup of tea in hand is the mother of our young hero, Inko Midoriya. She is a slim woman with shoulder length hair with a ponytail.

After taking a sip of her tea, she set it on the table in front of her and leaned back with a sigh as she reflected on how tough the days have been lately. Ever since her son had been diagnosed with being quirkless, things seemed to just fall apart around her.

Not to say it was her son's fault, far from it. No matter how much it was beyond her control, she couldn't help but feel responsible for her son's quirkless status. If she had perhaps tried another time or picked a different man, maybe things would have ended differently.

Her brows furrowed slightly as she thought of her ex-husband. As if things hadn't been bad enough, that worthless man had the audacity to blame and insult her son before abandoning ship.

Sure he left some money as an "apology", as he would put it, but that didn't stop her from slapping him afterwards and telling him that he had no right to call himself a Midoriya and a father if he left.

At least at that moment, he had the decency to look ashamed as he agreed before making his way to the door. She would have cursed him out for it but knowing that her son was listening to them, she decided to just glare at him with tear stained eyes as he closed the door on his way out, essentially leaving their lives forever.

Blinking back to the present, Inko wiped her eyes. "Who needs you anyway." She muttered with a sniff. "At least Izuku turned out great." She stated before her features softened at the thought of her son.

Despite having his dreams become almost unreachable now and all the grief he had experienced. His heart still remained true as he never once showed any animosity towards her (although like her, he'd rather not talk about his biological father).

In fact, Izuku would go as far as to accompany her to bed at night when her emotional mask would crack from the weight of it all every now and then. Though it had become obvious to her that he had long since seen through her facade and would make an effort to support her in any way he can.

All this proved how foolish her ex-husband's choice was to leave and how much more it meant for her to continue supporting her son, regardless if he still wanted to be a hero or not.

And with that thought, Inko sighed again and massaged the bridge of her nose. She vaguely remembered hearing about quirkless heroes, but they're not as popular due to how few and not so eye-catching they are.

Which only further complicated her son's future.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Looking up from her seat towards the door, Inko idly glanced at the wall clock and noted that it was almost night time. "Must be Izuku." She muttered before standing to make her way to the door, a part of her wanted to scold her son for being a bit late but she honestly didn't have the energy at the moment.

"I'll just talk to him about it after dinner." The woman smiled a bit before opening the door. "Welcome ho-" She froze at the strange sight.

Izuku was home but wasn't alone as he had a tiny kitten in his arms. "Hey mom!" He cheerfully greeted, waking up the kitten as it yawned. "Sorry about being late, but..." He looked sheepish. "Kaachan and I were having fun at the playground today." He internally winced at the lie but didn't let it stop him.

Inko idly nodded and stepped aside to let both of them in. "I see." She closed the door and looked back at her son in bewilderment as he took off his shoes with Temmie watching him. "Who's your friend?" She inquired with poorly hidden curiosity.

His features immediately brightened as he scooped up the feline (oblivious to how awed his mother was at how the animal allowed herself to be picked up). "This kitty here is named Temmie." He raised the kitten up. "Or Tem for short." He introduced with a big grin while Temmie mewled.

The mother felt a bubble of concern form within her, having a feeling where this conversation was going. "That's nice, but how did you and Tem meet?" She inquired as she gently gave the feline a head scratch, feeling her concern fade slightly when the kitten mewled in appreciation of her touch. "Cute." She smiled warmly at the tiny feline.

Meanwhile, she didn't see Izuku's smile die a bit from the question. As much as he didn't want her to worry, he already lied about his day at the playground, so the least he could do is be honest with her. "Yeah...about that." He lowered Temmie, allowing Inko to focus on him. "I...saved her from..." He gulped upon seeing her smile falter and braced himself. "...being hit by a truck."

And just like that, Inko's concern about the cat was forgotten as she instantly paled. "WHAT!?" Her screech shocked Izuku into dropping Temmie who was equally startled and hid behind his legs.

"I-I know it sounds b-bad but I-" He tried to calm her.

But unfortunately, he was ignored as his mother crouched in front of him and began checking him. "What were you thinking!?" She frantically eyed the scrapes on her son's body, imagining the worst had happened to him. "Haven't I told you to be more careful!?" Having no idea if the scrapes were a result of his rescue or his playtime in the playground, she opted to just hold him close. "If I lost you..." She choked up as she tightened her embrace. "What kind of m-mother would that make me...?" She whimpered, ignoring Temmie's attempts to comfort her.

While feeling guilt for making his mother sad, Izuku steeled himself and returned the embrace. "Even if something happened, I'd still call you the best mom in the world." He comforted while rubbing circles on her back as she only cried more from his words. "And besides, didn't you teach me that showing kindness can be a form of heroism?"

Despite her tears, Inko couldn't help but crack a small tearful smile at the reminder. "I did, didn't I?" She sniffed while rubbing the back of his head. "It was the day you asked me what made a hero." She felt him nod against her before she released him to look down at him. "You've become quite the little hero, haven't you?" She rhetorically asked with a proud tone as she kissed him on the forehead.

Izuku grinned at her, feeling a little misty eyed. "Well...I am being raised by the best after all." He chuckled as she giggled with warmth from his words. He then sighed as he looked to his feet. "I'm sorry for making you sad mom." He nervously rubbed his arm as Temmie mewled and sat beside him with an expression of sadness as well.

Inko stared at the two before sighing with a smile. "I'm not mad." Her statement caused both of them to look up at her in shock. "A little shaken up but..." She shrugged with a small grin. "I guess it comes with raising good children." She lightly giggled as she wiped her tears.

"Y-Yeah." He agreed, still in shock as he crookedly grinned. "I guess it does." He chuckled before glancing at Temmie. "But what do we do with her?" He scooped up the feline, holding her close as both looked up to the older Midoriya.

Inko knew that keeping a stray is a bad idea, considering that they never had any experience with having a pet before. But seeing how hopeful the two looked and how happy they seemed together, she couldn't find it in her heart to say no.

So with a sigh, the mother smiled kindly at the pair. "Well, it can't be helped then." Her statement caused the two to become nervous. "If you can promise me to be responsible, I'll let her stay."

She had to stop herself from giggling at how shocked the pair looked. Before her son beamed at her and turned the kitten to face him. "You hear that buddy? You're part of the family now!" He cheered as Temmie mewled happily and licked the tip of his nose, eliciting a giggle from the child before he twirled with the kitten mewling happily in his arms.

Inko smiled warmly at the interaction, but remembered their new responsibilities to the kitten. "Izuku, you can play with Tem later, but I believe it's best for the two of you to get cleaned up first." She kindly reminded.

A giggle escaped her then when the pair froze mid twirl, before facing her with an embarrassed blush. "Oh, right." He chuckled as he looked down at the kitten in his arms, the feline returning the stare. "Sorry for the stereotyping, but do you mind baths?" A hint of concern bubbled within him, considering the possibility that his new companion might despise being in water.

Temmie merely blinked at him, causing him to sigh. "So much for that." He chuckled before grinning. "But hey, one way to find out right?" The feline finally mewled in response, causing him to chuckle again before heading to the bathroom with the kitten still in his arms.

The mother watched the duo fondly, already knowing that Temmie would fit right in their little family. "Be sure not to take too long, dinner will be ready soon!" She called out while making her way to the kitchen, idly thinking of the best food to feed their new family member.

Izuku chuckled. "Don't worry mom, I'm not planning on-" He froze before he could enter his room to get spare clothes for himself, causing Temmie to look up at him in confusion.

While noting the pause, Inko began preparing to make rice. "Something wrong?" She prodded half distractedly.

Oh something's wrong alright. The young boy had been so focused on his whiskered friend, that he had forgotten to address another glaringly obvious development that had happened to him today, causing him to lightly wince before staying in place.

His mother had just gone through so many emotions not too long ago, how is he supposed to tell her? How will she even react? Would she be mad? Shocked? Possibly have a heart attack? Cry like there's no tomorrow? Or-

Izuku shook his head to dispel his nervous thoughts. Sure she'll probably freak out, but he doubts it would lead to her loving him less. And besides, she always encouraged honesty, which is one of many qualities that made a great hero.

And heroes always face challenges, no matter what.

"Which means I have to tell her now." The young boy concluded with a sigh as he glanced towards the kitchen. "Like ripping off a band-aid." He nodded to himself before looking down at Temmie with a crooked grin. ''Hey bud, I know we should get cleaned up right about now, but I need to do something first.'' He gently placed the kitten down and kneeled in front of her as she sat and stared up at him with interest, seemingly understanding his words. ''It shouldn't be a big deal, but knowing my mom...she could get emotional.'' He sheepishly chuckled as Tem curiously tilted her head. ''Which is why, I'm gonna need your help to calm her down.''

At that statement, Temmie's eyes lit up as she straightened her posture and let out a mewl, causing Izuku to grin and begin petting the feline. ''Cool, glad I can count on you pal.'' He quietly chuckled before he sighed and stood up to face the kitchen. ''Better get this over with.'' At his feet, Temmie stood beside him. ''Wish us luck.'' He muttered as he walked to the kitchen with his companion quietly following along.


Hearing noise behind her, Inko placed the food on the table before turning to the duo to speak before stopping upon seeing that they still hadn't cleaned themselves up. "Izuku." She frowned. "I told you to get cleaned up first." She lightly scolded with hands on her hips.

After grimacing a bit from her tone, Izuku nodded. "Yeah you did, and we'll get to that later." He quickly added the last part before she could interrupt. "It's just that there's something really important that I forgot to tell you." He confessed with a tone mixed with embarrassment and nervousness while Temmie sat by his feet.

Inko looked at him oddly, wondering why he was nervous all of a sudden. "Oh? And what would that be?"

He hesitated for a moment, further increasing her curiosity. "Now..." Izuku paused again, being careful with his words. "Remember how I saved Tem here-"

"Izuku please..." The mother interrupted with a sigh. Frankly she'd rather not be bothered with imagining her baby boy nearly being hit by a truck. At least not until having a full night's rest.

He raised his hands in a calming motion. "I know, I know...but hear me out." He stated in a pleading tone, causing her to relent and gestured him to continue. "Ok, well...the thing is...I haven't told you the whole story." He confessed with a nervous expression while Inko suddenly felt worried but didn't interrupt.

Seeing this, Izuku felt a lump begin to form in his throat but pushed on. "I-I mean..." He wrung his hands. "What I didn't tell you I managed to save Tem." He confessed while his companion remained seated but cautious.

By now Inko's concern had grown. What did her son mean by that? "...what are you trying to say Izuku?" She prodded with a noticeably fearful and nervous tone.

"Welp, here goes nothing." The young hero gulped but steeled himself. "Well the thing is..." He turned to Temmie and silently asked for her permission, of which he received a mewl in return as she stood up.

Izuku nodded in return and closed his eyes to concentrate for a moment before opening them with a light glow and a serious look as he aimed his right palm at Temmie who suddenly became enveloped in a green glow, along with his right hand, before being raised in the air to level with his palm. ''This, is how I saved her.'' He faced his palm up to bring his companion to float above it with a mewl. ''My...uhhh, quirk manifested.'' He finally admitted as he let out a breath before crookedly grinning at the feline. ''Heh, wow. That was a lot easier than I thought.''




When no response or sound came from his mother, he and Tem blinked. ''Uhhhh.'' He and his companion felt unease bubble up within them when the silence remained. ''Not that I don't appreciate you not freaking out.'' He and Tem began facing the older Midoriya. ''But the silence is a little bit-'' He stopped himself as their eyes landed on a frozen Inko Midoriya, who stared at the duo with an unnervingly blank expression. ''Mom?'' He called out in concern and slight fear as he took a step forward.

Only for him to gasp when his mom's eyes rolled back before she began falling on her back. Thinking quickly, the young hero released Temmie, who quickly landed on her feet thanks to her reflexes, and willed his newfound quirk to activate as he aimed both hands at his mother. The latter suddenly covered in a green glow and limply floated in place before she could hit the hard floor.

Panting with frightened glowing eyes, Izuku then let out a sigh of relief and worked to calm his breathing. ''That was close.'' He muttered with sweat dripping on the side of his head, noting that the glow of his quirk and eyes have intensified due to the sudden weight. ''B-Better move her to the couch before I lose my grip.'' Thankfully they had the conversation where it was easy for him to levitate her to the couch from the kitchen. So with great effort, he began directing her to the couch, taking care to not move from his spot and simply focus on slowly moving her with Temmie watching on with anticipation.

After she was lined over the couch, he began to gently lower her with great effort before releasing her with a huff as she lay on the couch. ''That was a close one.'' He panted with sweat dripping from his form as he decided to take a seat on the floor. He glanced at Temmie who walked up to him and mewled in worry. ''Heh, I'm all good buddy, just a little worn out.'' He chuckled tiredly as he petted his feline friend as thanks for her concern.

He then turned his gaze to his unconscious mother with a grimace. ''So much for that.'' He muttered before standing up with a grunt. ''I'm sure she's fine.'' The duo stepped closer to eye her form. ''Hmm, plus she didn't hit anything while I moved her.'' He turned to grin at Temmie who leaped onto the armrest of the couch to take a closer look. ''Not bad for someone who just recently unlocked their quirk huh?''

Temmie ceased her inspection and looked up to stare at him, causing him to become sheepish. ''Right, too soon for jokes.'' She mewled in agreement as he sighed. ''I guess we'll just have to deal with it later when she wakes up.'' He then noted how sweaty and dirty he is with a grimace. ''But I think it's best we get cleaned up first.'' He looked up to his equally dirty companion. ''Wouldn't you agree?''

His feline friend noticed the dirt on her and licked her paw once before stopping with a mewl of disgust. ''Yeah, thought so.'' He chuckled and gently brought her into his arms before making their way to the bathroom.


On the couch, Midoriya Inko stirred as she opened her eyes a bit before closing them due to the bright ceiling light. "What happened?" She rubbed her head as she sat up while her eyes adjusted to the environment.


Looking at the noise in surprise, she was met with a much cleaner Temmie who sat on top of the living room table, staring at her curiously. "Oh, it's you." Inko smiled warmly as she adjusted herself to face the new family member. "I must have fallen asleep while waiting for the two of you to get cleaned up." She concluded as she reached out to the pet the kitten who immediately purred from her touch.

Seeing this, the older woman giggled. "I had the strangest dream too." She sighed as she stopped petting the kitten with a wistful smile.


Hearing the voice, Inko turned to her son who stood a few paces away from her, wearing fresh clothes as he eyed her with caution. "About that..." His eyes glowed as he raised a glowing right hand, hovering an equally glowing Temmie beside him. "It wasn't a dream." He gently added while his feline companion mewled happily from her current position.

Izuku was then taken aback when his mother moved in a sudden burst of speed to hoist him up in the air by his armpits. "M-Mom!?" He called out in surprise as he made sure to keep a steady hold on Temmie who was equally surprised by the sudden commotion.

"It wasn't a dream!" Inko repeated with a laugh as she twirled with her son. "You have a quirk!" She cheered before pulling him into an embrace.

While making sure he still had a good grip on Temmie, Izuku used his free hand to gently push himself away from the embrace to look up at her in disbelief. "You're not mad?"

"Mad?" She met his gaze with a shocked expression. "Why in the world would I be mad?"

To this, Izuku turned his attention to the kitchen with a sad expression. " fainted when I told you." He glumly reminded while Temmie mewled in confirmation.

Remembering her earlier reaction, she blushed. "O-Oh, that. Well I was just surprised." She stammered but then formed a small smile. "When you were diagnosed as quirkless I was devastated, thinking that because of'll have to go through a hard life with your dream far from your reach." She admitted as her eyes moistened a bit.

"Mom..." He muttered with an ache in his chest. He knew she took his past quirkless status hard, but he didn't know that she would go as far as to blame herself for it.

His thoughts were interrupted when she raised him high again with a beaming smile. "But that's all in the past. You have a quirk now! And that means your dream isn't as far." Her smile became proud. "And with how you already used it to save a life, I have no doubt you'll become one of the best heroes out there!" She encouraged warmly.

Hearing her words of support and praise, helped Izuku forget the grief that gripped his heart as it was replaced with incredible warmth as he smiled down at her. "Yeah..." Tears threatened to spill. "I can become a hero." He sniffed as her smile widened.

"You already are." Inko proudly pointed out as she brought him into another embrace that he reciprocated. "But." She loosened the hug, allowing him to look up at her curiously. "I still need a full explanation on how you awakened your quirk." She smirked a bit as realization dawned onto his features. "And no forgetting details either." She added with playful narrowed eyes.

Izuku blushed a bit at being reminded of his earlier blunder, but he still gave her a cheeky grin. "Well, as long as there isn't going to be any more fainting." He gently retorted, chuckling as Inko's expression morphed into one of sheepish embarrassment as well.

"Deal." The woman giggled as he chuckled in agreement before she moved to sit on the couch. Positioning him on her right leg while he used his quirk to gently place Temmie in his arms. "Now, why don't we start from the beginning?" He nodded as began telling how it all happened while petting his companion.


"Wow..." The mother exclaimed in astonishment. "It kind of sounds like the time I discovered my quirk." She pointed out before inwardly frowning. "That doctor should lose his medical license for misdiagnosing my son." She idly wondered if other kids were examined wrong too.

From his spot on her leg, Izuku looked up at her in surprise. "Your quirk developed late too!?"

She made a "so-so" motion with her left hand. "It wasn't that it developed late but more of..." She trailed off to find the right phrase for it before grinning sheepishly. "More like I didn't know I had it to begin with, nor did I know how to use it." It was honestly baffling how her younger self failed to notice her quirk going off a little bit in the background when she was playing with her friends.

Inko then looked down, noting how her son's eyes glowed (literally) with interest, causing her to chuckle before telling her story. "I was about your age at the time and I just got back home from playing with my friends." She looked nostalgic. "My mother was just about to start making lunch and told me to relax in the living room since I was pretty tired."

She then blushed, which confused Izuku. "I laid on the couch to watch some TV to pass the time, only to realize that I didn't grab the remote beforehand." Having an idea where this is going, her son grinned teasingly, much to her embarrassment. "I remember groaning before lazily pulling it to my hand with my quirk and turning on the TV." The mother then became sheepish. "It took me a few seconds to realize what I had just done, before freaking out and nearly giving my mother a heart attack when I did. My father was in their room, but even he rushed in and looked scared."

Both Midoriyas shared a laugh at the scenario while Temmie got comfy beside the pair and watched the scene. "The look on their faces was really something." The duo giggled before quieting down so that she could continue. "Sure my quirk isn't flashy or powerful, but it was still something for them to be proud about." She smiled. "And no matter how long it had been, they'd still proudly talk about it like it was yesterday." She fondly finished her reminiscing, evidently reliving cherished memories.

"That's awesome." Izuku praised before looking at his hands with a smile. "Now that I know what you mean, it does kind of sound similar." His eyes shined as he lifted Temmie to line up with his glowing right hand. "I mean what you did before is basically what I did with Tem here, only more desperate." He remarked before chuckling when the kitten used the opportunity to lick him on the nose.

Inko chortled at his comparison, but nodded in agreement. "I guess it does." He beamed up at her before becoming concerned when she frowned. "But now we need to find another doctor that can examine your quirk." She sighed as she began thinking of where to find possible doctors who are more competent and the cost of the examination.

Realizing her point, Izuku felt guilty as he remembered overhearing the cost of the last examination. Sure his "Father's" money helped a bit, but it was still quite the price.

If only he could just do it himself.

And with that thought, his expression lit up in realization. "Wait a minute." His sudden statement caused her to look at him curiously. "Hold that thought mom!" He jogged to his room, with Temmie following, leaving his mother in confusion.

Thankfully she didn't have to wait long as Izuku came back with one of his notebooks and a pen. "We don't need to go to a quirk doctor." She was taken aback by his statement. "I can just analyze my quirk myself like whenever I watch other heroes!" He clarified with an excited look.

Now understanding what he was planning, Inko looked hesitant. "Izu...I appreciate what you're trying to do." She gently assured as his smile faltered. "But don't you think it would be safer if we let a professional handle it? I mean what would happen if it turned out your quirk is dangerous to your body?" She was fully aware that certain quirks can harm their users if overused.

He understood her reasoning, but due to the cost and the negligence of the last doctor, he refused to give in. "I understand why you're worried, but this isn't something I'd suggest if I couldn't do it." He offered the notebook he was holding to her. "You've already seen what I can write." He gently reminded.

Carefully taking the notebook from him, she stared at the cover. "Hero Analysis No:01." She fondly muttered. It still amazed her how detailed his notes are despite it starting out as a fun pass time for him.

It started out as doodles and a few flashy things he noticed. But over time, he added more thought and passion into it, treating it as training for the future. So seeing the improvements and the detail as result from his determination, only cemented her belief that he'd become one of the best heroes out there.

"And besides." He continued, bringing her out of her thoughts. "Isn't it better to discover what I can do than to have someone else lay it out for you?" He was never a fan of cheating; he'd seen a lot of mean kids do it and didn't want to become like them.

Inko agreed with his points, but considering the many factors that could get him hurt, she looked uncertain. "I don't know Izuku..."

Izuku could see that she was considering it, so he decided to bring up another point. "I've read somewhere that quirks are like muscles, all I have to do is start off small. So by the time that I'm old enough, I can move on to bigger ways to train my quirk and body." His statement caused her to pause, encouraging him to continue. "And if it gets too much, I can always take a break." He calmly assured as she thought about it. "So what do you think?"

Inko's face scrunched up a bit as she looked down, clearly weighing her options and considering all the possible scenarios if she agreed or not. Meanwhile, her son watched with a bated breath as Temmie just stared.

After a few more moments of contemplation, the mother sighed before looking at her son with a nod. "Ok, Izuku." She had to fight back a smile when he cheered with a fist pump, while Temmie happily mewled even though she didn't understand what was happening. "But you need to promise to be responsible for it. No matter the type, quirks are a great responsibility." She reminded in a serious tone.

"I will mom." He easily agreed, which helped calm her a bit. "And besides, I won't do anything combat focused until I know how to use my quirk." He assured with a sincere look.

Hearing this, Inko sighed gratefully. "Ok, good." She smiled. "But if you ever have difficulty, just tell me and we can find a quirk doctor." She kindly reminded, not wanting her son to go through unnecessary difficulty.

Izuku nodded. "Yeah, I will." The mother picked up Temmie who got bored from the lack of pets. "But if it's anything like your quirk, I'm sure I can get the hang of it in a snap." He chuckled as he raised his right hand to snap his fingers for emphasis during his statement.

"..." Inko said nothing, only staring at him blankly while Temmie eyed something with interest. The latter landing on the floor when she noted the woman had loosened her grip.

Seeing this, he looked at the two oddly. "What?" His gaze switched from his still mother to Temmie and followed her gaze. "What's the..." His words died as soon as he figured out what had them so shocked.

A bone.

A floating bone to be exact.

"..." Izuku just stared at the hovering object next to him, before a huge grin threatened to split his face. "Awesome!" He cheered as he began circling the bone. "I've never seen a quirk like this before." He racked his brain for anyone with similar powers, only to find none. "I wonder if I can control it?" He thought out loud before twirling his left finger.

Only for him to laugh in amazement when the bone spun in place. "So cool!" He cheered as Temmie sat beside him to eye the object in wonder. "And I didn't need to cover it in a green glow either." He noted before his eyes lit up as ideas came to him. "Does that mean I can make an infinite amount?" He paused as another theory formed in his head. "Can I make more stuff based on bones?" He gasped before jotting down ideas in his notebook, muttering about possible tools or weapons to make while his feline companion continued to watch.

Meanwhile, after rebooting and processing what just happened, Inko smiled as she watched the duo with fond exasperation and placed a hand on her cheek. "Honestly, you're just full of surprises." She giggled to herself as Izuku decided to play fetch with Temmie so she wouldn't get bored. The latter chased the floating bone while he diligently added more notes and muttering about theories of how his quirk worked.

Strangely, Izuku's quirk being more than simple telekinesis like hers is both a surprising and unsurprising development to the parent.

The older Midoriya watched their antics for a bit before heading to the kitchen to reheat their undoubtedly cold food. "Looks like things are going to become more interesting from here." Her smile widened at the thought as she listened to her son's happiness from the kitchen.


From his seat, Izuku stared out the window in thought, reminiscing on how the past few years have been the most interesting he's had while his homeroom teacher discussed stuff to his classmates before the day ended.

During his spare time, he would train his quirk and see what else he could do with it. The result was a versatile quirk that allowed him to surprise and even overpower enemies if given the right opportunity.

Not only that, it had its uses in rescue missions as well. But if there's one word that would be used to describe his quirk it would be: ''weird''.

Just by reminding himself of the details he had written down of his abilities still baffled him, despite being the wielder of such power.


Quirk: Energized Bones!

1. Description: This quirk allows me to literally energize my bones. Not only does it make my bones denser, but it also increases my strength, speed and reaction time. Although it gets painful or tiring if I push myself too much (got a pretty bad scolding after collapsing in the living room, pace yourself!).

2. Passive Sensory Field: Ever since my quirk awakened, I've noticed how more aware of my surroundings I've become. Not in the usual sense mind you, but more on the "sensing presence" kind of thing.

It wasn't obvious to me, at least not at first, but I'd notice people/things being near me without even looking (which would explain how good I was at avoiding Temmie during tag at the park, something I hope we can do again).

Anyway, it turns out this "sense" thing I have, can either be focused on or just left to do its thing while I do anything else. Allowing me to train this ability passively if I didn't have the time to train on it, making it easier to develop.

Also, I have no idea what the maximum range of this ability is, but as I grow and continue to train. I believe it will only grow stronger and have even better range over time!

{Other Abilities}

3. Psychokinesis: Though similar to mom's, it's easier to control without needing almost no effort to activate. Depending on the weight, I can lift the item off the ground. Though the more weight or resistance it offered the more power will be needed to move the object let alone lift it. (Side note: Still need to confirm if I can even make myself fly.)

[Update: Can't fly, good thing I wore a helmet and pads though!]

4. Glowing eyes: Apart from adding to my expressions, my eyes glow brighter depending on how much power I add to my quirk. And since I can brighten them at any time, I could probably use it to scare villains just like what the heroes do in the comics I read! [Side note: I wonder what else I can do with my eyes!]

5. Bone Based Weaponry: So I was right, I can make bone-based weapons (out of thin air no less!). And although simple in design, they do what they're made to do. Weapons like: Bone Club, Bone Staff, Bone Spear and a Bone Sword.

Or just bone projectiles that I make in the air to throw at bad guys.

6. Bone Materialization: As mentioned, I can make (or spawn?) bones from anywhere pretty quick.

Including almost any surface, though it's noticeably tougher when the surface is harder in terms of material. Maybe when I'm older and stronger it wouldn't be as hard, but as of the time of this entry, I need to add more power on tougher surfaces (thankfully dirt is easy to sprout stuff from, which makes me a bone farmer lol).

In terms of limits, I guess it's when I get tired. Because when I decided to test my limit and just spawn bones and add them to a growing pile, I didn't consume as much energy as I thought I would.

Maybe it's because I'm not putting much effort into it, but I've already made three big piles now and I haven't broken a sweat. I only needed to stop when mom came back, screamed, nearly fainted (again) and gave me a light scolding about not making our living room look like an Ossuary.

Thankfully I can remove (or despawn?) the bones I make just as fast.

7. Gaster Blasters: So...apparently, I can shoot lasers too. But considering the weirdness and nature of my quirk, it's not really that surprising.

I energize my bones. Therefore, it would make sense that I can use the energy in another way.

Now in terms of how I found this out, well to make a long story short. It was Halloween, so I thought it would be cool to add my quirk to our decorations. Mom was delighted at the idea and even encouraged it since it would help grow my creativity with my quirk.

Then I got an idea.

Since it was Halloween, the things broadcasted on our television were mostly about monsters and horror themed stuff. And one of the broadcasts was a movie about an undead dragon.

So I made a rough recreation of the dragon head, it wasn't exact, but it still looked vicious. And apart from the green glowing eyes, clean appearance and having the same size as Temmie at the time, it looked awesome!

Things were going great...until I accidentally fired the blaster trying to show it off to mom. And burned the chicken that we were supposed to have for dinner.

Ok, in my defense, I should've known better than to pretend that we had a "baby dragon" in our house considering that said dragon was infused with energy from my quirk.

Thankfully it wasn't large enough to cause major damage, apart from charcoaling our dinner and scorching the wall a bit (which I was tasked to help clean up, which was fair).

Needless to say, I got a bit of a scolding and we had to eat takeout that night. But I'd like to think this little incident was worth the discovery.

Now with that out of the way, back to the blasters. As mentioned, they all have glowing green eyes which grow brighter depending on the power I add or if I just want them to intimidate. They may not have brows but they can look pretty mean, plus they growl too which adds to the threat level!

The blasters can float around and be aimed at will. Making it both accurate and useful for various situations!

The range of the lasers depends on the size of the weapon, which goes from small to large (maybe I could go even bigger in the future).

And depending on how much power I add to the laser, I tire myself out if I'm not careful.

8. ''Shortcut'': Looks like I have one more trick up my sleeve.

I always thought that I was a sleepwalker because I would wake up on the living room couch from time to time. Or maybe I'd fallen asleep while playing with Tem and mom would just put me on the couch to sleep comfortably. Or maybe, my dreams were so immersive that I would wander around the apartment and somehow end up on the couch.

But it turns out, nope, it's not sleepwalking.

I can teleport.




My quirk is just full of surprises!

This move takes a toll on my stamina and energy, so I'd need to improve on this.

I can do it in a few quick bursts and for longer distances but I'd need more energy and concentration to make it work. And I found out that combining it with my Sensory Field, I can locate areas where no one can notice me appear. Making it great for escapes or for infiltration.

It's also great for surprise attacks, which is why I'd rather keep this little tidbit a secret whenever someone asks me details about my quirk.

And on that note, I'm pretty sure mom knows about it. Judging by the knowing looks she would give me whenever I would come back from random directions during our family time at the park or how often I would try to gently switch topics when I had the chance.

When I asked why she was giving me those looks she said: "Izuku, change is a natural part of life, it comes with time. But no matter how long or how much stronger you'll become. I trust that you won't let your quirk change who you are, because you'll always be my little hero."

If that doesn't motivate you to go out there and do some good, I don't know what will.

Don't worry mom. I won't let you, Temmie or anyone else down! I'll stay true to my beliefs and be a True Hero!

Blinking back into the present, Izuku chuckled at the amount of side notes his younger self added and the memories with them. He could have revised his info and made it cleaner but decided not to, keeping it as a reminder of where he started.

He also felt warmth and smiled fondly at his mother's words. True to his word he had stayed humble and made it a point to not let his power get to his head. He knew it was definitely one of a kind, extensive research proved that, but he's by no means invincible.

All the more reason to be careful.

Through these past few years Izuku decided not reveal to anyone that he manifested a quirk yet. Leaving his mother and Temmie to be the only ones to know.

Admittedly a part of him was tempted to show his quirk, but he quickly decided against it, seeing that it wasn't worth acting like those jerks who'd brazenly use their powers to show how great they are. Plus it was illegal to do so without a quirk license.

Of course, this meant being bullied under the guise that he was a ''quirkless individual" who could be easily picked on. But thankfully, his "shortcuts" made it easier to avoid the more physical acts of bullying, leaving him to just deal with the verbal insults instead which were easier to deal with.

Some would demand how he always got away from them, but every time they did, he'd just ignore them to find a good spot to teleport away. Frustrating them to the point where they just gave up hurting him altogether and just hurled words at him instead.

So as far as they're concerned, he's just a quirkless kid not worth chasing around (even Bakugou didn't chase him as much after a while).

And speaking of...

Bakugou smirked as he stood, creating small explosions from his palms. ''Hey! Don't lump me with these extras!" His statement caused an uproar from his classmates, but was silenced by his glare.

Izuku could only inwardly sigh at this, for a guy who showed himself as a future hero, he sure didn't act like one.

The uproar was silenced when the teacher noticed a form on his desk. ''Well, it appears you're not the only one going to UA." He pointed out in a slightly amused tone, causing all eyes to turn to Izuku.

And the following reactions afterwards are what you'd expect.

People laughed, gave him disapproving looks or just looked at him weirdly but didn't say more. "Impossible. You don't even have a quirk!" Someone said with a sneer while others agreed and said similar things.

As for Bakugou, well, it looked like he was about to send the entire place crumbling around them as he sat back down without breaking his glare. But the commotion died down when they noticed that the boy didn't even react.

Once quiet, Midoriya calmly spoke. ''It sounds crazy, but I'm still willing to give it a shot.'' He shrugged before lightly hardening his gaze. "But if you guys really think you can do better at being heroes, then prove it by acting like them." He urged with a serious tone. "In case you haven't noticed, heroes don't go around harassing people with no quirks." He pointed out coolly, taking them aback as he relaxed in his seat.

Not only was he known for being "quirkless", but he was also known for being a kid of a few words. He'd never speak to any of them unless it was necessary or it was a Yes/No type of question (though secretly he'd made exceptions to a few people who he thought were cool in his book), opting to just flat out ignore them.

But when he did speak, he always made sure it was straight to the point or something that would hit them to the core when they got on his nerves (which were rare, but only served to make his words more impactful).

And right now, he didn't disappoint as their reactions became mixed.

Some gave him a bored look before promptly ignoring him, others couldn't meet his gaze after that and suddenly found their desks or anything else interesting (even the homeroom teacher looked away with a conflicted look). While the rest looked offended or annoyed that someone with no quirk was judging them like he knew better.

As for Bakugou, well…he looked pissed but decided to just scoff and look out the window, whether or not he was pondering Izuku's words is anybody's guess.

Everyone was then startled when the bell rang, signaling the end of the class.

While everyone made their way out, without even looking, Izuku felt Bakugou coming his way. And based on how heavy his steps are, he doubted it was for a friendly chat. "Oh boy." He mentally sighed.

Not wasting any time, Izuku remained in his seat but subtly spawned a small bone outside their classroom window where no one could spot it and with a twitch of a finger from his right hand, the object tapped loudly against the window before he hastily despawned it.

The effect was immediate as Bakugou, along with everyone else who remained in the room, snapped to the window in surprise. Giving Izuku the opportunity to quietly stand while quickly glancing around the room to see if anyone was looking at him.

When he noted that nobody was watching him, he carefully got all his stuff before teleporting away, just in time for everyone to look at his now empty spot.


Izuku ended up in a nearby spot where he'd spotted students or teachers smoking when it was their break. Thankfully it's Friday, so he wouldn't have to worry about anyone being here.

And after feeling through his senses to confirm that he's alone, he nodded to himself before properly wearing his bag as he began to leave.

As he arrived at the school entrance, along with several students who paid him no mind and simply discussed their plans amongst themselves, Izuku began thinking of the possible training and research he had to do now since he has more time to focus on them. Perhaps he should focus on expanding his shortcuts tomorrow? Or maybe search for a possible trainer with an emitter quirk. He'd also need to think of ways to creatively use his quirk and methods to-


They all stopped from the small rumble felt, before hearing the sounds of distant explosions and muffled screaming heard from within the school.

While the other students stared at the building in a mix of confusion and fear, Izuku casually continued moving when he concluded that it was just Bakugou cursing up a storm and angrily looking for him.

After chuckling at the mental image, he grinned. ''See ya Kacchan.'' He passed several perplexed students before being the first one to finally exit the school grounds.

On the way he reached a tunnel that would allow him to reach home faster. Said route was also not well known amongst his classmates, making it the perfect place to go without the risk of being bothered with harassment and lowered the risk of it reaching his home.

Suddenly his senses came to life and he found himself quickly teleporting behind whatever tried to sneak up on him. To his surprise, it appeared to be a villain completely made out of sludge.

Said villain leered after morphing his body to face the teen. ''You're pretty fast kid! I don't know how you got behind me, but I won't let you get out of my sight this time!" The large man gurgled out a laugh as Izuku went into a fighting stance. "With your ability, I could easily get away from him.'' He spat with anger before chuckling evilly before lunging at the teen.

Izuku quickly vanished in a blink and reappeared outside the tunnel to give him more room to move while the villain was surprised after landing on nothing before glaring at the teen. "Hold still you brat!" He yelled as he extended a large sludge hand.

"Hmmm, how about..." The teen hummed before casually stepping out of the way as the attack smacked against a wall behind him. "No." He casually remarked with a grin before quickly ducking as the limb returned to its user.

Angered by how lightly the teen is treating him and the current situation, the sludge villain gurgled in malice. "Think this is a game kid?" He enlarged his slimy hands and took aim. "I'll make you regre-" He was suddenly pelted by something, looking down he was stunned to see what had embedded into his slimy body. "Bones?" He noted in surprise before looking at the teen.

Izuku's eyes emanated a light glow to them as he remained standing with his hands in his pockets. "Huh, guess that answers that." He shrugged but remained subtly alert.

Recovering from his surprise, the villain laughed. "Pretty weird quirk you have there kid." The bones were suddenly sucked into the sludge body, making the teen's eyes narrow at the display. "But attacks like that..." He hunched over before shooting out the bones at the teen. "Won't do shit against me!"

Rather than dodging, Izuku calmly raised his right hand and stopped the bones before they could reach him. "Ok, so physical attacks are useless." He quickly despawned the bones, much to the villain's shock and growing annoyance. "Time to get creative." He concluded while staring at the villain with a calculative gaze.

"Is it finally sinking in yet?" The villain mocked. "Apart from All Might, tons of heroes couldn't beat me, no matter what quirk they had!" He bragged as he bared his large teeth. "And running isn't going to do you any good either." He chuckled. "Trust me, I'm a lot faster than I look." He grinned maliciously.

When no response came as the teen continued to stare at him in thought, the villain's grin died a bit before he scoffed. "Whatever, it doesn't matter." His growl echoed within the tunnel as he reared his head back. "You're finished either way!" He declared before spitting three sludge blasts.

Izuku's glowing eyes narrowed with focus as he leaned his body a bit left and right to avoid the first two shots before leaning back a bit to dodge the last one. He then followed it up with swiping his right hand forward, sending four bone projectiles at the villain.

Angered at his attack being dodged, the sludge villain enlarged his left hand and swiped away the projectiles before sending the large limb towards Izuku. The latter easily hopped to the left to avoid it. "You're mine!" He gurgled out a laugh.

Izuku raised an eyebrow before noting that the limb hadn't returned to the owner, urging him to look at it, just in time to see tendrils sprout out of the arm before shooting to grab him as the sludge hand remained firmly planted on a wall. "What a quirk!" The young hero grimaced as he focused on both dodging and keeping away from the tunnel.

As this went on, the villain was both impressed and annoyed at how well the teen was dodging his attacks. Until he let out a laugh and enlarged his free hand. "Can't dodge forever kid." He took aim with glee. "Take this!" He extended his right hand.

Dodging another tendril swipe, Izuku saw the incoming attack and sprouted a large bone underneath him to launch himself in the air. He watched as the sludge hand smacked against the bone pillar before he twisted himself and swiped his left hand towards the villain with a serious look.

Said villain was so stunned at the display that he didn't have time to recall his limbs before a bone projectile bounced off his right eye, causing him to recoil with his eyes closed. "SHIT!" He bellowed in pain as he recalled his limbs to hide his face within himself.

Landing with a huff, Izuku despawned the bones to analyze his surroundings. His gaze shifted between the damage caused from the fight to the villain growling in pain before focusing on the tunnel itself.

Suddenly, an idea came to him, allowing himself to smirk a bit as his eyes glowed.

After recovering from his pain, the villain reformed with a murderous expression. "Slippery bastard!" He gurgled before locking onto the teen, his anger growing at how calm the teen still looked. "When I get my hands on you, I'm gonna-" His advance was halted when Izuku thrusted his right hand forward. Causing the entrance to be suddenly blocked off by bones, effectively turning the tunnel into a cage.

Glancing back, the villain saw the same thing at the other end before facing the young hero again with an unimpressed look. "This again kid?" He chastised as the teen lowered his hand. "Haven't you been paying attention?" He laughed. "Stuff like this is pointless to me!"

And to prove his point, the villain simply phased through the bones and reformed outside the tunnel. "Why do you think heroes have a hard time containing me!" He added before growing in size, easily standing over nine feet. "And with the added space, all I need to do now is squash you flat!" He said with a tone of certain victory as he glared down at the teen.

Only for his moment to die down when the glow in Izuku's eyes grew while raising his left hand, his fingers in a snapping position. "What's with that look kid?" He didn't know why, but that grin suddenly looked more dangerous.

Wordlessly, the teen raised his free hand and pointed upwards, his grin unfaltering.

While minding his instinct to run all of a sudden, the villain thought that it could be a ruse for him to look away so the teen could escape. So he was about to call him out on it until-


Snapping up in surprise, the villain was stunned to see a hovering medium skull of a dragon. Glaring down on him, while growling as a green energy sphere grew in its mouth.

Now realizing the compromising position he's in, the now nervous villain slowly looked down at Izuku, who's grin widened at the display. "Get dunked on." He snapped his fingers with a flash of his eyes.


The villain attempted to move only to let out a short-lived scream as the green beam smashed into him, ripping his form apart as it scattered him around the area before stopping to leave a sizzling scorch mark where he once stood.

After the attack, Izuku's eyes went back to normal as he powered down with a sigh. "Glad that's over with." He muttered with sweat on his brow as he looked up to the smoking blaster with a tired grin. "Couldn't exactly use you in the tunnel and risk it collapsing." The blaster let out one more growl and a puff of smoke before despawning. "At least this way, there'll be less damage to deal with." He chuckled before taking a seat on the ground to wipe his brow.

He then eyed the scattered sludge and frowned. "Now what am I going to do with you?" Thankfully his quirk allowed him to sense that the villain is still alive, but knew it was only a matter of time before the villain eventually woke up, so he stood up with a grunt and began looking around the area for anything useful.

He didn't have to look very far because someone had littered and tossed away an empty juice bottle. "Hmmm, that'll do." He muttered in approval before pulling the item into his left hand. "The few cases where littering helped." He chuckled at the irony before heading to the nearest sludge puddle.

Once close, he was shocked at how much smaller it was than earlier. "Guess I evaporated some of it." He noted before aiming his left palm towards it. "Or maybe it'll only be bigger if he's awake." He covered the puddle in the glow of his quirk before guiding it into the bottle.

This went on for several minutes, Izuku would search for any visible puddle of sludge before gently guiding it into the bottle. All the while, he would mutter his observations of the villain's quirk.

Once done, he looked around the area once more. When he saw nothing, he tapped into his senses, only for it to lock onto the bottle in his hand (luckily the villain's inactivity had allowed him to cram the sludge into the medium bottle). "Guess that's all of it." He shrugged before relaxing in place, but made sure to keep an eye out since the sludge's inactivity made it harder to detect somehow.

And after a few more seconds of searching, he decided to firmly seal the bottle before eyeing the impromptu prison with a frown. "Your quirk is amazing." He complimented with a shake of his head. "Sucks that you're using it for villainy though." He added with disappointment before leaning against an undamaged part of a nearby wall. "Heck, I could have even helped you find ways to use it for good."

When no response came, Izuku shrugged, concluding that the villain must still be unconscious. "Oh well, hopefully you'll learn to be a better person in jail." He sat on the ground and leaned against the wall as he surveyed the area. "And from what I got from our conversation a while ago, I'm guessing that a hero is after you so it looks like we'll have to wait a while and see what happens." He calmly placed the bottle beside him before getting comfy with a yawn.



The vibration jolted the napping teen awake before he stood ready to fight while making sure to keep the bottle safe in his hands.

Only for his eyes to widen when he saw that the person who arrived was. ''A-ALL MIGHT!?'' Izuku practically screamed.

Said hero looked at the scene with confusion on his face. ''Strange…I could have sworn he ended up here…'' He began looking around cautiously when the gawking teen caught his attention.

Realizing he had his idol's attention, Izuku timidly approached while presenting the bottle to him. He was about to say something when All Might interrupted him ''My thanks young man, but I couldn't possibly take a break, a villain made it through here, so I advise you to head home now."

The hero was about to jump away until Izuku spoke. ''Actually, the bottle is the villain.''

Hearing this got All Might to look at him weirdly, so the teen clarified. ''What I meant to say is that I managed to beat the villain and secure him in this bottle." He chuckled. "He kind of clued me in that he was being chased by a hero, so I decided to wait and hand him over.'' He said in a sheepish tone while maintaining his cool. ''Just calm down, this is no time for fanboying!''

Meanwhile, All Might was definitely taken back by the fact that a young boy was able to defeat a villain and contain him no less! "That explains the damage here." He made a mental note to call people here to repair the area. But still, how was this possible? From what he can see, the boy looked far too young and ordinary to pull that off.

Plus, the villain he had just defeated was notorious for not only brutally possessing people. But for also being incredibly elusive and aggressive when encountered, so how did-

The Number One Hero's thoughts ceased when his expression went into a grimace for a second before he let out his signature laugh. "My thanks young man!" He gratefully took the bottle from the teen. "But next time, try to stay out of trouble and run to let the pros handle it." He secured the bottle in the pocket of his pants before standing tall. "You're still too young and villains are very unpredictable." He sagely advised while Izuku could only nod in response, still in awe at the man's presence.

And before the teen could say anything, All Might saluted him. "Thank you again and stay safe!" He stated before jumping away, his laugh echoing as he went, leaving the teen to gawk on the spot.

Once his mind rebooted, Izuku blinked. "I just met All Might." A grin that threatened to split his face formed. "And he saluted me as thanks!" His eyes literally lit up with joy. "I gotta go tell Mom and Tem about this!" He cheered before jogging to the tunnel.

But as he jogged, he couldn't help but think about what he noticed. "He seemed to be in a hurry." He slowed down a bit but quickly shook his head and tried to pick up the pace. "Of course he's in a hurry, he's got a ton of people to save!" He reassured himself before coming to a full stop, just short of the tunnel, his grin replaced with a small frown as he began to think about the encounter.

Izuku glanced back at where he spoke with All Might and thought back on their conversation. It looked like everything was normal; the hero stood tall, did his laugh, posed and gave him some advice. All the while wearing his signature smile.

But there was that moment when it looked All Might's expression changed. It was quick, but Izuku definitely noticed it but was too distracted to really pay attention to it.

"Now that I think about it..." His frown grew a bit as he replayed the scene in his head. "It kind of looked like he was in pain for a second." A bubble of worry formed within him at the possibility of All Might being hurt.

But that's ridiculous, how could a man so powerful and seemingly invincible be hurt? Izuku has seen more than enough videos to prove how powerful and durable The Symbol of Peace is. Hell, even the infamous villain Toxic Chainsaw got a few good hits on the hero but failed to really hurt him in the end.

He was about to leave until he hesitated again. Maybe it's just him being paranoid or maybe looking too deep into things. But something in his gut was telling him that there was something more to this, something bad.

And what kind of hero would that make him if he just ignored it.

So with this thought, Izuku shrugged with a sigh before fully turning around. "It could be nothing, but I wouldn't know until I find out." He muttered while walking back to where he spoke with All Might.

"Hmmm, let's see..." He rubbed his chin in thought as he went through his mental notes. "All Might can't fly, at least not for a long time, so he'll need to jump from high spots to get to places." A small grin formed on his face. "And he wouldn't want to add more power to his jumps, lest he causes damage every time he lands, so he'll need to limit his jumps to closer locations." His eyes glowed as he closed his eyes and concentrated on his sensory field. "Which means if I just focus, I should be able to find him, provided that he isn't out of my range." His grin faltered a bit from that last bit but he shook it off and focused.

And sure enough, among many that he sensed, he felt one stay in place before traveling to the very edge of his sensory field at a speed that no ordinary person should be able to do. "Bingo." He opened his eyes with a flash before teleporting away with a snap of his fingers.

Unfortunately, he had failed to notice a splotch of sludge that had laid still behind a lamp post.

Said sludge remained still for a moment before wiggling to form an eye that opened wearily. After blinking away the blurriness, it looked around for a bit before going wide as it remembered what happened.

And with renewed rage, it formed a glare upon noticing that he couldn't recall pieces of himself. His gaze then shifted to a nearby drain, lessening his anger a bit before he quickly slipped in.

A new flesh suit would need to be found once he'd regain his strength and mass in the sewers. But after that, he'll have to find a way to make that brat pay!


After appearing in a green flash, Izuku began taking in his surroundings. "This is it." He went to a nearby railing, only to let out a low whistle when he realized how far from home he was. "Woah, guess my range is pretty good." He chuckled.

The sound of coughing reminded him of why he was here, turning around he saw a skinny man with blond hair staring at him in dread and surprise. But that wasn't the most shocking part, his clothes are eerily similar to the ones that All Might wore.

They stared at each other for what felt like hours when Izuku decided to break the silence. ''All….Might?'' He cautiously asked.

The man's eyes widened before he let out a defeated sigh. ''Yep, it's me.'' It looked like he was expecting some sort of reaction from the teen, perhaps a negative one.

But what he hadn't expected was the teen to remain silent before looking around the area to check if anyone else was listening. And after one more confirmation from his sensory field, Izuku looked back at him. ''I'm guessing there's an explanation to this?'' He received a nod as a response. "All right, you can choose to tell me or not, I'll be cool with it either way." He stated with a kind smile.

All Might for once in his life didn't know what to say. He felt touched at the care expressed from the young boy before him and was honestly shocked that he would be willing to keep his secret whether he revealed the truth or not.

But looking into the young boy's eyes, he could see understanding and care. "But...why?" He couldn't help but ask.

To this Izuku shrugged. "Don't get me wrong, this is definitely a surprise for me." He admitted before grinning. "But mom didn't raise a blackmailer and I'd rather not see people freaking out over this." He chuckled. "Besides, chaos is bad for naps." He jokingly added.

And despite the circumstances, All Might found himself chuckling inwardly at the joke. "You're an interesting one kid." The teen merely winked at him. "Most people would've freaked out or tried to use this chance to get special favors from me." Izuku looked disgusted at the possibility of blackmail and the hero couldn't blame him.

Silence then took over, as All Might debated on what to do. Seeing this, the student sat against the railing and patiently waited. Allowing the symbol to study him, from what he could see, the boy was kind and had a fire that reminded him of himself in his youth.

An unbreakable determination with the kindness and trust to match it.

A few more moments passed, before All Might nodded to himself. "Ok kid, let's talk." The teen beamed and was about to stand before being stopped by a hard look from the hero. "But you must swear to never tell anyone about our conversation."

It wasn't up for debate and Izuku knew that. "What conversation?" He responded with a shrug, earning a smirk from the hero before he gestured to the teen to take a seat across from him.

By the end of the explanation, Izuku could only stare with wide eyes.

The Symbol of Peace was severely wounded by a powerful villain and can't maintain his form for too long due to the severity of it. He knew there was more to it but he was too focused on everything making sense all of the sudden.

The short but meaningful interviews, the seemingly rushed fights, timely rescues and the rare sightings despite most heroes appearing everywhere. All of it was due to that wound and because of said injury, he couldn't eat solid food. Causing him to be skinny and for nobody to notice him in public when he wasn't being a hero.

''I am aware that what I'm saying is hard to believe, but it's the truth." The hero's words brought Izuku out of his thoughts. "I continue to fight crime because I cannot let the Symbol of Peace be daunted by evil." His expression remained serious. "A hero must be willing to risk their life in order to protect the innocent and the peace that comes with it.''

The teen felt a lump in his throat from the weight on those words. To continue your duty with that injury….it struck just how willing he was to risk everything to save others.

Seeing the boy taking in his words, All Might nodded. ''What is your name young man?''

Izuku turned to the hero who was giving him a kind smile, a gesture he gladly returned. ''It's-"



After feeling the ground shake from a nearby explosion, both turned to see a thick pillar of smoke coming from a nearby section in the city.

All Might was about to rush down the stairs when he was stopped by Izuku who had a determined glow in his eyes. "What are you-?"

They suddenly found themselves in an alley nearby the chaos. All Might wanted to ask how the teen did that but decided to store it away for later as they focused on the situation at hand.

After going through the crowd that had formed to see the commotion. The duo made it to the front to feel dread for different reasons.

Not only is it the same sludge villain that's causing chaos, but a familiar head of blond hair is seen trapped within the mass of slime. "Bakugou!" Izuku screamed in worry before eyeing the villain in disbelief. "How did he escape!?" He harshly whispered before turning to All Might.

Only to be shocked when he saw that the man was staring at the bottle of sludge in his hand with a grim expression, leading the teen to one horrible conclusion. "I must have missed a piece of him!" He snapped to the rampaging villain, noting that the heroes couldn't get close because due to surrounding civilians they were trying to save and due to the fact that they didn't have the right quirks to fight the villain without risking Bakugou's life.

''Where's All Might?''

''Can't the other heroes do something!?''

"They can't! Not with the hostage there!"

Hearing the people's words, Izuku turned to the man in question. Only to feel his stomach drop when All Might looked at him with a pained expression as he held his side before shaking his head in frustration.

With this in mind, the teen looked back at the mass of slime with narrowed eyes. From what he can observe, the villain only needs a few moments without interruption before he can completely take over Bakugou's body.

And with The Symbol of Peace unable to help, it became increasingly clear on what he needed to do as his eyes glowed. Oblivious to how All Might paled upon realizing what that look meant and before the latter could reach out to him, he disappeared in a blink.

Meanwhile the sludge villain was having the time of his life as he attached tendrils on nearby debris behind him. "Take this!" He flung them at Pro Hero: Death Arms who managed to break them with a swing of his strong arms before they could reach the crowd.

After checking if the crowd is safe, the hero glared at the villain. "Damn! We don't have the right quirk for this!" He grunted as he hopped back to avoid being grabbed.

Seeing the heroes struggle to beat him, the villain guffawed. "This is almost too easy!" He sneered before stretching his face towards his hostage. "Hey kid-"


After reforming his face from the sudden explosion, the villain bared his teeth at Bakugou who glared hatefully at him as his wrist was pulled back in place. "You know, I had a pretty shitty day. Being chased around by All Might and being beaten by a brat just about your age." He laughed again. "But I think finding you made it all worth it in the end." He grinned maliciously. "Wouldn't you agree?"

The teen could only let out a muffled growl as his mouth remained covered in sludge. "I'm glad you feel the same." He ignored the thrashing blond to sneer at the heroes. "In fact, I'm pretty sure your quirk has been helping me cause more damage here."

Bakugou knew this, of course he did. Because every time the villain placed a vital part in front of his palms, he'd make sure to hit him with the biggest explosion he could manage. But the fucker would just reform without a care while his explosions caused more damage to the area.

Despite his position, he was able to shift his gaze to a nearby flaming building that was thankfully evacuated before it got worse. Because of the damage he'd inadvertently caused a while ago, he was forced to use more controlled explosions, which did even worse against the villain.

"Damnit all!" Bakugou increased his struggle. "Let go of me you slimy bastard!" He muffled out growls while letting out small explosions from his palms.

Seeing the display of defiance amused the villain. "Eager to use your quirk again?" He only got muffled curse words as a response. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to use it well against those pesky heroes." He chuckled darkly as Bakugou tensed at that.

A gleam appeared in the villain's eyes as an idea came to him. "In fact, why don't we do just that." He turned his face towards the crowd who all looked at him with varying expressions of fear and caution. "Congratulations to all of you!" Nobody liked the sound of this. "I'm in a pretty good mood so you all deserve a prize!" Everyone tensed as he lowered his face next to Bakugou before forming a sludge hand behind the teen to lift his face up by the hair to give everyone a good look at his angered expression. "A front row seat to how my possession works!" He laughed maliciously as the teen's eyes widened with angered horror.

While the crowd expressed their fear and disgust, Death Arms gritted his teeth and charged forward, fist ready. "I won't let you have your way!" He yelled as the villain merely shot two tendrils in front of the hero and merged it into a barrier of sludge to block his punch before easily pushing the man away.

Thankfully Death Arms was able to catch himself before he could crash into the crowd and glared at the villain. "This is really bad! The area's too small for Mt. Lady to help and Kamui's too busy helping the other heroes evacuate the civilians." He clenched his hands. "And my attacks aren't doing anything." His expression grew grim.

The villain took in everyone's dismay with sadistic glee. "Ah, this never gets old." He sighed before lazily looking at Bakugou who's explosions and struggles became more desperate. "But I think it's time for our little game to end." The teen suddenly went still as the surrounding sludge tightened its grip on him while the one on his mouth felt like it was about to enter him. "Don't worry, I'll make it as painless as-"

His left eye was struck hard, causing the villain to suddenly reel back with a yell that shocked everyone. "Shit not again!" He was dismayed with a grimace, not noticing that he had loosened his hold on Bakugou. Allowing the teen to move again and gasp for air as the gag was removed as well.

After letting out another cough, Bakugou was suddenly covered in a green glow. "What the hell?" He looked at himself in surprise before he was suddenly pulled free from the stunned villain and towards Death Arms.

Said hero reacted quickly and caught the teen in his arms. "Good job escaping kid-"

"I didn't do anything." Bakugou denied with a cough, surprising the hero. "My quirk can't even do that in the first place, so how did I...?" He trailed off as he now noticed a familiar teen in front of him. " have a quirk?" He wore an expression of disbelief.

The bone user just glanced back at him with a grin and glowing eyes. "Always did." He casually admitted, stunning the teen.

He was about to say more until Death Arms interrupted. "Hey kid!" His call got both teens' attention. "Not that I don't appreciate the assistance, but now that the hostage is safe, I need you two to get back with the crowd." Among said crowd, All Might slipped nearby to listen. "It's still too dangerous, so leave and let us deal with him."

Izuku stared at him for a few seconds before shaking his head apologetically. "I'm sorry, but no." While Bakugou and All Might were shocked by his refusal, Death Arms was about to scold him before the teen interjected. "Three reasons. One, I defeated him earlier but got careless and let his main piece slip away. Making this mess my responsibility." Like All Might before, Death Arms and Bakugou paused at how truthful his words felt despite sounding impossible.

And despite being already told this, a part of the Symbol of Peace still couldn't believe it. "Two, from what I can deduce, your quirk can't even tickle him and the other heroes are either too focused on helping civilians or can't do much due to the environment. Leaving my quirk to be the only one left to hurt him." Death Arm grimaced and couldn't retort his accurate observation.

Seeing this, Izuku continued. "And finally, All Might is most likely saving people somewhere else as we speak so he's out (said man could only feel guilty for being covered for and being useless right now). And even if I did agree to stay back, it'll take a while for someone with the right quirk to come deal with this." His glowing eyes narrowed. "And by that point, the villain would have caused more damage and slipped away."

With all these points made, All Might and Death Arms couldn't help but agree with him. It'll take too long for the right help to arrive and from what they saw earlier, if the teen could really hurt the villain, then perhaps-


Hearing the voice, the trio paid attention to Bakugou who stared at Izuku like he was a different person. "Why save me?" He couldn't stop himself from asking. "After all that shit I put you through..." He left the last part unsaid as he remembered all the insults, threats and the attempts made to hurt the teen.

To this, Izuku stared at him for a bit before grinning. "Because it's the right thing to do." He turned back to the grimacing villain with a daring look. "Simple as that." He shrugged with no hesitation.

As Death Arms looked contemplative and Bakugou wore an expression of shock, All Might felt something stir within him from the teen's simple but powerful reasoning as he looked at him with a more observant expression. "Could he possibly be-"

"I had a feeling it was you again you brat!" The villain howled as he glared at the young hero, his left eye noticeably red from being struck hard. While All Might, Death Arms and Bakugou, the latter especially, were all shocked from the confirmation of the teen's earlier claims.

And despite being called out, Izuku just chuckled. "What can I say? It's a small world." He stepped away from the crowd, ignoring their pleas for him to stay back as he purposely placed the villain's focus on him. "But I'm surprised how far you went from our introduction spot." He admitted before giving the villain a curious look. "Do you travel faster when submerged or-?"

"SHUT UP!" The villain ordered, causing the civilians to jolt in fear, the heroes to tense while Izuku frowned. "I'm going to make you pay for what you did to me back there!" He gurgled before spitting three sludge projectiles, causing Death Arms to prepare for an interception.

Only for everyone to be shocked when Izuku easily stopped the projectiles before they could reach him with a glowing hand raised. "This isn't like last time dude; I have a better idea of how your quirk works now." He flung the sludge to the side, watching it harmlessly splash against the concrete. "So if I were you..." He shifted his glowing eyes at the villain. "I'd come quietly." He calmly warned.

Unfortunately, that statement appeared to be the last straw for the villain. "I'LL KILL YOU!'' He shot several tendrils from his body.

[BNHA OST - ''You Say Run'' - Plays]

The move disappointed Izuku more than anything. "Suit yourself." He sprouted a large bone beneath him, much to everyone's surprise (apart from the villain), and launched himself in the air as the tendrils pierced the bone structure.

"Hold still!" The villain howled as he pulled his tendrils free and shot it upwards. Izuku countered and quickly teleported away out of their trajectory and pushed both of his hands forward, sending a barrage of bones.

The villain saw this and hastily merged within himself to cover his face. "Not this time brat!" He gurgled as the bones harmlessly bounced off with every hard hit. And once it ended, he laughed as he began to unfold himself. "I've also learned from-GAAHHHH!" He suddenly let out a scream as something burned him from behind.

Ignoring his smoking back, the villain turned around and saw Izuku casually standing a good distance away from with a small squadron of small Gaster Blasters hovering above him. "You're not the only one who's learned." The glow in his eyes grew as the blasters growled, the glow in their eyes intensifying as well. "You're going to jail for a long time." With his daring grin widening, he stretched his left palm forward, sending the blasters as they fired.

With gritted teeth, the villain morphed himself the best he could to dodge some lasers. "Damn you!" He screamed in anger as a few parts of him sizzled from the successful hits. "You won't get away with this!" He shot tendrils towards the teen as the blasters flew around him and fired.

"Feels like I already did." Izuku calmly retorted as he ran to avoid the tendrils rather than teleporting to save energy, purposefully angering the villain further. "This is good, as long as his focus is on me, I won't have to worry about the civilians." When it looked like he was about to put the crowd into the crossfire, he'd teleport just before the attacks could hit him before starting the chase all over again.

Meanwhile, said crowd (Bakugou and Death Arms among them) could only gape at the scene before them. How could this young boy, who isn't even an official hero, appear to have a better chance against a known killer who'd escaped captivity until now?

But with All Might, his focus is on other things. "He's doing more than just hurting him." His eyes widened. "He's drawing in the danger to keep the people safe." He felt a surge of inspiration as the young teen rerouted himself when it looked like the villain's attack was about to collide with a news crew. "To risk everything just because it simply feels like the right thing to do." Earlier fears died out as confidence and excitement blazed within him. "This boy..." A huge grin formed on his face. "Could he be the one I've been searching for?"

While being blasted on the back, the villain's frustrations grew when the teen somehow managed to avoid another sneak attack from behind. "How the hell does he do that?" He hissed before focusing on the blasters again with a glare. "I hate these fucking things!" He snarled as a quick swipe of tendrils managed to destroy two blasters.

He switched his focus to the teen again, but to his chagrin, the nuisance somehow managed to get away from him. "Where did-" A laser shot came dangerously close to hitting his right eye, causing him to emanate an aura of killer intent. "To hell with this!" He enlarged his arms and formed multiple tendrils around them. "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" He roared as he began wildly swinging his arms around, angrily whipping the tendrils in a surprising burst of speed.

And despite being a wild and unfocused move, it proved to be effective as the blasters couldn't predict the attack's trajectory as well until eventually, they all ended up being shattered upon impact. Causing bone fragments and dust to scatter while the civilians could only wince or feel fear from the sounds/view of the blasters being destroyed.

After a few more powerful swings, the villain's rage died down a bit as exhaustion finally began to take over. "Finally." He huffed as he reduced the size of his arms and began looking for his prey.


[Song Stops]

Snapping in the direction of the sound, the villain could feel his eyes widen as Izuku stood in front of the crowd with two medium Gaster Blasters hovering above him. Behind him, the citizens stared at the weapons in silent awe, having never seen anything like it before. Death Arms was on the same boat while Bakugou felt like he was dreaming but knew better. As for All Might, well, his smile grew a bit from now having a better idea of how the young man defeated the villain earlier.

Meanwhile said villain did what he could to ignore the sudden chill up his spine and put up a tough act. "This again brat?" He sneered. "Afraid of fighting me up close?" He taunted despite how tense he suddenly looked.

Unfortunately for him, Izuku didn't take the bait as he shrugged. "Dude, I'm young." He chuckled and brought his left hand up in a snapping position, the action making the villain tense further. "Not stupid." A green glow covered his hand as the blasters growled and formed energy spheres in their mouths, their eyes intensifying.

With the situation out of his hands now, the villain began looking for nearby drains for him to slip through. But to his chagrin, he couldn't find any, it would appear that his earlier fun either blocked them off or obscured them from view.

After cursing himself for his carelessness, he quickly morphed himself to face the other way. Only to stop when, to his growing horror, two more medium blasters had been waiting for him to try and escape.

The villain then suddenly found himself in a green spotlight, with a gulp he looked up and paled upon seeing a larger blaster glaring down on him and ready to fire.

Slowly looking back down, the fearful villain could only watch as the glow in Izuku's eyes grew despite the now noticeable sweat on him. "Checkmate again." His grin widened as he snapped his fingers with a flash of his eyes.


At once the blasters fired and this time, the villain stood frozen in fear before being hit from all directions, evaporating and scattering pieces of him again while everyone else could only brace themselves from the shockwave of the hit and the light that came with it.

And as quickly as it happened, it ended with Izuku huffing in place as the glow in his eyes lowered while the blasters remained in their positions, growling smoke out of their mouths and nostrils. "That'll keep you out for a bit." He went on one knee as he despawned his weapons. "Man, I'm beat." He grimaced at how drenched his clothes felt.

The sound of cheering and applause got his attention, looking back curiously, he was shocked to see the people shouting their praise and thanks for his efforts. "Woah." He was stunned at the display for a moment before he gave them a tired thumbs up and grin that only increased their cheers.

"You there!"

With his grin gone he looked to the source and winced when he saw an upset Kamui Woods, a displeased Mt. Lady and an unreadable Death Arms approaching him. "Aaaannnd here comes trouble." He drawled out to himself before pointing to the area when they got close. "You guys might want to get all of his pieces. He may be out of it for a while, but trust me, you wouldn't want to take a chance and miss anything."

"We know." The teen tensed from Kamui's tone. "Don't worry, we'll be extra careful with the cleanup." As he said this, Death Arms spoke into his communicator to relay the message. "But don't think you can use that as an excuse for being reckless out there." He crossed his arms.

"I just wanted to help people." Izuku weakly retorted while shrinking a bit from the pro's stern gaze before looking off to the side with a frown. "Don't have to be such a stick in the mud about it." He added quietly to himself.

Unfortunately, he wasn't as quiet as he thought he was as Mt. Lady's expression cracked as she snickered to the side, Death Arms smirked a bit while the wood hero looked offended at the remark. "What did you say!?" The teen could only chuckle fearfully as the hero took a step forward. "I have half a mind to tell your parent-" A muscular arm stopped him, causing all of them to look in surprise.

"That's enough Kamui, I'm sure the kid gets it." Death Arms assured before looking down at the stunned teen. "Why don't you get checked by the paramedics and head home, it's getting late." He kindly advised.

Shaking off his surprise, Izuku slowly got up. "Y-Yeah, I will." He rubbed the back of his neck and gestured to the area. "But uh, you sure you guys don't need any help?" He doubted he had the strength to lift the bigger debris, but he's confident that he'd be able to at least help gather the sludge villain.

To this the strength hero waved him off. "It's fine, you've already done enough good here kid." He nudged his head towards the nearby medics who looked ready to treat the teen. "Now go on, leave the cleanup to us."

Izuku hesitated for a moment before reluctantly nodding. "Alright." The pro looked relieved that he agreed. "But make sure to look for every piece of him, the dude's slippery." He pointed out with caution.

Death Arms nodded with a serious frown. "We will." The teen nodded in satisfaction before walking away. "Oh, and kid?" The bone user stopped and looked back in confusion along with the other pros. "I look forward to seeing you become a pro out there." He stated with a big grin and a thumbs up.

While surprised from the praise and support, Izuku returned the grin with a nod before walking to the paramedics who immediately began leading him to a nearby stretcher to be checked on.

"What was that all about?" Mt. Lady couldn't help but voice out her curiosity, having never seen the normally serious hero act like that before, while Kamui stared at his fellow hero inquisitively.

To this the man could only shrug. "I don't know to be honest." His fellow heroes gave him curious looks. "But I felt like it was the right thing to do after what he'd just done." He added with a cryptic smile.

While Kamui remained unsure, Mt. Lady looked down in thought before sighing. " long as it's ok with you." She watched as sidekicks helped Pro Hero: Slugger gather the villain. "I mean, he did stick his neck out for the right thing so I guess we can let it pass." She then shifted her gaze to Izuku who's being checked over and praised for his bravery by the medics, much to his embarrassment but humbly waved it off. "He may have stolen the spotlight, but it's hard not to like him." She grinned towards Death Arms who smirked as he nodded in agreement.

The two then turned to the wood hero who stared at the teen in question before letting out a defeated sigh. "I suppose you're both right." He conceded before crossing his arms. "But it was still reckless of him." He couldn't help but add.

The titanic heroine couldn't help but laugh at his grumpy comment. "Oh come on, it's not like you would've acted differently in his shoes." At that, he couldn't meet her gaze, causing her to smirk as an idea came to her. "Geez, you really are a stick in the mud." She grinned; oh she is so going to keep that line from now on.

The speed that Kamui used to turn to her with such an appalled expression was enough to make her laugh. "Excuse me!?" His expression morphed into one of annoyance. "Don't think just because I gave him a free pass, that I'll let you have one." He exclaimed with a point that only made her snort. "Especially since you're still new in the heroic field." Death Arms quietly chuckled at the duo's antics and decided to leave them alone to help with the villain recovery efforts.

Off to the side, All Might watched as Izuku subtly observed the scene before him while also answering a few questions from the medical staff about his condition. Despite the clear exhaustion and laid-back appearance, the teen remained vigilant for anything despite the danger having already passed. Which only further cemented the man's decision as he nodded to himself with a smile before slipping away to help out with the cleanup.

But as this all happened, sitting on a stretcher as well, Bakugou stared at his classmate who chuckled along with two paramedics at something that he said. Completely ignoring the one medic treating him as he looked at his hands before clenching them with a hard frown.


After being provided some water, Izuku was given the all clear before he left the area. Of course, they had offered him a ride but he politely declined, knowing that he could always use a shortcut if it got too dark.

He tried to meet up with All Might before leaving, but the man was nowhere to be seen amongst the crowd. And since it was getting late, he decided to just leave since his mother would be worried sick. But not before grabbing his stuff, which he left on a nearby roof before he fought the villain.

"He must have gone home." The teen mused before grimacing as mental images of All Might's wound came to mind. "Not that I blame him." He subconsciously held his side. "If I had to keep it up with an injury like that I would've-"


Stopping in place, Izuku turned to the voice in surprise. "Bakugou?"

Indeed, standing in place is the self-proclaimed 'Top Dog' of the school. Only this time, instead of an air of superiority around him, it was more an aura of uncertainty and reluctance as he stared at his feet. "Shouldn't you be heading home?" Izuku prodded while trying to figure out why the usually mean teen searched for him.

The blond looked like he was struggling to say something before looking up to him with a hard expression. "Deku...I..." He hesitated before looking away with an expression similar to self-disappointment and anger. "Damn it." He muttered with a growl.

Izuku stared at him for a moment, before smiling. "Tomorrow's Saturday dude." His sudden statement caused Bakugou to look back at him in confusion. "We'll have plenty of time to talk on Monday." He shrugged. "We've both had a long day so I suggest we take it easy over the weekend and clear our heads until then." He tilted his head and raised an eyebrow, hoping to pass on the meaning of his offer. "Sound good?"

Bakugou just looked at him weirdly before realization dawned on him as he nodded in agreement. "Yeah, that sounds good." He quickly turned around before stopping to turn his head, still not meeting his gaze. "...thanks." He muttered as loudly as he could before walking away, missing how Izuku just stood there, stunned at what he believed to be the blond's first ever expression of gratitude, and a genuine one at that.

But after a moment, he rubbed the back of his head. "Well now...looks like someone got humbled." A kind smile formed on his face. "Nice of you starting to change for the better Kacchan." With his senses, he made sure Bakugou was far enough before glancing back at a nearby corner behind him. "You can come out now."

As soon as he said that, All Might (in his buff form) dashed out of the corner with his signature laugh. "As expected of a young man with your abilities." The teen snickered at his antics. "But I already knew that you noticed me!" The hero began flexing. ''Why? Because I'm All Mi-!'' In a puff of smoke, he changed to his normal form while coughing up blood, causing Izuku to wince.

After coughing a bit more, the man wiped away the blood on his mouth before facing the teen. ''Kid, I just wanted to say thank you for what you did today." The student was about to wave it off until he interrupted. "And wanted to give you an offer too.'' He added with a knowing smile.

''An offer from the Symbol of Peace?'' Izuku was stunned at the thought before quickly confirming with his senses that nobody is here to listen. "Look, I don't mean to sound rude but..." He hesitated as the man gave him a curious expression. "I know you're the Symbol of Peace and all, but I'm not in it for the reward if that makes sense." He admitted apologetically.

After hearing his reasoning, All Might suddenly looked even prouder as he pointed at him. "That right there." He stated. "Is one of many reasons why I'm offering this to you." His cryptic statement confused the teen further.

Seeing this, the man continued. "Despite being young and inexperienced, you willingly risked your life to fight a dangerous foe." He stood proud as he chuckled. "Twice mind you, and not because you wanted to prove something." He shook his head. "No, you did it simply because it's the right thing to do."

While Izuku stood stunned by his words, the man suddenly frowned in shame. "While I and the other heroes stood helpless, you jumped in, consequences be damned. " He smiled again as the teen felt his eyes misting. ''They say the best heroes have one thing in common: 'Their bodies moved on their own, without a moment of hesitation'.'' He said in a knowing tone.

He then pointed to the teen who felt a lump in his throat. ''You, young Midoriya are no exception to this. I can say without a doubt, that you will be great hero.'' All Might finished without a hint of doubt in his claim.

After wiping away his tears, Izuku gave the hero a big grin before closing his eyes to cherish this moment. For years his mother had said that he would be able to achieve his dream, but to hear it from the man that the world considered to be the greatest hero, made him feel like his dream is much closer than-

''Which is why…you will inherit my power!''




After slowly opening his eyes in surprise, the teen looked up to the hero who was eyeing him in amusement. ''…huh?'' He blurted out in befuddlement.

Author's Notes:

1. Welp that's it, I know it isn't much but it's the best that I can do. The idea has been in my mind for a while and after reading so many fanfictions, I decided to try my shot at fanfic writing.

2. Hopefully I didn't do too bad for my first ever fanfic!

Thank you for reading!