Hello everybody, and welcome to my newest story! This is an idea I've been tossing around in my head for a while now, and I can't wait to share it with all of you! Let's not drag this out anymore and get started!



"I'm not even sure what to write here…" The page read, "I mean, I'm ten now, I'm only going to be able to get away with this for so long… I don't like hiding it from Sonic, but I'm scared of what he'll think… If he'll even still want to be my brother…"

Tails sighed and looked up from his journal, he wasn't sure what else to write or how to express his thoughts… He had turned ten just a few days ago, and, while normally it would be a happy moment for the kitsune, he was terrified. He was scared because he had something he couldn't tell anybody, even Sonic…

So, he had kept to himself for the past six years he had been with Sonic and the gang. It wasn't that he didn't trust them, it was just the fact that he didn't know how they would react…

"I mean, I'm not sure how to break it to him… I need to try and get him to not feel terrible of himself, and convince him I'm still his family…"

He sighed to himself, and closed his journal. Storing it in a small drawer in his desk. He stood up and stretched himself. Arching his back and flexing his namesakes behind him. There was a project that was nearing completion in his workshop and he was determined to finish it today.

Sonic greeted him as he descended the stairs, "Hey bud! What you up to?"

"Just finishing a project downstairs in the workshop!" The kitsune responded, "Hopefully it'll give us a better understanding of Chaos Energy!"

The hedgehog nodded, while he didn't quite completely understand exactly what Tails got up to, and how he did it, he still tried to be supportive. The kit went downstairs and got to work on his machine.

It was designed to extract the raw forms of positive and negative Energy out of the gemstone. The simple idea of there being two distinct forms of power that each balanced each other out and formed one complete whole fascinated him, and so he wanted to know more about it.

He performed some small final touches to the machine and retrieved the Chaos Emerald, it's gray surface glinting in the light. He then grabbed a pair of hollow shells, which would ideally work as containers for the extracted energy.

He placed the stone inside the central mechanism and put the containment gems and set them near either one of the deposits. Traveling back to a terminal located on the device, he started the process and stepped back. As the machine flared to life, he smiled, it was working. As he marveled in his handiwork, he failed to notice the fact that the raw energies once separated, were proving too much for the machine. After a brief moment of functionality, the machine detonated, blasting the fox backward into one of the walls if his workshop. His vision was fuzzy, and he felt incredibly lightheaded, after a moment, he couldn't find the energy to keep his eyes open and he passed out.

Sonic however, had felt the explosion. He rushed downstairs, "Tails? Tails!?"

As he scanned the room, he came across the twin tailed fox, lying face down at the base of one of the walls, he rushed over and checked him for injuries, his fur was noticeably darker, almost maroon in its appearance, but he attributed it to the explosion charring his fur slightly. That was, until he saw the other Mobian, another two tailed fox was present nearby, also completely unconscious. His fur was a very light yellow, and his injuries appeared identical to the fox that Sonic was investigating…

"What the heck?" He asked himself, not quite sure of what to make of both the foxes. He picked the two of them up and slung them over his shoulders, carrying them upstairs to the couch, their injuries weren't bad, but he wasn't sure what to think about the fact that the familiar orange furred kit he knew was nowhere to be found…


The maroon furred kitsune stirred in his sleep and groggily opened his eyes, instantly, he noticed the other fox lying next to him. He was a bit confused for a moment because of the fact the he looked exactly like himself… After thinking about it for a moment, he had the realization of what had happened. "You've got to be kidding me…" He thought aloud. This action alerted Sonic, whom quickly made his way over to the couch. "Alright, I'm only going to ask this once, who are you, and what did you do to Tails?"

The maroon kitsune was somewhat alarmed by the statement, but launched into his explanation, "Sonic, it's me, or at least, part of me…"

The other yellow fox stirred and slowly woke up, "What happened…" He asked, and he opened his eyes, instantly finding himself face to face with Sonic, whom he immediately pulled into a hug. "You're alright! I was worried there for a second…"

Sonic was a bit confused about exactly what was happening, he wasn't sure which one of the two of them were the real Tails, because both had a reaction the actual Tails could have had, but something seemed off about the two of them.

The dark furred fox spoke, "As I was saying… I think the device exploding somehow managed to split the original Tails into the two of us… Though I'm not sure…"

"This sounds like fun!" The light furred fox responded, "I mean, think about what everyone's going to think, there's two of us now!"

The darker glared at him, "I mean, I still think we need to fix this… Before it gets out of hand…"

"I'm… Not sure what to think about this…" Sonic responded, "I'll just leave it to you two to figure it out…"

The hedgehog walked off and almost instantly, the dark furred fox turned to his counterpart. "He can't know… No matter what you can't tell him, got that?"

His other half nodded, "Yeah, I understand, but we're only shutting yourself off from them, we could…"

"Never… I'm going to work on something to get us back in one piece, don't do anything unusual…" He vanished downstairs. The light-colored fox stood up, he was going to find Sonic…"

Alright everyone, that's it for today! I know it's a really short chapter but that's because it's just the prologue for the story and introducing the idea of the fic! I'll be going into more detail about the two foxes next chapter! Until next time!