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Meeting An Old Friend


Zona Rose

One-shot #1

I am patiently waiting at the train station for the 4:25 p.m. train to arrive. Looking at my phone I see that I still have 10 minutes until it comes in. Closing my eyes I think back to the first and last time I saw my best friend Fate Testarossa.


"Class I would like for you all to meet your new classmates."

Two girls with golden blonde hair walked in and introduced themselves as Alicia and Fate Testarossa. Afterward, the girls sat down in the two seats in front of me. Fate was right in front of me as Alicia was in front of her sister. Alicia was outgoing and Fate was shy. In no time we all became friends. Fate and I became like two peas in a pod, we did everything together. We had two great years together until that day of the accident happened. Their mother and father were killed in an accident at their lab. Fate and Alicia had a distant relative and moved away.

"I don't want to go!" Fate screamed.

"I'm sorry, but you have no choice in the matter." An older woman said to a heartbroken Fate.

Alicia was holding Fate in the car so she wouldn't jump out of it as they drove away.

Over time we lost touch.

Present time

With my eyes still closed I think back to a month ago. When out of the blue I got a message on social media. Asking if I was the Takamachi, Nanoha that went to grade school with the Testarossa twins? I replied yes I was and asked who wanted to know? As I didn't know an F. T. Harlaown, I didn't want to give waiting information on my old school friend to just anyone. The reply I got back was heartwarming.

"OMG! Nanoha it's me Fate!"

We talked via text and e-mail, finally setting up a date that Fate would come here to Uminari City. Which is why I'm at the train-station waiting for her to get here. My heart picks up in rhythm as the train pulls in.

Opening my eyes I look for the burgundy eyes I have missed all of these years. Stepping off the train a woman with long golden blonde hair and those wine red eyes find me and a smile is on her face as we walk up to each other.

"It is so good to see you again Nanoha. I have missed you so much." Tears are at the corner of her eyes with a smile on her face.

"I have missed you too Fate-chan." I know Fate will hold back but, not me. I wrap my arms around her and we both sigh into it. I breathe in her scent and it makes me lightheaded. Pulling away we smile at each other.

We got in my car and headed to my apartment. I showed her around and to her room. By the time she settled in, I have pulled dinner out of the oven and on the table. I remembered lasagna was and I hoped is still her favorite dish. The smile told me it still is.

"This is fabulous Nanoha, Thank you." Fate said with a blush.

"I was hoping this is still your favorite after all this time."

Nodding her head yes as she was eating. Finally, she said, "yes, not much has changed over the years in that department." Smiling I continue eating.

After dinner Fate insisted on doing the cleanup. Full of food we were both a bit sleepy but, we sat in the living room and talked well into the morning hours. In fact, we fell asleep on the couch. Waking up the next morning I felt at peace and loved. Something I have not felt in a very long time. Then I could feel the arms around me and sank into them and drifted off again.

At the smell of coffee, I slowly wake up. The feeling I had, had last night was gone and the feeling of being alone came rushing back. A cup was put on the coffee table for me with cream and sugar next to it.

Fate said shyly, "I didn't know how you take you coffee so I grabbed everything."

"Two sugars and lots of cream." I smile at Fate.

"Oh, you might not have enough room for your cream then, Sorry."

"That's okay. It's the thought that counts."

After breakfast, we headed out to explore the city. At lunchtime, we stopped at my parents' cafe. It was like a family reunion. Before we knew it, it was time for Fate to leave. How can three days fly by so fast?

Over the past six months, Fate has been visiting, and I don't know how not to cry this time or to let her go. I have fallen in love with her and every time she leaves I feel hollow and cold inside. I know she is married to someone as her last name has changed. I can't be the reason for her happiness to end just because of me.

"I'll be back in a few weeks, I have a big meeting and hopefully a surprise for you when I come back. So wait for me, okay?"

All I can do is nod my head as the tears are choking me. She looks at me with concern and is about to say something when they announce the last boarding for her train. Stepping on the train, she waves at me and I try to smile for her but, instead the tears start to fall. The door closes before she can jump off the train. My knees give way as the train pulls away and my heart breaks into a thousand pieces.

Heading back home my phone rings and it's the same number, Fate's. I can't answer as I would just break down again. Getting home I lay down on the couch and as I smell her the tears start all over again. How long I have been crying I don't know as I cried myself to sleep.

It is dark outside when pounding starts. Thinking it is my head I get up, only to find someone is at my door. Wiping my face I open it to find a very upset Fate breathing hard.

"Why didn't you answer your phone?" Fate asked in desperation.

"I couldn't talk to you without crying," I said in a small voice.

"What's wrong Nanoha? Is it something that I have done?" Fate asks with pleading eyes.

"No, it's me."

Fate looked down the hall, "can I come in?" With a nod, I step aside.

Taking my hand we walk to the couch and sit down. "What is wrong Nanoha? I thought we were doing so good.?"

I shook my head as the tears started again. She pulled me into her arms and I cried and told her. "I'm in love with you and I can't have you."

Silence greeted my statement, and that only made me cry all the more. Fate rubbed my back to soothe me. "Nanoha can you look at me please?"

Slowly I move to look at the woman I love, only to see her smiling with joy and love in her eyes. "I love you too, Nanoha."

I shook my head no, "You're married, I can't break up your happy life with my sick feelings."

The look of shock came over her face. "Married? Nanoha I'm not married. Why would you think that?"

"You have a different last name now."

Fate looked stunned. The subject never came up about her last name. "Nanoha, Alicia and I were adopted by Lindy Harlaown. Our great aunt passed away a year and a half after she took us in."

"Your not?"

Fate smiled even bigger, "nope I'm single."

Then it hit Fate what I had said, "what do you mean about your sick feelings?"

I sighed, "One of the guys at work has been trying to get me to go out with him. I keep telling him I'm not into men. He said I have sick feelings and that I haven't found the right man to pound them out of me."

"These aren't sick feelings Nanoha. They are as normal as straight people's feelings." Fate wiped the last of my tears away. Moving forward she kissed my lips. Everything felt right like the planets were in alignment. It ended all too soon. Fate pulled me into her arms and kissed my head. "I was going to surprise you with this next bit of information. I'm transferring to the branch here so I can be with you."

Pulling away I look into her eyes, the ones I love so much. "You are going to move here?"

"Yes, that's what my meeting is about in two days."

"What about your family?" I said with concern.

"Alicia has been wanting to move back here for a couple of years now, and Lindy has friends here so she can visit all of us."

I am biting my lip wanting to ask her a question. "Fate?"

"Yes, love?"

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I ask in a timid voice.

"I would love to be your girlfriend if you'll be mine?" Fate says with a smile.

I move forward and kiss her lips to seal the deal.

The End?

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