The Past

Once, long ago in the land of Eternia, there were two men: Randor and Keldor. Both men were captains of the Eternaian Army, and both of them served their land with honor. But one day while on patrol, Keldor became lost. He stumbled upon an ancient ruin, called to it by an unearthly voice. When he entered the ruin, Keldor found a strange crystal. It was warm to the touch, and it seemed to speak to him. Now Keldor was a captain, and a very good captain too, but he was mortal. And mortal men are not perfect.

So Keldor listened to what the crystal had to say, and he liked what he heard. The crystal claimed to be an angel that had unjustly imprisoned inside the temple eons ago. And it promised the young captain enough power to rule all of Eternia, if he could just destroy the crystal jail. Keldor, overcome with his lust for power and glory, smashed the crystal.

Unfortunately my children, one should be more careful when talking to sentient rock formations, as the being inside the crystal was most certainly NOT an angel. It was a demon, a very old demon. The demon had been locked away for so long, that no one could even recall just how it was locked away or who trapped it in the first place. The demon escaped the ruins and started to ravage the land.

Years past, and the war raged on. The mighty army had been decimated in the demon's attack, leaving only two men to lead it: Randor, and the man who let the demon out, Keldor.

Randor proposed to with the battle with the demon, using only his might as his weapon. But Keldor had another plan. The only person who had managed to cause any kind of harm to the demon was a stranger who called herself 'The Sorceress'. Keldor thought to bribe the demon in being his slave with his plan: He would kill the Sorceress, and in return the demon would spare him.

The demon was greatly amused by this plan. He rejected the captain's offer, but instead he offered to spare his life he would grant another favor to him. The Sorceress's husband had died (killed by the demon's own hand no less), but the demon knew that the Sorceress's children would inherit the power of their mother upon her death. The demon hoped that Keldor would steal the infants away in the night and deliver them to him. He would then kill the Sorceress, leaving all of her power to two infants. The demon would raise the children as his own, using their magic to make him even more powerful.

Keldor agreed to the terms, and he set out to do the deed. But the demon suspected treachery from the captain, and the demon followed him. Keldor was successful in capturing one of  the infants, but he had no intention of giving the infant to the demon. The Sorceress, upon learning of Keldor's crime, spun spells to launch the deceitful captain and demon into an endless vortex. Sadly, the plan came undone; as the demon attacked Keldor, Keldor leaped away from the demons grasp and tossed the infant into the vortex. The demon, in a blind rage, followed the infant into the portal, leaving behind Keldor and the heart broken mother.

With the demon gone, Keldor's past actions came to light. He was stripped of his rank and banished to what became the 'Dark Hemisphere', so called because the demon killed the land, leaving every thing there a dead husk.

The rest you know; Keldor's subsequent rebellion against the Council of Elders and his disfigurement. Of Randor's ascent to the throne and his son Adam becoming the chosen warrior known as He-Man

But, "what of the infant and the demon?" you ask. "What become of them?"  Well, that my children is indeed another story

Questions and Answers

The present

In the location known as 'Snake Mountain'

Skeletor, the man formally known as Keldor, sat on his throne and patiently waited as his weapon smith Tri-Clops entered the room. "So, did you build the device to my specifications?" he snapped at the lone figure. Tri-Clops nodded in agreement as his hover-drone entered the throne room carrying a small blue sphere. "Yes Skeletor I did, although building it using such materials…odds are you'll blow yourself up along with He-Man!"

            Skeletor silenced his lackey's concerns with a simple stare. "Unlike you or the rest of you bumbling idiots" he gestured to the assembled minions under his command who where at the moment hiding behind the throne, " I know what I'm doing. He-Man has only won by luck; noting more!" Snatching the sphere from the drone, he stood up. "With this device He-Man will be no more and Eternia will be mine!" he cackled as his eyes glowed a demonic red.

At the other end of the room

Beast-Man turned to Trap-Jaw and whispered: "Do you think the boss's plan will work this time?" Trap-Jaw merely shrugged and whispered back: "I doubt it, but the boss always gives a good speech, right?" The rest of the assorted miscreants and ruffians who had taken up arms for Skeletor had simply either showed their approval outright or kept their opinions to themselves.

At the royal castle of King Randor

It was typical day, thought Adam as he practiced his fencing with the robot constructed by Man-At-Arms. "So I know there will be a attack by somebody any second now", he mumbled under his breath as he ducked the robot's attack and neatly sliced off his metallic opponents' arm. Staring down at the sparking limb, Adam was brought out of his thought by the sound of rapid clapping.

"Way to go Adam! That was amazing!" cried Orko the court magician. Adam smiled as he slid his sword back into its sheath. "Not too bad, although living opponents aren't always so easily defeated."

Just then, the all too familiar sound of the alarm klaxon sounded though out the courtyard. "You can almost tell time by it" Adam said as he hurried towards the meeting place of the Masters of the Universe.

            Rushing in, Adam saw the familiar form of Man-At-Arms standing in front of a large hologram of Castle Grayskull. Teela, his daughter and second in command of the Royal Guard, stood by his side. She shot the errant prince a snide look as he quietly made his way around Ram Man. Man-At-Arms continued his presentation as Adam made his way to the front of the group. "Mekaneck radioed in a few minutes ago. It seems Skeletor's forces are attack Castle Graskull en masse again". "Again? You'd think Skeletor would liven the act up a bit." Man-E-Faces quipped as the Master looked at the actor with some irritation in their features. "By that as it may, we have to stop him. Adam, I want you to stay here and help the Guard protect the castle in case Skeletor attacks here" Man-At-Arms spoke as the rest of the Masters prepared themselves for battle. Adam returned the knowing look and waited until the Masters has left the room.

Hurrying outside, Adam smiled as he unsheathed his sword and spoke the magic words "By the Power of Grayskull…I HAVE THE POWER!" In a flash of light, Adam, prince of Eternia, disappeared. In his place stood a mountain of muscle and brawn: He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe! "Better hurry, I can't be gone too long or else they might begin to miss Adam" he mused. With a single leap, he cleared the place wall. "No time for Battle Cat, it looks like I'll just have to handle this one on my own." He-Man thought to himself as he spotted the familiar outline of Castle Grayskull off in the distance.

Meanwhile, at the aforementioned castle

"When is that insufferable fool going to appear?" Skeletor thought as he waited. The battle was more or less evenly matched, but Skeletor knew that would change the second He-Man would appear.

            His thoughts were interrupted by a thunderous crash. Looking over to the newly formed crater, he smiled as He-Man rose out of it. "Your days of evil end here Skeletor!" He-Man proclaimed rather heroically. "Oh, not quite He-Man, not quite." Skeletor smiled as he removed the bomb from his cape. Pressing the button on it, he simply hurled the bomb towards the drawn drawbridge of the castle (and some of the Masters who had been driven towards it by his forces). "No!" He-Man shouted as he easily leaped up and caught the bomb in both hands, and proceeded to use his own body to shield his comrades from the blast.

Time seemed to slow down for He-Man as he covered the bomb with his own body. He was aware of the frightened look in Teela's eyes as she stood by him, and of the glowing red eyes of Skeletor as purple clad madman simply waved his staff in a circle. The mystic barrier around the castle began to crack, and then the only thing that he was aware of was the grating laughter of Skeletor as the world seemed to spin and turn inside out.

Skeletor watched in glee as the bomb flashed and He-Man disappeared. "It worked!" Tri-clops exclaimed. "Of course it did." Skeletor replied smugly. "Evil-Lynn, I want you to handle the attack here. Tri-clops, Two-Bad, you will accompany me. We're going to pay a visit to my good friend Randor…"

 Meanwhile, in a realm not unlike Eternia

            The first sensation Adam was aware of was pain. Deep, throbbing pain that seemed to be crawl under his skin and dance on his insides. Slowly, ever so slowly, he opened his eyes and looked around. Wherever he was, it wasn't any where near Castle Grayskull. The landscape was blasted, and the handful of trees surrounding him were black and gnarled. Looking down, Adam saw that he had some how returned to normal "Hey, I'm not He-Man anymore!" he spoke, sending a painful spasm across his jaw. Using some nearby roots to help himself to his feet, Adam tried to get his bearings.

            Save for the trees, there was absolutely nothing around but the flat desert. Small groups of bleached white bones lay scattered around in piles, which didn't do Adam's confidence any good.

Stepping out from the relative cool of the shade, he was almost blinded by the heat. Quickly removing his jacket, Adam spotted what looked like a column of smoke off in the distance. "Well, where there's smoke, there's people" Adam thought, picking up his sword and holding above his head. "By the power of Grayskull!" He shouted, expecting the all too familiar magic and power. The only reply he received was a harsh wind blowing across the sands. "What's going on?" He thought as he expected the weapon. "Is there something wrong with my sword?" he thought as he sheathed the weapon. "Well, no point in wasting energy" he spoke out loud as he wrapped his jacket around his head in a makeshift turban and so, with barely a nod, he started his trek towards the smoke.

After what seemed to be a few hours in the hot sun

Adam almost sobbed in relief as he saw that the smoke belonged to the chimney of a small building. Judging from the various strange animals and vehicles parked in the front, it was apparent that the building was some kind of public house.

Half walking/half stumbling, Adam made his way through the badly scarred swinging doors.

All the noise in the place stopped the second Adam crossed over the threshold. As every eye seemed to fixate on him, Adam moved as fast as he could towards the bar. "Excuse me, I was looking for" was all he managed to say as the bartender picked up a large wooden club and started swinging. "We don't want any trouble! Just leave, and take your blasted metal with you!" the bartender shrieked as several patrons drew wooden weapons out from under various cloaks.

Drawing his sword, Adam quickly found himself backed into a corner. "And I don't want any trouble either. What's the problem with my sword?" Adam spoke as he ducked a few clumsy swings. One of the patrons laughed. "He doesn't know? He's either a fool or a spy." "Best to kill him, just in case!" one of the larger and more scarred patrons spoke, brandishing a sharpened stake.

Sadly, the large man would never know if Adam was a fool or a spy, as a intense beam of light burned a large directly in the man's head. Adam was surprised to see at least a dozen armored creatures enter the bar. The creatures wore gleaming white armor, with only a small visor near what Adam assumed was the head. Their shape was humanoid, and excluding the three fingers and two toes, Adam might have guessed them to be human.

            Without a single pause, the armored creatures continued to fire upon the people. Adam ducked behind the bar, where he was greeted with a rather sharp looking arrow, which was currently fitted into a bow, which was in the hands of hooded figure. "Look pal, I have no desire to get killed by those goons. You just get over there and leave me alone, and I won't kill you. Fair?" the figure said.

            "Hey, I don't know these guys! I've never seen them before in my life! I don't even know where I am!" Adam shouted as a dead body was tossed over the bar. The figure seemed nonchalant about both the corpse and Adam's statement. Suddenly turning around, the figure shot his arrow directly into the visor of one of the creatures. Red blood flowed like water as the creature let out an agonized howl and slumped to the floor. "Well, if you're not with them, then I don't care." The hooded figure spoke as Adam suddenly became more concerned with the rest of the armored figures advancing on the bar.

Adam saw out of the corner of his eye the figure slipping out through the front door. "Great" Adam muttered as he swung his sword in a arch, neatly slicing the barrels off of the creatures guns. Quickly leaping to a nearby table, Adam grabbed hold the old lamp hanging from the ceiling and used it as a makeshift swing to propel him over the creatures and out the front door. The hooded figure (who had removed the hood, giving Adam a good look at the stranger's face) looked on at Adam with a look of respect in his eyes. "Not bad stranger. Name's Bow; yours?" "Adam. Now that we know each other, do you know why those things are in there?" Adam replied as Bow gave him the reins of an unusual looking bird-like creature. "Easy, that sword on your back. They can track metal. If you want my help, you're going to have to ditch it." Adam looked down at his sword. Before he could offer up a reason why he couldn't just leave it behind (most of the reasons having something to do with his alter ego He-Man) a stray laser blast hit his hand, causing him to drop the weapon.

Bow, having already mounted his animal, raced by Adam and picked the prince up before he could recover his sword. "Come on!" Bow shouted as they raced off away from the bar, which had just started to burn. As the flames reached higher, Adam struggled to right himself on the strange mount. "I need that sword!" Adam shouted as the animal picked up speed. "No you don't" Bow shouted back as he drove the animal into a small canyon. "We could use a guy like you kid. Interested?" Bow asked as they rode past a small outcropping rocks and stopped. "Who's 'we'"? Adam asked as he rubbed his injured hand. Bow looked at him with a mixture of confusion and suspicion. "Ok, you really don't know who or what those things were back there?" Bow asked as he drew his bow and fitted it with an arrow. "No, I don't" Adam replied, noticing that several other figures seemingly appeared from out of the shadows of the canyon, each one of them armed, and each one of them pointing their weapons at him. Adam sighed as he dismounted.

A few hours later

"Well, it could be worse" Adam thought as he sat on the ground. Bow had explained that the men were all fighting against someone or something called 'Hordak'. Adam looked around the hastily constructed cage that he had been placed in. He could hear the leaders of the rebels arguing…when suddenly screams broke out among the men.

A few minutes before

Bow sighed as his father and his second in command, Catra, argued about the fate of Adam. "And I'm telling you, we know nothing about him!" His father thundered. Catra smiled suddenly before standing up. "Well, this has been fun, but I'm afraid Lord Hordak has grown rather bored with this pathetic rebellion." Catra spoke softly as she whipped out a knife and with one swift motion, sent the deadly projectile hurling towards Bow.

            Bow saw the entire thing play out in slow motion. Catra with a knife; then his father leaping across the table, using his own body as a shield, and his father's body hitting him head on and pinning to the ground. Explosions rocked the camp as Catra calmly walked out.

Adam saw more of the armored creatures burst into the area, their weapons blazing. The rebels, armed only with wooden and stone weapons, fought bravely, if futilely. Adam caught sight of Bow rushing past. "Hey Bow! Let me out and I can help!" Adam shouted as Bow fired off a quick succession of arrows into the faceplates of the troops. Bow just turned around and looked at him through a tear-streaked face. "My father is dead." Bow said, seconds before a woman with black hair and dressed in clothes similar to Bow rushed up behind him and knocked him out.

            Turning her attention to Adam, she grinned like a predator as someone entered the area on a bright white horse. Getting a closer look at the rider as she dismounted the animal, Adam caught a glimpse of bright yellow hair as the rider removed her helmet to revel the face of perhaps the most beautiful woman Adam had ever seen. Her face had almost royal countenance to it, with piercing blue eyes and pale skin. She looked harsh, but Adam could have sworn that there was something in her eyes…perhaps sadness?  

Catra stooped in front of the rebel's prisoner and saluted. "Captain Adora. As you can see, I've managed to eliminate the rebel's leader."

            Adora returned the salute and looked around the camp. "Did you encounter the ones who attacked my men and left this?" She asked as she pulled out a sight for Adam's sore eyes: his sword!

. Catra smiled as she pointed over to Adam's cage. "Yes my captain, I even have the leader's son for you." Adora returned the sword to its hiding place and gave one last look at the camp. "Catra, see to it that this place is burned. The healthy ones are to be sent to the slime pit; but I want the owner of this sword brought to me, understood?"

Catra nodded and the next thing Adam remembered was one of the armored creatures standing behind with a large club…

Much later

            Near the top of a jagged mountain peak stood a large fortress. The land around it was ash, and the entire lace gave the impression that nameless horrors lurked around every corner

Inside the fortress, Catra and Adora stood waiting in front of a massive throne carved from the bones of some long extinct animal. A figure shrouded in shadows sat at the top. Catra nervously stepped forward and bowed at the foot of the throne. "My lord, I've done as you asked; the rebellion has been crushed."

            A clicking noise emanated from the shadow figure. The noise continued to increase until both Catra and Adora covered their ears-then the noise stopped as quickly as it had begun. A voice that could only be described as inhuman issued forth, causing Catra to shake in fear. "Really? Did you learn the location of that meddlesome wench Glimmer? Or the location of the rebels real headquarters?"

            Catra shook her head 'no' and tried to speak, but the voice interrupted her. "All you managed to accomplish was the deaths of a few rebels, most of whom were not even worth my effort to destroy. You wasted an opportunity to integrate yourself in the rebellion info structure and you bring back nothing of value."

Catra backed away from the throne when she noticed several more figures entering the room. "The rest of my captains. Hopefully your fate will serve as an example to them." The voice spoke.

            "My Lord, please-ahhhhhhhh!" Catra screamed as she fell to the floor. Sweat poured of her like water, leaving small pools around her. Adora noticed that it looked as if Catra's uniform had suddenly shrunk. Catra howled in agony as her ears suddenly stretched and started to grow out, taking on a feline appearance. Long nails suddenly ripped out of the tips of her gloves, while large tuffs of purple fur began to sprout around her forearms. Spit and blood flowed freely from her mouth as she coughed up her old teeth, reveling new fangs in their place.

            Her feet began to shift and alter, becoming more paw like which each passing second. Adora knew this, as she saw Catra's boots split into two, reveling two furry purple paws. The sounds of her bones popping and organs shifting soon drowned out of the sound of her cries. Her jawbone snapped and healed itself as it elongated to create a muzzle

The fur spread out along her body, as her breasts swelled to a size that the seamstress who made her top didn't intend for. With a loud 'shred', the leather top ripped directly down the center, showing the assembled captains a nice long view of her fur-covered mounds. Her pants quickly followed suit, shredding down the sides.

As Catra lay panting on the floor, Hordak waved his gloved hand in a vague dismissive gesture. "Mantennae, Grizzlor has been wanting a creature to stud with his pets for a while; take this worthless ball of fur to his pens."

            As the newly transformed were-cat was dragged off by a large insect, Adora nervously stepped forward and bowed. "Ah, my lovely daughter. You were in command of the desert patrol; eight of twelve troopers died. DO you have anything to say in you defense?"

Adora, with a great deal of sweat on her brow, picked up a object that had been wrapped in a blanket. "My lord, one of the men who was captured with the rebels was seen with this weapon."

            Unwrapping the blanket, Prince Adam's sword caused a great deal of commotion among the captains. Hordak became silent as the sword suddenly flew out of Adora's hands and into his own. "Daughter, you have done well." 

Brandishing the blade, Hordak stared at the metal as the pale light filtered in through the roof and danced on its edge. "Yesssss…you've done well indeed." Quickly handing the sword to a small imp that suddenly appeared by his side, Hordak stood up and descended the staircase. "Daughter, I would have words with the owner of this sword. Take me to him"

Adora nodded mutely as the rest of the captains silently shuffled out of the room.

Meanwhile, in the royal dungeon

            Adam groaned as consciousness slowly returned to him. Looking around, he saw only four drab gray walls staring back at him.

Sitting up, he saw that he was the only person in the cell. Sadly, he didn't much time to think on the living accommodations as he heard a noise coming from outside the door.

"You!" he whispered as the blond woman who captured him looked in through metal bars. She said nothing, as she stepped aside and let someone wrapped up in black robes near the bars.

            The figure gripped the bars and bowed. Adam could have sworn he heard…sniffing? A loud clicking noise filled the air and the robed figure walked away. "What ever that was, I have the feeling things just went from bad to worse" Adam though as he sat down again.

Down the hall

"Yessssss" Hordak hissed as he rushed down the hall. "After all these years-a challenge!" Adora turned to her father in mid-jog and asked "What are you talking about father?" Hordak stopped and started. "The stench of the Council of Elders is all over that boy! He had magic practically oozing out of him, can't you feel it?"

            "Magic? Then shouldn't he be killed, or at least drained?" Adora asked. Hordak shook his head and held the sword up high. "Daughter, when you become immortal, you will find that there is a lack of serious challenges. Why do you think I let the rebels live? I've already conquered this planet. But with this boy here…I can finally have an opponent worthy of my skill! Daughter, I want you to listen carefully"

            And as Adora listened, her face paled as she heard what her father had in mind…

An intermediate amount of time later

Adam woke up once again to see the familiar blond woman looking in through the bars. "Get up" She spoke as she unlocked the door.

            Adam obeyed, figuring his luck couldn't get much worse.

Inside the throne room

Adam was wrong; his luck had just gotten much worse. The robed figure known as Hordak was seated on the throne, with the blonde woman kneeling beside him. But the thing that captured Adam's attention the most was his sword, which had been carelessly propped up against the side of the throne.

            "So boy, how are things in Eternia?" Hordak spoke quietly. "What?" Adam was so shocked the question he barely had time to respond. "I said, how are things in Eternia? I would like to know such things about a place before I conquer it."

Adam stepped back, trying to figure a way out of the room, but Adora quickly put a stop to that as she leaped down and pinned Adam. "Why do you resist? My father is a good man, he brought order to this world!" Adora hissed as her thighs tightened around Adam's torso, making it rather hard to breathe.

"Adora, I think that's enough. I do need him living, after all" Hordak spoke. Adora looked to her father, then back to Adam before standing up. "My boy, aren't you just the least bit curious has to why you can't call upon the Council's aid?" Adam said nothing, but Hordak continued. "Because there is no magic on this world. Your sword acts as a conduit for the Council's powers, so there for-no magic no powers." Picking up the sword, Hordak tossed the blade to the ground. "It is useless on it's own, which is why I need you. Your body has become a battery, and I need your power to open the walls that have been placed around this world. You won't survive the procedure of course, but your sacrifice won't be in vain."

"You're crazy" Adam spat as he got to his feet. Hordak shrugged undernenth his robes and walked to a small alcove. "I am many things boy, but I am not crazy." Turning around, Hordak threw back his hood, reveling his face. His head was large and only vaguely humanoid. His ears were bat-like, and distended over onto his shoulders. His eyes were blood red, and seemed to give off a strange glow, while his mouth was full of jagged teeth.

"I have no need of this world any longer, so in my infinite kindness I released the rebels. Well, most of them anyway." Hordak spoke as a large insect like creature dragged a struggling figure in to the room. "Bow!" Adam shouted as Adora looked on, her face a mask of confusion.

            "Father, I thought you ordered me to free all of the prisoners?" Hordak calmly walked over to a small lever by the side of his throne. Before talking. "Ah Adora, my sweet daughter I had such plans for you. But I'm afraid that Adam here is a better successor than yourself." He spoke as he pulled the lever back, causing a great grinding noise to fill the room. "And as for the prisoners, I no longer need them or this dead world anymore."

Adam looked down to see that the floor itself was splitting open, reveling a dark pit below. "Adam, if you fail to stand with me, I'll have this rebel tossed into the slime pit" Hordak said simply as he stepped back on his throne.

Looking down, Adam could see…something moving in the pit. As he stepped back on the rapidly shrinking floor, his thoughts were cut short as Adora leaped across the chasm and landed on the other side.

            Almost incoherent with rage, Adora grabbed the nearest object she could find…Adam's sword. "You betrayed me!" She screamed as she attempted to plunge the blade in Hordak's chest.

"No my child, I didn't. I brought you to fulfill a purpose. But the young prince over there is far more compatible to my plans than you." Hordak said as he sidestepped the thrust and knocked the blade out of Adora's hands in one simple motion.

Sadly, there are things even the most meticulous planner can fail to foresee.

Case in point: Adam's sword, which flew through the air and into Adam's outstretched hand. Not wanting this golden opportunity to slip him by, Adam quickly turned and smashed the nearest window with the blade.

"Impressive" Hordak mused as he sent Adora flying into the pit.

On the other side of the room 

            Looking back, Adam saw the form of Adora fall head first into the pit. Stepping away from the window, Adam dived in after her.

            "What are you doing?" Bow shouted as he started to climb out the window. "Well, we can't just leave her!" Adam shot back as he grabbed the dazed woman and slung her across his back.

            "What do you mean we?" Bow replied as he jumped put of the window.

"Great" Adam thought to himself as he looked around to see if there was anyway out of the pit. Looking towards the far end, Adam could see a series of chains that were moving up towards the opening.

Moving as fast as he could, Adam undid his belt, and using it as a lariat, hitched a ride upwards and away from the slime that seemed to be moving closer…

Mantennae, who had not been totally idle during all this, un-holstered a large pistol and took aim…

Down in the pit

As Adam neared the top, he became aware of three things. One, the sound of something flying through the air and hitting something solid; two, of something giving off a very loud noise; and three, intense pain as the something very loud just burned a large hole directly through his shoulder. Although it should really have been four things, since the last thing he was aware of was being moved as he slowly blacked out.

"Man-A-Tee, hold your fire" Hordak ordered as the rebel known as Bow raced back in help his errant daughter and the prince out of the window.

            "But my lord, it's not my fault that rebel fired his arrows, I know I can stop them-Ack!" Man-A-Tee sputtered as Hordak wrapped his hand around the insectoid's throat. "Man-A-Tee, I gave you an order. If that boy dies, then my plan is ruined"

            Then, ever so calmly, Hordak pushed him into the pit. "Perhaps you'll serve me better as a Horde trooper."

Walking back up towards his throne, Hordak ignored the anguished screams coming from the pit as he pulled another lever, causing the floor to slide back over it.  "Shadow Weaver, how is that spell you weaved on my daughter progressing?" Hordak spoke to a mass of withering shadows behind the throne. "My Lord" the shadow hissed, "I fear the longer Adora is away from me, the less impact my charms have on her."

"Hmm, this could cause a problem. Order Leech and Grizzlor to take as many Horde Troops as necessary; I may not need Adora anymore, but she can still foul up my plans."

            As the shadows slowly floated away, Hordak glanced at the broken window. "So my boy…soon."

Out in the wasteland

"Alright, this is as far as we go" Bow said as he leveled his remaining arrow at Adora. Gently placing Adam down on the ground, Adora stared down at the arrow.

            "Alright, I understand your position. I'll leave" Adora said as she turned and began walking away. "Wait" Adam weakly protested, "We might need her"

Bow, not lowered his weapon for a second, spoke. "My father trusted someone from the Horde, and now he's dead. I don't plan on following in his footsteps."

Adora sighed and turned around. "Look, at least me help you take care of him" she pointed at Adam "He needs medical attention. At least let me help you until his wounds are healed."

            Bow lowered his weapon. "I suppose it couldn't hurt too much. But we'll have to go to a special meeting place." He said, slinging the makeshift bow over his shoulder as he reached down to help Adam up.

            "Why's that?" Adora asked as she helped ease Bow's burden. "Because I'm not high enough in the rebellion to actually know where the main headquarters is. The only location I know is a small way station. It's nearly a day's match from here, so we had better hurry."

Back at Hordak's castle

            "Well Shadow Weaver, what news have you brought me?" Hordak asked impatiently.

            The mass of shadows flickered and seemed to reshape itself into a vaguely humanoid shape. "Master, I have some bad news. Your daughter is in the wastelands"

If Hordak was in any way impressed or worried by the statement, he didn't revel it. "Very well. Send out Scorpina to assist the search. I need that boy brought back here alive, and soon…" Hordak trailed off, leaving the Shadow Weaver to gulp, if such a thing were possible.

            "Yes my lord, I'll summon her at once"

Back out in the wasteland

"This is becoming annoying" Adam thought as he slowly sat up. Looking around, he saw that it was now nighttime, and that they had apparently reached the meeting place. Adam saw something being roasted over a small fire a few feet away. Judging by the smell, whatever it was probably wasn't meant to be consumed by humans.

            As a sudden sleepiness overtook him, Adam could have sworn that he heard voices talking about him…

            Adora sighed as he bit into whatever it was the rebels had cooked. "I told you, I'm not with the Horde anymore. My father is planning something with that boy" she jerked her thumb in Adam's direction, "something big."

If the rest of the rebels were swayed by argument, Adora couldn't tell. Bow sat across from her, a neutral look on his face. Next to him sat a woman wrapped up in a red cloak who had healed Adam's wound by simply placing her hands on him. Adora had heard about a mysterious healer known as Razz who was supposed to be one of the top commanders in the rebellion.

            The woman spoke in a voice so soft Adora had to strain her ears to catch everything; "Captain, it's not that we aren't grateful for your assistance, but you really haven't given us any reason to trust you. The boy is strange, that much I can tell, but I really don't see how he could be used by Hordak."

            "I understand." Adora said as she finished her meal. "Can you at least let me stay here until the morning?"

Bow and the woman conferred for a few seconds before answering. "Yes, you may stay the night. But a daybreak we will go our separate ways."

            And so, with a full stomach and not much else, Adora lay down and went to sleep.

An intermediate amount of time later

Adora woke with a start. Bright light was all around her, but she could still see the moon in the sky. Sitting up, she saw a woman standing next to Bow. The other woman was tall and dressed in a bright uniform that seemed to give off light, so much so that is hard to make out her features.

            Hearing an all too familiar clicking noise, Adora looked around to see a woman standing in the shadows. "Scorpina" she whispered before all broke loose.

The woman talking to Bow turned around and spotted something directly behind Adora. With a wave of her hand, she sent a beam of light shooting past Adora's head. The burnt remains of Horde trooper falling down next to her kept Adora from complaining about the woman's aim.

            A loud rumbling noise filled the air, and the ground near Adora's feet burst open to revel a hunched figure. The figure stood up, showing Adora her face. "Scorpina!" Adora shouted as she reached for a nearby weapon.

At first glance, Scorpina looked like a ordinary woman, but upon closer inspection, the claws for hands and the large prehensile tail and stinger (not to mention the extra legs sticking out of her sides) showed that Scorpina was anything but ordinary.

            "Well, this is a pleasant surprise" Scorpina hissed. Uncoiling her tail, she grinned evilly at Adora. "I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this," she said as dozens of Horde troopers rushed the area. The rebels and Adam were holding their own, but Adora had bigger concerns, mostly the large scorpion tail swinging at her head. "What's the matter, daddy's little defect upset?" Scorpina sneered as her stinger pricked Adora's shoulder.

The rest of the fight was rather slow after that, as the poison raced through Adora's bloodstream, she could see the vague outline of Adam being carried off before the darkness consumed her sight.

Sometime later

            As conscious slowly returned to her, Adora looked around to see where she had been taken. It was a large cell, and she wasn't alone. Adam sat chained to the wall and the woman who had been at the rebel camp as there as well. Adam looked unhurt, but the woman was covered in cuts and large red welts. 

            "What happened?" Adora asked. "We lost, that's what happened" Adam replied as the other woman slowly sat up. "Those things just rushed in. Bow and Razz got away, but I don't think they'll be back in time."

            The other woman looked at Adora with pained eyes and spoke. "They won't. My mother's the leader of the rebels, but she's unable to lead anything anymore. Name's Glimmer by the way."

The other woman's name sparked off a dim memory in Adora's mind as she got a better look at the woman.

            "Glimmer?" Adora looked at the prone figure and started to chuckle. "All these years and we finally meet face to face, although I never thought it would be under these circumstances."

            Glimmer smiled weakly at the joke, but her response was cut short as the door to the cell slid open and several Horde troopers entered the room, their rifles drawn.

            "I guess this is it" Glimmer spoke as she (along with Adora and Adam) were picked up and lead down a hallway and into a large arena.

Upon a large ornate throne sat Hordak. "Well, it's been a merry chase my children, but I fear the game ends now." Motioning to the troops, Adam was and Adora were both placed in chains that were connected to a large metal spiral. "And the dear princess Glimmer, it is truly an honor to finally see the face of the woman who caused my daughter such grief."

            Glimmer looked defiantly away, but Hordak continued on. "It's almost sad how this story ends. Glimmer, I know your mother would be proud to see…oh yes, she can't really see anything anymore, can she? I almost forgot how I stole her mind. Or the time I burned the royal place down." Looking at Adora, he made a clucking noise with his mouth. "Now daughter, you shouldn't look away; after all, that was one of your first victories."

Hot tears flowed down Adora's face as the memories came back, but Hordak continued talking.

            "And now, it is time to finish something I should have down long ago. Shadow Weaver!"

And with that order, a being of shadows walked out of the darkness and began to chant. As the chanting grew louder, the metal spiral began to glow. A loud humming filled the air as Hordak unsheathed Adam's sword and tossed it into the center of the spiral. "Faster Shadow Weaver, faster!" he ordered as a vortex opened up and massive amounts of energy began to spill out.

The light from the vortex began to fill the room, a fact that was not lost on the Shadow Weaver. "Master, the light! It burns!" it shrieked as it's appendages bean to melt away from the intense light.

            "Weakling, I'll finish it my" but his words were lost as a pinpoint beam of light shot directly from the floor into his face. Shielding himself form the assault, Hordak saw the person behind the attack was Glimmer. "Hmm, using the light as a power source. I wondered why she picked that name. No matter."

            Leaping down from his throne, Hordak strode towards the vortex, his mouth stretched wide in what might have been a grin.

"Now, it is time to end this." He said as he grabbed Glimmer by her neck and began to squeeze.

            As Adam watched Glimmer's life slowly slip away, he struggled against his chains. Looking at his sword as the vortex grew, Adam was struck by a brilliant idea. Well, maybe not brilliant, but this was hardly the time to complain.

            Stepping back as far as the chains would allow, Adam rushed forward and managed to grab into the tip of the hilt. Feeling the familiar engery flowing through the blade, Adam shouted the words, hoping he wasn't too late…

Hordak grinned as the vortex widened, reveling a familiar sight. "Ah, Eternia."

            Hearing a small explosion and seeing the light in the increase briefly, Hordak stopped his admiration of the other dimension to see a tall muscular man walk out of the spiral, with Adora slung over his broad shoulders.

            "Excellent, I wondered when you finally transform" Hordak said as he tossed Glimmer across the area. He-Man looked quizzically at the sorcerer.

Turning to face his new enemy, Hordak cleared the space between them in one jump. "With so much pure mystical energy flowing through you, it would be easier to simply suck the life directly out of you!" Hordak shouted in triumph as, with one hand placed on He-Man's chest, he began to do just that.

            As He-Man screamed in agony as his life was being ripped out of him, Adora slowly came to.  Sitting up, she reached almost instinctually for He-Man's sword, which had been knocked away by Hordak…

As his victim slowly withered away to nothing, Hordak began to laugh in triumph. Sadly, his laughter was cut short as a he heard a whizzing noise and then a sharp pain near his wrist.

            Looking down, he saw the reason for his distress; his hand was no longer connected to his body. Instead, it was laying on the floor in a rapidly increasing puddle of black blood.

            Grabbing the oozing stump, Hordak shrieked as the light from the vortex increased, allowing an even bigger rift to appear.

"Who dares?" Hordak screamed as a figure appeared, silhouetted by the light. "You made my life a lie." "Adora?" Hordak spoke aloud as the figure stepped closer.

            "You lied to me!" Adora screamed as she rushed Hordak, madly swinging He-Man's sword.

Hordak leaped out of the way of the swinging blade. Looking past the irate young woman with the swinging sword, Hordak hissed under his breath. "Blast! My timing has been thrown off!"

            Knocking the sword out of Adora's hands, Hordak grabbed the blade with his one remaining appendage and tossed hilt first at He-Man. "Another time!" he shouted as, with a well-placed energy blast, he blasted He-Man directly into the vortex.

            With no warning whatsoever the vortex closed, the light faded, and that was left in the arena was the sound of Adora's heavy breathing. Turning around, Hordak's red eyes narrowed. "Well, since you ruined my plan, I suppose I'll just have to make up another plan." Calmly turning around and walking towards a gated exit, Hordak spoke as the Shadow Weaver opened the gate. "My Horde Troopers will be rushing the complex in less than five minutes; I suggest running."

            And with that said, he disappeared down the corridor and the gate behind him slammed shut with a resounding 'clang'.

            Adora limped over to Glimmer and checked to see of she was still among the living. Checking the prone figure's pulse, she could feel a slight beat. Picking her up in a bastardization of the fireman's press, she stumbled towards the way they came in.

            After several minutes of shuffling down the corridor, Adora dropped to her knees and propped Glimmer up against the wall. "Well, it looks like this as far as we can go" Adora said to the unconscious woman.

Feeling lightheaded, Adora slumped down with Glimmer.  Straightening her uniform out, Adora picked up a chunk of broken masonry and waited for the troopers to come for them. The lightheadedness suddenly turned to intense pain, causing Adora to drop to stone and grab her head. "What, what's going on?" She asked when she suddenly something strange on her shoulders. Reaching up, she felt…hair?

Somehow, Adora's normally close cut blond had suddenly grown shoulder length in a matter of seconds. She didn't have much time to reflect on her new hairstyle when a bolt of pain shot though her midsection.

            Struggling to get to her feet, Adora stared in horror at her bare legs and saw the flesh rippling. Almost as if her joints had betrayed her, Adora couldn't move as she watched her veins pulsate in almost inhuman way. The pain began to move upward, sending her body into spasms as she tried to once again to stand up.

            A ripping noise filled the air as Adora turned to watch the clean white sleeve of her uniform struggling to contain her rapidly growing bicep. Her legs, while in perfectly decent shape, had become more defined.

            Her forearms, covered in the blood red gauntlets of the Horde army, began to increase as well. Adora felt a moment of pain before the metal gauntlets warped and slowly cracked apart and fell uselessly to the ground.

Staring at her new arms, Adora felt a brand new pain around her waist. Looking down, she saw her leather belt tightening. With one hard pull, Adora ripped the offending garment off of her body and flung it away. Her vest, now completely open, reveled that the same changes that her arms and legs were going through were happening on her torso as well.

            She could hear the bones grinding as they shifted under the new weight, but that was secondary of her concerns, as she noticed her breasts pushing forward against her white tunic. The fabric stretched, but it did little against the onslaught of flesh.

            With a loud 'rip' the shirt shredded directly down the center, reveling a deep valley of cleavage and stomach that gave the impression that it was chiseled out of stone.

            Ending almost as quickly as it begun, the pain stopped. Standing up, Adora looked down at her new body. She was shaken by her inspection when a laser blast scorched the wall next to her head.

            "Damn!" She muttered as she picked up the stone again and threw it at the nearest Horde trooper. The fact that the rock hit didn't surprise her, but the large gaping hole where the trooper's head used to be did.

            Looking down at her hands, Adora whispered 'wow', right before ducking the incoming fire. "Alright, let's see how you handle this!" She shouted as she shoved her hands through the solid rock wall and pulled.

The wall fell down, although that did little to deter the troopers. The ones who hadn't been crushed simply stepped over the remains of their comrades and kept firing.

            "It's time to go" Adora decided as she gently picked up the still breathing Glimmer and rushed down the corridor, nimbly dodging the laser blasts behind her.

            "What happened?" Glimmer asked as she slowly opened her eyes. "Not much" Adora casually responded as she stopped running.

            In front of her was a wall.

"Well damn." Adora spat as she placed Glimmer down. Glimmer, either not noticing or not caring, didn't say anything about Adora's new physical improvements. What she did notice however were the dozen Horde troopers rushing towards them.

"Stand back!" Glimmer shouted as her hands began to glow. With a blinding flash, the lights streaked down the corridor, leaving everything in its blast a burnt wreak. Facing Adora, her eyes almost bugged out of her sockets as she took in the Adora's new body.

            "Should I even ask?" she wondered as Adora shrugged and punched the wall that was preventing their escape.

As the wall crumbled into dust, Glimmer decided it was best not to pry.

Later, outside of the arena

            Adora, suddenly feeling self-conscious, tried to cover herself with what few scraps of material she could while Glimmer stared at the smoking coliseum. "Impressive" she said as she began to walk away from Adora.

            "Wait, where are you going?" Adora shouted after the retreating form. Glimmer stopped in her tracks and faced the Amazon. "You saved my life, and I am thankful for that; but I can't trust you." "What? But I saved your hide back there!" Adora shouted, her nudity forgotten. "Yes, yes you did. But that still doesn't change the fact that you lead Hordak's armies. You're just as responsible as him!"

Hot tears began to build back behind Adora's eyes, but she tried to hold them back. "Please, I can help you and the rebels" and she added softly "and I have no where else to go"

            Glimmer looked back at her for a minute before answering. "I'm sorry, but I'm not the only one you've hurt. The rest of the rebels would never accept you."

Adora's vision blurred as she the lightheaded feeling returned with a vengeance. Within seconds, her amazing muscles shrunk back down to their regular portions. Collapsing to her knees, Adora reached out and tried to speak. "Please, help me…"

            Glimmer's hands began to glow, becoming even brighter than last time. As she stared down at the fallen figure, she raised her arms.

            Then without warning, she turned and fired her engery blast at the arena, reducing the entire complex to little more than smoldering rubble. "After all you've done, you think I'll help you? Do you have any idea of the lives you've destroyed?"

            Taking off her jacket, Glimmer tossed it to the ground. "Here, but now we are even. If I see you again, I'll kill you."

And with that, Glimmer began to walk away, leaving Adora to sit and ponder about her life amidst the ruin and destruction.

Meanwhile, back in his castle, Hordak bore witness to the proceeding scenes as he stared down at his wrist. Slowly tracing patterns on the stump, Hordak chuckled as he heard the rebel leader's ultimatum.

            "Well daughter, you are truly you mother's child." He said with a laugh that sent chills up the various spines of the castle's residents. Shadow Weaver, who had been coiled near the throne, spoke up: "Master, why do you laugh? I fail to see the humor in this situation"

            Hordak paused in his laughter, then he slowly spoke, as if explaining the matter to a small child. "True, I have lost somewhat" he indicated the missing hand, "but I have gained something much more valuable- knowledge. I now know the barrier between this world and Eternia is not impervious. There will be another chance at revenge; all I have to do is wait."

Back on Eternia

            "Skeletor, the place guard's defenses have been breached." Tri-clops reported as Skeletor watched from afar. "Excellent" Skeletor mussed as he drove his chariot down into the fray. "This is perfect, I should have made that bomb years ago!" he shouted as he sent several guards flying with his chaos blasts.

            But as Skeletor was busy blasting away, he failed to notice the large portal that opened up directly behind him, or the large figure that dropped in right behind him. "We have some unfinished business Skeletor". the figure said as Skeletor felt his shoulders being caught in an iron grip.

            "He-Man! How?" Skeleptor shrieked as he felt himself being lifted high into the air.

Sadly, He-Man's response was lost as Skeltor was hurled directly through the nearest place wall. Managing to lift his head from the rubble, Skeletor gave the familiar order "Warriors, fall back!"  "Your evil warriors won't help you know Skeletor!"

            Slamming his foot down, He-Man shattered Skeletor's Chaos staff. "You're going to pay for your crimes Skeletor." He added as the palace guards dragged him off towards the dungeon. Realizing that the absence of the prince might be noticed, He-Man quickly leaped away. "I'm going to have a hard time explain this…" he thought as he flew through the air.

A considerable time later

            "Well, this does answer some old questions, but it also brings up some new ones" Man-At-Arms said as Adam swept the floor of the workshop as part of his punishment for 'disappearing' during the battle. "Since travel to this realm is now possible, I wonder if Hordak might find his way here?" Adam asked as he pushed the last remains of dust into the corner. "I don't know, but I think we should all be more careful form now on" Man-At-Arms spoke after a long silence as he looked up towards the stars in the night sky.

The end

Based on the He-Man/She-Ra episode 'Secret of the Sword', written by Larry DiTillio. All rights reserved, I do not own this property nor am I attempting to make profit off of it.