Sniper 3/?

The cargo area the Whiplash team arrived in was spacious but with the luggage of 200 passengers the six man team was a tight fit. The team moved around slowly

and cautiously careful not to make to much noise in case the terrorist were patrolling the airplane. Danny motioned to himself then to Xander. He then pointed to exit

of the cargo hold. Xander nodded pulling his tactical dagger and the two moved forward. Danny held up three fingers and slowly moved them down to touch his

palm. Three. Two. One. At Danny's nod Xander slowly opened the door and searched the small joining hallway. Nothing. He looked back and nodded then

motioned his arm forward. Danny nodded and the two stepped into the hallway each watching the other direction. Both men moved in opposite directions.

"Hallway Clear." Captain Freah said into his headset. His team began to file into the hallway silenced Mp5's at ready position. Freah turned to his team and spoke


"Two two man teams. Xander and I will move forward toward the passengers. Team two....." In minutes the plan was set into motion.


Lucas Davenport sat in his first class seat with FBI agent Mallard at his right.

"This is all your fault you know." Lucas, a man in his early forties with dark hair and broad shoulders stated to the FBI agent beside him.

"How do you figure that?" Mallard asked also with a calm voice. Both noticed the armed man walking toward them from up the isle.

"Well if I remember correctly it was you who said I HAD to fly with you to Washington to talk to the AIC of the Rinker case." Mallard didn't have an answer.

"I told you to shut up." The armed guard said with a thick Irish accent. Lucas looked at him seriously.

"I would, really I would. But, I have to take a piss." He received a punch in the face for his words.


Xander and Danny moved cautiously toward the passenger's area. Neither wanting to chance being seen and creating an even more dangerous situation. Xander

followed Capt. Freah through the narrow hallways and around the sharp corners. Keeping a constant watch on everything behind them. The rules of the game were

focused on one thing at the moment. Trust. And the two soldiers had it.

"Team two copy?" Danny whispered into his receiver.

"Team two."

"Move on my mark."

Xander slipped the night vision goggles from his belt on and adjusted his hold on the MP5 in his hands.


Danny Freah slipped his goggles on quickly


Frankie Marks popped his knuckles and gripped the large bolt cutters in his hands tightly.


Richard Pearson cracked his neck slightly and held his sub-machine gun in the ready to fire position.


Frankie marks tensed as he readied to cut.


One second later everything went black.


Lucas Davenport was slightly shocked when the lights went out. It was because of this shock he didn't act but a second later as he grabbed the wrist of the terrorist

that loomed over him and twisted the masked man to the ground. Without being able to see Lucas simply hit in the general area he thought the mans head would be.

Finally Lucas stopped his fist and sat back in his seat. Looking in Mallards direction he felt the shock on the mans face. With a smirk Lucas said.

"He hit me first."


Xander moved through the cramped aisles of the plane quickly. Taking out the two men per room was simple. Danny Freah in one aisle and Xander in the other it

seemed like it would be over quickly. That is until the backup power kicked in.

"Ah Shit!" Xander yelled as he pulled his night vision goggles off and waited for his eyes to adjust.

"Marks didn't make it to the backup in time!" Freah yelled from somewhere on his right. Xander was about to yell a remark but the sound of a gunshot cut off his

witty comeback. Xander fell to the floor of the plan in agony as he felt the .45 caliber hollow point mushroom against the KM2 armor he was now glad to be wearing.

He heard the whistle of several silenced shots and began to sit up.

"Damn that hurts." Xander said through gritted teeth as he stood and pulled the vest off so he could breath. Danny had crossed the middle seats to check on him.

"You okay?" Freah asked keeping an eye out for anymore armed men.

"Yeah. Go! I'm right behind you." Captain Freah nodded and turned moving toward the first class section. Behind him Xander stood and pulled his Beretta.

"Right behind you." Xander said in a raspy voice. He slowly began to walk toward first class. When Xander entered the room he saw something that they hoped

wouldn't happen. Freah and two other men had there weapons on the one of the two remaining terrorist. The terrorist had a small child.


The plane took a sudden dive to the right knocking the little girl out of the terrorist arms. Quicker than Captain Freah thought possible the figure was tackled by


"Get to the cockpit!" Xander screamed as he wrestled with the bigger man along the floor of the plane. Freah gritted his teeth and moved toward the cockpit Agent

Mallard following. As the two bodies on the ground detangled Lucas tried to get a shot but couldn't get the angle. The people in the rows sat in fear and awe as

Xander and the other man drew to almost identical tactical daggers and began to test each others defenses. Lunge, back step, lunge. The dance moved forward and

backward through the limited space of the airplane aisle. Finally Xander saw an opening and took advantage of it. The terrorist lunged forward as Xander jumped

onto the arm of one of the seats and landed behind the man. Putting his left arm around the mans neck he pulled the mans head back and thrust his dagger in between

the neck and collar bone. Three seconds later the man was dead.


Danny Freah kicked in the cockpit door as he heard the three shots seconds between each other. He entered the cockpit to see two dead pilots and a dead terrorist.

He grimaced slightly as he pulled the captain out of the chair, then looked at Mallard.

"You know how to fly one of these things?" Mallards eyes went wide with fear and shock as he shook his head no.

"Good thing I do." Danny Freah said with no humor in his voice. Mallard sighed and looked toward heaven in a silent prayer.


The Whiplash team plus Xander sat in the debriefing room, there full attention on Dog as he congratulated them on a successful mission.

"Good job team. The threat was neutralized with minimal civilian casualties. You've done remarkably well for your third time in the field." The team nodded to each other

in respect but didn't smile. In there minds there was nothing to celebrate.

"You might be glad to know that Whiplash is going to get the green light on government funding. Your safe for the time being." The team again nodded there respect.

"That's all I have to say. Get out there and release some tension." The group stood and walked from the room. To Xander the mission didn't feel successful. They

hadn't been able to save everyone.