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A Gamer's Guide to Conquest: The Conquest's End?

Watching with cold eyes, I send forth waves of black mist at the charging Tartakans. Mileena thinks quantity can beat quality, and as hundreds of her men fall, their skin rotting and turning black, I smile under my mask.

Every fallen Tartakan makes me stronger, and there are tens of thousands of them in between me and her.

No sign of Baraka, but that's fine.

"Charge." I order simply, my tone quiet.

The roar of thousands of Death Knights charging past me tells me that they heard me regardless and with an idle gesture I send my mist to cover the entire battlefield.

It took me this long to get my stats into the thousands… and now?

Glancing at my stat sheet, I smile and chuckle.

My lowest stat is now LCK… at 7k.

I shouldn't have done this ages ago, and there are still countless enemies to harvest for their stats.

As if sheer numbers would do anything but make a Gamer stronger. Watching my stats continue to skyrocket, I start moving forwards.


"I would suggest surrendering." Sindel said calmly as she moved forwards, her daughter by her side.

"Queen Sindel, Princess Kitana…" Tanya said in shock as she smiled. "What are you-"

"What I am doing is stopping you from all throwing your lives away for Mileena's madness, especially now on the eve of Edenia's freedom. I will say this once, as your Queen I command you all to surrender." Sindel ordered with a sneer.

"And put ourselves at the overlords mercy?" Rain scoffed, getting into position.

"You are already at his mercy, you arrogant fool. Do you think your ambitions for the throne have gone unnoticed?" Sindel asked, enjoying the moment of shock in his eyes. "As if someone as weak as you could ever be King or Kahn."

"Tanya, please. Don't throw your life, and the lives of our people away for Mileena. Nothing awaits you all but death if you attack the Overlord." Kitana warned as they glanced towards the battlefield, covered in a thick black mist, the screaming of the Tartakans audible even from here.

"Enough of your empty promises, Corpse Queen." Rain said, anger in his tone as he vanished in a burst of water.

Reaching out idly, she grabbed his throat as he reappeared, giving the shocked man a small smirk as she leaned forwards, her lips to his ear.

Taking a deep breath, she screamed, and with it Rain, Demi-god son of Argus, died a fool, his head exploding from her deadly screech.

She ruled besides Shao Kahn for thousands of years, it would take more than an arrogant going to beat her.

"Anyone else?" Sindel asked as she tossed his headless corpse aside, watching in amusement as one of the undead Kuro had lent her picked it up. Might as well put it to use.

As the Edenians started to throw down her weapons, she gave them a satisfied smile, for what was a queen without commoners to rule over?

Kitana let out a relieved breath, smiling at her under her mask.

Edenia would be free, well… more or less.


Charging through the Tartakans, her people roared in pleasure as they cut a path through their enemies, having caught them off guard from behind.

"Traitor! The Kahn will see you suffer!" Baraka threatened as he charged her, blades swinging wildly.

"Mileena is no Kahn! You serve an abomination, Baraka, and your people will suffer the cost!" she shouted back, meeting his charge with her own, barely flinching as his blades cut into her arms, a small price to pay as she grabbed Baraka with two of her arms, crushing his arms against his sides as she headbutted him, beating him with her free hands.

If Baraka wasn't smart enough to abandon Mileena, she felt no guilt in beating him to death.


Sending a wave of her swarm at the heavily armored figure, her eyes widened as he just… stood there, the insects dropping dead before they reached him, his mere presence death.

"Bug, my Lord has ordered the death of your hive." The Armoured beast said calmly.

If she was less controlled, she would have replied with something scathing about the obviousness of that comment, especially after the undead abomination had already slaughtered his way through most of the Hive.

As her link to the Hive told her that they were being destroyed by a single being, she quickly abandoned Mileena's side, no doubt doing exactly what the Overlord wanted her to do, and rushed back to find her hive… rotten.

Hundreds of thousands of insects had lost their lives, simply dropping from the air as the monster approached, death waving off him, and the once active hive had been turned into a lifeless husk before she managed to get back, only a few parts of it left alive.

They could rebuild with these numbers, but not if this beast wasn't stopped… so she did exactly the only path she could see for the survival of the horde.

Falling to her knees, she bowed deeply as the beast stopped, a blade it hadn't even bothered to draw clattering against its jagged black armour.

"This one surrenders, the Hive swears loyalty to the Overlord." D'Vorah said quickly, taking comfort as he stopped, the black aura receding. She served Mileena as Minister, and Lady Shi as a spy… but her one and only goal was the survival of the hive.

"...My Master has heard your oath, but you are a serial traitor D'Vorah, you are no more trustworthy than the worm, Kano." The Beast said after a moment, staring her down. "Do you think the Overlord doesn't know your loyalties to the Death God?"

"This one will abandon Shi, the Death God promised protection, she has failed. This one only desires the survival of the Hive." D'Vorah explained, not bothering to try and fight the ridiculously strong undead.

It went silent for a moment, as she waited knowing it was speaking to its master. The master capable of holding the chains keeping such a terrifying monster obedient.

"Know this, insect, should your loyalty waver from my Lord for even a moment, I will make it my goal in life to eradicate your kind from every realm." Erebus said simply, staring down at her with cold red eyes.

"This one understands."

Overlord Kuro 2

My main form is slaughtering Tartakans by the thousands every minute… and what am I doing? Doing a pickup.

"W-who… are you?" Jade asks, looking up at me from where Kano threw her, uncaring of the countless wounds covering her body, pieces of flesh torn off and old blood coating her naked body. One arm is missing, along with one of her eyes, and it appears she's been partially skinned. My white magic scans coolly inform me of internal bleeding and bruising around her crotch and anus. Bite marks all over her, missing flesh and unfortunately placed blood tells me what I need to know without me needing to look into her mind. She was given to some Tartakans for refusing to tell Mileena where Kitana was, something she didn't even know.

"One sex toy, as ordered. Ain't my fault she's in such a bad state, Mileena doesn't play nice with her toys." Kano said with a shrug. "Now… my payment?" Kano asks as I wave my hand, summoning the gold bars easily, the pile taller than Kano himself, his men bursting into celebration.

Am I supposed to not see the plotting in Kano's eye? He might as well have a big neon flashing sign above his head saying 'Betrayal Incoming'.

"Pleasure doin business with you, Overlord… but you see-" Kano starts, before he is cut off, his eye widening as a blade is drawn across his throat, blood spurting out as gunshots fill the air.

...I warn my spectral knights to hold off as I watch the Black Dragons just… implode. I was planning to double cross them with my hidden undead but it appears they are going to do most of the work for me.

Kano tries to spin around, but a large blade bursts through his chest, a red-haired woman in a black corset smirking as she finishes her boss off, Erron Black throwing one of his… sand grenades down Tremor's throat, causing the large man's eyes to widen as it goes off, blowing his jaw off before Erron unloads a revolver clip into his skull.

Watching the fighting trail off, I spend a moment to flood Jade with healing magic as her limb starts to regrow, her wounds closing as she sighs in relief, passing out.

"I take it there was a reason for this?" I ask as the fighting dies down, looking the woman in the eyes, the one who started this.

"Kano was planning on betraying you… my lord. I am Kira, formerly a lieutenant in the Black Dragon. This is Erron Black, we realised that Kano's plans would see us dead… and acted first." Kira explains quickly as I snap my fingers, summoning my spirits as their eyes widen. "Oh."

"You're right, I was preparing to deal with Kano's predictable betrayal… but you saved me some trouble. So… what happens now?" I ask slowly, watching them exchange a glance before Erron shrugs.

"The only thing I want is as much gold as I can carry, and to get the hell out of Outworld, too much heat for my blood." Erron says, glancing at the pile.

"Then start grabbing… and go away." I say calmly, making him nod respectfully. He wants out? I can respect that.

"Understood, pleasure doing business with you, but lets never meet again." Erron says, grabbing his gold and running, same as the other survivors. I don't care, that gold is basically pocket change and they haven't wronged me. All they did was kill the people I was going to kill.

"So… why are you still here? What makes a girl like you just… watch as her paycheck is carried away by her coworkers?" I ask Kira as she smirks at me, walking towards me as she sways her hips.

"Why take a single paycheck when I can get a lifelong contract? See, I've recently… unemployed." Kira says as she steps on Kano's head. "And I'm in the market for a new job, and I want to join the winning sideso… in the need of a bodyguard, mercenary, assassin, whatever the fuck you want if you keep the gold coming really." Kira says with a smirk.

" just slit your last boss's throat." I point out after a moment, amused at her forwardness as she laughs.

"Yeah, but Kano was a cunt. He'd have killed us and fucked off with the gold anyway." Kira says with a shrug. "Besides, it's Kano, who gives a fuck? They'd probably give me a shiny medal in Earthrealm before they tossed me in a cell."

"...That's fair."

Because who the fuck cares about Kano? He was a good character, but when you actually have to meet him?

"Come to think of it, I do have an opening available for an enterprising young woman like yourself." I say after a moment, smirking as I take my helmet off.

"Oh, what position?" Kira asks, a knowing look in her eyes.

"As an opening." I reply calmly.

Overlord Kuro

Multiform is useful, it means I can kick ass and slaughter fools while I'm also ploughing a sexy assassin/mercenary girl in a dozen different positions. I'll take Jade to the tower later, but it's not like she is going anywhere.

Watching Shae casually backhand Reptile through a wall, I give her a nod as she goes to have a… chat with her former subordinate about why he should switch sides.

"You know what you need to do?" I ask, making Skarlet nod at me quickly.

"Mileena will fall." Skarlet promises as we walk through her palace, corpses littering the way, pierced with necrotic arrows. I should have experimented more with my powers before, this is pretty fun.

I can't be the one to do all the world if Skarlet ever wants to be respected as Kahn, so she is the one who will be dethroning Mileena. I have an appointment with the court jester anyway.

...I've completely cheated, giving Skarlet buffs, potions and necrotic damage on her dagger.

"Then this is where we part ways, the next time we meet you will be Kahn, even if the ceremony will have to wait." I say, making her straighten up as she smiles at me.

"As will you, my husband… have fun with the jester." Skarlet says, pulling me in for a deep kiss before she heads to the throne room.

Oh… I intend to. I've thought long and hard about how to punish someone as twisted as the Joker. I could make her tiny then Shokan gangbang her to death, tentacle rape, incineration, rot her very flesh, there's countless ways to make this bitch suffer.

And I know exactly which one will hurt her the most.

Heading down to Shang Tsung's flesh pits, where the clown princess of crime hides even now, making another concoction, I simply kick down the door, not even making her jump as she grins at me.

As she goes to speak, I close the distance and grab her by the throat, opening a portal and tossing her into it.

Then I close it and call it a day.

The room I just threw her into is a tiny concrete box, deep beneath my tower. It has Light Magic enchantments to keep her alive and young… and barely enough room for her to sit down in… and a reversed time dilation to make a single day in there feel like a year.

What could hurt the Joker more… than being ignored and forgotten? To not even be worth punishing? I'll check back in a few weeks to see if she is still san-

You know what I meant.

Any other kind of torture or punishement would be giving her attention, and that is is exactly what she wants. At the core, the Joker is just a little bitch throwing a tantrum for attention, the class clown causing trouble to get the attention that they don't get at home.

I'm going to make sure 'the Joker' never gets attention again.

When she is utterly broken from centuries in a box with only herself for company, I'll rewrite her mind and make her the typical court jester, throwing pies at herself or something, and I'll call her the Jester instead. The Joker is a name that is never going to be spoken again.

Also, she'll be a sex toy. Duh.

Because I want the full set. Why have the Harlequin if you don't have the Jester to go alongside her?

Heading to the throne room, I smile to myself… I wonder if she'll realise her error in the first few years? If not? Well… I can always make it a decade a day.

Shang Tsung

"I don't like you." The Abomination said as it stared him down with the face of a child, emptiness in its eyes.

He'd fled realms… and it had still found him again… no, it had never lost him at all, it just didn't care enough to find him.

"Goddess, I don't believe I have ever done anything to wrong you." Shang said quickly, unmoving in her unblinking gaze. "If I have offended you, you simply need to tell me how to make amends."

"...I'm a Dragon, not a God." The Creature said after a moment, tilting her head. "You didn't do anything… but you talk a lot, and it reminds me of another fool who talked too much. I don't like it. Cao Cao liked talking."

"I'm not sure I-" Shang started before a black snake shot out from under her skirt, his eyes widening as it bit into him, far faster than he could ever hope to react to.

"Talkers are annoying." The Creature said simply as he died, a small smile on her face as she nodded in satisfaction, calling back her snake.


Sitting on her throne, Kuro on his own beside her, she smiled as she watched her champion, Shae, smash her challengers into the coliseum walls with a casual swing of her hammer, laughing all the while.

Shae fell into being Champion of Outworld very, very easily. She got to fight challengers all day, then fuck Emperor Kuro Kahn afterwards (or at elast the version of him that hung around Outworld). She liked it more than being Kahn herself.

Glancing at her husband and fellow Kahn, she smirked at the sight of the vampiress Nitara deepthroating his shaft, right there where any of the massive audience could see them, like that was unusual. She'd seen Shae get fucked in the middle of the arena, and she'd even been bent over the railing when Kuro grew bored of the fights, her subjects watching her get made into the Emperor's sex toy.

Who could judge them? They were the fucking Kahns.

The Demon Slayer, Ashara, was chained to his throne, at his feet utterly naked after she attempted to kill him for being a vampire, but Nitara had all but thrown herself into submitting to the much stronger vampire when they had met.

On his other side knelt D'Vorah, in a more… human body to fulfil her duties as the ambassador of the Kytinn Hives, which was essentially keeping Kuro happy enough that he didn't wipe them out.

When Kuro realised that being Kahn meant sitting around watching other people fight, while telling people what to do and occasionally beating down challengers, he fell right into the role.

She could basically do whatever she wanted if she didn't ruin his fun, and that was fine with her.

It was good to be Kahn.


Everyone made sacrifices to get what they wanted…

She wanted a free and independent Edenia… and she had got it. Technically.

Edenia was under the rule of two people, Queen Sindel and her husband King Kuro. Which meant really they were ruled by the Overlord but he at least gave them the semblance of freedom by ruling them by Sindel's side instead of from his tower.

It let the people see him, and frankly… they loved him. He freed them from Mileena, kept his promise and separated them from Outworld… attaching them to his Realm for their own protection. It was a small price to pay for being shielded from any and all invasions.

Except the one that was happening right now.

Moaning in reluctant pleasure, she gripped the bedsheets as King Kuro, her step-father, slammed into her.

This was for the good of Edenia…

Her mother had made it clear that she wanted no more children, which meant she was the Heiress of Edenia… but part of the agreement with King Kuro meant that the next generation of Edenian royalty were to be sired by him.

...Her mother took far too much amusement in pointing out that she was being selfish by not letting Kuro bed, and impregnate her, telling her to forget about 'that Earthrealm boy' and go ride her 'daddys' dick.

She could accept becoming Kuro's mistress for the good of Edenia, it was a tiny price to pay for a free, happy and flourishing Edenia… but did she have to do this with an audience.

Her mother was watching them with amusement, naturally.

Tanya, one of Kuro's mistresses, was doing the same with a smug smile. She ended up his mistress almost immediately, he'd simply walked up to her and asked her to be, and she had all but dropped to her knees ready to please him right then and there. 'It was the least she could do for the saviour of Edenia'

Next to her was Jade, giving her an encouraging smile. She couldn't fault Jade for falling for him, not after he nursed her back to health from her treatment at the hands of Mileena, it was no real surprise when Jade admitted that she had asked to become his mistress.

And finally… Mileena. The former Kahn was anything but a willing mistress, even now she was chained to the bedroom wall, a custom gag in her mouth to stop her from biting as she glared. Mileena was batshit crazy, and she had lost all pity for her after she tried to help her sister out of some misguided sisterly affection and tried to free her from her punishment as a slave.

Mileena bit her ear off, then killed seventeen people before she was captured and dragged back.

Then Kuro just brought them all back and scolded her like she wasn't thousands of years older than her… then she was spanked and grounded by her mother while Kuro watched in amusement.

Jade pointing out that she did just let a psychopath cannibal out into the streets of Edenia, and that being grounded and spanked was a really light punishment, hadn't helped. Her mother was deceptively strong, and she had marks for days afterwards.

So here she was, moaning like an Outworld slave girl as the King pounded her into the bed with an audience, ready to bear his children for the good of her kingdom.

As he slammed into the hilt, she felt his seed start to flood into her womb as she came around his dick, her moans filling the room. Yup… this was just for the good of Edenia.

Nothing else.

Jacqui Briggs

An assignment for the good of Earthrealm.

That was what her godmother, and General, Sonya Blade told her this was.

Watching as her mother deepthroated the Overlord's cock beside her, she thought she might have to have words with Sonya about abuse of power… or at least she would if the respectable General she had looked up to all her life wasn't on her back, legs spread with a fucked stupid look on her face, cum leaking from her as she laid next to her equally fucked daughter.

Getting back to sucking on the Overlord's balls, she reminded herself that she had a reason for agreeing to this…

To bring Liu Kang and his sidekick back had taken a lot of Jinsei vials from Lord Raiden, and they just didn't have a magical super liquid to offer to bring Jax's Briggs back… so Sonya had admitted that the Overlord was a lustful beast and that the best chance they had to convince Kuro to bring her father back was for her and her mother to… make a deal with him personally.

Cheating on Takeda wasn't something she felt good about, but really… what girl wouldn't suck a dick to bring her dad back from the dead? Worse, from undead enslavement?

Okay, yes… she was going to be doing a lot more than just sucking, but if it meant her father could come back to life, she'd give up every hole on her body everyday for the rest of her life.

Growing bored of her mother's mouth, he simply pushed her off him, picking her up and tossing her onto the bed as she yelped in surprise, unable to react before he was inside her, wanton moans filling the room just as they had when he went to town on Cassie and Sonya… and she was next.

Watching as her father was cucked, she reminded herself that she'd rather have a living father than a faithful mother… Was this even cheating? She was doing this for him after all.


...well she still wanted her father back.

Overlord Kuro

...I think I won.

Looking down between my legs, I smirk down into Kronika's neon blue eyes as she obediently bobs her head, her bad head missing its crown.

Kuro Tepes, Titan of Time

Race – Titan Vampire

Alignment – Kuro

It's not like I was planning on stealing her power and position!

Shi started it, and after I put her and Hela in her place Kronika went all crazy mother on me. Things just derailed from there.

Looking down again, I smirk at Cetrion and Shi chained to my Overlord Throne, Harley dancing for me in her incredibly tiny outfit as I lounge around. Shi is sitting uncomfortable after her… punishment for invading my realm, and Cetrion is meditating, even with my cum sticking to her green breasts.

I'm a titan now… to test my powers I went and tracked down Dracula… just froze him in time and drained him on the spot. Wiping out the Death Hit List was almost trivial in most cases, and the rewards just kept piling up.

...Looking down at my gauntlet, I stare at the glowing gems on it with a sigh.

And the ones I couldn't kill with Titan powers? They found themselves going 'Mr Kuro, I don't feel so good.'

Ego, Galactus, basically anyone I can't punch to death with super god vampire strength. I just snapped them away. Even Thanos wasn't really a challenge with several Infinity Gems and Titan powers. A Titan of Time with the Time Stone? GG no re.

So… I win?

I mean, there's hundreds of hot super-gals to fuck, kingdoms to take over, but at this point I'm just doing the Marvel Victory Lap.

The Gods know I could basically glare them to death at this point, even Zeus backed down and ran off to Olympus after he caught me plowing Hera, Aphrodite, Persephone and Athena at the same time, along with some other Greek Goddesses.

Zeus, the King of Assholes, chose to run away rather than confront the guy who was banging his wife.

Hera was pretty insulted, but that just made the sex kinkier.

So… now what?

Glancing over to the door to the World Jump Portal, I shrug.

It's not like the Multiverse is going anywhere.

I'm in no rush... although.

"Hey, Isis... is DxD available for world jump?"

Ready and waiting, Master.

Well, looks like I have something to do after all.

AN: I don't think I'll be continuing this, since I've become convinced in the pros of restarting in DxD, but I wanted Overlord Kuro Tepes to have a proper ending.

He's all powerful, the multiverse is waiting with legs wide open, and its time to go and get his girls back.

When will the restart happen? I have no idea. When it's ready I guess.

This was more for me than anyone else, to give Kuro an end as rushed as it may be.