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The Gamers Guide to Conquest

Bonus Chapter: Sirzechs vs Kuro, the Rematch

I've missed DxD, don't get me wrong I love the Marvel world but DxD is where I started, and it is where I left a lot of things I loved behind.

My DxD was basically broken by a pissed off Infinite Dragon God, but with a little help from Isis and the my power as a Titan of Time, I remade it.

To the point where I died, I had everything happen exactly as it did on my first run through, even the things I probably should have changed...

Like being turned to ash by a psychopathic Sirzechs with a siscon fetish the size of the Great Red.

But I didn't want to change my girls at all, so I made it all happen again right up until I should have been killed by Shiro's equally psychopathic daughter.

But before I could rejoin the timeline and continue where I left off, I have something I need to deal with.

Sirzechs is a threat, not necessarily to me, but to those around me with her possessive obsession with Rias. She can't hurt me, as I always return to my realm when killed, but she can hurt those around me and she is too unhinged to be left alone.

I can fix whatever she does, but I'd rather not put my girls through that in the first place.

So I have work to do.

- Sirzechs -

One moment she was in the Underworld, being shouted at by Serafall, Grayfia and Venelana and the next she was... elsewhere.

Standing on a platform in the middle of a pitch black void she spun around wildly, her magic at her fingertips as she locked eyes on the cause of all her problems, staring into the amused red eyes of Kuro, defiler of her precious Rias-tan.

The spell left her hand before she could even really think about it, streaks of red lightning shooting forwards to turn the smug fool to ash again, even if she didn't know what trick he used to survive before.

Clearly something had changed as the streaks froze in mid-air, hanging between them as Kuro chuckled.

"What is it about being so powerful that makes you all so... predictable? It's kinda sad to be honest." Kuro said with a grin as he clicked his fingers, her magic simply ceasing to exist.

"What is this?" Sirzechs growled, looking around angrily. "What have you done?"

"This is me dealing with a pain in my ass, and getting a little revenge in the process." Kuro drawled, smirking at her. "So let me explain what is about to happen... we are going to fight, for your precious Rias-tan and when I beat you, you are going to agree to never interfere in my relationship with Rias again."


The good thing about being in a void was that she could let loose, and unwilling to be talked down to be a mere brat she unleashed her true form, her body giving way to destruction incarnate...

Until suddenly it didn't, and she was forced back into her regular body again without so much as a twitch from her opponent.

"Nah, I should probably tell you... I've had a bit of an upgrade since last we met, and honestly? Compared to Galactus and Thanos you aren't even a threat. It's kinda funny that you have basically zero defences against Time Magic, Ajuka would be able to counter this I think, but you?" Kuro chuckled as he clicked again and she froze.

Not in ice, but simply... froze.

No matter how she attempted to struggle, she couldn't even twitch her eyes to look around, her body simply would not move.

"What was it you were thinking? Something about a mere brat?" Kuro laughed as he held his hand out towards her, twisting it slightly as she felt herself shrink rapidly.

She was always tall, looking down at Kuro both physically and mentally, but as she watched him and the void around them seemingly grow, she felt the first hints of true panic start to set it.

"I could keep going and just... erase you, but nah... that will do." he said as he stopped, letting her move again as she fell forwards, glaring at him in slight fear and confusion as he towered over her.

Her clothes hung from her tiny frame as she looked down at her flat body, baffled and afraid for the first time in a long, long time as she stared up at him.

"Time is a funny thing, and when you have complete control of it? Well, there isn't much you can't do. You were over a thousand years old... but now? Well, tell me Miss Crimson-Haired Princess of Destruction, how dangerous were you at ten-years old? You're just lucky I was... kind enough to not turn back your mind as well." Kuro said as he clapped his hands, her now ill-fitting clothing vanishing away as she attempted to call out her powers once more.

As the flimsiest bolt of pale red light struck against Kuro's chest, he simply looked down at the hole in his shirt with a raised eyebrow.

"I could toss you out like this, you know... you wouldn't last a week, you have too many enemies who only avoided you because of your power, but what is the Satan Lucifer without her power? Nothing, that's what. People put up with your insanity because of your immense power, but without that? You're just a liability, and one so easily dealt with." Kuro said in amusement as he walked towards her, ignoring the desperate blasts of weak destruction with ease as he reached her, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her from the ground. "But I have some things to show you first, just to make it clear how hopeless your little quest to separate me from Rias is."

As the void around them changed, her eyes widened at the sight of Rias walking up the aisle, dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown as she beamed at the softly smiling Kuro at the end of the isle, Serafall dressed smartly next to him.

She could see most of her family here, Millicas and Grayfia sat near the front, Grayfia clearly pregnant as she rested her hands on her stomach, his mother smiling as she watched Rias approach Kuro, and countless over familiar faces in the crowd.

What she couldn't see was herself.

"The fun part of being a literal god of time is that I can look up spoilers, like this little beauty, just a couple of months away actually. See that smile?" Kuro asked as he walked in front of Rias, tossing her aside as she bounced through the crowd with a groan, her tiny body unable to take the rough treatment.

Despite herself, she felt tears form in her eyes at the pain, both physical and mental as she moved forwards to look at Rias herself, pain forming in her chest at the look on her face.

"She loves me, you realise that? Rias absolutely adores me, and it certainly isn't unrequited. Even if by some miracle you managed to beat me, then what? Rias already dislikes you for attacking me, maybe even hates you... but if you tore us apart? She'd detest you for all time, maybe she'd even take her own life, and nothing you could ever do would change that... I've already won, and the best you could hope for would be a bitter pyrrhic victory." Kuro said as he started the scene up, Rias walking to Kuro with a bounce in her step, forcing her to watch as they said their vows, a sweet, deep kiss shared.

She wanted to say it was all an illusion, but she knew better... an illusion couldn't strip her off her powers like this.

"Eh, I've already watched this... let's jump to the fun stuff." Kuro said swiping his hand as the scene changed, the other Kuro sitting on the edge of an extravagant bed with a glass of champagne in hand, his tuxedo jacket tossed off to the side and his shirt half unbuttoned.

As the side door opened, her eyes widened watching Rias step into the bedroom, her wedding gown missing leaving her in a beautiful set of pure white silky underwear, hugging herself almost self-consciously.

"Really Rias, shyness? At this point?" Other Kuro chuckled as he downed his drink, putting the glass on the bedside table. "Isn't it a bit late for that? Or are you forgetting your hen night. I still don't think it counts as a hen night if your fiancée is the entertainment by the way." Kuro drawled with a smirk making her giggle as she stepped forwards, giving them both a perfect view of her perfect pale buttocks barely hidden by the thong she was wearing.

"Kinda creepy to see a kid drooling, let's add a few years." Kuro mumbled as her body rapidly aged, putting her in her late teens. "Huh, could almost be twins..."

"I know, but it just... feels different this time." Rias admitted as she reached Kuro, placing a hand on his chest and leaning forwards, kissing him deeply, a brilliant golden ring shining on her finger as she undid the rest of his buttons, pulling his shirt off.

"Mhmm... is that so?" Kuro teased as he reached around, grabbing a handful of her barely covered ass and squeezing it, making her moan lewdly.

"I... don't want to watch this." Sirzechs whispered, making him laugh as Rias undid her bra, dropping it to the ground.

"It is... I... didn't know what our relationship really was before, just that I wanted to be around you, but now? Just relax, husband... let your wife show you how grateful she is... for everything?" Rias said, falling to her knees, working on Kuro's belt as he smiled down at her.

"Have you tried looking away?" Kuro asked in amusement as Rias pulled his copies tuxedo pants down, grasping his shaft and immediately taking it into her mouth, her other hand sliding beneath her panties as she fingered herself.

Despite his mocking words, she couldn't pull her gaze away as she watched Rias put her all into pleasuring her hus- pleasuring Kuro, her hair swaying as she bobbed her head.

Moving to the side, she felt her own nipples grow hard at the sight of Rias's breasts hanging free, her fingers rapidly pumping into her soaked slit.

"Wanna see a little trick I've learnt?" Kuro asked, making her turn to him before her eyes widened as she felt something push into her pussy, making her glance down in confusion.

A confusion that was quickly answered at the taste of something strangely sweet pushing against her tongue, glaring at Kuro as she was forced to experience the sensations of pleasuring him.

But before she could say anything, she felt something else entirely... a warm feeling in her chest, joy, hope, loyalty... and love.

Turning back to Rias, she spotted Kuro sitting next to himself, watching the show with a smug smile.

"Words wouldn't do it, so I decided to let you feel exactly what Rias's is feeling... physically and emotionally."

"Fuck you..." Sirzechs said with a scowl as she experienced the full scale of Rias's adoration for the asshole in front of her, even as she felt herself grow wet from the feeling of Rias's fingers inside her.

Watching as Rias put her everything into pleasuring Kuro, she felt something new in her chest, something that she knew was came from herself and not from Rias.


With a direct link to Rias, she couldn't keep lying to herself and pretending she didn't know Kuro was telling the truth about Rias... she truly adored him.

Before long, she felt the taste of something sweet flooding her mouth as her eyes widened, Rias cumming immediately as Kuro came, the pleasure from knowing she had pleased Kuro pushing her, and Sirzechs alongside her, over the edge.

As Kuro grabbed Rias, throwing her onto the bed, Sirzechs eyes widened even as Rias sent over her excitement and anticipation, Kuro tearing her panties off and climbing over her.

Feeling the sensation of Kuro's large cock pressing against her slit, she turned to Kuro with wide eyes making him chuckle.

"Oh, don't look at me... I'm just enjoying the show, I've linked to my future self and I don't feel like blue-balling myself." Kuro admitted as his other self thrusted forwards, a guttural moan leaving her as she tried to reply, the feeling of being split in two combined with the love and adoration filled her. "Actually... why settle for second-hand feelings when I have another option?" Kuro said, rising and walking towards her.

As she attempted to back away, she froze again as Kuro froze her in time itself, the feeling of him pounding into Rias still flooding her body as his clothes vanished leaving him as naked as she was, his shaft standing proud.

Unable to protest, no matter how much she tried, she was left helpless as Kuro pulled her unresisting body to the bed, bending her over at the waist.

She couldn't actually touch the bed, but with her body frozen she kept her position no matter how much she wished she wouldn't, even as Kuro spread her legs and got in position, giving them both a good view of Rias as she was mating pressed into the bed.

"She gets impregnated soon, you know? Twins, actually." Kuro said simply as he rubbed his length against her shamefully wet pussy. "Wanna join her? Oh wait, you don't have a choice..."

Unable to even turn back, she felt herself panic at his words, making him chuckle darkly.

"Do you know what pissed me off the most? I don't even care that you 'killed me', shit I've killed myself by accident like a dozen times just fucking around with my powers, but you tried to come between me and Rias... and that is one thing I will never allow to happen. No one come in between me and my girls..." Kuro growled, his humour vanished as he gripped her waist hard enough for his nails to break her skin.

Despite her impending rape, she wouldn't have apologised even if she could move, and settled for trying to mentally brace herself. He didn't deserve Rias, and she would never change her mind on that.

"Maybe I don't, but you certainly don't either... in the end, I'm the winner and you? You're fucked." Kuro deadpanned as he slammed his hips forwards, reminding her off another problem with her new age... she was technically a virgin again.

Something that was swiftly remedied by Kuro's cock as he thrust into her, sheathing himself inside her in a single brutal move.

If she wasn't frozen, she might have cried out... but stuck in place like a fleshy statue her only choice was to remain still as Kuro took his anger out on her, slamming into her with long, hard thrusts sending shockwaves of unwanted pleasure through her, joining the sensations she was getting from her defiled sister.

The difference between the loving treatment of Rias and the brutal way he used her unresisting body pushed her to the edge quickly, no matter how she tried to will away the impending orgasm but even as it struck, the feeling just hung there as Kuro continued to use her like a sex toy.

Gripping her hair, he yanked her head back roughly, turning it to face him as he scowled at her.

Pulling out, he forced her to her knees in front of him and stroked his shaft, spurts of thick sticky cum spattering onto her face and tits even as she tried to force her body to move, to no avail.

Clicking his fingers again, she let out a scream as she felt a dozen orgasms (both her own and Rias's) crash over her, falling to the ground shaking.

Before she could recover, the scene changed again leaving them back in the voice as Kuro stared down at her.

"I have one last thing I want you to see before I deal with you once and for all..." Kuro said as a second Kuro appeared beside him.

"It's a trick that I've picked up, the power to be in two... or ten places at once." Kuro said as the second Kuro smirked and started to change, black hair becoming red, red eyes becoming blue as her eyes widened.

Standing, she stared at the perfect copy of her older self.

"The fun fact about being a god of time, I can just spend a few years trying to perfect any power... such as this." the Fake Sirzechs said in her voice, before her form changed again... into destruction incarnate for just a moment.

"I've been busy, and while we were watching the show? I copied your memories, your powers, and so much more... You aren't Sirzechs Lucifer any more, I am." the Fake declared, her eyes briefly swapping between her blue eyes and Kuro's red ones.

"And as for you?" Kuro said with a cold smile, walking towards her as she desperately tried one last time to call on her powers, watching it smash against Kuro futilely.

"I have something special planned for you."

- Kuro -

Sitting on my throne in my realm, I lean back and smile up at the giant white hourglass that granted me the powers of Kronika, the power that let me beat Sirzechs without breaking a sweat.

Not that I needed it, I had the answer all along.

[Suzerain – Superpower]

By making eye contact with a target, you can turn them into an absolutely loyal servant, unless their will surpasses your own.

This effect is permanent and cannot be broken by anything but the target's death. You can only effect one person at once.

Looking down between my legs, I smile wider at the sight of a beautiful redhead obediently bobbing her head in a tiny metal bikini.

Sure, I can only use it on one person... but who better than Sirzechs.

Oh, sorry... Luci.

It's good to be a God, and now I have DxD as my newest playground.

Even now, 'Sirzechs' is apologising to Rias and me, but Luci here? She's never going back, and no one needs to know about her new occupation.

Because no one comes in between me and my girls.

Authors Note: I held a vote on discord over what bonus chapter I was going to write, and this one won. Just something I can write quickly after work.