Author's Note: Had this idea for a while now.

Context: Set before graduation. With his mother out for a trip, Izuku and Mina took it upon themselves to care for Temmie in their dorms. While at the same time, using the opportunity to introduce the loveable feline to their classmates.

Disclaimer: I don't own My Hero Academia or Undertale. So sorry if the characters act differently than their cannon counterparts.


"Are you sure you have everything?" Izuku inquired for what felt like the hundredth time while next to him, Mina giggled at his protectiveness as she held a purring Temmie.

After zipping her luggage, the mother laughed. "Yes. I'm sure." She then directed a jokingly stern gaze at him. "This isn't the first time I've packed for a trip; you know." She reminded with hands on her hips.

With a sheepish grin, Izuku nodded. "You're right." He chuckled. "But it is the first time you're doing it because of a contest." He pointed out.

"Fair." The woman agreed with a giggle.

What was supposed to be a normal time to have popsicles during a particularly hot day, turned out to be more when the older Midoriya had unexpectedly won a competition when it was revealed that her ice scream stick had the winning symbol.

The prize? A week-long vacation in a rather fancy resort located in a popular beach, complete with free spa treatments and fancy dining to boot.

Unfortunately, she was only allowed to bring one other person with her (pets didn't count for the contest, which immediately lost them a point with the family). And since Izuku and Mina had to stay within the school grounds, she decided to invite Toshinori to join her.

The man was obviously surprised and a little embarrassed, but considering she had no one else to invite (Mitsuki and Asami had work, which admittedly bummed them out), he had to agree. And the beaming smile he was rewarded with made the choice worth it.

And since no one will be home, the couple took it upon themselves to take care of Temmie in the Dorms. If Koda can bring a bunny, surely the school wouldn't be against having a cat over (plus, from what they've heard from Midnight, Aizawa is rather fond of them).

"Did you remember to bring everything Temmie needs?" She playfully asked in return.

To this Izuku hoisted his backpack. "Yep." He chuckled. "If we end up running out of food for her, Koda knows a nearby place to get some." Mina nodded in confirmation while idly playing with the feline in her arms.

"Good." Inko nodded in approval before her phone vibrated, prompting her to check it. "Toshi's here with the ride." She announced with a fond smile before looking up to them. "Be sure to take care of yourselves."

The couple nodded. "We will mom." Izuku grinned. "Just tell him to be on his best behavior or I'll dunk him. Mentor or not." He jokingly warned, but they knew a part of him meant it.

"I'll be sure to tell him that." She laughed, though noticeably a bit nervous before heading to the door with her luggage in tow.

With her things out, she gave them one more wave. "See you in a week!"

"Take care!" The couple replied while Temmie mewled in her direction.

Grinning at their response, the woman happily nodded to them before closing the door as she left.

After a few moments of silence, Mina turned to Izuku. "They seem close as of late." It was more of a fact than a question.

"I know." He nodded and gently lifted Temmie with his quirk and placed her in his arms.

Raising an eyebrow at him, Mina prodded further. "It doesn't bother you?" She watched him calmly take a seat on the couch.

"Nope." Izuku set his bag aside and began petting his companion. "He's the number one hero, so I'm pretty sure I can trust him around her." He chuckled as Temmie played with his fingers.

Nodding to his response, Mina joined him and took a moment before speaking. "And..." She paused again. "What if they become more than friends?" She carefully asked.

At this Izuku smiled. "If they make each other happy, I'll gladly welcome it with open arms." His playing with Temmie slowed as he looked away, his smile turning into a sad frown. "At least I can count on him not to leave us." He muttered.

But it was heard well enough. Mina's her heart ached for him and brought him into her arms with no resistance from the other, while Temmie swiftly moved to his other side and sadly mewled.

As they held each other tightly, she couldn't help but feel a little mad at the man who had abandoned them. They were obviously happy in the past, so how could someone choose to leave such a life and cause so much pain as a result?

"Well...your father is a dummy." Mina stopped running her fingers through his hair when he looked up from her chest. "Because he missed out on having an awesome family." She pulled him in for a kiss, of which he returned with equal passion.

Eventually, the need for air separated them with flushed smiles. "Heh. You forgot the part where he missed meeting the love of my life and having an awesome feline companion." Said feline mewled happily and purred against him.

"Charmer." Mina giggled as he grinned before kissing her neck. "But we really should be going now." She fought the urge to pout when he paused his affections. "Eri's going to miss us if we're late. And we still need a way to bring Temmie with us."

There was a beat before he leaned back. "You're right, we can always cuddle up in the dorms." She smiled excitedly at that. "But I wouldn't worry about being late and traveling with Tem." She gave him a curious look. "Because I happen to know a 'shortcut' we could use." He reminded knowingly with a chuckle as his eyes glowed.

Mina blinked, before looking away in embarrassment. "Oh, right." She scratched her cheek with a sheepish grin, how she forgot his teleportation ability is anyone's guess.

"So..." Izuku snapped her out of her stupor by pulling her onto his lap with a surprised yelp from her as both automatically adjusted into the familiar position. "Since we have that at our disposal." She shivered at how husky his voice became. "I figured we should at least use this chance to enjoy ourselves since we rarely have time to be alone together." He suggested with half-lidded eyes as he caressed her sides.

While resisting the urge to melt on the spot from his passion, Mina matched his gaze despite her cheeks being flushed. "Well..." She wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her forehead against his without breaking eye contact. "How could I say no to that?" She whispered before their lips met.

Meanwhile, Temmie took that as her cue to give the couple some privacy and have a nap.


"How are you so good at this!?" Kaminari made sure to keep a good grip on the controller as he threw his arms up in disbelief.

On another seat, Jiro snorted. "I think it's more of you sucking at the game." The electric user snapped at her direction in offense.

Meanwhile Eri curiously tilted her head at the screen, green controller in hand. "Did I win?"

Beside her the musical teen patted her head. "Yep." She smiled. "Not bad for your first time with fighting games." The child beamed at her praise.

"Beginner's luck." Kaminari muttered before yelping from an earphone jack to the ribs from a glaring Jiro while the child was too focused on the character select screen. "Ok! Ok! It wasn't luck! She's a natural!" He stammered before sighing in relief when the jacks returned with a huff from the user.

After choosing the same bone themed character, Eri giggled. "That's what mama and papa said too after they introduced me to video games." She then deflated a bit. "I miss them." Her admission made their hearts ache.

From another couch, Kirishima decided to do something about that and stepped in. "Chin up little horn buddy." The child looked at him. "Remember, they promised you to return before dark." He then raised his pinky to her. "And what does Midoribro say about making promises?" He asked in an expectant tone.

He couldn't stop himself from smiling as the child lit up like the sun and wrapped her pinky around his. "To always make ones that you can keep!" The moment was immediately immortalized by Momo quietly taking a photo which was shown off to an adoring Ochako and Toru who crowded behind her seat.

"That's right!" Kirishima gave her a toothy smile before looking over to Bakugou. "Want a turn?"

After quietly making bets with Sero and Sato, the explosive teen waved a hand. "Maybe later. I'm good with watching the living taser getting his butt kicked." From his spot Kaminari let out an indignant 'Hey!' at the remark.

"I'm fine watching." Todoroki called out as he kept an arm wrapped around a content Momo.

With a book in hand, Tokoyami flipped a page. "I would also like to pass; such an activity would prove detrimental to one's mind if overindulged." He explained as Dark Shadow emerged from his back. "Yeah! And besides, we already played enough last night!" The quirk's boast resulted in its user burying his face in the book in shameful grimace while everyone else looked at them in amusement.

After chuckling, Kirishima turned to the rest of his classmates. "Alright." He shrugged. "And since Aoyama, Shoji and Ojiro are out doing their own thing I guess I could-"

"HEY GUYS!" Izuku and Mina popped up from behind Jiro, Kaminari and Eri's couch with bright faces.

A flurry of reactions followed.

Jiro caught her phone before she could drop it as her quirk spasmed in random directions.

Kaminari dropped his controller with a yelp and fell away from the couple with a hand on his chest as he landed on the ground.

Eri didn't even flinch but instead turned to the duo with an excited gasp, her controller forgotten.

Toru and Ochako hugged each other in fear while Tsuyu merely blinked in surprise.

Momo yelped and clung onto Todoroki's arm, the latter also blinking in surprise while internally wincing from his girlfriend's grip.

Kirishima and Bakugou instinctively activated their quirks a bit.

Sato and Sero jolted and stared at the couple in surprise.

Tokoyami (who calmly lowered his book) and Dark Shadow didn't even bat an eye since they had grown used to watching horror content while Mineta was the exact opposite and hopped behind his seat with a scream.

Once the noise died down and the scene was registered, Jiro turned to the amused couple in annoyance. "Don't do that!" It felt like being trapped in an engine with how loud most of their hearts were beating. ''How did I not hear them!?''

Izuku chuckled. "Sorry." At least he had the decency to look a little guilty while Mina giggled as she hugged a very happy Eri.

"Welcome home!" The child welcomed with joy as she snuggled up to her mother.

The pink teen happily returned the embrace. "Glad to be back." She delivered a kiss on the forehead. ''A promise is a promise after all.'' She repeated her saying on the matter while Izuku winked, sending the child into a fit of giggles.

"I swear you two get weirder every time." Bakugou muttered before glaring at the couple. "Can't you two enter the building like normal people?" He huffed while Kirishima sat beside him again with a laugh.

After handing Eri over to Izuku, Mina placed a finger on her chin in a thinking pose. "We could..." She tapped her chin before shrugging with a grin. "But why do that when you can make things interesting once in a while." She pointed out as Izuku and Eri laughed in agreement.

While Bakugou groaned at the future headaches the Midoriya family will bring him, Kaminari sat up from the floor with a grunt. "Ugh, at least do it in a way where no one gets hurt." He rubbed his head with a wince while the couple apologized. "It's fine, just be more-" He looked over his shoulder when he heard something.

Following his gaze, they were all surprised to see that the short teen had his fist planted on the side of his seat. "You alright Mineta?" The electric user asked.

The sudden question appeared to have snapped the teen out of his stupor and hastily removed his fist. "I'm fine." He replied before turning away from their bewildered faces.

Unbeknownst to them, the short teen was currently controlling his outrage.


Because when he'd recovered from the couple's scare, he was the only one to note the glow they both had.

A glow that meant they had a very good time before arriving here.

Now if this were the Mineta of the past, he would have called them out with no hesitation (regardless if they believed him or not).

But since he had made a vow to be better and forged a friendship with said couple, he couldn't expose them without risking all the progress he's made. Especially with Eri in their lives.

Yes, he and Kaminari messed up ONE time. But that didn't mean he was willing to screw things up again and risk corrupting the child (again).

So, with a huff, he waved a hand. "I'm fine, just remembered something that I have to do." He began walking away, grimacing as he curbed his jealousy. "See you guys later." He hastened his pace as he began to cry blood from envy.

"Oh, alright." Izuku managed to say as he waved at the short teen. "See ya." He got a half-hearted reply in return which caused the couple to look at each other before shrugging while everyone else remained bewildered by the sudden departure.

With Mineta gone, Bakugou decided to break the silence. "What's with the bag?" He prodded as he relaxed in his seat again.

At the mention of the item, everyone else looked at Izuku and just now noticed it. "Oh." He took the bag off and placed it on the couch to open it a bit in front of Eri. "Just some stuff I need for our new guest." He casually admitted as the child took a peek in the bag and let out a happy gasp before turning to her parents excitedly.

"New guest?" Momo asked aloud as she and everyone looked around before facing the couple again, completely lost. "I don't see anyone."

The couple merely grinned at their confusion before pointing up in sync, prompting everyone to follow their fingers.

Only to be taken aback by the sight of a medium Gaster Blaster hovering above the duo. "What the-!?" Kaminari instinctively moved away. "Why do you have your blaster out!?" He questioned in mild panic as everyone looked to the couple for answers (while not doubting the user's intentions, the blasters have always been an intimidating sight, no matter the size or scenario).

"Because it's a cool idea." Izuku chuckled as he and Mina gave way for the blaster to lower and hover between them. "Besides, she didn't seem to mind." Eri giggled in anticipation while everyone looked more perplexed from that.

Before they could further question them, the blaster opened its mouth. Revealing a curled up Temmie napping on the quirk's green glowing tongue.

The sight was so unexpected that the couple had to resist snickering when none of their classmates moved and simply stared at the slumbering companion in bewilderment.

After blinking, Momo reacted first. "What the-"

"Tem!" Eri's cheer made the feline wake up with a jolt before relaxing as soon as she realized who said her name and allowed herself to be cradled into the child's arms. "Good to see you!" She giggled as the feline mewled in reply and licked her cheek.

With their minds rebooting as well, the girls excitedly crowded around Eri and Temmie. "CUTE!" Ochako and Toru cooed as the latter sent a picture of their visitor to Ojiro, which got a heart react soon after.

"Kero, but why bring her here?" Tsuyu asked as she observed the feline and wondered how she didn't appear to be overwhelmed from all the attention.

After smiling fondly at the sight of Eri happily handing over the curious cat to a begging Toru (the feline was surprisingly unfazed by the invisible teen, possibly due to her natural senses), Izuku turned to her. "Well, mom got lucky and won a week-long vacation to a fancy resort by the beach." Everyone looked at him in disbelief. "I know right? I didn't even think ice cream contests could HAVE prizes like that."

"Lucky." Jiro muttered but smiled when she noticed Temmie staring at her from Toru's arms. "Can she bring anyone else with her?" She extended her jacks for Temmie to play with. Thankfully her quirk had gotten strong enough for her not to feel the light swipes from the feline's paws.

While taking a seat, Eri had placed herself on his lap. "Yep." He ruffled the girl's hair and she giggled. "Only one person though." He added as he wrapped an arm around Mina who took her place beside them. "And since me and Mina aren't allowed to go that far without a pro with us, neither of us could go with her." Although it did suck, the pair had a feeling that they wouldn't be completely happy without the other nearby.

Especially if Eri couldn't join them.

While everyone gave the pair empathetic looks, Kirishima grimaced. "That's rough." He then scratched his hair with a curious look. "So, who ended up going with her?"

Mina noticed that Izuku wasn't entirely sure what to say after his grin faltered for a second, so she smoothly took over. "One of her close friends." Not a complete lie, which was good enough not to be noticed by Jiro.

Izuku gave Mina a grateful glance, to which she replied with a subtle wink, Bakugou scoffed. "No wonder the old hag was gloomy on the phone." Everyone deadpanned at how he described his mother.

"Which means she'll be here for the week." Momo concluded, which got confirmative nods from the couple. "Well, better make a good impression then." Her palm glowed as she approached the feline (who was enthralled by the glow of her quirk) in Tsuyu's arms, which got confused looks from everyone.

Their confusion soon turned to surprise when she opened her palm, revealing a pink ribbon. "A welcoming gift." She looked over to Izuku for permission.

He smiled in response and approached them. "Well, that depends on her." He looked over to Temmie who was fascinated with the item. "What do you think bud?"

After staring for a few seconds more, she turned to him and mewled. "I think that's a yes." He chuckled and offered his hand to Momo. "Let me do the honors." She placed the item on his palm.

Tsuyu then decided to place Temmie on the coffee table so that Izuku could place it on properly. "Ok, hold still now." The feline did just that as he wrapped the cloth around her neck, careful not to make it too tight for her.

After one last inspection, Izuku leaned back with a grin. "There we go." Mina handed her phone over to Eri who activated Selfie Mode before placing it in front of Temmie. "Like what you see?"

The feline slowly blinked at her image in clear fondness before letting out a happy mewl and sat tall, effectively warming everyone's hearts at the sight (even Bakugou couldn't deny finding the cat cute but chose to keep it to himself or he'd never hear the end of it).

"That's a definite yes." Mina giggled and turned to Momo who took a picture of the feline. "Thanks a lot, Yaomomo." The pink teen tilted her head curiously. "But how did you know she'd like the color?"

After sending the photo to their class group chat, the vice president directed a knowing look towards Izuku. "Well, considering who her owner is, I had a good feeling." She chortled as he used his quirk to make Eri and Temmie float together, much to everyone's amusement.

Realizing what she was getting at, Mina felt a blush rise on her cheeks before hugging her with a grin. "Can't argue with that logic." The taller teen laughed and returned the embrace.

Just then Koda and Ida went down the stairs. "What's with all the noise?" Everyone turned to the approaching duo who stopped to look at the scene in surprise. "Why is there a cat here?" The engine user inquired as Koda silently gasped as he had an idea who this was.

"This is Tem." Izuku introduced the floating feline as she mewled in affirmation. "I've mentioned her before." He then lowered Eri into Mina's arms while Temmie was placed beside Tokoyami who patted the feline's head as Dark Shadow peaked from behind his shoulder. "We've been pals since we were kids." He waved his hand. "We'll fill you all in later." Mina voiced her agreement while Eri looked excited to hear how her father saved the feline again.

Ida nodded. "That would be enlightening." He then gestured to the feline who was having an impromptu staring contest with Dark Shadow (somehow the quirk was losing). "And the reason for her being here?" Thankfully he was more confused than upset.

"To make a long story short, mom won't be at home for a week. And since we don't have any place for her to stay." Izuku wrapped an arm around Mina and Eri. "Tem will have to bunk with us until she comes back."

While Momo had already accepted their temporary resident, Ida looked unsure. "I understand the reasoning. But maybe we should inform Aizawa first before we-"

"What's going on here?"

Jolting from the tired yet stern voice, the students turned to the source to see Aizawa giving them a tired look. Next to him stood Midnight who had his right arm hooked with her left and happily waved at them with her free hand. The latter was clad in her more decent casual clothes since there was a child in the premises.

"Well?" The man prodded again despite the internal embarrassment from being seen like this.

Ida and Momo were about to step forward but Izuku beat them to it since this was his mess to begin with. "Sorry about this." The homeroom teacher looked at him. "You's going to be out for the week." He then pulled Temmie away from Tokoyami who was doing his best to console his quirk as it whined about 'losing a staring contest to a cat of all things'. "Leaving Tem here with no one to take care of her." He explained as he held the feline in his arms as she stared curiously at the two pros.

Midnight found the duo adorable but Aizawa resisted the feline's charms while pinching the bridge of his nose with a sigh. "Somehow I'm not surprised that the noise was your doing problem child." The teen sheepishly chuckled. "Have you at least tried finding alternatives?"

"We tried my place." This time Mina took her place beside Izuku while holding Eri's hand as the child followed. "But mom's mostly busy with work while dad has a slight allergy to cats." Izuku nodded in confirmation.

While having pity for the man, Aizawa remained firm. "Have you tried-"

"Oh come on Sho!" Midnight cut in with a light smack on the arm while the man glared at her for using that nickname in front of his students. "Lighten up a little." She raised a finger before he could speak. "Did you forget that one of your students has a bunny for a roommate?" She pointed out with a hand on her hip.

While Koda blushed in embarrassment at the mention of his pet bunny, Aizawa pursed his lips. "It was a necessary arrangement that would allow him to not only practice his quirk, but to-"

Midnight wasn't having any of his logical lectures right now and approached the little family with Temmie curiously eyeing her the whole way. "May I hold her?" She kindly asked.

Instead of replying, Izuku looked down and saw his companion staring at the woman for a moment before looking up at him as if to ask for permission.

After receiving a nod, the feline mewled which Midnight took as her cue to gently grab the feline and hold her properly. "You're so well behaved you know that?" She praised while lightly scratching her belly.

Temmie merely purred in response, causing the woman's heart to melt. "Sho..." She turned to the man who she could tell was trying to keep it together (though to the students it looked like he was growing upset). "Are you seriously telling us that you want to keep her away from her loved ones despite having three at home?" She made a show of pouting while hugging the purring feline close to her face.

Aizawa looked up and held back a groan. Why did he have to be born a cat lover? And why did this wonderful woman have to exploit this weakness every chance she got? "Be that as it may..." He tried again as he looked down.

Only to feel his right eye twitch

Not only had Midnight doubled down on her puppy eyes, but it seemed that Temmie was doing the same thing. And if that wasn't enough, some of his students seemed to have adopted similar pleading expressions.

The only ones who didn't fight dirty were Bakugou, Todoroki, Tsuyu, Ida, Tokoyami and Dark Shadow. Though he could tell from their looks that they wanted him to reconsider (threateningly in Bakugou's case).

Feeling rather annoyed at this point, he was about to double down again before pausing when Midnight stepped aside and revealed the Midoriya family giving him puppy eyes as well. "Please Mr. Aizawa." Eri pleaded as she hugged her mother's leg.

Ok, now THAT had to be illegal.

So with a resigned sigh, he internally cursed himself for being soft before wearing an irate look. "Fine, she can stay." He pointedly ignored the traitorous part of him that wanted to smile when they all cheered. "But don't bring her in the school grounds." He said with a stern tone that left no room for argument.

While Mina and Eri cheered, Izuku nodded with a grin. "No prob, she'll have food and water available while we're out." There was only so much that they could get away with anyway.

Aizawa nodded in approval before lightly scowling as a smug Midnight approached him with Temmie in her arms. "Don't get all pouty now Sho~." She teased in a sing-song tone.

The man just brushed off her comment. "I don't get pouty."

"Sure you don't." Midnight replied knowingly before kissing him on the cheek while he muttered about PDA in front of his students. "Isn't that right Temmie?" She cooed at the feline snuggled in her arms.

At the mention of their guest, Aizawa directed his gaze at her and found himself subconsciously softening his expression. Maybe he was just overreacting. Afterall, it's just a week. How much would an ordinary cat do at that time?

And from what he's seen, Izuku and Mina are responsible caretakers based on Eri's happiness and their strong familial bonds alone.

So with this thought, Aizawa allowed himself to relax and offer a tiny smile at the feline. "Well, I guess this isn't so bad." Midnight beamed and watched with anticipation as he reached out to-

And then Temmie's neck stretched, maneuvering around his now still hand until her face was directly in front of his. Forcing the frozen man to stare directly into her curious blue eyes as she mewled.

A flurry of reactions followed again.

Despite her shock, Midnight had managed to have a steady grip on the feline as she was stunned from the development.

Ida's glasses seemed to fall from his face, but he made no effort to fix them while Koda continued to stare in disbelief.

Tokoyami had dropped his book along with his beak while Dark Shadow emerged from his back and pointed in outrage. "I knew there was something fishy about her!"

Todoroki simply stared in a stunned silence as Momo held a hand to her mouth. "Oh my..." Clearly a loss for words and fascinated at the same time.

While shocked, Sero and Sato pinched each other's arms to see if they were dreaming.

Kirishima looked starstruck while Bakugou ran a hand down his face. "Of course she has a quirk." He grumbled with a small smirk.

Small sparks emanated from Kaminari's head as his mind appeared to have literally short circuited from trying to process the scene.

Jiro didn't know whether to take a picture or to check if she still had a pulse as her jacks had become rigid from shock.

Toru and Ochako had their jaws dropped while Tsuyu laughed in pleasant surprise. "Kero, well you don't see that every day." She let out a series of amused croaks. "But then again, I don't expect anything less from an interesting life like yours Midoriya."

Izuku and Mina rubbed the back of their heads. Half embarrassed and amused at the fact that they forgot to mention that Temmie had a body stretch quirk. While Eri tilted her head at their reactions, was it not normal for cats to be able to do that?




Eventually the silence was broken when Aizawa gained his senses to move his hand away from the feline's head and swiftly turned away. "I'm too tired for this." He grumbled before trudging away.

Temmie watched him go before returning her head with a sad mewl. "Don't worry." Midnight called out after rebooting, gaining the feline's attention. "He may look grumpy, but he'll warm up eventually." She giggled while gently scratching the cat's chin. "He always does." She added knowingly before turning to the couple. "Take her, I'll go and cheer him up."

"Right." Izuku pulled Temmie into his arms. "Sorry about that by the way." He apologized as Mina discreetly explained to a fascinated Eri that animals rarely have quirks like Tem.

Midnight waved a hand. "It's fine, I've seen weirder in the line of duty." She smirked with a hand on her hip. "Besides, I've seen videos of quirked animals. So it's nothing too out of the ordinary." She giggled before crouching in front of Eri. "Have you been good?"

The child vigorously nodded. "Yep!" She answered brightly.

Midnight cooed at the girl and patted her head. "You're so cute!" The child smiled big as the woman stood and faced the couple in approval. "You're raising her well."

The teens beamed at her praise and felt a surge of parental pride flow through them. "Thanks Midnight." Mina kindly replied as she leaned her head against Izuku's shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her while Eri moved and hugged her father's leg.

The heroine smiled fondly at the family before making her leave. "See you all at class on Monday!" She waved to them as she kept walking.

"Bye bye!" Eri called out with a wave, beaming when the woman warmly replied before exiting the dorms.

It was then Momo used the chance to share her thoughts on the surprising development. "I've also seen my fair share of research on quirk wielding animals." She approached the family. "But never have I considered seeing such a phenomenon up close." Temmie heard her approach and decided to stretch her neck over Izuku's shoulder until she was in front of the teen, forcing her to stop. "Truly fascinating." She praised while rubbing the feline's ears, making her lean into the touch with a purr while the other girls approached in amazement.

"Don't forget awesome!" Kirishima chuckled as he observed Temmie's body staying in place while her head was busy. "Seriously, what are the odds of having a pet with a quirk?"

"Very low from what I've heard." Tokoyami informed as he admired the feline from his seat. "Despite them existing, animals with quirks are a rare sight to behold." He ignored Dark Shadow perching on his shoulders and demanding a rematch from Tem. "Which leads to most individuals considering videos of them fake or fabricated."

Kaminari nodded. "Makes sense." He chuckled as Eri, Sato and Sero played limbo with the feline's neck while she's distracted. "It's happening right in front of me and a part of me still doesn't believe it."

"Well you better start believing." Jiro commented as he wagged her shiny jacks in front of Temmie, gaining her attention. "Because she's here to stay for a week." She and the girls fondly laughed as the feline stretched her paws to play with her quirk while Izuku turned to their direction to make it easier for his companion to stretch.

After taking another photo, Ochako giggled. "It must have been tough taking care of her."

With his companion still stretched out in his arms, Izuku decided to take a seat with Mina following. "Not really." He chuckled. "I mean, she certainly made it interesting whenever we played." He shrugged as he began petting Tem's body, causing her body to vibrate as she purred. "But other than having a quirk, she acts like any other cat."

After taking a picture of the fun scene, Mina grinned. "You just gotta be prepared whenever she gets curious." She fondly sighed. "I swear, it's like she does close ups just to get a reaction."

Even though they couldn't see it, Toru winced. "I don't know if I could keep my cool if my pet suddenly showed me their quirk." She admitted while watching Jiro raise her jacks as high as she could, causing Tem to follow with her paws and head while everyone watched with mirth.

The family laughed knowingly. "I get it." Izuku pointed to himself. "Back then, Mom and I were stumped whenever the cat food was a mess every time we checked on it." Mina and Eri snickered at the story. "Imagine our surprise when we discovered that our resident kitten was extending her legs to raid the food on the top shelf." He fondly shook his head while everyone chuckled at the mental image. "Thankfully she eventually figured out that mom wasn't a fan of her doing that and decided to be patient with her feeding time." He added as his companion began pulling back to her body when Jiro decided to recall her jacks.

Mina giggled as everyone watched the transformation. "The first time I found out that Tem had a quirk, I remember jumping back with a scream." She then playfully narrowed her eyes at Izuku who gave her an impish grin. "All because a certain someone, failed to tell me beforehand." She lightly pinched his cheek. "I hope it was worth it mister."

After gently pulling her hand away from his cheek, he winked. "It was." He chuckled when she playfully smacked his chest with a giggle while Eri and everyone else watched in amusement.

Their attention was then switched to Temmie who had returned to her normal shape. "Had fun bud?" She mewled in reply and purred against him.

"That's a yes." Sato smiled and rubbed the back of his head. "Is it weird that I'm suddenly inspired to bake something cat themed?" He questioned allowed, only to get resounding disagreements from everyone. "Well in that case, I'll get right on it." Everyone voiced their approval as he went to the kitchen.

Sero shook his head in amusement. "Not even a day yet and Temmie already has us wrapped around her paws." Everyone was inclined to agree at that, apart from a certain explosive blonde who grumbled in denial, much to his secret boyfriend's amusement.

Izuku chuckled knowingly as he handed Tem over to Eri who began hugging the feline without resistance from the other. "I get it, I mean once you meet her. It's pretty hard not to be drawn to her purr-sonality." He winked as Mina, Eri and a few others laughed at the pun while others just shook their heads, though they were smiling.

Bakugou though looked up with a groan. "That was awful." Kirishima patted his leg to help calm him while sporting a toothy smile.

"Don't you mean..." Mina gently raised Tem's right paw. "Paw-some?" She and Izuku cheekily grinned as they exchanged high-fives while Eri giggled between them as Tem mewled.

While everyone was amused, Bakugou felt his eye twitch and held himself back from cursing in front of a child. Which certainly did not help when Kirishima's efforts to calm him became half-hearted.

Unfortunately, his efforts would become much harder when Eri noticed and decided to have some fun too. "Oh come on uncle Bakugou, don't be a downer." The teen snapped to her with a look of betrayal. "Just stay paw-sitive." She quipped with a big grin that turned to giggles when she suddenly found herself hugged by her proud parents.

While most guffawed at the interaction. The more reserved ones simply smiled at how much resemblance Eri took from her parents.

Bakugou though wasn't in the same cheery mood as he abruptly stood with a huff. "I'm going to help sugar boy with his pastries." He announced through gritted teeth before stomping to the kitchen with a laughing Kirishima following. "Call me back when it's over!" He added over his shoulder.

Izuku merely chortled at this. "That might be hard with all the paw-sibilities Kacchan!" They could all swear that they could hear the explosive teen's blood pressure rise as they entered the kitchen (literally in Jiro's case). "Welp, I'm feline good after that, but I need to go." He held Mina's hand as they stood while Eri continued holding Tem in her arms.

"Go?" Kaminari repeated as everyone gave the family curious looks. "Go where?"

After securing his backpack, Izuku looked at him and pointed a thumb to himself. "To unpack Tem's stuff in my room and make sure the place is ready for her." He switched his gaze to Koda. "And besides, I believe I owe your bunny an introduction to my buddy." The rock teen's eyes lit up as he happily nodded to the suggestion while Eri gasped in excitement at the idea of playing with both animals.

"I'll help you set up." Mina volunteered, giggling after receiving a kiss on the cheek as thanks before she turned to Jiro. "Can you look after Eri in the meantime?" She kindly asked.

To this the musical teen nodded with a smile. "Sure, I can handle that." She usually wasn't very good with kids. But ever since the little girl came into their lives, the teen had grown better at the responsibility.

"Thanks." Izuku smiled at her direction before crouching in front of Eri. "Do you think you can be at your best behavior while we're gone?" Although he asked, his tone and expression indicated that he already knew the answer.

But despite this, his daughter placed Tem on the ground and proudly raised her pinky to him. "Pinky promise!" She swore in adorable determination, causing the boys to feel their hearts pleasantly squeezed at the sight.

And while the girls resisted the urge to squeal and hug the girl, Izuku simply hooked his pinky with hers before pulling the child into his arms. "I'll hold you to that kiddo." He warmly stated as he pecked the top of her head, drawing out muffled giggles on his chest as she returned the embrace while everyone watched the scene with fondness.

Mina then lowered herself in front of the pair as they separated. "Don't worry, we'll make it quick." She promised as she hugged her child as well.

After having their moment, the young parents stood and turned to each other. "Shall we?" Izuku offered a hand and a polite smile.

While amused at his antics, Mina nodded and grabbed his hand. "Lead the way." The couple began moving away from their classmates.

But as they watched them go, Sero leaned back in confusion. "Wait...where are they going?" Like everyone else (apart from Eri who already knew of her father's 'shortcuts' and simply played with Tem), they wondered why the couple was going the opposite direction of the boy's section of the dorms.

When the young parents turned a corner, Kaminari followed. "Hey guys where are you..." He turned the same corner before freezing in surprise when they were nowhere to be seen. "Going...?" He scratched his head. "They're gone." His announcement was both surprising and unsurprising to his fellow classmates.

"I think it's best to stop thinking about it." Sero chimed in with a sigh. "I mean, I stopped thinking about all the times Izuku disappeared and life's been easier since." He advised in a sagely tone while some considered his advice.

Ida however, amongst others, wasn't willing to let it slide. "Or we could simply conclude that he must have carried her and used his speed to retrieve something from her room." He offered while adjusting his glasses.

As the students murmured amongst themselves and decided to go with that, Eri giggled at their confusion and simply picked up Tem before looking up to Jiro. "Can Tem meet Bun-Bun now?" She asked with a hopeful look.

Not wanting to deny her (not that she could), the musical teen just smiled and patted her head. "Sure we can." Eri beamed as Jiro looked up to Koda. "Hope you've got room dude." The latter immediately nodded and began leading the group to his room, with Momo mentioning about making tea for everyone to go with Sato's pastries.


After placing the empty bag away, Mina shook her head with a smile. "You know it's kind of funny..." She looked at Izuku who was making sure Tem's bed was ready. "It's pretty obvious that you can teleport in hindsight, but most people still can't figure it out." They had a sneaking suspicion that Aizawa knew, but to be honest, it wouldn't be surprising considering how sharp he usually is.

Izuku chuckled as he fixed his companion's cushion. "That's probably because quirks of that nature are pretty rare." He began placing the bed cover. "Which makes it all the more important to limit who know about it." He stood back to admire his handiwork.

"Among other things, yeah." Mina agreed, subtly referring to OFA. A secret that she was honored to know about. "Thanks again for trusting me." She added as she stood by his side and held his hand.

Izuku turned to her with a smile and gave her hand a squeeze. "Anything for you." He sealed his point with a kiss that she returned before the couple leaned back with loving grins. "Like I said before, if we're going to be together, we'll need to be honest with each other." He leaned their heads together. "I love you too much to keep stuff from you."

Feeling beyond touched, Mina pecked him on the lips before leaning her head against his shoulder. "I love you too." She sighed in contentment when he wrapped an arm around her to keep her close. "Looks good." She commended before they admired Tem's sleeping area.

"Izu?" Mina called out after a while, receiving a hum in reply. "Do you think Inko and Toshinori are doing alright?"

The OFA user merely smiled at the question. "I'm sure they're doing fine." She returned the smile from his response. "Come on, we've left Eri alone long enough." He added getting a nod from her before they both made their way out of the room.


Clad in her dark green sundress, Inko sighed contently and leaned back on her seat from the top of her room's balcony. Food was great, the spa treatments were as wonderful as advertised and the venue was much more welcoming than originally thought.

Because as it turned out, there were plenty of pets joining their respective families. They were only told that animals weren't allowed because the contest didn't include them (they really should have been clearer).

Which meant that this place had earned back the point that they had previously lost from them.


Looking over her shoulder, she saw Toshinori clad in a casual white collared shirt with red and blue palm leaf patterns and brown shorts. "I made ice tea." He raised the two glasses in his hands, which had straws and a lemon slice on the rim.

"Thanks, Toshi." She smiled warmly at the man as she grabbed her glass while he took his place on a chair next to her. After taking a sip she let out a pleased hum. "Delicious."

The retired hero felt elated by the comment. "Glad to hear it, Inko." He relaxed in his seat.

A comfortable silence took over for a moment as the couple merely enjoyed each other's presence.

More silence followed, until Inko decided to ask what's been bothering her for a while. "Do you think Izuku knows?" She turned to him in worry.

Expecting the question, Toshinori evenly replied. "Knowing him, he'd probably suspected for a while now." His protégé had always been perceptive even when he didn't appear to be, so it wouldn't come as a surprise to the man if they'd been figured out a long time ago.

And considering who Izuku's together with, the retired hero had a feeling Mina knew as well.

Despite a part of her expecting the answer, Inko became fearful. "Oh..." She looked away, worrying about every possible outcome from this.

Seeing this, Toshinori acted quickly and gently grabbed her hand. "Hey..." No response. "Inko." His soothing voice and brushing of her knuckles pulled her out of her thoughts. "It's going to be fine." He smiled encouragingly.

She tried to return the smile as best she could, but she knew it wasn't convincing. "I...don't know Toshi..." Ever since her husband left, she knew her son had developed a more protective side for their sake while she had believed that she would never find love again.

Until she met the man next to her.

"I know this isn't the type of situation you expected to be in." He chimed in, encouraging her to look at him. "I mean, I myself still can't believe that I even managed to find someone as amazing as you." She lightly blushed and giggled at how lovestruck he looked when he said that. "But what I CAN believe, is that your son would only want your happiness after what you two had to endure." He promised knowingly, admittedly still miffed at the man who abandoned a wonderful family.

His words helped and although she didn't doubt her son, she was still a little wary of his reaction.

Seeing her hesitation, Toshinori decided to add one more thing. "But if he doesn't accept it..." He hesitated before releasing her hand and pushed through. "I'll be more than willing to end our relationship." She snapped at him with wide eyes. "I know it'll hurt..." He wore a sad smile. "But if us being together is causing nothing but problems for the two of you...then I'll gladly give it all up." It may very well cause a rift between him and his successor, but at least the family can be at peace.

"Toshi..." Inko gasped as she held a hand to her mouth. "You'd do that for us...?" Her eyes misted over from overwhelming emotion.

In response, the retired hero grabbed her free hand and ran a thumb over her knuckles. "I care about you Inko." He kissed her hand. "And I care about your family as well." He didn't know when it happened, but the man had subconsciously begun seeing his successor as his son for some time now.

And due to his line of duty, he'd never considered the possibility of having a family of his own until he had encountered Izuku those years ago and had grown close to the Midoriya family as a result.

While feeling a surge of warmth from his honest devotion, she sniffed before looking at their hands in thought as he patiently waited for her reply, regardless of what the outcome might be.

He was then made aware when Inko intertwined their fingers with a warm smile. "You've thought about telling him for a while now, haven't you?" She whispered, but it was heard well enough.

"It came across my mind a few times." He admitted. "But I wouldn't do anything unless you were ready and willing." He paused to eye their linked hands before looking up to her. "So, what do you say?" He patiently repeated.

There was a beat, before Inko wordlessly rose from her seat and while their hands were still connected, took a seat next to a shocked Toshinori. "Huh?" He made room for her. "What are you...?"

"Getting comfortable." She snuggled next to him. "Is that a problem?" She playfully inquired while glancing up at him with an eyebrow raised.

He immediately shook his head. "N-No, of course not!" He stammered while wrapping an arm around her. "But you still didn't-"

A quick finger to the lips silenced him as she turned to face him. "We'll tell him together in due time." His eyes widened but remained silent. "But right now, I think it would be best to enjoy this vacation as much as possible." She advised with a loving smile as she removed her finger to give him a quick kiss that sent a jolt throughout his body before leaning back with a loving smile. "Sound good?"

The man dumbly nodded despite his rapidly beating heart. "Y-Yeah." Satisfied with the response, she returned back to her spot while he smiled.

After a moment, Toshinori decided to speak from the heart. "Inko?" She hummed in reply as he pulled her closer. "I love you." He kissed her hair before perching his chin on her head with a warm smile.

While her heart soared at the declaration, Inko smiled and gave their intertwined hands a tender squeeze. "Love you too." She buried herself deeper in his embrace in contentment.

No words were said after that, as the two simply stayed and savored the moment as bright possibilities opened for them and the Midoriya family as a whole in the future.

Thank you again for reading!