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In Sickness and In Health


Zona Rose

One-shot # 4

It's been three months after our wedding and it still feels like we're on our honeymoon. I called Nanoha at work to see how things were going, but she just answered in simple one or two word answers, not in a nice long chat like always. That was my first sinking feeling that something wasn't right with my love. To cheer her up, I sent her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. I got a text thanking me for the flowers and that she loved them.

When I got home I expected Nanoha to be busy doing something, but when I walked in all I saw was the flowers on the table next to the door. So I stepped in, closed and locked the door. I set my briefcase down and walked towards the bedroom. That's when I saw the trail of clothing. Figuring Nanoha wanted to have a little playtime, I started picking up her clothing on my way into the bedroom.

I stepped into the room and heard the shower running, so I decided to start to get ready to join her. As I was taking off my suit I heard a thud coming from the bathroom. I moved quickly and knocked on the door, calling out to her. "Nanoha, are you okay?"

Not hearing anything I opened the door, thankfully it wasn't locked or I would be breaking it down. Stepping in all I can see is steam on the shower door, so I went over and opened it only to see Nanoha on the floor of the shower under a stream of hot water. I shut it off and get in the shower and try to wake her up. "Nanoha, hey baby." I got nothing in response.

Picking her up I could feel her shivering, but her body was hot to the touch. When I stepped out she started to tremble as if we had walked into a freezer not room temperature. I set her down and started to dry her off with one hand. Wrapping towels around her as best I could, I carried her into the bedroom and put her in bed. She was still shivering badly.

I remembered Nanoha told me that if she ever got sick real bad to call her mom. So I reached for my cell and called her parents house. Shiro answered and I asked for Momoko. In a few moments I had her on the line. "Nanoha said if she ever got really sick to call you. She is really bad and I'm thinking of taking her to the hospital."

"I'll be right there and let you know if it's that bad or not. She hates going to the hospital, so I would like to avoid that if at all possible." Twenty minutes goes by and Momoko finally arrives. Momoko checked Nanoha, and said that she was bad but not enough to go to the hospital.

"You mean she's been sicker than this?" I said a bit panicked.

"Mama, don't scare her." Said a weak voice.

"I'm not scaring her sweetie. I'm just letting her know that if you get worse than this that means you need to go to the hospital."

"No, hospital, never want that again..." As she fades to sleep.

"Well, it will be a while before she's awake again. Come into the kitchen and I'll show you how to make the medicine for her." Momoko stands up and waves for me to follow her. After mixing different kinds of herbs and powders together she made tea with some of them. Next Momoko made some miso soup, which she said was, Nanoha's favorite soup when she is sick.

I wrote everything down including the recipe for miso soup. Momoko grabbed a towel and wet it with cool water. "She'll need this to help cool her fever on her forehead and temples. If we don't, she'll get a massive headache from the pressure from the fever."

Every half hour we woke Nanoha up to have a few sips of tea and swallows of soup and then laid her back down to sleep. We did this until both were gone. Momoko said I should continue this tomorrow morning and afternoon. If she wasn't better by then call her and she would be right over. She also said that I would more than likely need to change the bedding as Nanoha, will sweat profusely throughout the night.

As soon as Momoko left I called into work and told them I wouldn't be into work in the morning. I also call Nanoha's work and told them she was sick and wouldn't be in in the morning. All night long I watched over her, wiping her brow keeping it cool. I changed the sheets twice in the night. I tried to keep her warm to shave off those shivers that seemed to rack her at any moment.

I crawled into bed next to her when exhaustion finally took me. When I woke up in the morning I had Nanoha wrapped tightly to my side. She didn't feel as hot as the last time I checked, but she was still shivering from time to time as I held her.

"You shouldn't be in bed with me." Nanoha said in a soft voice.

"If I wasn't then you wouldn't have something to cuddle with now would you?" I whispered to her. She burrowed her face into the crook of my neck and kissed it gently as a thank you.

"If you stay I will get you sick too."

"I'm not leaving you. I said it in my vows to you. In Sickness and In Health, so that means you are mine to love and to hold in both." I kiss her temple and can tell her fever is going away.

"I made some more miso soup last night. Let me go get you some and some of that tea too."

"No, I want my Fate pillow." To prove it, she started to lay on top of me, but fell asleep instead. Nanoha has the cutest sleeping pout face when she is sick.

After taking a little nap, I untangle myself from her and head into the kitchen to make the tea and warm up the soup. By the time I returned she had commandeered my pillow to replace me. The half pout, half smile on her face just melted my heart. Setting the tray on the nightstand, I sat on the edge of the bed and the motion ended up waking Nanoha up.

"How are you feeling this morning?"

"Better than I was when I got home yesterday, or was that the other day. I don't even know how long I've been out of it." Weary eyes look at me to try and gauge how exhausted I am from taking care of her. "The last thing I remember was getting into the shower and being on my knees as my legs felt weak. That's the last thing I remember."

"So you don't remember your mom being here to help me take care of you last night?" Nanoha shakes her head no, then winces. "Do you have a headache?"

"Yes, a little one but I'll be okay," she said drowsily.

"Well before you go back to sleep, let's get this tea and soup into you." I give her a loving smile as I reach for said nourishment. When both cup and bowl were emptied, then I settled her down and covered her up. I kissed her forehead before placing another cool towel on her brow.

After I was sure that Nanoha was asleep, I collected the dirty dishes, tray and headed for the kitchen to clean up. While I was cleaning up my cell phone rang, the caller ID was Mama-T. Drying my hands I pick it up. "Hello."

"Fate, I'm just checking in to see how Nanoha is doing."

Walking into the living room I give her an update, "she is doing better but still going in and out sleeping."

"That's to be expected. Has she had any nightmares yet?" This question surprised me as Nanoha has never had nightmares before.

"Momoko, she has never had nightmares around me. Some mumbling and clutching at me but when I hug her she calms down. Other than that, I didn't know she had them."

"Fate has Nanoha ever told you about when she was in the hospital when she was 12?"

"No, it never came up. Was she sick?" I looked to our bedroom door thinking about the woman I loved as a child lying in a hospital bed. My heart breaks just thinking about it.

"No, She was hit by a car. We didn't know if she would ever walk again." I gasped, covering my mouth as tears streamed down my face. "Fate have you ever seen Nanoha's back?"

"No, she never turns her back to me. If she does she covers it quickly." I say though my tears.

Sigh, "Fate, she has a scar along her spine. It's not easy to see but it is there."

"I have felt something but she shies away whenever I touch her back, I never gave it much thought. I'll see it when she's ready to show it to me." I say with tenderness in my voice. "But, what do I do when she has her nightmares?"

"Hold her like you will never let her go."

Swallowing my tears, I nod my head once, "right, that will never be a problem. I will never let her go, ever." We ended the call soon after.

I finished cleaning up in the kitchen and headed into the bedroom. I noticed that Nanoha had moved around in bed and got the sheets tangled around her. So I carefully untangled her and tucked her into bed. Getting in next to her I pull her into me, wrapping my arms around her and tucking her head under my chin. She cuddles into me and sighs with happiness.

"Sorry, I'm so much trouble." I hear in a small voice.

"You will never be trouble. I love you and will for the rest of my days, Nanoha." I kiss the top of her head. She puts her arm around me clutches my shirt as her body starts to shake, and I can feel moisture wetting my neck from her tears. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"I have always been the third wheel in my family. I'm always in the way somehow. Either getting sick or hurt in some fashion. I try my best to stay out of the way, but I can't seem to stop being a bother to them." Her crying turns into uncontrollable sobs.

I rock her gently in my arms and eventually she falls asleep. Making a silent vow to never make her feel like the way her family had, even if they didn't know they were doing it. They put these thoughts in her head that she is a bother to them and everyone around her. I will only love and protect her from anything or anyone that would hurt her. Even her family.

In the two days that it took Nanoha to get better we cuddled and connected in ways that we never had before. Our love is stronger now. We talked and listened to each other and built a stronger bond. She isn't ready to talk about the accident or the scar yet, but when she is I will do my best not to cry again. No promises on that though.

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