The Past

Well children, you already know of Adora's adventure in the land of Mysticor, but ah you say, where did she go after that? And what of Catra?

My, such inquisitive children you are!

For Adora, she decided to try her luck to the north and the Lands of Ice.

Catra? Now that is a tale…


The soft touch of the covers was a strange sensation to Catra. Not a bad sensation mind you, just strange. Lying in the bed for an untold amount of time, the sound of the door opening finally brought her back to reality.

Sitting up (and noticing that she was a human again, although her mask was still in place) the former Horde trooper quickly dropped into a combat ready stance as she saw a stranger enter the room.

It was a woman, clad in an ornate golden tunic and blue tights. She carried a large staff with what looked like twin dragons entwined around its base.

       "Hello" she said cheerfully, "My name is Castaspella, and welcome to my home".

"Where am I?" Catra demanded, the events of the last few days rather foggy in her mind. "You are in the land of Mysticor. You wandered here, and well, perhaps it is best if you view the things yourself" Castaspella said as she waved her wand in a circle and softly spoke a half-forgotten language.

    The events of the last view days played out upon the wall. Seeing the sight of Adora fighting made Catra give a grim smile as she slid out of the bed. "It seems you have me at a disadvantage. You have me here, yet I don't know why I shouldn't remove this dammed mask and rip you apart." Catra casually spoke as she tossed the covers away and stood naked in the room.

     "I have little doubt you could that." Castaspella said with a slight hint of merriment in her voice. "But if you did, then you would be loosing the only chance you have of being free of your curse."

Catra relaxed her stance somewhat. "You have my attention."

Ah, and what was Adora doing at this time?

Having decided to trek north, Adora was busy traveling the dangerous icy plains. The Horde hadn't really made much of an impact in the extreme northern climate, mostly due to the lack of both resources and people. Hordak hadn't even bothered to send any troopers to the region.

This fact was probably the one happy thought Adora could muster as she walked though the waist high snow.

"Next time, I'm sticking with the warmer climates" Adora groused as she made her way ever northward.

     As the barren white plains stretched out before her, a sudden shriek filled the air. Looking around with her sword drawn, Adora was horrified to see the ground before her split it and a massive black skinned beast burst forth from the icy fissure.

     "A behemoth!" Adora thought as she ran away from the widening fissure. The beast flopped down on the snow covered ground with a 'thump' and looked all the world like a dead fish, at least until it rolled it's oily black eye in Adora's direction.

With a deafening roar, the beast began to thrash its way towards her. Slithering like a oversized worm, the beast opened its tooth filled maw and tried to shallow Adora in one bite. Waiting until it was almost upon her, Adora quickly sidestepped the brute, and in one swift motion jabbed her sword into its eye.

Black blood steamed out of the wound as Adora ran off away from the beast and it's howls. She hadn't made fifteen steps when the ice beneath started to crack.

"Just what I needed" she thought as the ice split open and Adora was soon tumbling end over end into the darkness below.

Meanwhile, back in Mysticor

            "So, you say can cure me?" Catra asked, her tone neutral as she slowly ate the meal before her. "I think so. That is your problem, isn't it?"

"A while ago I would have agreed. Now, well now I realized there are a few advantages to this new form."

Castaspella looked at her guest, her expression equally neutral as the cleared dishes simply vanished from sight. "I see. Well, if a cure isn't what you seek, than what is?"

Catra looked puzzled by the question. "I'm not sure. If I were to go back to Lord Hordak, I have no doubt that my punishment would be even more severe."

"Be that as it may, I do need an answer from you. If you do not require my aid, then I will have to banish you from my land. But if you choose to stay, I will have to find a use for you. What do you say?"

            Catra, her eyes unreadable behind the mask, simply nodded her head. "Alright, what do I do?"


            The sound of talking was the first thing Adora heard as she regained consciousness. The next sensation she was aware of intense vertigo, as the world was literally upside down.

The cause of this was revealed when Adora opened her eyes to see the snowy ground below her moving. The swaying side to side wasn't helping much either as the stick she was tied to was constantly jostling around.

            Attempting to talk to her rescuers (or captors) quickly proved to be futile, as the two creatures carrying her didn't even bother to look down to acknowledge her. The creatures were enormous and both of them were covered in thick brown hair. Judging from the deep grunts, they might have been male, although Adora was in no hurry to check that particular fact out. Their dress consisted of nothing more than a few belts with various metal tools and weapons slung from them. The one in front wore a battered blue helmet with two chunks missing on the side for what looked like ears sticking out.

            They carried her in silence, save for the occasional grunt. After what seemed hours, they stopped. The one behind her, after sharing a glance from the one in front, dropped his end of the stick and walked (surprisingly fast for a thing that size) and within seconds a large portion of the wall slid away.

            Sliding her off the stick, yet leaving her hands still bound, the two hairy things tossed her inside the room and hurriedly stepped back as the wall slid shut, leaving Adora tied up and defenseless in the darkened room.

"Why do I keep getting myself involved in these messes?" Adora thought to herself as she wiggled over to a large chunk of ice sticking out of the floor and began to rub her ropes against it, hoping to at least work some of her bindings loose before her captors came back again.

Back in Mysticor

            The land around Castaspella's tower was bleak. "If it be a purpose you need, then fulfill this task; search this land for monsters. How you do will determine how I will deal with you."

Back in the frozen north

            Adora cursed as she felt the icicle behind brake. Sitting up, she was surprised when the wall/door slid open again to revel either her captor or her rescuer.

            The creature grunted something that vaguely sounded like 'come with me'.

Standing as best she could, Adora walked out of the room and followed the thing down the hallway.

            After walking what may have been several miles, Adora was ushered into a large room filled with furniture carved from ice. Several more of the creatures were waiting in there, along with a few humans.

            The humans all had white hair and extremely pale skin. In the center of their group was a woman about Adora's height. She was clad in a light blue and white tunic, and she was looking start at her with the most brilliant violet eyes Adora had ever seen on a person.

            Nodding to the creature, the woman spoke in a strangely accented tone. "Thank you Captain. You may leave us now." Upon which everyone in the room, save for her and Adora, filed out.

The woman walked towards Adora and cast her eyes over her, much like a farmer to a prized cow. "Beautiful" she muttered she ran her pale hand through Adora's blond locks.

            "Who are you, and were am I?" Adora demanded, the actions of the woman not sitting very well with her at all.

"You are to speak when spoken to!" the woman shouted, intense anger crossing her features before they softened again. "Of course, land dweller you are not familiar with our ways. I am Frosta, ruler of Galacia, and you are in my domain."

            "Very good" was about all Adora could say before Frosta waved her hand and a large chunk of ice broke off from the floor and affixed itself to her mouth. "I said speak when spoken to! Captain!" she screamed as the hairy creature came in. "Take this peasant away and put her in the games. She'll make a good attraction I'll wager!" she said as she laughed cruelly.


Catra yawned as she continued on her walk. "It's been hours and I have yet to see a single living thing in this wretched place! I wonder if this is really worth it. I mean, I could just find that portal out of here, met up with the rest of the Horde and accept my punishment." She thought as her hands idly came up to her mask. "But that woman says she might be able to help me…" she said aloud as her wandering brought her back to a large cave

"I wonder…" she thought as she stepped into the cave and vanished into the darkness.

In the North

            Adora rubbed her wrists as she waited in a small room. The guard had taken her from Frosta's room and pushed her into another one down the hall. "I wonder what she is planning?" Adora thought as the door opened again.

            Turning to meet her visitor, she was surprised to see it was none other than the Captain. Without a word, the creature reached into a pouch slung at his hip and tossed her an old scroll.

Picking it up, Adora began to read the hastily scribbled words as the Captain closed the door, leaving her once again trapped.

            "There is no time. Frosta fears you because you have the crown of She-Ra. She believes that the hero will return, and that her rule will be over. But there is a chance for you to live. I will help you."


Rolling the scroll back up and sticking it in her boot, Adora was left with more questions. "She-Ra? Who is that? And when did I have a crown?" she thought as she sat down on the bed (which she started to regret, being as the bed was also made from carved ice.)

            Trying to make herself as comfortable as possible, Adora closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

            After an undeterminable amount of time had pass, she was woken up by the sound of the door opening. Standing in the doorway was Frosta, along with several armed guards.

            "On your feet." Frosta said, her tone as warm as her name. Deciding that arguing at this point could be fatal; Adora simply slid off of the bed and followed the ruler.

            Walking down a carved hallway, Adora was amazed by the intricate carvings she saw along the walls. Scenes of her adoptive father Hordack fighting against a muscular woman. "That looks like me after I changed!" Adora thought as she stared.

Soon, they entered a large hall. Sitting down on a small bench, Adora listened as Frosta stood in the center of the hall and spoke.

            "My subjects, once again the time is upon us, and the Great Spirits have blessed us with another hero. Let us pray for her success against the horrors awaiting her!" she shouted as the crowd, rather drunk and celebratory, picked up a now thoroughly struggling Adora and carried her towards a large pit in the center of the hall.

            "If she be of worth, then a new dawn will rise upon this accursed land!" were the last words Adora heard before sliding down into the dark.


            Catra moved silently through the inky blackness. Suddenly, the cavern was filled with light, blinding her as she struggled to find her footing. When the light passed, she was shocked to see that she was no longer in a cave, but in the ruins of what would have been a grand palace.

            Looking through the rubble, Catra was shocked to see a young girl crying. "Where am I?" she asked, but the girl simply ignored her and continued crying. "Momma!" the girl screamed as Catra saw a dark figure loom overhead. The sight almost made her vomit as the figure tossed its bloody cloak to the ground to revel:


            The ruler of the Horde didn't acknowledge her, but simply grinned when he saw the child. Clicking his sharpened talons together, he reached for the frightened girl when an intense beam of light came out of the sky and blasted him back. An angelic figure descended from the sky, a look of intense hatred on her face. "Get away from her!"

            Hordak, his features unchanged, simply stood up and dusted himself off. "Queen Angella. Come to save your daughter from a fate worse than death? How…quaint."

            With out saying a word, Hordak raised his black covered fist and stepped back. Before the queen could question his motives, a hideous shriek filled the air as Catra stared at the sky behind the winged queen. "Hunga!" cried both Catra and Angella as a massive harpy seemingly ripped her way out of the very sky itself and grabbed the queen. "I never sully my hands with weaklings" Hordak replied causally as he approached the screaming child.

            "No!" Catra yelled as she leapt towards him, but she was rewarded with a mask full of dirt when she hit the ground. Looking up, she was no longer in the smoking palace ruins, but back in the cave. "What was the point of that?" she thought as she dusted herself off. "Was that to simply show my past? Why show me that?" she yelled, causing 'why' to be echoed back at her.


            Adora cursed as she slid on the ice. After what seemed an eternity of sliding in the dark, she came to a stop in a surprisingly well-lit ice cave. Glowing crystals provided the light, and it was between two of the larger ones that Adora found another scroll. "Well, since they never explained as just what it was I am suppose to do" she thought as she unraveled the scroll and began to read.

            "Many years ago, there was a great evil that plagued the land. It called itself Horde Prime, and it laid waste to everything in its path. A lone warrior appeared from the stars to battle the evil. She was called She-Ra, and she vanquished the evil that had befallen our land after tracking it to its lair and running her Sword of Power though its black heart. But the fight was too much for her, and she died of her wounds.

            As her funeral pyre burned, a comet blazed through the sky. The ancients said this was a sign that She-Ra would return. Her sword was placed near her tomb, and every year a woman with the crown of She-Ra is sent down into the crypts. To succeed, all you have to do is remove the sword. If you are not the right one, then you die."

            Tossing the scroll aside, Adora looked down the craved tunnel leading down into the frozen wastes. "Hmm, this does match with the prophecy Castaspella told me. She said the sword was surrounded by water…" she said as she tapped the icy walls of the tunnel. "Makes sense."

            Reaching into her tunic, she pulled out the blue gem given to her by the sorceress. "She said only to use this in emergencies." Mulling it over, Adora slipped the gem back inside her tunic. "I'd better save this…" she thought as she continued her downward trek into the crypts.


            Catra continued to walk through the cavern, thoughts of the vision still fresh in her mind. "That was my first battle," she said with a wry smile. "I was terrified that day, but Adora pulled me through it."

            She continued to walk, until she spied a light down off in the distance. Running, she entered the light to find:

            The smoking remains of a village.

Amidst the ruin and death, Catra saw something that almost made her dizzy- a younger version of herself, clad in black armor and currently drinking herself stupid while a younger Adora watched.

            "Aw, do we have to report back to the main column so soon? These savages may not have put up much of a fight, but they could make some mean booze!" Catra giggled as she spilled a large amount of the liquid on her armor. Adora stifled a laugh and joined her comrade. Draping her arm around her intoxicated subordinate, Adora leaned in close and whispered: "Well, we're not excepted back for at least a day"

At which point Catra, the current one, blushed hard at the sight of the old memory. "Alright" she shouted as the sight of the two warriors left while they were still decent, "What is the point of this, to make me feel remorse? Pity?"

            Her anger building, Catra found her hands gripping her mask. Before her, Castaspella appeared in a flash of light.

            "The point of this was to show you your wickedness. You can still change, or you can go back to serving your master. The choice is yours."

Catra was silent as she thought. Finally, she reached up and grabbed her mask. "I've decided. I'll have no part of either of you. I'll choose my own destiny!"

            And with that, she tore the mask that kept her in her human state off. Castaspella stared in shock as she lurched and growled as the change came over her. The garments she wore were reduced to ribbons as her body shifted. Fur grew over her flesh while muscles grew and elongated.

            Within seconds, Catra had become a panther again.

A very angry panther

            Castaspella found this out almost too late as the feline pounced on her and slashed at her face with claw that would cut her to the bone had they connected. Thankfully, the ruling sorceress had some foresight, and placed a mystic barrier around herself. The shield saved her head from the attack, but not the impact; knocked on her back, Castaspella saw Catra leap away towards the exit outside.

            Rushing out, she made it just in time to see a furry tail disappear into the portal back into the wastelands.



            Adora wiped the sweat from her brow as she traveled further into the crypt. The ice had given way to rock, and the rock had become increasingly warmer the further she went.

            Making a small fire from the rocks scattered about, Adora held her makeshift torch in front of her as she saw inscriptions pointing downwards. "I must be getting closer" she thought as the tunnel seemed to sweep upwards.

            Ahead she spied a large stone doorway, marked with what looked runes and inscriptions in a language long since lost.

            Silently, Adora stepped over the threshold and entered the crypt.

            Inside, placed in a glimmering shaft of light, Adora could see sword sticking out of a large ornate coffin. "I wonder how they've kept that hidden down here without my father finding it?" she thought.

            As she approached, she saw faint outlines in the shadows. There were piles of bones, along with what looked like pillars and quite possibly pits scattered around on the floor. Lacking both time and light, Adora didn't feel the need to investigate.

Stepping up the sword, Adora looked around nervously as her hand entered the light. "It can't be this easy." She thought as her hand gripped the hilt and she pulled. The sword gave way with little resistance.

            "That's it?" she wondered as she stepped back towards the entrance. But she had only made a handful of steps before the chamber was flooded with light, reveling the walls riddled with holes of various sizes, large spikes dangling from the ceiling, and various old weapons laying around in various states of disrepair.

            "What trickery is this?" she shouted as a rumbling tremor almost knocked her to her feet. The grinding sounds she heard was enough to convince her that maybe such questions would be better suited for another time.

As she raced towards the open doorway, the rumbling grew closer, and Adora could then see the reason as to why: It was a giant boulder, rolling down the same path she had just taken.

            Cursing, Adora ran back inside the chamber and ducked down behind the casket. The boulder hit the chamber with a near deafening crash, and effectually trapped her inside.

The rumbling ceased, but Adora was hardly relieved by that, as the purpose of the holes in the wall suddenly became quite clear.

            "Chains!" Adora cried as large chains suddenly shot out of the holes and latched onto the pillars and began to tug. "I don't believe this!" she thought as the ceiling began to creak and moan under the pressure.

About this time, the small crystal she had on her began to glow. Slipping it out of her pocket, Adora stared at the gem as words began to form inside the crystal. "For the Honor of Greyskull?" she slowly read as the words formed and then vanished.

            The ceiling began to split, causing the chamber to be filled with ice and frozen dirt. Gripping the sword, Adora felt a strange urge go through her. Holding the sword high overhead, she shouted the words she had just learned.

"For the Honor of Grayskull, I have the POWER!" 

The gem shattered as the words left her mouth, and in a instant, Adora felt power like she had never felt before going through her body.

            Her hair spilled down until it almost brushed her waist while Adora felt a mild discomfort as her clothing felt tight. The annoyance only lasted a few seconds as all of her clothes literally fell apart at the seams as her body gained more muscles.

Even the few times her body had changed; it had never felt anything like what she was feeling now. Adora watched in amazement as her biceps swelled and her legs looked like they had been cut from pure granite.

            Still gripping the sword, Adora felt a strange tingling running over body as a beam of pure energy surged out of the ground and enveloped her.

The beam only lasted a few seconds, but where as she was nude before, now she was clothed in a white tunic, and gold boots. A belt of gold was around her waist while a red cape appeared over her shoulders. A gold breastplate in the shape of an eagle covered her chest. The armor of her new uniform felt light, but that was the least of her worries as she heard the sounds of something clicking in the walls.

            Turning around, she was greeted with the sight of dozens of arrowheads pointing at her. "Oh no" she thought as the arrows all fired at once.

Now, normally when dozens upon dozens of arrows are fired at a person, one would expect to find said person dead, with many large holes in them.

            Adora thought this too, and placed a arm in front of her to try and ward off the ones heading for anything vital.

This was a surprise, then, when the arrows simply shattered upon impact. There was no torn flesh, and her pristine white uniform wasn't even torn.

"Amazing" she whispered as the chamber began to shake again. "Time to leave" she said to no one as she rushed over to the blocked doorway and punched the boulder.

            The rock didn't break as much as it disintegrated. Adora stared in mute wonder as she looked at the rubble. The roof caving in was enough to shake her from her amazement. On her way out she stopped long enough to grab a shield hanging from the wall. "I might need this" she thought as she raced up the passageway.

            Rushing up the corridor, Adora saw the ice and stones of the chamber breeze by her as she ran. Within seconds she was back in the first chamber, with the passageway going up.

            "Worth a shot" she thought as she slid her new sword into the scabbard inside her cape and positioned herself at the mouth of the chute.

"Here goes nothing!" she shouted as she pushed herself as hard as she could up the chute.

Up in the main hall

            The general air of the party grew more morose as time passed. Frosta grinned as she sipped from her glass. "Another one failed. The prophecy said that the high house would fall if She-Ra returns, and we have another year to try to send someone back into in the crypts" she giggled as her power structure looked to secured for another year.

            But, in a quirky bit of foreshadowing, the mumbling of the party guests all stopped when an unusual sound came up from the pit. "What's that" some of the guests whispered as Frosta stepped down from her throne and made her way over to the site of the commotion.

            No sooner had she approached the pit than the coverings over it exploded, sending everyone scurrying backwards. A white projectile shot out of the pit and hit the ceiling. "What was that? Guards!" Frosta ordered as the guests fled and the guard rushed in.

Hanging onto the ceiling support beams was a woman, dressed in a outfit that looked familiar. "Oh no, it can't be!" Frosta thought to herself as the stranger simply let go of the beam and crashed into the floor (destroying a rather ornate mural set in the floor in the process).

The being, her blond flowing freely, looked at the assembled guards and…smiled? Frosta could actually feel her power slipping away as she looked the stranger over. Rippling with enough muscles to probably rip a hole in the planet, Frosta had a sinking feeling her stomach that she knew just WHO this person was. "She-Ra?' she whispered.

            "Yes, I am She-Ra" the woman said as she unsheathed her sword. "Put down your arms!" Frosta ordered to the guard.

            "I see that you survived the test strange one." Frosta said, the words bitter in her mouth. "As per the agreement my predecessors made, my throne is yours" she managed to spit out as she removed her golden tiara and bowed low, her palms outstretched.

            Adora, or rather, She-Ra, looked down at the humbled woman. "I care nothing for your throne. But I will take this" she said as she gingerly lifted the tiara out of Frosta's outstretched hands and placed it on her own head. "Let this be a symbol of our new friendship" She-Ra said as Frosta slowly looked up. "What do you mean? The prophecies all stated that once you returned, my house would fall."

            "Prophecies can be viewed in many ways. You can rule this land if you wish, but I'm afraid I have a mission of my own that I must fulfill". She said as she, without any noticeable effort, ripped through the nearest wall and stepped outside into the cold.

Before anyone could say anything, She-Ra took a running leap and disappeared into the snowy wastes.

            Frosta looked back at her stunned guards and once again resumed control. "Well, what are you just standing there for, start fixing this!"

Meanwhile, back in the wastelands

            Scorpina swore quite audibly as the last of the Horde Troopers fell over due to the constant exposure of the sands. Grizzlor shook sand out of his fur for the hundredth time when a familiar chuckle made the pair stop in their tracks.

            "Well, well, well, still out hunting eh? Any luck?"

"Catra!" Grizzlor roared as he leapt towards the cat woman. With all the grace of her namesake, Catra simply stepped aside and let the man beast crash head fist into a boulder behind her.

            "I'm not here to fight. What I offer is freedom & revenge-freedom away from Hordak and revenge on Adora for her crimes against us." Catra said simply, the harsh light reflecting off of her mask.

            "You will never betray the master!" Grizzlor roared as he stood back and again leapt towards her.

            Catra, without even blinking, back flipped over him and landed squarely on his back. In one smooth motion she uncurled her fist to revel not a human hand, but the claw filled paw of a puma.

            Scorpina paid attention to this fact as she brought her hand down in one sweep and easily slashed open Grizzlor's throat. "What say you, do you chose life or death?" Catra said as she casually licked her now human hand clean of the blood.

            "I'm impressed…let's talk" Scorpina said as the two allies began their discussion about the future.


            She-Ra made her back toward what she felt was south. Entering a narrow ravine, she stopped in her tracks as she heard the snow around her being shuffled around. Keeping her sword at the ready, she stood her ground until she saw just what was making the noise.

A pack of ice wolfs

            The canines were moving into position, blocking both the way out and the way in. Several wolfs looked down from ledges up above and snarled.

            "I don't suppose I could reason with you?" She-Ra said as the wolves advanced on her. "Guess not"

            Twirling her sword with one hand, She-Ra put her back to the icy wall and looked at the wolves.

The first attack came from her right. The beast howled and charged her, it's teeth gleaming brightly.

She-Ra lifted her shield up in time to block the attack. Using proper leverage, she sent the beast howling over the side of the ravine into the darkness below. The other wolves, apparently deciding to try a different sort of approach, all charged at once.

She-Ra gritted her teeth as she swung the blade. The first wolf to approach was split directly in two; it's blood steaming out of the body as it fell. More of the beasts attacked, and the more she swung her blade. The wolves started to overwhelm her, but She kept slashing and hacking until the last ice wolf was dead and the white ice was a deep red.

Looking down, she saw her blade drenched in the gore of her fallen opponents. Sighing, she kneeled down and wiped the blade clean on of the animal's coats. "I didn't want to do that." She thought as she sheathed her sword and continued on her way. "I have the power to stop Hordak and I will not let anything stand in my way! But…he has an army, and I doubt the rebellion will side with a former member of the Horde."

The sight of her herself in the one of the hanging ice crystals gave her an idea. "They would never listen to Adora…but She-Ra is someone else" She thought to herself as she drew her cape in closer to keep the cold out.


            Hordak felt a strange pain shoot through him as he gazed into his orb. Clutching his chest with his single hand, the evil despot managed a grin as he sat walked up the steps to his throne. "I can't believe it, someone on this miserable hunk of dirt has managed to use magic, very powerful magic."

Images filled his mind as the orb floated up towards him. "Greyskull, someone is tapping their power directly from Greyskull! Shadow weaver!" he bellowed as the shade appeared before him.

            "Yes my lord?"

"The way has been opened!"

"How my lord? I thought that traitorous Keldor had destroyed all of your places of power?"

            "True, thus making it impossible for my direct return, but there was someone on this world who just managed to break all of those barriers and is now tapping into the very power of Castle Greyskull itself. If I were to return with them…" he trailed off.

"Then you could return to Eternia!"

"Yes, but first we must find out who is drawing on the magic. It might be Adora, but I would have to have her to know that for a fact. Weaver, send out as many troops as we can spare and gather all the generals. I want my daughter brought back here, alive, and by the next blood moon rise!"


She-Ra stared out at the snowy landscape as she unsheathed her sword and held it aloft. "I swear on this blade that I will rid the evil that plagues this land." She swore as the morning sun reflected off of the large gemstone in the center of the hilt.

            Turning back, She-Ra continued on her southward trek. "I'll have to find the rebels first before I go marching on the Horde's main base. I will atone for my crimes and my evilness, I promise." she said silently as a tear of joy crept down her check. She felt conflicted; there was joy at her new role and powers yet she did feel saddened. Adora would have to die in effect, but She-Ra brushed that aside. "There can time for morning later, right now is the time for action."

And so, She –Ra, formally Adora of the Horde, left the icy north and headed to where she might raise an army that could withstand the might of the evil Hordak.

What of Catra you ask? Well, now that is a tale for another day.

The end

I do not own any of these characters. I believe She-Ra was created by Larry DiTillo.